got a thumbnail starting in the video sweaty not a great idea cuz I straightened my hair today my hair is naturally curly so when I sweat it curls so my curling iron broke so I figured I'd straighten my hair and then it looked kind of wonky cuz I haven't had my haircut in like a year so then I cut my own hair which I've never done before but hi friends this is Laura it came with the sketches for today's video I'm going to show you all of my art books my entire art book collection I get so many questions about what art books I have usually right after I've posted like a big speedpaint people will ask me what book I read to learn how to draw like that I'm sure there's books out there that teach you how to draw but those aren't the kind of art books that I have I am way too stubborn and impatient to read a book to learn how to draw or even follow a tutorial I I make tutorials but I hate watching them so none of these books are going to teach you how to draw but you can learn a lot about animation from these books and they're just all very inspiring to look at first on my list is the animators survival kit if you guys watched my new year's resolution video you know that I wanted to learn to animate this year and I have been doing that it's been really fun I've been working in TV paint I never really read this book I kind of just had it because I heard it was one of those books you should get as an artist but I just started reading it so I'm still near the beginning but it goes over all the technical terms and animation and it explains timing and time charts in squash and stretch and all those fun things that you've probably heard of already oh so this book is very helpful if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of 2d animation next the illusion of life this book is heavy this is another one of those books that everyone in animation kind just has so I felt like I should buy it I've got this book once I started working at Disney because it's about the nine old men this book is written by two of the nine old men Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston and I'm gonna be honest with you I have not read this book there is some technical stuff like the principles of animation but it's also just a lot about Disney and history okay on my list is the Legend of Zelda Hyrule historia this is a Zelda art book which is very exciting art from a lot of the games is in this book just a heads up I didn't know this when I got it almost the whole first half of the book is just Skyward Sword because they released this book like I think right after Skyward Sword came out or something and Saturn sword was not my favorite game I played Skyrim I'd beat Skyward Sword but I always go back and replay all the Legend of Zelda games and Skyward Sword is just not one that I would play again probably I found it extremely stressful but if you get halfway through the book there is actually art from Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask but one thing I don't like about this book is that there's no credit given to the artist I mean I would like to know who those artists are so I can actually look them up online and find more of their artwork but it's still a beautiful book playing ocarina of time in elementary school was one of the reasons I wanted to become a character designer so just as L de is just so inspiring to be and just like a huge part of my childhood and my life today whoa the next art book is the art of Princess Mononoke this is probably my favorite Hayao Miyazaki film my top three are definitely Princess Mononoke spirit away in Howl's Moving Castle but this was the art book I wanted Princess Mononoke has some of my favorite design here's some of the background paintings oh it's beautiful beautiful so if you're into Princess Mononoke and Miyazaki films in general their art books are really beautiful next is a collection of background paintings from some Ghibli films this is the OVA Kazuo art collection it's all in Japanese so if you want to order it online this is what the cover looks like and this is another one it's also an oka cazzo animation artwork book and the cover looks like this this one has some artwork from spirited away here's artwork from Princess Mononoke and this book this one has a whole section on My Neighbor Totoro it also has black and white layouts in here so if you're into music films or Studio Ghibli in general and want to see some of those background paintings nicely print it out these are what the books look like I got them from Amazon I'm gonna save my favorites for last so I'm gonna skip it some of these I just picked like seven as my favorites oh no this one's my favorite too eight now we're getting into the art of books you've probably seen these before in stores they just contain visual development for the film they'll have characters eye and visual development storyboards color Keys color scripts first let's get this one out of the way frozen of course I have the art of frozen my favorite this dub drawings I think for frozen word by minkyu Lee and also Corey Loftus I think some of them might be in here oh here we go here's some of me hughley's designs I really love this some of my favorite is Deb's were these drawings that make you Lee did Kristoff and Anna in the snow but I don't actually think they're in this but oh wait here's one here's one here this is Kristoff Perry so there's some really great art in there if you're a fan of frozen the next book I have is the art of inside-out the character designs are really great in this movie honestly this movie isn't one of my favorites I know a lot of people love this movie so don't hate me I love the designs in this movie though here's one of the character designs and the expressions this was my favorite characters I'm from the movie they're all really good designs there's like living early concepts I always love it when they show interiors of rooms background characters so there's great art in there next is the art of big hero 6 I love this movie I love that they show how they built the whole world Oh amazing paintings by Ryan Lang in here's another painting by Ryan length a lot of characters I'm in this one by jincan and shewn Kim here's just a whole page of soon can I love shoot Ken's art this is just a really solid art of book next is the art of Moana this is another one of my favorite movies there's some really amazing environment paintings by Ryan Wang and I really love the character design in this movie here's a page just for puah who is the pig in moaña he barely had any screen time I wish he was in the rest of the movie he was so healed and actually one of my really good friends worked on this movie I've talked about him before Bobby Pontius and he made it into the book Bobby Penzias designed all these village kids now we're on to my top favorite art books first we'll start with the art of up this is just a classic I love the way that they use shapes in this movie these are just some of my favorite character than any movie the designs of Carl's house cellar scripts see they're some of my favorite drawings right here of Carl they're by Daniel Lopez munis but they talk about shape language at the beginning each of these characters is a simple shape next is the art of ratatouille this movie is brilliant this book is brilliant everything is gorgeous actually when I used to live in France I went to a Pixar Art Show I saw a bunch of the original art from ratatouille you weren't even allowed to take pictures in there just love the best death for this movie I think some of our goodrich's designs are in this book he's one of my favorite character signers ever I love Curtis Goodrich he's showing a second funny oh yeah here's an example of a Carter Goodrich drawing right here here's another one of Carter goodrich's designs I just love his line work I love how he pushes proportions here's one of my favorites by Carter Goodrich this one right here I actually saw this drawing in person in Paris yes I would highly recommend the art of ratatouille another one of my top favorites is the art of Zootopia I am a huge fan of Corey Loftus I love his designs it does environments and characters and just like interiors of rooms and props and a lot of his stuff is in this book and I just love it there's some of Corey Loftus is designs Byron Howard Hyun Kim I love how Corey Loftus draws animals I love how he draws animal hands I think some of my Kim Mata stuff is in here too he's another one of my favorites or shapes for like the police cars Armand Serrano oh this is one of my favorite pieces from the movie this big environment here that's by Cory Loftus the character just hides in this are just so great this is just a really solid art book if you loved this movie you will love this book in just little details about how they made different animal species look the way they do and made them so appealing I love it I love that it makes me want to draw animals okay we are now in my top five art books monsters University this movie so beautiful and the art for it's so beautiful I love how colorful it is and fun the whole like college vibe there's artwork in here by dices to me whoo even stuff like background characters are really fun in these monsters movies because they can look totally crazy for background characters this whole page opens up I enjoy designing monsters too so this is really fun to look at character designs with monsters are just really fun because you can literally do anything here's another one of my favorite environments this is by Shelley one I really love like seeing painted story moments one of my favorites next is the art of How to Train Your Dragon one of my favorite movies it is full of Niko Marla's character designs and his character designs for the Dragon movies are some of my favorite characters lines ever and I think shame prick more civilians are in here too or just look at that it's whole pages Niko my leg act is the art of tangled of course is one of my top favorite art of books there's nothing more to say I mean I've gone through this book so many times it's full of Glen Keane Lisa Keane Claire Keane they talk about how they're inspired by Cinderella Beauty they used some similar compositions in this movie glen keane they put so much of Glen Keens work in here if you're like me you've seen these like a million times also Jin Kim Clara keen Joon Kim firing Howard in case you didn't know I worked on tangled a series as a background painter for four years so I look for this book a lot I've watched this movie so many times and I actually just never get tired of it I love this movie gorgeous gorgeous art in here next is the art of the cruise this had some of the most gorgeous visual development I've ever seen for a movie look at these paintings I love the lighting in this movie like here this strong light coming from behind this is a lighting I'm talking about like I'm here in here this is some of the most gorgeous environments it has really interesting character designs so many full pages of characters shading prick more also worked on this I love shank Moore's work Chanin Tyndall worked on this Carter Goodrich Emma Stone is my favorite actress so I really wanted to see this from the beginning because she is the voice of this character here I actually watched this movie on a plane how in this tiny screams and I just really wanted to see the artwork bigger because it was just such a beautiful movie I loved the worlds that they built still always seen that movie once but the art book is one of the best art books I've ever seen for my last book my number one favorite part of book the art of brave I know a lot of people hated this movie I loved this movie and I don't care what anybody has to say about that so I have out this book from reading it so many times this book has so many amazing designs by Carter Goodrich look look at these pages Matt Nolte so many drawings by Carter Goodrich in here oh man these are amazing drawings of mérida I love this one I just love it I just love it this is this is my favorite art of book which is why I've just worn it out completely this book came to France with me so did the art of tangled international travel with heavy books it was worth it here's one of my favorite drawings this one's by Matt Nolte you can see so much about the characters and I just love the design of the King – just how massive he is I love the designs of the rock formations the Bears the baby bears the winch there's even the story boards Merida climbing that rock wall I just love it that is my entire art book collection very slowly collected over time I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more videos bye


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