Mysterio Was Originally A Skrull According To Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers

Mysterio Was Originally A Skrull According To Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers

everybody is going so for the marketing campaign aspiring far from home we're getting a lot of interviews and the writers of the film Eric summers and Chris McKenna talked a lot about what was going to be in the early versions of the movies and they were in some drafts where Mysterio was secretly a scroll and they continued to say that there were a lot of scroll versions of the story early on when you're doing a con-artist movie which was what we finally landed upon we sat down and talked about how do we keep fooling the audience how do we keep on having a lot of fun with reveals how many distractions can get away with before people willing to murder us and for something like the Mysterio scroll reveal it was an early idea about why he was doing everything he was doing so I guess I thought that after all Mysterio being an alien would definitely shake a few things up but they said I don't really think it ever made onto paper necessarily but we did talk about it for a while but we talked about a lot of stuff also and that's just what it is in those early stages it's just a lot of talk going down different roads and gradually refining things until you have a story so I think that would be really interesting it would definitely if that was true at another dynamic – tableaus and Sauron also impersonating Nick Fury and Maria Hill respectively now they talked about also maybe different versions of Mysterio like not trying to kind of do a fake out where he's posing as a hero but he's really a villain and they said with Mysterio there were versions of the story where he was put for fun as an out-and-out villain that Peter and Nick were chasing across Europe as he pulled off these various events all building to his backstory I asked why he's doing it which was wholly different in the third act we went down a different road in this early take because Mysterio deals with so much deception it was sort of natural that it led to a story structure where his entire identity was misled for quite some time but what do you guys think about this would you guys have liked scroll version Mysterio or just that in general I'm happy with what we got I don't think I would have been a huge fan of Mysterio being a scroll but combo she has thoughts what you guys think and we'll see you guys later


  • you know nothing jon snowden says:

    Awful idea.
    Mysterio as an alternate universe take on classic Mysterio is better than that. For a minute, I thought old Snowglobe was Nth Man.

  • Alex Allen says:

    Interesting information on this video 🙂👍

  • Duarte Vader says:

    Spider-Man can’t even have his villains…

  • Armin Tabari says:

    I say anyone who is sick of sony screwing spider man do not pay tickets and anything to morbiuse and other sony spidys instead pay to far from home.send my message to everyone.

  • Eagle Studios says:

    Glad he wasn’t a skrull. They made things more personal

  • eon001 says:

    That would have been awful. Sometimes it's better to just keep it simple and adapt the comics. Just like this awful Wakandan Kraven rumor. Just keep things simple and adapt the source material.

  • Jacob says:

    Imagine if the chameleon was in this movie and he was a skrull🤧

  • stephen says:

    he's still alive, but i'm glad he's not a skrull.

  • Nikolas Mace says:

    Remember when Spider-Man turn into a Monsters🕷Spider in the animated series I want to see that in a Spider Man Movie PS why don't we get more Marvel Animated Movies DC makes Animated Movies all the time?

  • Mike Cat says:

    Chameleon should’ve been in the movie. Would’ve added layers to the Skrulls and Mysterio’s deception.

  • Jarren Davis says:

    Horrendous idea.

  • deadblood 4115 says:

    It would have been nice if it had miles as one of his new classmates

  • Crisis Among Infinite Darths AC says:

    That idea is dumb, but still better than Penn & Teller being Mystero.

  • mrcooldeadly85 says:

    Nah, glad they kick that idea out the window of him being a Skrull.

  • MCU Spider-Man says:


  • John Mad Creator Fahey says:

    Really? His proof? As if he intended Mysterio to be a Skrull then it would have been a plot point, small most likely. Like the marketing error of Fury's eyepatch.

    Up until Winter Soldier it was on the opposite eye than it is now, that's no marketing error, but a small clue, as that kind of error is big especially when it involves a major character.

    It's possible Fury was a Skrull up until Winter Soldier as the patch was on the wrong eye (according to the Capt. Marvel film) then Fury escaped capture some how and at the right time took it out, it will explain why he only keeps Agent Hill around as he can not trust any other S.H.I.E.L.D employees, including Coulson, well that's how I'd solve that issue and have it make sense to MCU fans who've been here since the beginning and especially took note of the "eyepatch error"

    So if Mysterio was/is a Skrull then either it's well hidden in the film or it is a dropped idea, as someone would have mentioned it, like Fury saying "Parker I allow Beck to be around and free is because "you keep your friends close and your enemies closer, kid, and in the spy world knowing what your enemys are doing is basic stuff, so keep an eye on him too" but no mention of Fury being concerned for Beck, as far as I remember.

  • Hemisphere Cinema says:

    I think the whole skrull situation isnt shaping up to well i just pretend they arent skrulls.

  • Jesus Ramirez Romo says:

    Chameleon should be a rare "Albino" Skrull

  • dsadik666 says:

    They really screwed up in Captain Marvel ( which was a terrible movie) because they made the Skulls the Goodguys to push tbe immgrant narrative.
    That ruins any normal chance for secret invasion.

  • carl charleston says:

    So Mysterio (which reveals to be an alien) got killed.

  • Harry Studio Productions says:

    Man, I wonder who's more deceptive, Mysterio or a Decepticon?

  • John Grayson says:

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    2020: Black Widow
    The Eternals
    Doctor Strange 2
    2021: Black Panther 2
    Ant-Man 3
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    2022: Captain Marvel 2
    Spider-Man 3
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    2023: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
    Avengers 5
    Fantastic Four
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    Version 2:
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    The Eternals
    2021: Black Panther 2
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    Doctor Strange 2
    2022: Captain Marvel 2
    Ant-Man 3
    Thor 4
    2023: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
    Avengers 5
    Shang Chi

  • Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA says:

    that wouldve been better

  • Ewan Callister says:

    Mysterio is coming back anyway, you can’t kill him that easily.

  • Unknown says:



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