No Pressure?! Painting a Mural for a Huge Company – Full Process

No Pressure?! Painting a Mural for a Huge Company - Full Process

you it's just about to head down to the first walkthrough with this crazy big mural project I'm working on down in South Lake Union in Seattle it's another one of those crazy corporate gigs where I'm not allowed to mention the name of the client but I'm gonna go look at the space and see what it's all about let's let's get rolling day one of this mural it's kind of a crazy one it's long very intricate but it's supposed to show progress and change I'm gonna be doing that through showing my process as an artist it's gonna start out as like just black line work and then slowly evolve into a fully rendered mural so that's kind of interesting it's almost like half done mural on purpose so we'll see how that goes yeah let's go check it out I'm gonna hit the road I made it South Lake Union gonna go check out this space see what my wall looks like hopefully he's gonna be a chill location I think it will be just wince on my wall it's gonna be super awesome it's a really narrow hallway so we'll see how I can work that out probably gonna have to freehand this really really complex concept art so I don't know we'll see if I can get it done so I think I'm gonna try and do a grid make a two-foot by two-foot grid on this wall to try and get my concept art onto the wall to scale the distance between the walls is like you know I can reach both walls so I don't have much room to step back I definitely don't have a room to project it so I think I'm gonna grid it out and try to get my concept art on the wall that way so there's this section right here and then there's a doorway here and then this section and then that section so I'm gonna try and do this once again I'm not allowed to say the name of the client but I guarantee you that everyone watching this knows who it is if I were to if I were to say it no one would be like I've never heard of that before it's been months and months and months of proposals and concepts and committees and approvals and it's finally finally time to paint super-excited to put my work in this environment it's super weird to be in like a big sort of skyrise corporate office all by myself it's like empty in here it's kind of cool all right it is day two here at the mural I got the first section sketched out yesterday adding the black lines just gonna keep working on this section here and hopefully maybe even get it done today this is the easy part of the mural it's just line work and as it progresses down its gonna get more and more complete more colorful more rendered more painterly so knock out the first section feel good about it and then on to the little bit more complex part do you draw that yeah and you say freehand it and then you paint over it yeah I got this chop grid here I gritted it out every two feet by two feet has a little guide for myself right and I made this concept art to show the building owners and everything so I you know I drew by hand at home and then now I'm trying to kind of replicate it as close as I can on the wall it amazes me how people could have drawn I really done yeah I can't even do like steak fingers hardly exam these people just like draw out like crazy okay I mean I've loved art since I was a little kid for sure yeah did you take a bunch of art classes or I'm just kind of like you know at school in elementary school art class and like the high school art classes but I don't really have like I didn't go to art school or anything like that yeah people have you drawing tattoos and stuff sometimes yeah well it looks great thank you grated this bad boy out sketched it out sketching process is like the longest part of any mural I think like well maybe not the longest but like it's the most important and especially when you're not using a projector and you're like using a grid and just kind of free handing it you got to make sure it's just right it's my least favorite part of the process and also probably the most important because that's like your roadmap for what the actual mural is gonna look like start painting this thing it's just I'm here alone in a skyrise corporate opposite it's about five degrees too hot in here it's just like right above comfortable so I'm gonna go home and hit it fresh or that chalk dust in my eye yeah life of a lonely muralist day three done just gettin to the point where I get to start using colors pretty cladding moment for me [Applause] my friend Patrick Tony is here today to help me ridding out the third wall thank you thank goodness hi it's okay well don't get your shot okay are you recording this yeah we're doing a stop talking these aren't really go by the way super cool at you do you do the design work – yeah I drew out the concept and like presented it to the client and then they're like cool ain't it yeah yeah they're freaking rad dude you don't upstairs – no I do this is my this is this floor is the only one that I'm doing but there's like different artists on every floor okay yeah how'd you into doing this oh I've been doing art for a long time somebody just asked me to do the first one and people haven't stopped asking me since then so it's just like it was just sort of like right happened naturally I guess nice yeah thank you yeah business cards yeah my little table over there there's like a small pile of them yeah it's expensive all right all right I'm not exactly sure how many days I've been working on this mural I've lost track of that a while ago I haven't even been filming the past couple days because I've been just like so focused on trying to get this project moving today's Monday I have until Friday to finish this whole thing this office is starting to come together more and more around me with furniture being installed and all kinds of stuff going on and I got to get this mural done because the day after I finish it I'm going to Long Beach California to start painting some murals down there some feeling the deadlines on this one probably more so than any other people I've worked on before it's game on so the fortunately yeah Thursday yeah so the delay to the screen you're done by Thursday can't 15 all right it is Tuesday I have to be done by Thursday it's really really getting to be crunch time now so I have my friend Naomi have Orleans here to assist me and she is objectively a way better painter than I am so I'm super blessed to have such a talented assistant hopefully we can really get this thing cranking today you guys should definitely check out Naomi stuff I'm gonna leave all of her internet stuff down in the description so click on those and give her a follow but yeah let's let's just get to work and try to knock this thing out really good I love that I love the owl with binocular thank you so much God my donors an artist so I just someone I see things like this I take pictures and I say look at this you know and it inspires art I really love the use of color I think that's what I think I love our Seattle you gotta fight be brave you know I know everyone gets like give it your might go to the offices like there's just a sea of people walking with all this gray and black but this is and this is what we need we need more than this like wake people up yeah but I love about and that's probably why they chose you they were like yeah this is gonna work but it really love it we're a little bit more than halfway through the day a feeling they owe me awesome I'm feeling awesome as well it's nice to have some help and yeah maybe two more days better be two more days we're also going to kick me out of here so we're just gonna keep painting all night all night long that's how we party it's nine o'clock crushing podcasts just blazing through podcasts working on this thing nine o'clock gonna head home back here in the morning just trying to knock it out so I don't know I think it's starting to look cool like this whole time I've pretty much hated it like paintings always look bad until they look good and this whole time it has pretty much looks bad to me and now it's like just turning that corner to looking good so it's kind of like invigorating when it like starts looking good again so I'm out my desire with this mural is to create a piece of art that demonstrates progress and change the themes of the snow revolve around moving forward time and vision to piece moves from a natural world to an urban environment and finally into the future I really wanted to highlight how each of us has a visionary inside of us and we can create a better future the concepts of sight and vision are touched on many times please okay it's the second-to-last day we're in super focused mode Naomi's here again helping me out thank goodness gotta get it done because there's gonna be people moving in here in the next few days to like start working and doing their jobs and I need to be the freak out of here so yeah just paint paint paint paint emic paint paint today and a little bit tomorrow and then we'll see what happens it should be done yeah let's do it what do you think Naomi what you working on money bags they'll be so tied up like a client just made me in like cartoony money bags and here's your novelty cartoony money bags stipulated in Section C of our contract we were feeling sluggish working on a mural Jeff funk released a live album in 2007 called Daft Punk alive guaranteed to put some pep in your step well that's it that's the end I just finished this one was an interesting one it's pretty tough to working up in a hallway where you can touch both sides you can't ever step back and get perspective but I'm really happy with how it turned out during the middle of it I got kind of down on myself and and was just not feeling it not like just feeling lethargic and bummed out and like I sucked but that's kind of when when the rubber meets the road and you really just gotta you gotta push through and now I'm like super hyped on it the clients came through and just saw it and they're like really into it and it's it's exciting to be able to put my art in these type of environments it seems like a weird place for my art to exist but I hope it brings some joy to the people that have to come here on a daily basis and kind of do their job and maybe it'll bring a little bit of wonder and imagination and a little bit of joy to people's day-to-day lives or maybe they'll get super sick of it yeah thank you to my nameless client who I'm not allowed to mention on the Internet thank you for having me and thanking you guys for watching I couldn't do without you if you like this video leave a like drop a comment subscribe subscribing would be cool and yeah thank you


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