• Squeaky G says:

    Nicki Minaj will easily make the money back 10 fold from these supporters. Great move all the way around.

  • Jowy Victory says:

    Artist? Lol

  • Jaanus Kiipli says:

    Glad to hear that

  • Michael Brook says:

    Comparing Saudi and Israel is redic.

  • Tim Herald says:

    Bet she can't find it on a map.
    It's not like a media whore like her doesn't perpetuate sex for sale stereotypes on her demographic EVERY time she preforms.
    Entire countries do this and you failnews think this is journalism.

  • MrMooemoney says:

    This is funny just like when PSG came out and said they where against all discrimination including gay rights when they are owned and run by Qatar

  • Alternative Headlines says:

    I was about to start liking Nicki Minaj when 20 seconds in it transpires that it's all to do with the gay agenda and nothing to do with the 85,000 dead children of Yemen. Nice to see people have their priorities right in this 'social justice' era.

  • shorty boyd says:

    "human rights" the (new) civilising mission by the colonial powers!

  • will crow says:

    Saudi pilots won't take direction from female air traffic controllers and female pilots from other airlines are not selected to fly there.(lucky them)
    Trump is right (for once) about Saudi Arabia, they spend a lot of money in the US and this is why they get special treatment.
    They have an oppressive regime and money to isolate it from outside interference. They even 'hire' North Korean workers for menial jobs while their own people starve. I say "hire" but they pay the government of NK to send workers who are indentured for years into this service.

  • Aquil Mohammad says:

    She was invited to show her talent in private, Saudi old king would get some energy perhasps spend night for big money, they love every big thing she has.

  • mesi mesi says:

    Why should the acts of Niki minaj and her ilks go and show depravity to the women in Saudi Arabia. It's too much that the women in America behave in hoeish ways.

  • SFx. says:

    Public pressure made her do it.

  • ماجد فيحان رافع الشاطري المطيري says:

    Great job

  • TheNada73 says:

    Identity Politics isn't political at all it's part of today's Ideology.

  • George Lacroix says:

    Anyone who's performed there is a shithole bar none! Including Elon Musk,Trump and his gang of goons.

  • Patrick Kerner says:

    Respect to Her!

  • Mark Atkinson says:

    Let's say: you were a Saudi prince ,royal family bloodline, and you Can't control your sexual urges at all.. (possible reptilian shape shifter) . Those animalistic urges are brought out Everytime you get turned On..sending a rage thru out your Body..it's your urge to procreate.. but the shape shifters urges are stronger than your human ones . You shift , and you're BUSTED !!!! Do you react ?WHAT DO YOU DO?…..
    ANSWER: SEGREGATE THE WOMAN FROM MEN,COVER THEM FROM HEAD TO TOE AND ,keep yourself composed AS the COUNTRY'S leader's….. THATS MY OPINION.. ITS WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO TO STAY HIDDEN.. Imagine if she (MINAJ) went there and did her raunchiest performance ? Cameras would be prohibited for SURE..

  • Abu Aniha S3p AzG says:

    I usually don't like Niki Manaj but I love what she's doing here.

  • TheBushdoctor68 says:

    "Ain't gonna play in Sun City".
    Anybody remember that?

  • Javier Fernandez says:

    Nicki knocking it out of the park again.

  • Kosmos Faber says:

    Ramin Mazaheri has a much better stance on the topic @thesaker.is than this rather mediocre analysis by a wishi washi activist

  • Osama Ouladzahra says:

    Shouldn't be there anyway …it's an ultra conservative country ..

  • Jay Ramahi says:

    The irony of both worlds here: a country that suppresses women being protested by a women who promotes objectification of women

  • King Murphy says:

    America is just as bad stop trying to us this to disrespect another country in America they hung blacks y'all forgot about that? but you still perform here this is bull!!! But in America they are gunning down blacks this is bull who is she anyway to have power over the masses. Man please!

  • jmcclinton8 says:

    Good work Code Pink! Saudi Arabian monarchy continues to discriminate against women, gays and lesbians, blacks and people of color.

  • yaya yaya says:


  • Will Hatch says:

    I wish Nikki Minaj would of mentioned the war in Yemen. I’m glad this story did.

  • B. Eder says:

    I never knew this was going on!
    MSM is not reporting this!

  • Mario Mario says:

    My anaconda don't want none unless you got human rights hun.

  • Sam says:

    will she stop preforming in the us? where people are executed every day in the streets by the police and in the prisons, a country which killed millions in the last 30 years and destroyed countrys and destroyed whole countrys. please ask that micky or the code pink activist!!!

  • pearl harbour says:

    " better educating herself " obviously means being instantly dragged to jail the second she steps on stage to shake her booty…who on earth came up with the idea to tour there with that oppresive regime anyway? your fired.

  • blackflag 33rd says:

    Lorde did it before Nikki.

  • Laurence Vanhelsuwe says:

    Kudos to anyone sending such a signal to such an insane dictatorship.

  • Saaid R says:

    nicki min has cancelled her haj

  • Jake Dean says:

    I think it's great she's doing this. Lots of artists who decide not to go to a particular country because of their ethics were fine performing at similar other countries…. They only have ethics when it scores them sj brownie points.

  • Tehara Dvc says:

    Minaj is no lesser Evil than the Saudi Regime….Both are Dark Evil…fit for cancelling each other…!

  • Maty R. says:

    They also have Black slavery…😬😠

  • catalinacurio says:

    Kudos to you Nicki. 💙

  • Kosmos Faber says:

    As if she cared about the women rights record in Saudi Barbaria…

  • Guitar Garden says:

    Not a big fan of the Saudi monarchy ….but who cares about this nicki anyway

  • Bernard M says:

    About time that the US elite stop supporting a terrorist state like Saudi Arabia….

  • Poam Levi says:

    I'm not sure but some say she was used by boses when her last visit

  • Ultreïa Sherpa says:

    lmao great haha

  • jani 1978 says:

    Good for Nicky. I support her.

  • Sara Wilcker says:

    A country like Saudi Arabia that has such strict laws on how women should act and dress I highly doubt will care what she says. But hey, at least she's trying.

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