Muslim Tattoo Artist Shares Her Story

Muslim Tattoo Artist Shares Her Story

to say that I had an abortion as a Muslim woman is incredibly deep I was very isolated I couldn't really share it with people and one year later I got a tattoo a bird's nest with a broken egg in the middle and two birds looking at it it hurt and I wanted that closure Islam as a religion is against permanent tattoos because you can't pray with it you can't perform what do you can't fast it's a desecration of the body it's absolutely forbidden i tattoo a lot of Jewish and Muslim girls they know that I am from a Muslim family and they know that in Muslim culture tattoos are completely forbidden they want to talk to me about their families they want to talk to me about why they're nervous I did have that experience of my dad's family being very turned off by it and being essentially disowned from my mom's side so I can speak to their fears but at the same time I had this experience of being lighter and being true to myself I've told the abortion story before from the perspective of a client because I was too invested in it to say that this was me I wanted to honor that experience and remember it and move on and I did it did that for me I want women to feel comfortable if someone had an abortion and once the tattoo to honor that I want to be able to speak to them about that and share my story and make them feel really comfortable ink minks is going to be a collective of female tattoo artists but right now it's just me being a woman and male-dominated industry there's an expectation that you are super sexual and feminine and you have to add to a tattoo shop a certain way I love my trailer because having my own sacred space is super fulfilling it really increases the connection with me and the client I'm trying to create an inclusive space for these minorities to participate in tattoo culture I don't have to defend tattoo culture I have to bring people into this understanding that if you want to tattoo and you love it let's do it what are you waiting for I'm here for you you


  • benouis mohamed says:

    im a muslim and i love christian peaple and jews and every human we are not terrorist we are peacful keep the media away and the politic stop hates and lies we are one we are humanity we should stop the new religion who deal with satan it's kills spirit of human and destroy us and the demons hate us and jinn the want to make destruction so the can live in earth without human

  • Music Account says:


  • Uzma Hameed says:

    What about allah he forgive you not you everyone's but we still doing that god did not allow us but when we want something end then make a wish do you think about that and even you still doing bad thing but he completed and we did not following what allah say us wow think about that

  • Bintu Farid says:

    Its her life but as a muslim we should consider sins as sins.. We she does is wrong as its clearly haram.. May Allah guide her what we can do is make dua for her.

  • ahm_ says:

    3:00 – 3:10 i felt like Satan himself was directly talking to me. Subhanallah, our Lord warned us off those kind things.

    "They call upon instead of Him none but female [deities], and they [actually] call upon none but a rebellious Satan.

    Whom Allah has cursed. For he had said, 'I will surely take from among Your servants a specific portion.
    And I will mislead them, and I will arouse in them [sinful] desires, and I will command them so they will slit the ears of cattle, and I will command them so they will change the creation of Allah .' And whoever takes Satan as an ally instead of Allah has certainly sustained a clear loss.
    Satan promises them and arouses desire in them. But Satan does not promise them except delusion."

    Quran chapter 4 verses 117-120

  • Army of Gog says:

    Crazy thot!

  • MRboss Kanan says:

    A big shame to call yourself a muslim, may allah guide you in the right path

  • Joshua Robert says:

    Just look it at it like this. The year is 2019. There is not a single religious person on this earth that lives the way they are supposed to live according to their holy book. Everyone sins. Everyone will continue to sin until the end if times. The important part is to repent. The only one that can truly judge you is the creator. No one else.

  • Maryam says:

    Basically, she apparently commited zina, got pregnant, killed her baby, got a tattoo. Became, a tattoo artist, and encourages others to get a tattoo. That's just one haram after another. May Allah guide us. And, only Allah knows best.

  • Emily vogel says:

    These comments are sick

  • Axelay says:

    Yeah Lets do It what are you Waiting for Muslims!!!! cee thats the simple and Stupid thinking of the Murtads Woman and Man in Islam,….Ido it i wanna be like the Kuffar too,…its Beautiful and Modern,.thats why we call it Good and delude other Muslims to do it, the and im not Alone whit it bcause others will do it to. Yes you will get your Punishment for all you Lied and Delude to Never Forgett this simple Feeling you Mad Punk/Clown Woman whit your Hippy Shirt.

  • Ru Oc says:

    Lol it’s soo funny looking at the comments by Americans and saying they are “Muslim” but are okay with this women.

  • Hansinee Khoobloll says:


  • Chat Blog says:

    “I’m a Muslim”

    Looks like a stripper

  • Sofia shaik says:

    I feel her so much. I wanted to make music since I was 3 years old and I have videos of me dancing and singing at a very young age, but since I was a baby my parents always thought me that music is haram. I grew up, just wanted a tattoo to remember one of my moroccan’s friend whenever I go… but tattoo is haram. I know Islam is the right religion, but is it all really haram ? We shouldn’t even live in this world then…

  • Toqeer Aslam says:

    You are so beautifull but your tattows affects your beauty so please I advice you to erase them if you can

  • Nadeem says:

    Sister even you don't wear hijab your religion not teaching you uncovered your face I hope Allah give you hidaya

  • erika Barnabas says:

    Do henna 🥵

  • Raging Obsese Gorilla says:

    My family is muslim. My mom fasts and prays. She has a tattoo of my name on her upper left shoulder on her back. There are many scholars that say its haram and others say its not. But allah knows the right answer. So we shall wait and see on the day of judgement

  • karel A says:

    Someone who has a weak mind will dabb his body, your body is sacred to your temple protect it inside and out …To draw, use a drawing book just like too much make up ruining the true face …. Own choice and good luck with everything in life Greats and love from Germany

  • K J says:

    So why do it?

  • Hidayat Emir says:

    What a talking? Allahu rabbi. Get more knowledge, understand and be better. Ameen 😊

  • Rajon Mahmud says:


  • sajib hossain says:


  • irfan the human says:

    if they think that tattooing makes their skin more beautifull then they live in a lie

  • irfan the human says:

    I can't understand why this woman and other people tattoo themselves ?

  • •ᴥ• says:

    im muslim but i love this woman!!

  • داعي إلى الله داعي إلى الله says:

    Only a Muslim will enter paradise

  • Sumbal Khan says:

    U never knw , He (Allah) may send u directly to jannah and punish all the judges (who are saying negative coments ) . Its all his choice ^.^ stay happy

  • Shane Noir says:

    I feel very sad not because she’s from a Muslim background- she’s getting the limelight and exposure because she’s Muslim and the media loves that. They love tarnishing Islam and promoting these individuals sin which should be kept hidden – may Allah forgive us all for our sins and guide us towards the righteous path.

  • Merc Khan says:

    It will be Allah that will judge her but what's wrong is wrong it's our job to tell her and others as Muslims dont do wrong may be he or she will change.

  • Thamina says:

    When I look at the comments it's like a war zone idek what to say. All we can do is ask God to guide her to the right path no one can do that except for God so why not just ask him

  • Yaseen Peeraullee says:

    Who are we to judge, Allah knows best. We should be nothing but be shameful of the way we act toward people, specially our own. Live and let live. The amount we give to gossip and bad mouth people could be use to give a prayer or any other good deed. Being judgmental is haram too, yet here you are.

  • عبد الكريم says:

    This act does not represent Islam,

  • Elias Aznoug says:

    You can not get forgived from allah beacause its haram to have tattoo

  • lil_bad_BABY says:

    If it’s haram it’s haram for a reason
    Don’t question allah rules

  • lah gimana says:

    When you want to be considered as a human being, then don't make a video of saying that your are a human and kill another human in the video , that is just against humanity…

    Just consider yourself as a thing if you want to make a video that against humanity…

    Along with this argument, do not say that you are muslim, but you are showing off the thing that is prohibited in Islam…

    Just an opinion of mine…

  • Fatoumatta Jarbi says:

    Never judge anyone we all sin in different ways

  • Onion Boy says:

    Tattoos are haram ffs and I don't name her a Muslim tattoo artist. She dosent deserve the name as muslims. This is a shame on our behalf

  • Anonymous J says:

    It is a haram to reveal your sins.

  • SZD says:

    I bet she’s from Iran

  • ibrahim suraj sheikh says:

    Put all tattoos in to your body not others

  • ibrahim suraj sheikh says:

    Shameless women

  • Hassan Shahzad says:

    Pakistani girl doing not good .

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