NextGen Performers Welcome You to SAG-AFTRA New York

NextGen Performers Welcome You to SAG-AFTRA New York

Hey all, so we have something cool to show you. The SAG-AFTRA offices in New York City! Yep, right in Lincoln Center pretty much the best location in the world. The best. We're right across the street from the Metropolitan Opera, the New York City Ballet, and all kinds of performance based activities. Not to mention Central Park walking distance away. So let's head inside meet up with some friends and see what SAG-AFTRA has for you. Ready? So ready. Hey, Lillian Stuart, what's up? Thought I'd read a script for a show I'm working on. Is that the latest production show sheet? Yeah, I just grabbed it from the desk. Good idea. I'll go grab one. Yes Our own place to lounge and connect with other performers. I mean, we all know we can't do this alone, right? I had no idea there were so many things shooting here right now. I know. New York is the place. Yeah. So that script, you want to go over it? Yeah. Awesome. Thanks. So, you're Esmerelda and I'm Thompson. Dude, this is my fave room. And, why is that Sarah? This table, it just demands attention, I mean look at it, it's epic. [laughing] True. And did you also know that this boardroom serves many purposes? It has broadcast and telecom capabilities, so we can have face to face meetings with locals from all over the country. That's cool. I bet many important things have been discussed at this table. [phone rings] [throat clearing] SAG-AFTRA, how can we help you? Imagine a magical place run completely by volunteers where every class, workshop, and event was designed to help you take control of your career. I like the word magical. [sound effect] You know, my buddy credits the last job he booked to a cold reading class he took here at the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory? Do you understand where I was going with this, now? You see what they were giving in this scene and how it really worked, yes? And I love the fact that they have a film technique class. They even have scriptwriting and producing. Word. Ok, so when you think of performing you don't necessarily think "computers," but we constantly need to update our resumes websites, reels and here's where you can do it all. Free classes and assistance. You can edit your reels in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or touch up your photos in Photoshop. And right next door is the Foundation's On-Camera Lab. Also free to Foundation members, the On-Camera lab allows members to record high definition auditions, monologues for their reels, or gain valuable experience in front of the camera. That's why I use Super Bowl for pets. Good. That's pretty nice. That's great, you want to do it again? Yeah. Ok here we go. Hi there. Welcome to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Voiceover Lab. In just a few minutes I'm recording my audition in the state of the art V.O. booth. I love this place. I've taken classes on voicing animation, commercials, and ADR. It's literally a one-stop shop for every actor's needs. And they have not one, but two booths to record in. Uhh, let's have you do another line. Ok. My brother, of course, had this superhuman ability to swing from rope to rope in one fluid motion. Yeah, that was great. We got a nice, clean take on that. Your union, your space, you're welcome.


  • Knight Walker says:

    So wait this means I can just show up and join and hopefully connect with other performers?

  • Shaan Sharma says:

    Amazing, you guys. We should have these same resources available to our Los Angeles members. I'll get on it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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