New! Several Million New Players Now Own Sims 4 & Photography Patch for PC/Mac

New! Several Million New Players Now Own Sims 4 & Photography Patch for PC/Mac

Hey guys! So, today we got a new patch that promises
to improve photography. Why now? Well we like free stuff, but also leaving
issues with the skill would be silly when the upcoming Fashion Photography Career from
Moschino stuff hits next week. I have fears at the moment that will be more
like a part time job but we shall see. Anyway on to the fixes. Toddlers glitched out when photographed before
this patch, and that is now fixed. This means you can now get shots of your Sim’s
family without major problems. Another thing is, we now have more control
over the photos themselves. You could always hang them on the wall and
select from many frames or filters, and now also switch the photo between portrait and
landscape mode on the fly. You can also place a photograph on a surface
and have it automatically appear as though it’s on a stand, which is nice. Don’t forget you can resize them no matter
where they’re placed, and of course hold hold alt to cluster photos together as you might
to make a wall of memories in your family room. It’s worth noting that you will get bad results
with a bad camera and a Sim with absolutely no experience. Photos look jagged or have blotches at low
quality. Once you get to normal, things lighten up
some and the photos are worth displaying. They’re still a little dark even at outstanding
quality but it may vary based on the lights you have in your home. I had to double down on the lights to get
photos that were bright and colorful in one, and had nice vibrant photos in the other. I don’t know how this was before, because
to be honest with you the photography skill has always been an after thought. Thank goodness they changed their minds at
some points and gave this to base game players or else no one would use it at all. So, I don’t think this is necessarily new
but I think it’s a good time to bring up that if you take a picture of a Sim in a particular
mood, you get a photo that emits that mood as an emotional aura. For example, Bjorn here takes a pic of his
flirty daughter, and voila, he’s in her room getting flirty because you can’t turn the
aura on these off. Bjorn, man, we need to talk. That’s a pretty powerful ability, and of course
the other two additions are welcome. This does a bit to make photography more usable,
and you can make money with it if you purchase Moschino stuff. Anyway quality of life improvements for the
game are always nice to have. There’s going to be a livestream of Moschino
stuff Friday afternoon on the 9th, which is now today. They’ll make use of fashion photography and
show off some of the clothes. If you’re like me, you’re just hoping they
put in plenty of job types and that Sims won’t come dressed uh, you know, like random townies
to fashion photo shoots. I’ll be covering this an condensing any info
down so you can decide if the pack’s right for you, as I know many of you scoffed at
the clothes and I don’t blame you. We heard some interesting news from an EA
quarterly financial report. SEVEN MILLION players bought The Sims 4 during
the week it was available free in May. Now, this doesn’t mean much, especially given
the 10 games I’ve downloaded free from Epic launcher this year. I take them when they’re free whether I want
them or not, because I might want them one day, huh? However you cut it there are more people who
will be interested in free content updates and may help Maxis to put out better quality
stuff. I hope. They did see results from giving the game
away free of charge. They said specifically there was a 50% increase
in sales of Expansion and Game Packs this quarter. This means more money and helps ensure there’s
a reason to keep going. Anyway this was just a quick news update,
thanks for watching, like and share my stuff if you liked it. That helps a lot when we’re trying to get
the word out. Until next time…


  • * PYURI says:

    Photos on the table would be great!

  • ToxicGamer says:

    #early squad
    Thanks for the coverage, Carl!

  • ChloeXianah says:

    Looking forward to your live video
    I moved to live with my partner in April and couldn't bring all my stuff in one go. My PC was one of those left behind (sob) so i've been out of the loop, big time. Hopefully i'll be getting back to collect some more of my things and PC is top of the list. Your videos always peak my interest again. Thanks

  • Ken Livingston says:

    Can you sell photos that your sim takes?

  • Swag It says:

    Hot dang photography can be influence by emotions? Just like dancing in flirty mood! Though the flirty mood dance is pretty rare…so i hope there's no bugs in this update

  • K-pop fan says:

    Photography skill was the least useful to be fair.

  • edelmarzipan007 says:

    Soooo….Bjorn looks at a photo of his daughter and gets flirty……welll, okay

  • WickedLady87_dk says:

    Im one of the people who wont be buying. Its simply NOT worth buying it just for the career (tho i want the career, just not all the other junk that follows with it)

    This will be the first pack, that i wont be getting. I'm usually the "buy everything for the game"- type but im noping out. EA needs to op their game!

  • kokobo63 says:

    I'm always happy when EA updates/improves/fixes a skill (or anything in Sims 4, for that matter). I usually (but not always) get better photographs when either using the photo studio, or taking them outside on a bright sunny day (away from shade trees). Sometimes I use the brighten option on the pictures as well.

    I use the photography skill the most when playing a legacy challenge. It's easier taking a photograph to memorialize each generation, then painting a picture. I know there's other ways to memorialize them, but I like to put their likeness above their urn, in the family mausoleum, when they pass on.

  • Heinrich Faust says:

    As I clearly SEE, the real quality of the photos are NOT improved even slightly, still blurry mess even if game claims the photo is of the best possible quality

  • Prinsipe Oplok says:

    I cringe. Mos-kee-no. 😁

  • RefugeeNT says:

    I hope that content creators will be able to add custom poses in new photography features of the moskitoo pack. New immersive pose player alternative is possible unless they decided to hardcode the usage of certain poses.

  • Jack Morrison says:

    soo, basically the new pack will be useless then

  • Kendra Sullivan says:

    this new pack seems pretty stupid, I don't think I want it just like the stupid hamster one and the secret alien lab junk. They are all pointless with the way I play the game.

  • Sleekoduck says:

    The increase in expansion pack sales is probably because the packs are finally getting better. 😉

  • Iyasenu says:

    I was hoping they'd change it so that pictures taken with the camera item wouldn't get saved in the same folder that screenshots go in.
    I like making use of the pictures in the Screenshot folder to make use of the (limited) memory system. It can be nice to have quick and easy access to the various moodlets you can attatch to memories, but if you use the camera item to raise your Photography skill, or just to make some pocket change, you have to take a lot of photos. And those camera shots can FLOOD your screenshot folder making it a chore to use screenshots as memories without regularly going to clean your screenshot folder of all the 5x shots in a row you took to grind up your photography skill or something.

  • roselei simmer says:

    I don't think the Sims is doing as great as you think. The Sims is struggling with how Maxis is doing it. Many people were upset with giving away swatches of clothing think from get famous that people who actually bought the pack it came with. Also consider that all the called EA GAMECHANGERS get packs for free it would show all who plays. My question is show who actually bought it. Just thoughts sadly I think.there ruining the game.

  • G Studios says:

    So Bjorn gets turned on by pictures of his own daughter? alright then.

  • Shenille S. says:

    The moschino pack is useless . This career could’ve come with get famous or get to work . Also , love your reviews !

  • Angelus Marcarita says:

    Pointless update. There is already a photostudio mod for free. And it works with video also.

  • dana grant says:

    I’m one of those people. Got the base game for free. Bought 5 out of 7 of the expansion packs. 3 game and 5 stuff packs.

  • KeonaChick says:

    I'm definitely part of the crowd that bought expansions/packs when they went on sale. When Sims 4 was initially released, I played it for maybe a week but absolutely hated it, and I've been playing Sims since the early days of the original. I don't think Sims 4 when it was initially released was ready for public consumption. But seeing a lot of Let's Play challenges recently got me interested in trying Sims 4 again. Love your videos!

  • Faith Witten says:

    Thanks for the update Carl! Great work 😀

  • billuth the boreduth says:

    I'm so confused. I randomly Got unsubscribed from your channel.
    Nice video though!

  • ryttu3k says:

    Yeah, I got sucked in during May too. Got 4 EPs, 5 GPs, and 4 SPs so far, only getting them on sale or via build a bundle. On the other hand, I got TS2 for free and TS3 for super cheap ($70 for base game and all EPs up to University), so there is that!

  • Lady Lydia says:

    For some reason whenever my Sims take pictures on their phones for Simstagram the camera always shoots through their legs. Any idea how I can fix this?

  • Coreen Benadie says:

    I've started reading the Carl's Sims Guide website in Carl's voice 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Jelane Johnson says:

    Maybe now I'll actually bother with photography.

  • TheBroly2020 says:

    Now if they will fix the missing vampire code.

  • mariesalias says:

    I never realized that photographs had auras. Seems like it’s something that you should be able to disable.

  • Cali Troyer says:

    You seem a lot more confident in this video and you seem like you're getting better at what to say!! Love that. I've been using your guides since sims 4 launched! You have taught me so much lol

  • レイエスクリス says:

    Should've gotten a modeling career for this pack sigh

  • Tvd Fan says:

    So much for the T-rated game!

  • radchoco says:

    No wonder one of my wedding photos had a huge black smudge on it, I got really angry and thought a sim was infront of it but no, it was just bad photography skills :/

  • potts995 says:

    I don't know about EA. Knowing how they operate, they may see this increase in Sims 4 sales as an opportunity to see what they can get away with next. Expect the Sims 5 to be missing teenagers, toilets, and refrigerators.

  • penguin overlord says:

    why can't we randomize poses for sims like we can after we leave CAS?!?!?!? ughhh that would be so great with the photography patch

  • X Lu says:

    Bjorn!!! Why you get flirty by looking at your daughter’s photo?! Haha

  • Candy Rabbit says:

    obscure italian Brand, that no normalperson knows about, nor cares to buy.

  • Naomi Lumsden says:

    wish with photography you could tell the sim what pose to do

  • thelostgirl101 says:

    Will you need to buy the pack to get the freelance photography career?

  • Sarah Humphrey says:

    You could already just turn a photo into a memory, and if your sim was in a particular mood, they can “relive” the memory to get in the same mood. This is basically the same damn thing >.> I’m so tired of the Sims 4.

  • Helel Alexander says:

    Console when?

  • Monsieur Ginger says:

    Is there a way to make it so the game does not pause when i open the cheat bar?

  • G Studios says:

    Placing pictures on tables, desks and counters isn't the only new feature, you can now also change the color of the frame, meaning that you're not restricted to black if the style of the room doesn't go with it.

  • Emily Forster says:

    Anyone dealing with a blue / grey translucent screen when u pop up the cheats bar and the you can't continue with your game . please help me its so darn irritating.

  • CoffeeDrinkingwoman Kelch says:

    Thanks, Carl. Not just for this video but everything you do! You have helped so many people with so many aspects of The Sims games. There were things I would have never known if it wasn't for your guide. Yes, I'm an old lady so that's why this comment is so cheesy… 😀 I still believe if anyone has touched your life in any positive way, they should be told so that's what I'm doing…Thanks for everything.

  • Draconicrose Gaming says:

    The photograph changes should have been base when they introduced photography. :/ I've been wanting to put them on surfaces forever.

  • docette2015 says:

    Okay, the auras that can't be turned off can be kind of annoying/slash creepy, so that's good to know. But thanks for clarifying the updates to photography — so yeah, poses are DEFINITELY part of Moschino. I got confused by another Simmer briefly. Meh, would have liked THOSE as part of the free update. . .but I'll take being able to put photos on surfaces, at least.

  • Runs in Circles says:

    I have such lag after i take a photo….

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