Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art of Storytelling | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art of Storytelling | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Let me give you some advice. [MUSIC PLAYING] The process of doing
your second draft is a process of making
it look like you knew what you were doing all along. Writing a novel is like
driving through the fog with one headlight out. You can’t see very
far ahead of yourself. But every now and again,
the mists will clear. In my class, I’m going to
tell you what stories are. I’m going to give you some tips. I’m going to give you some
exercises, and most of all, I’m going to give you a little
push forward that you might not have had. Here we go. I’ll go through the whole thing,
because it’s fairly short, and it does a whole bunch
of stuff with character. And then I’ll tell
you what I did. I have writer’s block. I cannot write. Sounds like something that
you can do nothing about. That, of course, isn’t true. Why don’t I take you through
the process of plotting a comic? Sandman 19. I can give you how I
do it and how I did it. You do it like this,
your thumbnails will only be seen by you. You definitely don’t
have to show them to an artist who
can actually draw. Worldbuilding is honestly the
joy of getting to play God. Every little detail that
you can smuggle with you into your fiction
makes your world more real for your reader. And you know, of course, that they’re
just smudges in the background. But that’s OK, because
it was informed by you and an imagination. Human beings are
storytelling creatures. Stories are vital. We convey truth with stories. That is the magic of fiction. You need that conviction
that you are brilliant. This is the greatest idea
that anybody’s ever had. And that by writing it, you
will set the world on fire. I’m Neil Gaiman, and
this is my MasterClass.


  • Jessica says:

    oh.. Wait.. I don't have any 🤦🏻

  • Jeremy Cornwell says:

    True story's, how to tell true story's.

  • L Storykeeper BOKIMKATJE KOMIKS says:

    If I ever have saved enough… I would love to enroll into this class.

  • Tom says:

    Why is he talking so slow? And he is going to teach story telling…

  • pricelessair says:

    Oh my

  • Almuntasser Mohammad says:

    I know this is unrelated, but does anyone know the music in the end?

  • chenrayen says:

    I'd watch all the trailers

  • Lucs Ofero says:

    Please please please Dave McKean teaches The Art of Drawing

  • Mint / Citron says:

    What's the soundtrack they used at the start? it's so enjoyable to listen to along side his voice

  • vuhies2424 says:

    What is the music in this? I really want it. There's too much talking to shazam it

  • sushmita kumar says:


  • Alyana Drua says:

    I want to sign up but I'm a broke college student

  • Mary Smile says:

    Finally, a talented author teaching a MasterClass…

  • Tristan D says:

    I probably love him way too much

  • Sutibun says:

    Hi Neil

    When I have enough money to travel and do my own animations.

    I plan to go to a restaurant and take some pictures with a JOJO POSE with my best artists in history: Hideo Kojima, Junji Ito and, of course, your Neil Gaiman.

    What do you say?

    I'm just saying it so you know;)

  • Chris Corley says:

    Once upon a time, we had Ben Affleck, an awesome Frank Miller's Dark Knight. Then corporate tuxedo media stepped in, and ruined our DCEU, by kicking Affleck down their slimy Wall Street gutter. Oh the Irony. ☕

  • Kevin Barton says:

    These look like fantastic value. I enrolled on a course by a well-known writer – and it wasn't video. Audio only and some workbooks. Hundreds of pounds. I'm not decrying it. It's a very good course, but I think a single masterclass here is less than £100. They look excellent.

  • Rezo Shelia says:

    I'm buying it so much

  • Sageman101 says:

    I have a tip for anyone that the about section didn't mention!
    If you use Neil Gaiman's voice as the 3rd person narration of your writing project, your work comes out even better!

  • d8nya1 says:

    When you pay the 200+ for the year. Is that just for the certain class? Or will you have access to any master class you want after paying that ?

  • ra Sh says:

    Hello, you are a great man. I will watch your videos. But . Excuse me . Can you translate videos into Arabic? Because I am from Egypt. I studied English but I can not speak English. Because there are some words I do not understand

  • relentlessmadman says:

    I can deal with rejection,, I thrive on rejection, rejection is a songwriters greatest Inspiration!!!!! So now I feel I must inspire you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Levisnotjeans throwback says:

    This made me cry it's everything I need to hear to start taking writing seriously and goddamn I don't consider many classes worth it these days but I'm definitely going to put money into this one

  • Rob Vel says:

    Oh my god

  • Man O'Neal says:

    Write a lot. If you have any real talent, it will emerge. I believe it's that simple. No master class needed. Just persistence.

  • Sarim Khan says:

    If someone does not want to pay, Brandon Sanderson already offers a free writing class on the Camera Panda youtube channel, and it's amazing, especially for Fantasy

  • Mr Penguin says:

    It looks like he can teach me magic too.

  • Somini Biswas says:

    I was reading The Graveyard Book what a coincidence

  • Lady Cornellia says:

    lol with the music in this, I feel like this is an invitation to Hogwarts with wizard Neil Gaiman as our professor..writing is magic!

  • Vinay Kumar says:

    hey Neil….this is Vinay on the other side ….i'm not writing it to praise u or to do crazy comments on this video….but this look of yours in this video is inspiring …hehe….moving on……I too write some little stuff but ofcourse i'm not as good as you are …mmmm for my satisfaction ….i write !….btw ….about that look …..i do sketches and may be i'll be making yours next!….but seriously telling i like the way you speak …molding all the words and presenting them in a very presentable way…u'r awesome!….btw sorry for the spelling mistakes…hehe…

  • NIGHT M.3.R.R says:

    Me encantaria tomarla, pero en mi pais, su precio convertido en mi Moneda es Demasiado alto, y tengo cosas mas urgentes que pagar

  • Rhoma says:

    What's the music.

  • Lena Lazovic says:

    If there is one class where I'd go, not miss a lesson, even if I was dead sick it's this one

  • Leto2ndAtreides says:

    Not sure if I'm planning to write a book, but it sounds inspiring and fun.

  • モチArie says:

    Okay, this is REALLY epic

  • shinigamiryuk says:

    So anyone try this yet? Worth the $90?

  • Zohiartze Fernandez says:

    I have the money, but I am a native spanish and maybe my english level it is too low for this masterclass, but i am a huge fan of this man!!!
    I am also an storyteller, but in spanish language…
    What should I do? T____T
    May I will be wasting my money because of the language limitations?
    I am so afraid of it…

  • Librarian Of Hope says:

    You allow me to sit and learn at the methaphorical feet of a legendary grandmaster, the coauthor of Good Omens and great friend of Master Terry Pratchett.
    I love you 😗

  • Sepide Khodakarami says:

    Hi. Does anybody else hate it when he starts the commercial with this sentence: "You are always going to be REJECTED." or it's only me? It drives me nut to hear such a heavy load of negativity at the beginning of an ad I cannot stop playing. Finger ready on M, to mute it if his face showed up

  • demonella says:

    Hey MC do you sell just the workbooks? I'm not really interested in the videos but the workbook sounds interesting.

  • Thanh Nga Nguyễn says:

    what is the name of the music???

  • cherrykoolaid says:

    Wow that surname

  • Mikhail Panzo says:

    Master Class should let the guy making these ads make a master class about advertising

  • teen Toys says:

    tim burton?

  • Ravi nigam says:

    How much do they charge?

  • apple's lover says:

    I wanted to skip it but it wasn't a commercial

  • HEV Suit says:

    "You are always going tobe rejected"
    Wow, how does he know so much about me?


    Neil Gaiman First Rule: if you see yourself standing under the shadow of Alan Moore, RUN! And don't stop because Alan Moore is a freaking scary colossus so he basically cast a shadow like a mountain.

  • A K says:

    Never wanted to take one of these classes really til now. Can someone who has taken It tell me if it's worth it?

  • bertaga41 says:

    If you need this go and look in the library and you'll find plenty of books on the subject.

  • M says:

    …I love him.

  • thedrew4you says:

    Wait… you wrote Coraline? Master indeed!

  • Beauty Chatterjee says:

    Come on….make master class free. you don't know how many people you would help.

  • Christine Black says:

    Does anyone know what the background music is?

  • Lauren Aitchison says:

    This honestly sounds like a life coaching course more than a writing course and I am totally on board with this.

  • Pig’s Brain says:

    Morpheus is that you…..

  • Skull RS says:

    This was in my recommendations and I right away recognized his name because I read his novel, Neverwhere.

    I respect this man!

  • Ydra GMD says:

    Si supiera inglés

  • Brianna Johnson says:

    "World building is the joy of getting to play God"
    "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense."
    "Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic."
    These quotes show us the magic of stories and the appeal of writing your own world

  • Imaru Lewis says:

    Neil gaiman should just do a podcast where he talks a bunch of nonsense just so that we can listen to his voice.

  • Bilbo Baggins says:


  • HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster says:

    < Did CNN take this class?

  • Napalm TheElf says:

    I have an issue….. And something a successful, borderline diety-status author, should know…… The use of the word "Give", doesn't denote an attached monetary value. (£170/year..,,, £85 for his single class). Come on Neil, we love some of the stuff you do, but do you really need the money? Okay, the Joker said, if your good at something, never do it for free, but he's a fictional psychopath! Isn't our world profit-driven enough?

  • Anonymous1122 says:

    This feels like a movie's opening

  • MasterClass says:

    You can enroll in Neil's class at:

  • Gordon Ramsay says:

    I rewatched this for the soundtrack which starts at 1:16

  • Cory Samoila says:

    Joke, convey truth with fictional stories……

    Half truths.

    Let the worlds burn, our Earth is not a world anyhow

  • compass696 says:

    I wonder what the background music is.

  • Fernanda G. says:

    Can anyone tell me if the "masterclasses" have subtitles??

  • Jack Green says:

    These master classes are everything that is wrong with society. Their success has nothing to do with their hard work or talent – there are millions of fantastic writers who will never be successful due to sheer competition, and yet these instructors never even mention the word luck! Disgraceful.

  • Changa Duranga says:

    This is great! Not only am I not learning, I’m forgetting stuff I used to know.

  • Jack Green says:

    MasterClass is full of deluded lucky celebrities who think that their talent and hard work is what led to their success. There are many people better at their field than them but who were not fortunate enough to win the lottery in the competitive arts.

  • Larry Booth says:

    Thank you for your deep insights: I for one am old school. I'm anti. LGBTQ which puts me in a strange 21st century attack on freedom of speech. I almost died in 1990 and had to ask the Doctor. Can you guarantee this blood isn't tainted with HIV? The answer was no. Life or death. I'm healthy today but have a deep and personal dislike for those with such a cavalier life style.

  • Haley says:

    I LOVE NEIL GAIMAN!!! He is the reason I became a writer! <3
    “World building is honestly the joy of getting to play god… Every little detail that you can smuggle with you into your fiction, makes it more real for your reader.”
    He is such and inspiration to me!

  • naivewynaut says:

    😉 just waiting for September

  • サニャSanny says:

    When you get a long ad, but it's Neil Gaiman so you don't mind

  • Tej Patel says:


  • Jack Green says:

    These masterclasses are full of deluded celebrities who attribute little or nothing to luck. There are countless talented, hard working artists in the world who will never be successful because they never got a break, and they don't need to hear about how to write a second draft! Step one: Have an insane amount of luck. That is more important than talent or hard work on this awful planet.

  • Anara Aubakirova says:

    Hello, I'm looking for one who actually took Masterclass courses, especially related to writing. Is it really worth it?

  • Alternate_reality_ says:

    I love this guy

  • Edgar Vilhelm says:

    Incredible class, so far, and would definitely recommend. Any authors in this comments section, I want to give back to you guys and see how I could make your lives easier, like the program made mine. I just have two simple questions:

    1.) What are the two biggest problems you're currently dealing with, as an author?
    2.) What is your biggest wish, regarding your career?

    Let me know, and I look forward to talking with you 🙂

  • Datu Kula says:

    Just a passerby commenting.

    I like how MasterClass ads are so interesting that you won't be able to skip it. Even as trailers, you can already learn some of the author's advices and when it's done, you'll want more.

  • Rob Milligan says:

    What is that big black book in the background? "The ________ of Fantasy by _________?"

  • Jorge Andrade says:

    ¿In Spanish?

  • Simon Johansson says:

    Now do Amanda Palmer Teaches Songwriting and bundle it with this one as an "Artsy Marriage" deal!

  • 6ColourMeRainbow9 says:

    I'm in tears. This is beautiful. Take my money u inspirational God!

  • Henry W says:

    does anyone know what the book is at 0.41?

  • Art Hampton says:

    I've already written my first book just using online learning. Never have done Masterclass, but now that I have an entire 8th draft book and now going onto my second in the series, I feel like these classes would be great. Basically my brother gave me the best advice, he said that Tolkien first created his entire world of Lord of The Rings BEFORE he created his characters. Characters will make more sense once their world is created for them, as they simply fall into it. And he was right. As such, my book now has an entire history, cultures, political climate and religions. It made all of the difference for me to complete my first book.

    But now the trick is publishing it, that is the hard part.

  • Jack Green says:

    So in a world where 99.9% of submissions are not even read by publishers, and therefore the greatest writers in the world are statistically likely to be unknown, a bunch of lucky celebrities are egotistical enough to reduce success to a catchy opening sentence and hard work, which suggests they have worked harder than all of the failed writers, which is simply not true.

  • smack daddy says:

    Did anyone else get serious Remus Lupin vibes from this!?

  • Anotherworld says:

    Storytelling is the sacrament of humanity. Everyone has another world inside them and each one is insanely valuable! Insanely wonderful! Please don't let anyone tell you that your story isn't worth telling!

  • AdaraTheShallot says:

    lol i feel like i dont deserve to be taught by him

  • MONO KRONO says:

    Whats is the name song?

  • Zorcore Music says:

    Where's My Caroline 2, Gaiman? I Wanna see something bigger than the Belldam!!

  • Becky Ann says:

    I can't believe that my favorite author is hosting his first ever online class

  • Mike Goodman says:

    Have done WAY LOTS of theater. As an ENGINEER! Am sure you're great … but NO WAY I'd take a writing class from a smarmy-sounding Brit. Stop with the over-intellectual commercials. Just get a job and put food on your table.

  • Mike Goodman says:

    Every time I see this … I'm going to tell you……………..
    FvKK NO!

  • Kevin Chiu says:

    Please can anyone tell me the music started at 1:16

  • Sarah Gray says:

    Why do I find him so attractive? Is it just me?? pls help

  • Tram Le says:

    This ad is fucking convincing

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