New Song Changes Musician's Life

New Song Changes Musician's Life

I'd been in Nashville for an entire week written songs all week long had a four-hour drive and all I could think about was getting home and I sat down with Jonathan and Mia Jonathan Smith and Mia fields and at the time me and my wife were very involved in the prison ministry at her church and chain breaker was thrown out as a tower she look you should write a song called chamber the first thing out of my mouth was if you've been walking the same over-over miles and miles and they were like literally about 15 20 minutes later we had written that song Christian artists Zach Williams CD chain breaker won a Grammy in 2018 for best contemporary Christian music album but there was a time in Zach's life when he had chains of his own Zach was raised in Jonesboro Arkansas to Christian parents and was raised in church it was storybook childhood I mean I had a great family you know from as early as I can remember we were in church on Sundays and Wednesdays and I knew all the stories in my head I knew the scriptures and the you know the teachings and things not sure that I really understood as far as like the heart part of it in high school however he began drinking and doing drugs he just kind of sucked me in you know that that lifestyle there wasn't anything that happened in my pastor in my childhood that would know if pushed me to using drugs or alcohol it was it was more of a you know just kind of the wrong crowd I knew it was wrong but you know it was also for me at that time it was it was fun I didn't think it was a big deal but obviously as I got older it began to be a much bigger deal in my life Zach was also a prep basketball star who hoped to go on to play college ball but when an injury sidelined his career he began to play guitar and his life goals changed I was like I want to be a rock star now so I can do all this and it's justified and I can just you know continue to do this with my life so for the next 10 years of my life I literally carried guitar with me everywhere I went he eventually formed his own band ironically entitled Zach Williams and the Reformation now we had some success we we toured Europe a couple times and did a tour with the USO and played some music for the troops over in Japan one summer and you know for me I felt like I'd made it Zach met and began dating Krystal the two later married but Zach refused to change for the first several years of our life you know I was pretty bad drinking a lot still using drugs quite a bit I just remember telling my waffle you knew this when you met me you know I'm not gonna change that was always kind of my thing whenever she would come to me and say like you know we need to grow up you know we need to make some changes in our life I knew she was telling the truth about everything you know I did need to make some changes all the while his parents continued to pray for him that's where their faith was tested but I also saw them never quit praying never give up even when I didn't want to hear them pray for me they would come to my house and sit on my couch and pray for me and my wife and my family eventually Zach tired of the rock life and the toll it was taking on his marriage and family living the lifestyle I was living obviously I couldn't be a good dad with all the success I've had from the band that we ran and the places we played I was just you know I was a miserable and just shell of a person going out and playing these shows wasn't making it any better you know I was standing on stage every now just kind of for the high that I got of being out there in front of the crowd and then I was walking offstage Urena coming home miserable while driving through Spain with his band Zach heard a song on the radio I heard redeemed by Big Daddy we've come across the radio over in Spain and God just got my attention in and basically said I see you differently than you see yourself and I've given you this gift giving you all these chances and you know I want you to use this for me and if you will I'll give you things you've never dreamed up that night Zach called crystal that was like when this tour is over I'm done quit my band cancel our shows I remember walking in the door and just busted into tears and just asking for forgiveness for my wife and kids and just apologizing for the past and all the wrongs I've done you know I felt horrible and it was like this moment with God where I just said you know I can't do this anymore I don't care if I ever play another song or I play guitar with what I'm supposed to do with my life is work with my dad in this construction company and just be a good dad and a good father and go to church that's what I want to do and when I got them praying that prayer and asking God to just come living my life you know just just be the Lord of my life it was this like I don't have to go and do what I've been doing anymore and that's when for me things just started changing in my life Zac and Krystal both accepted Christ in 2012 and they began attending a local Baptist Church in Jonesboro I stopped playing music for about six months and then out of the blue one day I was walking around on a construction site with my dad and I started hearing words to a song in my head and I started writing him down and before I knew it I had written a Christian song soon after the leadership of the church as sang-doo be the worship pastor it's kind of blew me away because they were willing to take a chance on somebody that they really didn't know that much but they had seen God working in mine and my family's life but the first time I stood on stage and led worship it was the very first time I ever remember feeling like I wasn't faking it just remember I had my eyes closed and I was just singing to the Lord other doors began opening for Zach including the chance to write with several noted Nashville Songwriters it began making the four-hour Trek regularly from Jonesboro one evening he got a call from a record label executive he said hey are you sitting down and I was like yeah and he was like well played your song for the record label today you know in a meeting and they want to offer your record deal and I was just like what the prayer that I prayed six months before that you know God heard my prayer Zac crystal and their children recently moved to a home near Nashville he is currently touring with his band and is excited to see the plans God has for him at his music since I hit the ground and fell oh my hands and knees that day in my bedroom in 2012 it's been one thing after another that God has just shown up and and really done in my life and in my family's life he's strengthened my marriage you know my relationship between me and my wife it's just been really neat you know to see and to be a part of it's been so humbling and I mean just just to know that he hears your prayers in your cries you know it's it's really cool


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  • shanny 7 says:

    All Glory to JESUS 🙏

  • Rant Therapist says:

    Real. God is love.

  • Rant Therapist says:

    When he sings, I look into his eyes, and what I see there is good, what I see is the peace and love of God, his redemptive, forgiving, graceful, boundless well of love that brings peace and stillness to our souls. And in this day and age, where peace and stillness exists in so few hearts, it's like a rare gem shining among others!

    Not many singers have that nowadays, and I mean Christian singers. It's a certain kind of feel when you see or know someone who walks what they preach, in their element, and to me, Zach seems to have that factor, the "it" factor. He's got the it. Glory to God. (Zach, stay blessed, you warrior of Christ! You are a great General in God's army of faithful warriors! May he give you everlasting strength and power and peace. You have inspired me in my own way, and now I want to find a way to start witnessing for Jesus, maybe in prisons as well, I would actually love to do that. Amen and amen.)

  • debbie sookdeo says:

    the Lord always call back his children. thank God you here him and touch so many people life .I love the Lord so much but I need him in my life the way he touch yours

  • Ella Hall says:

    Pete Griffin, I to was angry with God, and didn't know I was angry until I heard Pastor Charles Stanley say he asked a lady if it was possible that she was angry with God. I was convicted immediately, and several years later asked God's forgiveness for my anger towards Him. My anger stemmed from the loss of my maternal grandmother [in 1972] who was the only person who loved me unconditionally, nurtured me as if I were her own child, took me to church just about every Sunday, taught me the Lords Prayer, talked about Hell and Heaven, lived a beautiful Christian life before me, etc. She passed away suddenly when I was at the tender age of 16, I was devastated, and grieved greatly for 30 years before saying God, I need to heal. The end of 2017, God helped me to know that I was actually grieving the loss of His love that He provided to me through my grandmother. Ask God to forgive you for your anger. God was no more responsible for your divorce than a stranger you meet for the first time. Satan wants you to blame God, don't play into Satan's scheme. Whatever you did in your marriage, ask your ex-wife to forgive you whether she forgives or not. Confess what you did to her, and to God, and to a trustworthy person in your life so you can heal. Never again love anyone more than you love God. God does not want us to worship anyone but Him. Never idolize another human being. Don't fight temptation. God says flee temptation. Fleeing is the way to deal with temptation. Don't stand in the presence of liquor for 2 seconds. Make a B line, a U turn, etc. every time you are faced with temptation. Sell or destroy that gun. Anytime suicidal thoughts, anxiety or depression start to rear their ugly heads, immediately do, think, go or indulge in something or some place where you know these feelings will almost immediately leave you. Flee all these temptations EVERY TIME, EVERY TIME.. Don't wait for someday for God to use you as an instrument to minister to others about what you have gone through, the Bible says NOW IS THE ACCEPTED TIME. Others need encouragement NOW. Keep me and others who care about you healing posted. Divorce is not, and I repeat, is not the end. Let it be the start of a new relationship with Jesus. Desire, and develop a closer relationship, and walk with the Lord. Seek this relationship, and pour your heart into it.

  • Anonymous Libertarian says:

    The secular world takes 1 year or more to write a song. Insert God into the mix? 20 minutes! 😊

  • RBXPando says:

    I know his grand child

  • Maria Pereyra says:


  • Sheila Aker says:

    He is an earth angel. Thank you for reaching out to our prisons. God is using you in a mighty way. You are an inspiration and a blessing. Those prisoners will never forget the love and HOPE you have brought to them. God Bless you abundantly.

  • Bradley S. says:

    Man… God is good. He gave Zach a testimony on his grace and forgiveness. Also highlights how massively important a wife in Christ is to a family… I don't know where Christ is taking me in my life… And sometimes when I hear testimonies like this I want to cry out and complain to our King "why didn't I have a family that prayed it prays for me, why hasn't God changed the heart of the mother of my child, why do I struggle so much with the sin that I hate. It could be easier and better if you would just give me the right team to work with, or financial success, or just remove these desires to drink and use drugs forever! But I have to remember his ways are higher and it is HIS testimony for his irrefutable truth to share and remain secure in… Everyone's testimony is different and important to the Kingdom of God… So if anyone out there is struggling with these things also… God may not remove the pain of the process of perfecting his work in us… But He is the truth and he owns my soul thank God… So he can do whatever he sees fit and I will be ok in him … Amen. God bless you Zach and your family

  • Dottie Wendler says:

    I never knew this bout Zach William's. I guess this is why I adore his music so much. I can relate.

  • Bugsy Webber says:

    "PTL"   thank u 4 sharing your testimony

  • Nancy Ferguson says:

    I love this song! It is on my top 5 list! When I hear it on the radio I stop what I am doing to listen! It is so encouraging! God
    Bless Zach and the incredible work he does with prisoners!

  • Steve Turowski says:

    My sister sent me this link and I'm glad she did..

  • Pete Griffin says:

    I was a pastor for 10 plus years then I went through a divorce. Ever since then I've been angry with God.this testimony spoke to me. I was wondering why my wife left. I loved her with all my heart, maybe I loved her more then I loved God. As I write this I have tears coming down my eyes. I've stood in the Walmart store where they have alcohol. stood there for 2 hours at a time fighting the temptation to buy booze. several times I've almost committed suicide.if I could go back in time and do things over and be able to walk in the door of the house and see my wife and tell her I'm sorry.. she remarried and I still at times am angry. God tugged on my heart to write a letter to my ex-wife ask her to forgive me for the things that I did in our marriage. I almost joined the occult. but the whole time I had God whispering in my ear saying I'll never leave thee nor forsake thee. Many times I wanted to go down the road of Darkness. God was here the whole time. tapping on my shoulder and saying don't go there. thank the good Lord he's patient. I know someday I can take the things that I've gone through in my life and God will use me as an instrument to minister to other people that are going through suicidal tendicies, Depression, anxiety, divorce etc I remember going down the woods in my pickup with a 357 Magnum. held that gun to my head getting ready to pull the trigger and then all of a sudden I had vision of my kids faces on the dash of my pickup. then I broke down and knew God give me that vision to tell me that my kids needed me. Jesus says take up your cross and follow me. That cross is not padded. One Life to Live it will soon be past only What's Done For Christ will last. God bless. Pete

  • scottislassie says:

    I love his "I 'm no Longer a Slave to Fear, I am a Child of God". Also the newer one "Fear is a Liar". All his songs are very good.

  • Charity Mitchell says:

    I know 2 girls who got saved during a service when this song was sung. Thank you so much.

  • Chance McGinness says:

    Amen. God is a steady God. Reminding us of His mercy and truth always

  • Donald Zimmerman says:

    Oh snap, he started drinking Dr. Pepper?!? Jesus, come quickly.

  • Bullet.weight .fishing says:

    Jesus still saves!!!!

  • MAI EVE Gresham says:

    I know not even a single person in the Christian religions ever offered to help me even once. And lose 500 pounds and brush my teeth or I won't ever be the Dragon Warrior huh? Well all of you made that impossible didn't you? I cannot even afford a tube of toothpaste. And you want me to trust GOD when I see how all of you have treated me? If his love is a direct reflection of how you all have treated me then I will pass on it thanks.

  • Carri Holt says:

    I love this song your songs truly move me

  • Charles Crump says:


  • Ptecious Lmiasw says:

    Zach. Your lyricks are blessed by GOD😇Well done! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍22619

  • Willard Turk says:

    Another awesome testimony. Keep up the great work. Also thank you Zach for the prison ministry work. You give hope to other sinners, that thought there was no hope. God bless you and yours brother.

  • Gabriel Oyeniran says:

    Thanks brother Zach, you are such a huge testimony and encouragement to our world! God bless you richly !

  • maria lc says:

    God gave you a foundation. Looking back, all the pieces fit

  • Rolf Wirkki says:

    God bless you Zach!!! I love your testimony!!! God is surely good and can free us from anything!!!

  • Vivian Sara says:

    Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Lutrell VALENZUELA says:

    Praise Jesus! Beautiful testimony!

  • April Robinson says:

    I love your testimony brother! God bless you and your family always

  • April Robinson says:

    Yes AMEN

  • Derek C. Nordbye says:

    Brother Zach. I can relate to that song "Chain Breaker" in more ways than I can count. Your song has, truly, hit a chord, pardon the pun, with me. If I were to go into detail how it relates to me, I'd be here all night. But, brother, you keep playing for Jesus; you keep ministering to lost souls. For, you touch more than you can ever know or, imagine. Brother, I can't wait to see you in The Kingdom, leading worship service there. MARANATHA, dear friend!!!

  • tall32guy says:

    He looks identical to his dad. Cool! 🙂

  • Daryl Stephens says:

    These stories get really old hearing these miraculous turnarounds and awakening that people have thats just not the real world for probably 99 percent of believers, these shows put these stories out and yes God Bless them for the good in their lives that has come Because of becoming a believer in Christ but to those of us who try to get close to God and hear absolutely no kind of direction at all and no change in life but actually get worse idk i guess im bitter but thats the way its been for me and frankly i felt treated as if im not good enough for the church people and not bad enough for the ones who dont go to church idk thats why i took a long break from all that . I still try and find devine direction in my life.

  • Edith Ponoluh says:


  • Karen Denny says:

    Zach Williams, my husband struggled with mistakes too. Redeemed was the song that hit home for him to accept God and be baptized. Then your music came over our radio station and speaks to both of us as if it's our life! Thank you very much for writing Chain Breaker and Fear Is A Liar! I really can't wait till you return to Iowa for your next concert.

  • crufflerrick says:

    I lived n Jonesboro for a short period of time and used to visit there every summer. MY cousins were raised there . Was some good memories!

  • MT Arnett says:

    Way to go Zach! God bless you and thank you for blessing us with your beautiful Christian music!

  • beautiful disaster says:

    Love love love Zach's heart for our Lord Jesus!!!! Everyone is CCM and selling out to the devil….not Zach!! Praise God.

  • Carlos Gaspar Pedro says:

    God Bless you zach..good Music

  • Brp Fan says:

    Wow way to go Zach!! GOD BLESS You!! Love your music!!

  • Britney Jericho says:

    Love chain breaker

  • Scandinavianz says:

    AMAZIIING !!! 🙂 Listening to his songs…wow

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