Musicians *REVIEW* RWBY Vol 2 OST (*Surprise Unboxing?!*)

Musicians *REVIEW* RWBY Vol 2 OST (*Surprise Unboxing?!*)


  • Sirs & Madams Entertainment says:

    Once again… big thanks to FlyntofRWBY for making his videos so that everything is accurate. Amazing fan service provided by a fan to all the other fans of RWBY !!!

    Link to his channel in the description!!!

    Time codes:

    1:59 – Time to Say Goodbye

    14:30 – Die

    29:30 – Shine

    40:13 – Dream Come True

    54:49 – Caffeine

    1:11:11 – All Our Days

    1:19:54 – Boop

    1:24:22 – Surprise Unboxing

    1:30:00 – Sacrifice

  • Gustavo Lovaglio says:

    It's so nice to hear previous OST an see how everything is connected. This is why Iove this show so much. Thank you!! Can't wait to see your reactions to the V3 finale

  • When words fail, Music speaks says:

    Sacrifice doesn't have a confirmed point of view. But a lot of the FNDM think it's from either Cinder's or Raven's point of view. Several things Raven says in later volumes lends weight to it possibly being about her.

  • Charlie Tango says:

    Velvet is best girl.

    There's actually a Deep Purple reference iin "Caffeine". Casey actually has the lyric "I'm a highway star".

  • LeeJeann says:

    I love getting to hear you guys go so far into the music itself, it's so fun to listen to. The reaction to Boop was hilarious and Sacrifice is definitely a favorite song for me, both musically and lyrically. I only got really into rwby's music near the end of vol6 and hearing Sacrifice especially after learning of everything shown, just, oh damn that foreshadowing is REAL. I can't wait to see reactions future volumes/OSTs
    Also from the beginning of the video: "I know time signatures, not math" is one of the most relatable things I've ever heard 😂

  • Lord_Chozo says:

    Love your dynamic, and especially your musical expertise – it's a great addition to the range of RWBY OST reactions from all the reactors that bother with the OST, and that I love so much. Thank you, this was a great video 🙂

  • Deanthony Potts says:

    I love how Time to Say Goodbye also have gave us context on what to expect

  • Jon Johns says:

    (before starting the video) "Well, That's 2 hours of My Saturday I will give up" …… (after watching the video) "TOTALLY WORTH IT!!" … 😄. Excellent reaction guys .. wonderful details. For the record, I support the idea of a RWBY Musical myself. As to Sacrifice, I like to think of it being a song from the prospective of a certain Vol 5 character (you know the one) instead of it being from Salem's point of view. I would LOVE for you to revisit it when you do the Vol 5 OST.

  • Scott FitzGerald says:

    My Dad taught me to play Bass as a kid, never did play professionally, just play for fun and meditation. But as you guy were talking about, I started out playing only Rock, Metal, Punk and Rock Blues, my Dad made me listen and learn some Jazz; Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck Quartet and the like. I still don't like listening to Jazz 28 years later, however, I do enjoy playing Jazz (it really fun to play) and it has made me a far better Bass player then I ever would have been without listening and play it. Also real bassist don't use picks ;p Well I guess the could use a pick, I guess they could play with with their feet too that would be just as useful ;p 😉
    Love your guys musical analysis.

    I know its been pointed out but Sacrifice not from Salem point of view, main theme line "You can't take {my} life {I'm} not your {Sacrifice}" is not something Salem would or need to say. It's Someone who is no longer falling for the lies everyone else is and will not give their life for this lie of a world. Even from what we know at the end of Volume 3 this isn't Salem or Cinder. What we learn later make it less likely either of them are the view point of this song, than more. There is also lovely foreshadowing for later as things from Volume 6 Chapter 3 as talked about as it was already been written when Sacrifice was written. Things that the 3rd candidate and correct person could known some of.

  • Brandon Dodge says:

    I'm not entirely sure who's point of view that Sacrifice is about, but I think they are talking about Salem and Ozpin and their personal conflict.

  • Cheddarhead7 says:

    Sacrifice doesn't have a confirmed point of view, it's not necessarily from Salem although she's one of the most likely options

  • RubénGallar says:

    Miles confirmed in the Volume 6 commentary that they did plan and write Chapter 3 of Volume 6 even before the show started. So yeah, that's why there's so much foreshadowing in Sacrifice and other songs.

  • A Person With a Name says:

    Die is the most applicable song to the real world in all of RWBY tbh.

    Boop's complete change of pace at the start and general "all-over-the-place-y-ness" is just so Nora. That entire song is Nora's mind in a nutshell.

  • juzt156 says:

    Sacrifice is not really to do with Salem. Its more to do with another character but I don't know how spoliery this would be so I am not going to say.

  • TheNowerianRaven says:

    Born an angel, heaven sent,

    Falls from grace are never elegant

    Thats my favorite line

  • Liam Harrold says:

    casey's birthday is 25 November 1998 incase this helps 😛 so 21 this november 🙂

  • robert watson says:

    Your groups analysis is very unique on all the other reaction and breakdown videos that you go over all the musical aspects of it and not just a lyric study. It's really interesting and Im excited to see it as you guys continue into vol 3 OST and onward

  • Wyatt Tingle says:

    Quick question are you planning on having the people that are currently doing the rwby reactions have a ost reaction aswell or do they just listen to it offscreen

    Also noice video so far i love all the musical analysis stuff

  • Gameguy 1128 says:

    Sacrifice is definitely one of my favorite songs in the whole show.

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