Muzeul ARTA LEMNULUI – The WOOD ART Museum (Campulung Moldovenesc, Bucovina, Romania)

Muzeul ARTA LEMNULUI – The WOOD ART Museum (Campulung Moldovenesc, Bucovina, Romania)

The museum “The Art of Wood” is located in the central
part of the city near the Cathedral “Assumption” The collection with over 15,000 pieces is distributed in
20 rooms in the old administration building of the county USE OF WATER Wooden wheels for hydraulic equipments Cover which surrounds the millstone Wooden boat, XVIIIth century Yoke (top left) – Corrugated board for washing
– Vessel of water PRODUCTION OF FABRICS Teasel combs for wool Spinning machines (below) – Spindles –
Big spindles – Distaffs (top) Reel (instrument to wound the thread) with numerator and
Wheel for reeling Manually loom Weaving Jacquard loom, XXth century MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS WOOD Violin – Hunting horn – Work stages of violin Dulcimer – Cobza – Cello Alpenhorns – A section through the alpenhorn – Resonant wood Peasant (walking) sticks
Hatchets, XVIIIth century HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Wooden spoons Horns for gunpowder – Salt pots
– Basket for the Easter bread Small barrels (kegs) Cans of pepper – Wooden slicers
– Wooden cups for the garlic sauce (below) TRANSPORTS Wooden saddle, XIXth century Sled for the transport of timber Skis, 1900 Sled to transport firewood or hay (Behind): Yoke horse – Saddles – Whip Traineau pour célébrations
Sleigh for celebrations Cart for transporting wine, XVIIth century,
unique in Europe To improve the suspension, the wheels
do not have iron hoops around their Lantern, XVIIth century – Container for crude oil Yokes for oxen Lime bark sandals Rings and hook to press the hay Small cart, XVIIth century Pole and wooden wheels Cart ladder (hand side of the cart) – Wheels of a single
piece of fir, XVth century – Cart wheels, XVIIth century FOOD PRODUCTION Crushing for oilseeds (bottom left) Press for oil extraction Fruits squeezer Wood funnel Primitive oil press Sledgehammer for the press Troughs – Trough for winnowing the wheat
– Wooden cups for flour Manual mill with stone Hollow wooden vessel
– Wicker branches to smoke the fish Cups and sieve for flour ”Flail” (impactor tool to obtain grains)
– Shape for breads Screeners for cereals Big forks
Harrow Wooden plows Fulling mill for crushing salt Fulling mill (container with a thick bottom
and walls) for crushed by grinding Rakes Cases for scythe sharpening stone Handles for scythe SHEEPFOLD Pickle jars Sheepfold (model) Small barrels with handle for transport of sheepfold products (Left): Round, thick stick to beat the salty cheese Wooden pail with lid for storing salty cheese Shepherd balances Wooden staves cask to preserve the cheese “Tally” – Notched stick (piece of wood that is marked
by grooves, different calculations) of the sheepfold Butter pots (narrow and high vessels with staves
to beat the cream and get the butter) Sticks for butter pots
Patterns for butter Shovels for “urda” ( “urda”: sheep cheese derived from milk
obtained by boiling and curdling the whey from the curd or butter) Strainer spoon – Spoon to skim – Large wooden spoons
from sheepfold – Measuring spoon for clot (left) Circle of wood with a small bag for whey sieving The large churn and the small churn (pots to curdle the milk) Stick to beat the curdled milk in the churn to separate the curd Wooden cups from sheepfold
– (below) Pail for milking sheep (Below): wooden bucket with a handle, for milking cows Shepherd clubs OTHER ACTIVITIES Frames for hives, XIXth century Centrifuge to extract honey from honeycombs Primitive hive
Pot for storing honey Centrifuges for honey and primitive hives Wicker basket made from twigs interlaced with narrow
mouth and turned into funnel used for fishing Braided twigs used for fishing Resin torch
Fishing for trout in the lights of torches Forks to catch trouts Trap for rats Mace, XVIth century Clubs and blundgeons for hunting Box with teeth (”comb”) to harvest blueberries Basket for mushrooms Pots with a handle for forest fruit Punnet TOOLS FOR WOOD PROCESSING
– WOOD ESSENCES Left: wooden nails –
Right: shingles, XVIIIth century Section by spruce 345 years Tools to work the shingle Parts made in lathe Marking tools (left) Yew wood –
Scales shingles Trying/long planes – Planes Tools for wood decoration Drawbar tied to four harnessed horses , XVIII century Tools to carve the wood Slide gauge for measuring tree diameters Two-handled saw for cut boards, logs, beams Wood fragments, II-IIIth centuries –
Cant hook FINE ARTS
CARRIED OUT BY THE OLD SCHOOL OF ARTS AND CRAFTS The pieces were manufactured during the late nineteenth
and early twentieth century TRADITIONAL INTERIOR IN BUCOVINA –
TRADITIONAL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE OUTDOOR SECTION OF MUSEUM Traditional house in Breaza (Bucovina) Oil press accessories Sheepfold Belfry from Vama (Bucovina) Guzuls house in Ciumarna (Bukovina) “Latis House” in Campulung, 360 years old Chess table (100 square metres) Chess pieces (Romanian fairytale characters)

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