My old anime drawings, sketchbook tour! ~ Frannerd

My old anime drawings, sketchbook tour! ~ Frannerd

hi guys can you tell I just dye my hair today I am going to show you my old very very very old sketchbooks so a couple of weeks ago I went to see my family and friends to Chile so when I was in Chile I stayed with my mom I think it was a week and a half or something and besides catching up and having a mother-daughter week and a half together one of the main things that I wanted to do in that house was to find my old sketchbooks and I was really scared of the idea of losing these sketchbooks or someone getting rid of them I thought for example I was I I got rid of them when I moved to Europe so I’m so glad that I didn’t because I kept thinking about them this whole time this whole for three years and now they’re here dies with me and this is God fix is normal this is very nice I wanted to do something special because this small and not so small anymore channel just turn a hundred thousand subscribers which is a lot we all know it’s a lot and since I wanted to do something special and you keep asking how I used to draw when I was a teenager here are all the drawings guys I mean not all the drawings but some of them and I want to share some impressions and thoughts about them first of all god this is so cringy you need to understand something guys all of these sketchbooks all of the drawings I’m showing to you they are they were done on 2003 between 2003 and 2005 which means that I was 16 6 15 16 something like that so I will steal a teenage girl I was willing to boys and kissing and most of it joints I mean not love so their doings but drawings were all about kissing guys uh because I don’t know maybe because oh my god this is so embarrassing guys like me because when you’re a teenager the only thing you can think of is kissing and is your favorite thing to do and it’s lovely and I was really into like love stories and stuff so I drew a lot of kissing scenes because apparently it was only the only things I could think of back then and this is very embarrassing but let’s move on the other thing that I saw image on drawings is that I was really really really obsessed with angels and fairies and elves maybe because it was the early 2000 and like everything was angels back then and also maybe because of the Lord of the Rings and I don’t know guys we were all obsessed with elves and angels back then so don’t judge also if you see like the poses were like two events for a seventeen year old girl most of the poses that you see right now again not all of them but most of them I took them for magazines or like other anime or illustrations and they took those poses and body postures as a reference and then I used them with my own illustrations I thought that was one of the keys like one one tip that I could take to make my illustrations look more realistic or more like advance since I hadn’t like I nobody to teach me how to illustrate so I used this aside my friends to practice and to make more my illustrations look more cool because I was a teenager and I went to be cool drawing anime is not the best way of being cool friend one one lovely thing guys about this whole thing that surprised me a lot is that was I was really into journaling and I was into showing my friends my daily life every knife I can you can see this on the schedule expect most of them had notes on them because this is the thing guys I know how to explain this but a lot of people look through my sketchbook my sketchbooks it was something that my friends and my classmates enjoyed to do when we were in on a break or in recess or we were out at school and stuff like that and I don’t know why they enjoyed looking like flipping through my sketchbook so much maybe because they want to see like new drawings or new characters that was designing and doing so since a lot of people were flipping through my sketchbook I realized it was a very tiring thing to explain myself or explain all this all the drawings that I was doing because they were keep asking question like coolly she is she a fairy or angel issue so since I didn’t want to explain myself every time I leant over my sketchbook I put I was sort of like a small character doing that like a guide tour inside my sketchbook and I noticed that in a lot of pages I was also illustrating my daily life as a schoolgirl and going to school I was also doing drawing a lot during classes which is something that I should have had done because my grades went awful but they weren’t amazing so maybe if I paid more attention I wouldn’t think you know it was okay now don’t do that but anyway it was so refreshing and nice to know that I was already I was already drawing my daily life as I work what I’m doing my now on Instagram so it was very nice to know guys like nothing has changed and a lot of has change also I know you can see guys but it’s clearly that I loved anime anime is something that I still enjoyed a lot I mean not so much as what I was enjoying back then but I mean I still watch a lot of anime in a real manga and stuff like that but back then I was like anime is my life and I I know there are a lot of you guys that ask me constantly why I used to draw manga and why I stopped drawing manga and anime and stuff like that I think I mentioned this on my the history behind my illustration style video but it happened this is the thing when I was in school I drew anime a lot but then when I went to college when I went to university to study graphic design it was in year two that I had a very brief and short illustration class I enjoyed it a lot it was my favorite class in the whole career and one of the teachers just to make like small talk it was like hey Fran what do you want to do once you graduate and I was like I don’t know I wish I could be an illustrator but I don’t know that it’s something that you can live from like do with your life laughs and he said well if you want to be an illustrator I will highly recommend you have your own illustration style rather than only illustrating manga and anime and I was like what dude what the hell he was a very young teacher so I said like what the hell anime is my life I love anime you can totally be an illustrator drawing anime and stuff like that and he said yeah Fran but it’s more likely to be recognizable as an illustrator with your own illustration style then being another person that draws my name in anime and manga at M point I had to distance myself from what I was doing and I started thinking like all the places that I really wanted to work with like for example newspapers and magazines which of those places accept anime and manga as a way of illustrating none of them so it was very painful for me to still like anime and manga and still consume any main manga but not drawing it anymore don’t take this the wrong way if you draw manga like I have there’s nothing wrong with draw anime manga it’s just that for me in my experience it was it was the right thing to do at the time but for example looking at the bright side something good that happened because I loose rated so much anime manga is that I got really good at marker and inking illustrations I don’t know if you can tell but most of my illustrations I mean they are sketches obviously but most of them are inked with a marker but with a pen and I got really good at doing that also I got a very good sense of like body postures and the body figure in general I got really good at drawing girls not worry so much about girls I’m really good at drawing them and also like the weight or the proportion the proportion but like the like the contexture the the shape of hair I learned a lot when I was illustrating anime and manga I really wanted to share this because even though it’s painfully awkward showing you my old drawings and I don’t know like opening a small window of how I used to be and how the things that I used to like to you and exposing myself to Internet once again I wanted to share this because I think it’s a very interesting process to see the the evolution I hope of my illustrations what am I saying guys and yeah and thank you so much for being subscribed to this channel is so nice to share this with you guys and also with your patrons thank you so much for a nice week well of all the sketchbooks that I show you and thank you so so much to all my patrons because they are the ones who allow me to buy art supplies that I’m going to review next week or for example train tickets or museum tickets to film videos and improve the content of this channel so thank you so much patrons and that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you’re having a very nice day and I’ll see you next week bye bye guys awesome very brief goodbye Ben I did okay yeah


  • OneWorld says:

    i was obsessed with angels and fairies too back then! One of my favorite things was a stamp of an angel. I used it everywhere I could. My sister caught onto this and she ended being obsessed with rubber stamping and scrapbooking, so I couldn't possibly get into this myself. Thank goodness I didnt!

  • Sara Fernández Camara says:


  • Voluntad de Ser says:

    Wow!!!! No sabía que eras chilena!!! 🙂 hace poco descubrí tus videos y son INCREÍBLES!!!! Gracias 😛 me hiciste recordar toda mi adolescencia con este video 😛 abrazooooo y amo tus ilustraciones.

  • M N says:

    2017: sad about two guys not kissing each other

  • Jime s.c says:

    hola fran me gusto mucho tu video,yo tambien dibujaba anime a la edad de 15 años hasta los 17años jijiji amaba dibujar,hace mucho q no lo hago,besos y m encantan tus videos no cambies

  • Mirave Kane says:

    Eyyy, but you can have your own style and draw manga/anime…

  • f.l. says:

    I see so much Arina Tanemura influence. 😀 I was exactly like this.

  • Glory says:

    Amiga I loved this video! Is the second one I have seen and I like your draws a lot and the format of your videos. I'm recently finding myself wanting to draw, I've done it when I was in highschool I used to draw anime too, but right now I want learn how to do it again, mostly to develop my creative self more because I haven't done that in ages.
    Your sketch books actually reminded me of the Pasculina Diaries, I don't if you knew about them but I used to love those.

  • Olmos YTB says:

    U speak spanish where are u from

  • Haylli says:

    Why do you film into a mirror

  • AnaLucia GE says:

    I think everyone who likes to draw and to watch anime go through a phase of trying to draw anime for a while, but at least for me i changed gradually from drawing anime/manga to other styles without realizing. I also had this stage on my life that i was like anime is my life, but now even though i still enjoy it a lottt, im not like: i eat, drink and breathe anime like i used to
    Loved this video, you old illustrations are really pretty! : )

  • Marina J.G. says:

    Tienes muy buen inglés y no me he dado cuenta de que eras española hasta que te he visto las notas en los cuadernos, jaja!
    Muchas gracias por tus comentarios sobre cómo ser ilustradora y por enseñar cómo dibujabas antes.

  • ayesha sharma says:

    just lovely.. thnx for sharing with us…beautiful , they all seems so perfect.

  • Cherry Cola says:

    When I was a kid I just thought of the theories of courage the cowardly dog, coraline, and corpse bride. I honestly still love those cartoons, that's beside the point Noone near me daily was into art because i only have a uncle that paints but I saw him very few times but usually in my childhood, we lived in Michigan so I had to stay inside so I don't freeze to death. He would give me painting lessons and I also learned from YouTube, I still have some of my old hello kitty coloring books full of paint.♡♡♡

    I honestly love anime and love male protagonists (I mean I'm a lesbian but anime's seem to shove boobs into the camera half the time) but I love horror anime's the most. I honestly draw boys than girls because what are boobs?. Also when I do it's mostly for an anatomy study and more ankward moment trying to explain to my idiotic friends why they are naked.

    That's really all I have to say but you're art is impeccably perfect. Mon cheri ♡♡♡

  • • Macrronii • says:

    5:03 TaCO LeNGuAGe UhHH¿¿

  • Baby lulú says:

    yo pensaba que hablaba español :V

  • Emma Laughland says:

    Mega cringe, more like manga cringe hahahahahaHAHAHAHA

  • Laura H. says:

    I think every artist had an anime fase

  • Samantha Sorrells says:

    The drawings look good but then you get to the face alot of the eyes were way to far apart and the chin was to pointy but it was pretty good

  • A B says:

    I think most of these are actually pretty good. The only main thing I noticed was the eyes were too far apart

  • Полина Швецов says:

    Русске отзовитесь

  • Sailor Poison says:

    wooow que ordenada! (I'm just challenging you to talk to me in spanish 7w7)

  • Wasabi Tea says:

    I've been watching your videos for the past 2 or 3 hours….

    Best 2 or 3 Hours of My Life

  • Belen Paul says:

    Eres de chile??!!!! Yo igual no tenía idea de que eras de acá! Saludos❤

  • CityKanin says:

    You are so brave!!! xD

  • Camila Sinimbu says:

    Are you from Chile? Actually I though you are Brazilian at first

  • Camila Sinimbu says:

    Are you from Chile? Actually I though you are Brazilian at first

  • Jabberwock says:

    Wow.. Im a new subscriber.. Im 16 and I draw too but your drawings are really beautiful for that age😭😃 I wish i could draw like you.. Cos I really like the way you understand hair movement and can draw postures and hands etc beautifully >_<
    I struggle when I come to drawing the body posture and where the hands should go😅
    Anyone else??

  • Neura Takacs says:

    I love Yuri on ice

  • Smol Artist Bean says:

    im 15 and i draw since 2014

  • Jorge Alvarado Astorga says:

    I like all your videos, but I just wanted to let you know that Chile is pronounced Chile because it is a name. If it were a noun like “ chile para mi comida“you would translate the word, example: chili for my food. But for Proper Nouns, like names and countries` names it just stays the same

  • Duzacs P137 says:

    Hi! Soy un Chileno de 16 años que acaba de descubrir tu canal… Y WOW :OO Pensar que pudiste hacerlo con ese nivel a mis días (No digo que sea bueno dibujando, pero mis dibujos están aceptables xd). Este año me propuse aprender a dibujar, porque quería hacer animaciones y el dibujo era fundamental xd Así, he estado practicando día a día, pero me terminó gustando tanto que lo hago por diversión y la animación la tengo tirada ;-; Este vídeo me ha motivado bastante la verdad… Thank you! I'm suscribed to your channel! I practice English and French everyday xd

  • Katikut says:

    Haha I had my elvish/faries moment too hahaha! #YouAreNotAlone 😛 I admire how you can speak english so easily. I ear/write/read it everyday but I can't feel comfortable while speaking english in my own art videos haha 😛 I'm really frustrated. Should I speak in a bad english or continue in french and english subs? But clearly the subtitles are taking more time than filming/editing the video itself hahahaha

  • Alee Valencia says:

    Calcetín ConRombosMan 😱

  • The Organic Gypsy says:

    I love your anime drawings! Just wow!!!

  • Greenleafing says:

    I agree that drawing anime as a kid helped understand proportions, for sure it gave me the basis to draw people properly and have a good eye etc!

  • Stephanie Rivers says:

    I was in HS in the early 2000's too. I graduated in 2003 so I must be just a couple years older than you. I loved anime too! I drew it a lot but I don't think I saved it, I did not think I was very good at the time and I wish I had stuck with it like you! I didn't start drawing again until my late 20's but I guess better late than never 🙂 your drawings are so cute and very impressive for a teenager, how hard you learned to do the poses! And I love how they show what was going on in your life at the time! Anime is so visually appealing and emotional, I'm sure it inspired many people our age to become artists ❤

  • Céfiro Nimbus says:

    Woow, muchas gracias por compartir 😍
    Yo también dibujaba mucho anime, pero también me dijeron que realmente no podía vivir de eso :/ aunque también me gustaba dibujar figura humana
    Lamentablemente me surgieron un montón de cosas y dejé de dibujar, pero realmente quiero retomarlo, porque es algo que me encanta, quizá no como una carrera o un trabajo, pero algo que complementa mi vida. Creo que el arte es un reflejo del ser humano, y que todos somos artistas ya sea que nos dediquemos a eso para ganarnos la vida o no. Pero tu historia es muy inspiradora Fran, me encanta y me encanta lo que has desarrollado y cómo amas lo que haces con tanta pasión y entusiasmo 💖

  • Majo :3 says:

    Bueno, para mi una persona puede dibujar anime y manga. Hay gente que logra lo que quiere con ello. Pero desarrollan su propio estilo de anime y manga , diseñan su propio estilo de ojos , rostro , coloreado etc. No lo tomen a mal es solo lo que yo pienso

  • Canal Cerrado says:

    DIANA DÍAZ 7u7
    Ok ya
    No me gusta ese tipo de anime que dibujabas ;/
    Solo me hacía sentir incómodo a no sé no me gusta
    Pero si que eres una artista!
    Me gusta tu canal sigue así! ^-^

  • GrimErin says:

    But… my favorite thing to do is eat.

  • Mexicanaenelmundo says:

    aww que tierna tan otaku :3 haha

  • RENATA says:

    Va. Todas hemos sido adolescentes, mas bien lindo que compartas tus sketchbooks viejos con nosotros ♥. Saludos.

  • Vampire lover / Artist says:

    im making games for all gamers with my Art work

  • Loves Betas2xD says:

    Hola frannerd | Hello frannerd

  • jandi kim says:

    i think it's si cute

  • Eleanor Halfyard says:

    Your face almost went as scarlet as your hair! Lol

  • Team L Lawliet says:

    I like how she shows her face in a mirror. Brilliant!!

  • Kaitlyn says:

    almost to 200k! <3

  • CoNi lover says:

    Escuche muchas veces "anime and manga"

  • ShainCake says:

    Ohh, you studied graphic design? I have a question then; I'm graduating high school soon and am looking around for a fitting study course. How does it live itself as a graphic designer? I read a lot negative things about working as graphic or media designer, but I'm really interested in it :')
    I love your old art haha, I admire your motivation to color and properly outline everything :'D I always can't bring myself to do it.

  • Sam Miller says:

    I love the hair 😀

  • Joy Liu says:

    it so good back then, and now is even more better

  • Charles Coleman says:

    I'm into love story's to am 9 years old

  • MK says:

    Your professor had good advice! Your style IS very distinctive and cute and skilled. Even now hearing the reasoning behind his advice is much better than my own animation teachers telling me "anime style is invalid" for no reason other than it was "not our school's style" and I went to college only a little while after you.

  • Katinnity says:

    Oh, wow. They're all better than I could ever do. Just like every video I watch ;-; they say it's bad but I'm so jealous!

  • Victoria Lozano Canales says:

    No te justifiques, no hace falta, entendemos que son dibujos de la adolescencia y todas pasamos por eso jajaja. Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱

  • Peppa Pig Gonzalez says:

    Me encanta ver que entiendo el cuaderno porque está en español

  • Adriana_the Bearxx says:

    I love it so much they are actually good

  • Keni HD says:

    Wow, This was on my best friends bday! And btw there good.

  • Tanisha Hawksey says:

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  • Valeria Rivero says:

    Are you spanish?! Me too

  • Angelique Roux says:

    This video gives me SO much hope. :’) I used to draw anime a lot in high school and I’m trying to get into illustration, but it’s so easy to become discouraged. 😱 Looking through your sketchbooks in this video makes me hopeful. Thank you for filming this!!!!

  • You’re local Trash says:

    I love anime don’t know why

  • IanGabrielle_13 says:

    OMG rd drawings r older than me! i was born in 2006!

  • CookieToastGirl says:

    Umm… I can't draw for crap those are master piece's to me

  • S Strangeling says:

    I dont even want a bf 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌😋!!!!!!

  • Julia Solaire says:

    Aaaaaah please tell me there is a video of the inbetween sketchbooks when you started to steer away from anime and manga ! I'm gonna do some spelunking to find it out !

  • Glorious Waifu 89 says:

    Cute drawings ☆☆☆☆☆

  • Sueli Marchelli says:

    i love manga and anime

  • Lalappai Not Kim says:

    Me encanto este video pero oof bueno yo no creo que la influencia que tuvo el anime en mi arte se irá. Lo único que pasó es que mi influencia fue más de los seinen así que mi estilo normal es muy realista-manga con muchos detalles y hombres bien fuertes jajaja. A mi me encanta y no creo que lo vaya a cambiar mucho. Mis influencias más grandes fueron Berserk y Alita/Gunmm y se nota. Ahora estoy expandiendo con un estilo mucho más cute para una marca de ropa yami kawaii y me está encantando también pero creo que el estilo seinen siempre será parte de mi.

  • David Cifuentes says:

    Una chica llamada Ginna me recomendó tú canal, ella es genial si puedes sería genial si le envías saludos ;p pls

  • Mika Smith says:

    Do u speak spanish???

  • jnxt says:

    why cringey?? your old drawings are cute!! they look awesome!

  • Sarah Lindsay says:

    you can have ur own style in anime doh

  • Mr White Poro says:

    Eres española 😀

  • sushi roll says:

    If you look at my sketchbook, your drawings will no longer be defined as cringe worthy.

  • Jazzy Noel says:

    I love your voice uuuuuh

  • Jazzy Noel says:

    I love how she sounds so calm that 100000 people like her personality and know her that's crazy

  • Claudia Miranda says:

    love this. thank you for sharing!

  • Akhum Chang says:

    That face you make when someone younger than you is better at drawing than you 😵😵😵😵

  • Craphunter Roockie says:

    Hi Fran, there are many different art styles within manga/anime style drawing, just like sailor moon and Sakura certainly don’t really have the same style. I think it’s just that in the west people are generally not very familiar with them, so it’s probably harder for clients to tell the difference and see the uniqueness in each? I think in East Asian countries it’s much more common to see illustrators and concept artists work in manga/anime style, but each has their own style?

  • Sarah Coulman says:

    I Feel Like I Can Hear A Little Bit Of Russian In Your Voice……

  • Il Pensatore says:

    I never drew kissing characters

  • Monik says:

    The hands you drew were perfect from the beginning wow

  • MELODY playz says:


  • Clara says:

    Your story is very similar to mine,
    I also grew up with loving and drawing manga as a kid.
    But then one day as a trainee for barely a week, a professionel design artist from a animation firm, told me I might need to draw different things than manga, if i really want to evolve as an artist, and draw more realistic and other cartoon like styles, and eventually make my own style some day, I took that to my heart as I knew I wouldn't get better life tips from an actually professionel.
    I have always know there wouldn't be anything els in the hole wide world that i would rather do than using drawing in my future job.
    I still feel the same as of today, I have gotten a more realistic picture of the world and such-it is truly a hard and a lot a lot a lot of effort and work you have to put into drawing and actually expanding your skills, so you might be able to actually get a job or get into an creative education, like art academy or animation school…or maybe freelancer as I am leaning towards more and more today 😉

    I am indeed very thankful for my younger self, that I really worked hard and kept trying, even tho I remember really hard times and a lot of self doubt of every becoming better or good enough-and fast enough.
    But I really wound't have gotten where I am today, if it wasn't from my past big struggles.
    And I am still not getting towards perfect today, but I am a little happier with how my skills have evolved and how I can use them to make it easier for myself and actually being more able to express myself as an artist, well slowly xxx

    Thanks for your story Fran!! It brought so many old memories.
    Yes, and so many cringy manga sketchbooks!!! XD
    I love your videos Frans, I think I am learning a lot from you. xxx

  • Christmas Day says:

    Her writing is in a different language so I can not read it

  • pastelitos lila mayli says:


  • Siren Rayla says:

    Who came here to get ideas

  • xeleen obs. says:

    Wow cool

  • ириска с бумагой says:

    Omg… I was born in 2003…

  • Ena Tais sierra says:

    Habla un poco español vos sobes que eres de Argentina

  • Misaki Chan says:

    Can you do a video teaching us about how to draw the poses?

  • •Everly Gacha• says:

    Everyone has cringe art hiding in their notebooks somewhere.. Right?

  • Tooth says:

    Those sketchbooks are older than me ;-;

  • kaibass k says:

    No entiendo nada de lo que dice 😭🍂

  • Mar says:

    Yo disfruto de dibujar en estilo manga(tengo 24 actualmente), pero también en cartoon y en ocasiones realista, últimamente me atraen los pasteles oleosos para realizar retratos y cosas estirando a lo realista pero siempre dibujo estilo anime y me gusta hacer historias, creo que hay que ser versátil pero también se puede hacer dinero de solo uno de los estilos, no creo que seas uno del montón, las ilustraciones siempre son originales, el estilo por otro lado si es similar, pienso que al final de todo está el que uno realmente disfrute del trabajo que realiza. No hay categorías de superioridad entre estilos, todos son buenos y requieren práctica, empeño y desarrollar tu capacidad de ilustrar, incluso en estilo anime,no entiendo porque siempre se desestima sólo por ser reconocido como algo "friki" , y en el estilo anime hay muchos diferentes de nuevo, depende del genero, y autor que leas y el estilo que llegues a generar porque diferencias sutiles al igual que en el cartoon hay pero también están los genéricos.Ya quisieran dibujar todos como ilustradores de Pixiv

  • yashikawa Izu says:

    Otaku is my life

  • Sarah Rose says:

    My old art is in the attic…

    The homeless man living in the attic must be cringing as we speak…

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