NETFLIX FOR WRITERS | Films about writing and books!

NETFLIX FOR WRITERS | Films about writing and books!

hello welcome but just as my frog today on the show but I just I feel silly doing this I feel like come on blue feature also good hello welcome back to Blue Peter today on the show tortoises will die use toilet rolls will be made less useful and you watch a failed gymnast attempt to be a monkey trainer welcome back today we're going to be talking films by writing now when I was doing that I remember back in November I was like looking to procrastinate in a healthy way so he's looking for films about writing here are some of the most helpful note I didn't say best most helpful ones I found all of the films I think maybe not strange in the fiction but all the other ones pretty short reading fiction anyway are available on Netflix not spawn I pay my $5.99 a month alright the first one is an indie film it was partially funded by an IndieGoGo campaign don't you know it's called not another happy ending and it came out in 2012 and it features somebody you might know as Amy Pond also a very hot Frenchman that IMDB is telling me is called Stanley Weber by love this film the first time I watched it wasn't sure but after the fourth time I watched it I just got really addicted to it like I stopped I I like finished it was like mundo know and just like started watching it again in the same sitting and then I just kept watching it I was like this is actually really brilliant so it's an indie film as a producer there are parts of it that I'm like oh that was cut a bit clumsy all that bit was awkward but in general is beautifully shot and if you like good interiors and Scotland and Edinburgh and a beautiful rough acoustic soundtrack with some bagpipes thrown in you'll blow to you off this film it's about a woman who wrote a book and it did really well and now she's trying to write the second book and her publisher hot french man and has a very like Beatrice and Benedict relationship with her like they hate each other historically and he's trying to get to finish this novel and she starts getting writer's block she goes the toilets and this woman warts past and she's like nice lipstick initially isn't the woman and she's like I know you and she's like yeah I'm a character in your book and a character from her book starts visiting her it creates its own world it creates its own and it's magical realism with some witty banter and kind of much ado about nothing issue the next one and this is what I mention an organ is the rewrite yes Hugh Grant having a midlife crisis once again this time in a university as a failed script writer who wrote one really good film that everybody knows and is now working at a university to pay the bills and teach screenwriting if you're interested in screenwriting it's really cool if you're interested in watching Hugh Grant have yet another midlife crisis like go for it there's there's some incredibly questionable like scenes and there's and it's not it's not in a trickery kind of way just to know like why is he sleeping with a student again and like he is just he's just being a dick again but it's an interesting concept behind how you create stories and how what you're remembered for I think the film has a sense of humor about Hugh Grant playing that same character and kind of like prods him a bit and and like plays with him in a different way so there's a part in the film where he's like trying to get this script off the ground and trying to get agents to look at it and they're like we're not looking for that right now we're looking for a strong kick-ass female character and he's like I don't want to write a strong kick-ass female character and they're like well that's the only thing that's selling right now and that's like laughing at the industry as well because it's kind of patronizing to be like oh and but yeah anyway there's some interesting parts of it and if you're like into Hugh Grant as I kind of am in this like really like weird hate way then you'll you'll love it the third one is authors Anonymous this is about a dysfunctional writing group and it's shot in a documentary style which makes it super interesting and also really slows down the pace so it kind of can get boring at the same time it's really weird basically the catalyst is that there's this character called Hannah and who is Kayleigh kochu kochu kochu Calderon from the Big Bang Theory there's lots of eccentrics in the group but she is one of the nice she's one of the kinda ones and what happens is that you watch this slow breakdown of the group when Hannah the nice one who everybody thinks is kind of stupid but they support anyway because she's nice gets a book deal and she is the only person to get a book deal and she gets her book published and then she sells the film rights and everyone's like as if we thought you were the stupid one and she kind of omits that she's never read crack at you in the Rhine she doesn't really read books at all and it's um they're struggling with her like success of this big commercial book while they're trying to write their big magnum opus like theory as meditated Hemingway masterpiece and then also just watching somebody else just get published and be like maybe I just want to be published watch all of their slow demise into madness after this revelation and it contributed to my ever like continuous in a monologue about commercial fiction versus literary fiction and what the difference is and what the merits are and why we think they're in competition in any way and why they both have a place in the world what we think being an author is and generally ego because we all have one especially bow up and create so yeah I would recommend it even though I'm like it could be better and then lastly one that you all should have heard of but one of my favorite films of all time stranger than fiction Queen Latifah Will Ferrell Emma Thompson and Maggie I could just watch them in a room in silence and for an hour and a half and be really happy like this is one of the best films about writing fiction that I've ever seen it's so intelligent it's basically about structuralism about death of the author it's about structuralism it's about how we treat fiction it's about everything and it's just it's just one of the classics no no no no no just describe it two story lines emma thompson is a tortured borderline suicidal absolutely unhinged writer and her most recent novel she's struggling to finish queen latifah has been assigned to make her write that novel other side of the story will ferrell is the most boring person you will ever meet in your life counts how many times he brushes his teeth in the morning and one day something very strange happens and it's borrow some interest different way of living and he meets Mikey Gyllenhaal who's this like tattooed revolutionary feminist woman who's like who are you boring twat Will Ferrell I'm not going to give it away but I'm it transpires that their lives are linked in this very very strange way okay I'm crying I'm not crying but I work right if I think any more about it it's got amazing pacing an amazing script an amazing soundtrack a really clever way of making things a bit different a bit design II almost the film's a bit design II I'd say well your favourite films about writing let me know in the comments below I hope you enjoyed those and I will see you in my next one first my gap


  • The Krayon Kids Book Adventures says:

    midnight in paris….amazing

  • Issam Hamad says:

    Henry and June

  • H Greenwild says:

    None of these movies are on Netflix anymore.

  • Zaafir Zen says:

    I also think Stranger than Fiction is the best movie about writing…EVER. Thank you for the recommendations!

  • Yesica1993 says:

    Karen Gillan AND Henry Ian Cusick? I usually hate romcoms, but I may have to try this!

  • Charly M says:

    Yeeesss Stranger Than Fiction is one of my all time favorite movies as well! It is amazing. My favorite scene is when he brings her flours. It is so awkward and adorable <3

  • The Movie Nerd Strikes Back says:

    Ruby Sparks has to be my favourite! I love it.

  • valrie1912s says:

    Miss Potter

  • Minttu L says:

    I love Dan in Real Life. But I guess it's not about writing per se. Anyway I think it's just a gem.

  • Ronojoy Basu says:

    Your video inspired me to go ahead and watch Stranger Than Fiction and honestly, it turned out to be the best couple of hours I'd had in weeks. I have never seen a more beautiful piece of work. Thank you.

  • randomgirl013 says:

    Stuck in Love is REALLY good.

  • machi3663 says:

    I saw this video a year ago when you posted it and I still haven't seen any of the movies even though I really want to D:

  • Tiny Freckle says:

    I loved Stranger Than Fiction and it is on Netflix now 🙂

  • Juan Andrés H. Pérez says:

    Stranger than fiction.

  • Alex Ramage says:

    "The Girl in the book" was pretty good.

  • nyphasme says:

    awww I love your accent so much! I'm so glad I discovered your channel

  • GirlHatesWorld says:

    Watching Author Anonymous now

  • KatesNovelIdea says:

    Stranger Than Fiction is perfect. And I now have way too many movies to watch!! I never get tired of Hugh Grant having midlife crises 😛
    One of my favorites is My Girlfriend's Boyfriend — it's super unique and fun. And I just really relate to the author in Nim's Island.

  • Jes Harmon says:

    Stranger than Fiction is my all time favorite movie!!! 💜

  • Petite Reader says:

    Leena, I loved this video. I am now going to have to go and watch all those films.

    ps- i am currently binge watching all of your videos. <3

  • Becky the Writer says:

    My recommendations are pretty much everything that everyone else has already recommended. I come late to the party sometimes. 🙂 However, I will soon be seeing a film called Touched With Fire, which is about poets and their…issues. I can relate. And I hope to be able to sing its praises. Please, movie, do not disappoint me. Your trailer was mesmerizing. 😀

  • Jess S says:

    There's a film with Bradley Cooper in on Netflix and the name completely escapes me. He finds a handwritten book and pretends he has written it himself. Also has Dennis something or other in it. That's pretty good.

  • Travis Hunt says:

    My recommendation
    How to kill your neighbors dog
    Liberal arts

  • Gurdeep Rajoria says:

    1.Alex and emma
    2. playing it cool

  • Bookaholic Banter says:

    Purple Violets is one of my favorites! That movie always inspires me to write. It's about a struggling novelist Selma Blair. It also stars Debra Messing, Patrick Wilson, and Edward Burns.

  • Yamileth Diaz says:

    hello! I'm here from Ariel bissets video on films about writing. I'm glad I came over to this video, you made me laugh out loud when you talked about not another happy ending bc! I got pretty far into it but was dubious like you so I think I'll give another go 👌

  • EyonDreams says:

    i could kiss you for making this

  • Cordelia Lang says:

    Hi Leena was just wondering what you think of Alfie Deyes going into bookshops and singing his own books in secret? I know he is doing it to be nice but something about it seems a little wrong idk? Sorry if this is the wrong place for this slightly random comment- loving your videos btw! 🙂

  • regina ros says:

    the color of pomegrantes, Parajanov. FUCK ME GENTLY WITH THAT FILM, I'M NOT MOTHER THERESA.

  • Karen Barr says:

    I recommend you see The Words with Bradley cooper really great film.

  • Macklin Loosley-Millman says:

    I ran out to get Stranger than Fiction after watching this video. You were right! It was super good, but gosh I had a wrong idea about the ending from this video.

  • Dyp100 says:

    See I thought "Films about authors? Can someone make a film about a person sitting in a dark room, speaking to themself, being a bit weird and drinking a lot of tea?" but, OH what a fool I was. Why did I ever doubt you.

    But these all sound fun! I should try watch them all. I mean, am I even a real writer if I've not seen Stranger Than Fiction?

  • Queer Trash says:

    I just finished Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, about creativity and how we need to get over fear of it and the martyrdom of being an artist, etc. It's super interesting, I think you'd enjoy it. Thought of it when you mentioned literary vs. commercial fiction and ego

  • Maria Sudermann says:

    Not a single one of these is on german netflix. Not even stranger than fiction :O
    I think I'm gonna cry, you made me really want to see them!

  • Lianna Pim says:

    ahhh so inspiring. I need to go and watch these immediately! My favourite films (indirectly) about writing are Little Women (the Winona Rider one) and Anne of Green Gables. xxx

  • James Lucas says:

    Have you ever seen Stuck In Love? I'm a fan of this film but I think it could be only because I'm a writer/ into indie films as others tend to find it boring

  • SufeyCherry says:

    Yay, I've seen 3 out of the 4 films mentioned so I think that means we can be almost-best friends! I loved NotAnother Happy Ending Too. It was different, and a bit quirky. Stranger Than Fiction was of course, such an extraordinary premise and well-executed. (Did not like The Rewrite, except for Hugh Grant!). And I'd like to throw Ruby Sparks in the mix. Another interesting take on magical realism and the mani pixie girl trope, and what it means to understand what you want from life

  • Fay says:

    Hey Leena, please watch The Girl in the Book. It's really amazing.

  • Laura Bambrey Artist says:

    I haven't seen any of these… but AHA!- Easter long weekend is just around the corner… and now I think I know what I'll be up to!

  • Fran says:

    Have you ever seen Adaptation? if you haven't seen it you definitely should – it's a film about a man struggling to write a screenplay adaptation of a book. Really surreal, meta and thought provoking.. and it has Nicholas Cage and Meryl Streep in it!!

  • Fran Cacace says:

    I've seen all of these except Authors Anonymous! Definitely sounds like it's worth checking out though. My all time favorite (perhaps film in general too) is Stuck in Love. It's my go-to movie about writing and just my go-to movie if I want to cry over Logan Lerman and Lily Collins being perfect. ❤️

  • Literarily Laura says:

    Stuck in love also deals with writing (a family of writers actually), I really liked it 🙂

  • TheLadyRochester says:

    "Capote" is also a film about writing, and it is also on Netflix! It's about Truman Capote writing "In Cold Blood" and the ethics of writing non-fiction. It was sort of boring when I watched it, but now I can't stop thinking about it. There's also a lot of prairie winter landscapes, which I think are some of the most beautiful shots–lots of purples and pinks and yellows.

  • Emilia Pawlowska says:

    Stuck in love!!

  • ThisNarrowboatAdventure says:

    I love stranger than fiction it is the best will farrel film .

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