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musicians at ryerson is a non-profit student organization where we music lovers and musicians all around campus and the Toronto community comes together and we host events like a weekly open mic nights at the RAM in the Rye music lessons open jams and our annual Battle of the Bands event it's a family of people that are unrelated to each other so to me I'm an international student and I came to this country for years ago and I thought oh my god I have to start from scratch I don't know anybody here and all of a sudden these bunch of students just came to me with instruments Adobe hey take this and come jam with us and from that day onwards I feel like it's a family that I never knew I had and they're always open to having him back no matter when or how often I come to do think about musicians and rice and it's that it was very inclusive with our events we have things like open Jam it's a fun session where we pretty much lay instruments on the ground and people can just pick up and play not only do we have things like open Jam we have more lecture based events such as music workshops where we invite people that come in and pick up an instrument and just ask one of us people with our musicians that are insured and ask them how to play those instruments and we'd be more than happy to teach them I think there's a lot that I've really gained about being a part of this group in terms of communication skills in terms of learning and working and meeting a lot of different people and I wouldn't have met all these wonderful people if I stayed in my program and just study even went to class and came home and I know how you stress a lot about commuting and going home on time making sure it's not too late but I really gained a for me it feels like it completed the university experience and I'm just really happy to have that incentive to come to class and to come to school every day it helps me break out of my shell and engage with a lot of new people and most of the other groups I'm in are very academic focus so it's kind of like this little bubble of just people in my program but with this group because it's not a like academic group a lot of people are here because they really love music and they come from a huge variety of program so you really get to see a extremely diverse group of people really helps you relax and take off the stress from school when you get to kind of hang out with your friends and jam or something like that it's also helped me find a band and a lot of other cool things like that but I really love it for the community building aspect

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  • Abigail Richards says:

    This looks so fun!! I was hoping so much there would be a music community at Ryerson and this is just absolutely perfect! I look so forward to the fall and hopefully being a part of this amazing group!!

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