Musicians Speak Our Own Language!

Musicians Speak Our Own Language!

hey guys so hopefully this looks right I know I'm on the Wi-Fi excuse my face but it's it's still cute look so anyway I wanted to I did this on my chai Fox page hi Fox page however y'all pronounced it today and I did this and I just wanted to kind of go over it on YouTube real quick I might be getting in the field of making videos again but I think I want to take a turn to something else something else that I I truly love and music is one of my love was a chicken unapologetically asked her soul but let's talk about her vocals right so someone said that Beyonce hadn't vocally lazy right that she hadn't been her range was typically six to eight octaves hey guy from Texas is it evening yet it's still one of Pacha's afternoon and so she said that you know Beyonce has been lazy and was wondering why I so some of her terminology was incorrect it happens if you're not a trained musician you're not going to use the correct terminology I don't get too upset over it because I understood what the person means however when it comes to when it comes to musicians here's which I'll have to understand it here's what's not respected is that we train our whole lives on our craft just like anybody else would just like a doctor would just like a lawyer would just like a painter would just like a dancer would just like anybody else and I kind of feel like our work isn't as respected so you know I started playing my first instrument at five years old that took a lot of discipline and took a lot of skill in order to read write and speak music so it's not just what you hear on the radio it's not just you know that sort of thing when I was coming up I became a professional musician at eight years old that was my first paid gig and so I came up in a time in which you really wouldn't get the training that I got because my dad was older so he got the training the musical training from his father who was a musician in in the 20s and the 30s and my father was a musician in the 50s and the 60s and so we I got the training of you know if I say F 135 you a musician knows what I'm talking about if the band don't know the song and I say key of F and I need a pattern of 135 they know what I'm talking about because they understand chord structures they understand the circle of fifths and a whole lot of other things right Beyonce's always because it had an incredible range not just had an incredible range beyonce has on Google they listed as a 3.3 but really her ring it was closer to a four maybe even higher than that but she's a studio artist she's an incredible studio artist and her and on all of the the politics and everything outside of that her range okay if people not to call me well when people always calling me so anyway so um you know there is a way that we talk is a way that we converse with each other and the reason why a lot of musicians are very sensitive is because we work hard on our craft we work hard on our craft we work hard to read write and speak music and so I think that when it comes especially with black musicians we're not respected we are not respected at all and the only time that we get some respect is when some crackers trying to pay us now I wish that could turn a tide I wish that we could really start to get the value of music we got the value of dance within some some aspects but not even at not even in the painting world the arts have just gone in the trash and it's now just seen as a way to get popular I remember when I was up a transition from facebook on to YouTube and I remember when people were telling me that um then I was just trying to be a famous musician I was just trying to get my music out there I was just trying to get on and that just wasn't the case because for years I've been studying music years I've been studying my instruments years I've been crafting my uncle's and that just was the furthest thing from my mind I was the furthest thing from my mind hey boy yo Montgomery hey tax for ya man I'm just out here I really would like honestly sidebar I would really like my old life back where I could just be a normal girl on a live video but anyway I'm gonna get to it but I'm lagging probably anyway y'all I'll probably I'll probably make this private and just reach up load the video I made on Facebook but go out to your local open mics go see some local music is Beyonce a musician this is a great question this is a great question with a very interesting answer so back in the day like I don't know if I said it on this video but vocalists singers were not counted as musicians so the instrumentalists the guys in the band would not count the singer they wouldn't call her a vocalist they would not encounter as a musician exactly looks for entertainment that's exactly where I was going going to go with him so now back in Prince's time my dad's time that's why I wasn't allowed to just be a singer I had to learn how to play my guitar I had to learn how to play my piano and sing at the same time so that I could be a well-rounded instrumentalist and musician the thing with the Beyonce Prince the remember that that Awards Show when Prince was in her air what he told her was to start playing the piano what did Beyonce do she started playing the piano beyonce is a actually very good pianist so after Prince told her that she went and started working on her piano skills if you have not heard yet Beyonce playing the piano she's very good she's very good very good she does she does I mean she's not like a classical pianist okay but hey Alisa Harris oh you know what I am so I'm literally on the run so much right now I just I loaded my plate up so much but I saw your email and you're absolutely I would love to do it and I would love to talk on this topic and a matter of fact I just want to talk more about music I actually saw I subscribe to your channel y'all go subscribe to Elissa Harris she's a very beautiful very talented musician and she does a lot of fun stuff and I'm about to run away and join her circus so beyonce is more of a performer than a musician in your opinion your opinion is okay but when it comes to this is what I'm saying so you're it's fine to have your opinion you can have your opinion but when it comes to being a musician we have standards we have standards and we define who we are and so as it is defined Beyonce's a musician now this is where the this slope gets slipped because while prints eventually learn how to read and write music he didn't always so because he wasn't classically trained did that not make him a musician and I would say it makes him a musician because that's just who he was all all up in it so and I can't compare Keyshia Cole to Beyonce all politics aside all capitalism exploitation and everything that we know about these people and the music business and they entertain business all of that aside I would never compare a Keyshia Cole to a Beyonce Keyshia Cole I would compare more to a mary j blige and i'm gonna leave it right there Keyshia Cole is a she's I'm just gonna leave that alone but um how cool boy yo I'm cool hey 812 Ricky hey hey hey no such thing as black music it's music then you label the music after which group who makes it like Indian music white music yeah but there's a certain but see that's the thing music is about frequencies music is see but that's what they would want you to think like music has no color it may not have a color but it has a frequency and so when you go over to India they have a different way of arranging their scale so it's not even the same music it's not even the same chord structure it's really not and you can identify it and say oh this is this this is that oh this is a minor scale a melodic scale this is you know you could say that but it's all it's about within the frequencies of where they are so even in the United States let's take the United States as a microcosm of music when you go down south you have a different type of music because they're on a different frequency when you in Chicago you have a different type of music when you in New York you have a different type of you have a different type of feel so maybe as the social construct of race it's not apt and it's not accurately put hey girl that's a nice shirt whoever got you that shirt really loves you oh I I got that for you hey Mikey you going on a road trip that's fun I wish I could go I would but I got to be a grown-up and I got to work don't grow up it's a trap okay hey yeah you neither put back in just and I love y'all say goodbye before you take off okay is your dad still in there he's cleaning up what okay all right my nieces and nephews live with me oh god I don't know if y'all know me me and children I'm allergic but anyway though I just think that when it comes down to musicians talking musicians vibing we have a way that we speak to each other we have a way that we understand each other and I know a lot of times I understand people want to be a part of the conversation and maybe they can't articulate what they hear maybe they can't articulate what they feel but when a musician says X Y Z is 1 2 3 you should probably listen because we've spent years doing this shit we've spent and then for even us to take our time to explain something to you like you can't get a doctor to sit up here and tell you about medicine or surgery for free like you just don't get that you don't get a lawyer just to spit some law or some legalities with you for free so if we try to share and commune with you it's not to attack you but I mean yes other musicians don't have fucking patience okay don't have patience for the crap but we really want to share commune with you respect our gangster respect that we put years into this because not anybody can do that okay I could sit before you as China Fox right now China Fox the normal girl but once I hit that stage as to something else but I earned that I earned that I worked for that because when I was a little girl I was standing there with the microphone singing you know they were saying and I had to work for that so I'm not going to ask a mechanic after a mechanic has spent 25 years doing his craft or her craft I'm not gonna ask them to I'm not gonna say well you know oh the carburetor actually is in the trunk I'm not gonna sit there and say well my opinion is the car bruh nobody cares about your opinion it's just facts are we dealing in facts or your feelings so respect to respect the musical gangsta respect the musical swag see this 'knows what I'm talking about I am a vocalist I am a vocalist I am so it has all the genres within our music but we should reclaim that title since we the first people and clearly created the sound of music and we continue to innovate the sound of music if we did not if we stopped there would be no music because before really they saw the opportunity to exploit the value in us they were freaking singing oh and even then we started that they were opera singers were black elissa yes I'm gonna keep this one up I'm gonna keep this one up do I have any videos of my performances I have many videos of my performances that I do not share on each I don't put my me I don't do it and I'm gonna start doing it I'm actually I think I'm gonna quit my bands I think I'm gonna quit because I want to work on my music and because I'm bored I'm bored I want something new I want I want something new hey I know where that's from okay I gotta go my brother is leaving me he's taking off he's abandoning me what's today today is Friday oh so you'll be back in a week oh I wish you wrote Oh what does that say on your shirt fears for others I need that respect music ganks


  • Ethereal says:

    I love Beyonce's voice, even when she rap/sings. LOL

  • walter c. charles campbell lll Lovin' Bearwolf says:

    Keep Rockin' love that smile

  • joanna luv4 melanin says:

    DAM I missed you Chyna 💓💓💓💓💓

  • spencer nance says:

    You got that right and I'm sick of these non talented people making all of this garbage. What happened to the days when people took time to learn their craft I'm sick of all this computerized garbage that they're calling music. It's bunch of garbage and it's an insult to me not only as a music lover but also as a musician.

  • Roz Stone says:

    Hey Chyna
    Excuse me if this seems like a dumb question but whats wrong with getting your music out there? Also what changes can black people make to not have white people involved in the money aspect of it?

  • 4411825 says:

    Their is defiantly music just like all aspect of culture that has a national/racial identity, to believe other wise is some all lives matter crap!

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