NOCH Modellbau: Perfekt-Set See (Art. Nr. 60813)

NOCH Modellbau: Perfekt-Set See (Art. Nr. 60813)

The NOCH Perfect Sets make it possible, to start a model landscaping project with important items. In this video we show you how you can create your own waters with the Perfect Set Lake. The set contains three original NOCH products to model a lake. Water Drops Color for creating waters in individual colors, Grass Tufts for decorating the lake shore area, as well as Waves & Billows for modelling water movement on the lake. For applying these water products we prepared a pre-formed and grassed layout. In the middle there is a small area, which is prepared with acrylic colors. Thereby the depth effect of the water will be increased. For creating the lake we first use the Water-Drops color. The package contains three bags in three different color Drops, a tube of special softener and the Water Drops. For the process we prepare a protective glove and a metallic subject to stir. For heating and controlling the color of the Drops we also prepare a heat-resistant glass. In our example we use a measuring borosilicate glass. We fill in the Drops and add the complete tube of softener. Afterwards the Water Drops have to be heated in an oven. Meanwhile we prepare a mix of different Color Drops. Depending on the desired color impression the mix is made. If you work the first time with Color Drops it is recommended, to use them more frugally, and possibly color them more times afterwards. Add the Color Drops to the hot liquid while stirring it continuously. The Water Drops can also be heated more times until a well depositable liquid is reached. It is important to stir the liquid well enough. Otherwise it could happen, that the surface will stay sticky. Now we can fill in the liquid in the prepared lake. At this point it is important to fill in the liquid evenly. Before the lake now can be designed with more products the Water Drops have to dry a while. We now decorate the shore of the lake with the included Grass Tufts. As final step, we use the product Waves and Billows. With this compound we now create the water movement on the lake. With a suitable tool it is easy to work with this product. We put some of the gel onto the water surface, spread it and design the desired wave structure. At this step we rework some more times. After a longer drying period the Waves and Billows will be transparent. At the end, the diorama can be decorated with some more items of the big NOCH assortment.


  • ich bins says:

    Was ist als Unterbau für den See zu empfehlen? Die Waterdrops werden sicherlich sehr heiß sein, wenn sie aus dem Backofen kommen. Reichen dazu Holz und Terraform (aus dem Set 61601) ?


    Das werde ich mal probieren auf jeden fall das sieht ma richtig gut aus LG KARL

  • Sven Eisenbahner says:

    Klasse finde ich super das ihr so Sets raus bringt dann braucht man nicht alles einzeln kaufen .

    Auch hier muss ich wieder sagen ein sehr schoenes Set ihr hätte vielleicht noch bisschen Schilf beilegen koennen .

    Es wäre zumindestens eine Überlegung Wert bisschen Schilf beilegen gibt es oft am See .

    LG Sven Eisenbahner

  • Zigarren Und mehr says:

    Schönes set…

  • Gefletschtes Gebiß says:

    Eine prima Idee, Teile unserer noch heilen Umwelt darzustellen, solange sie noch steht. Unsere Nachkommen sollen ein Bild davon kriegen, was sie verloren haben.

  • Markus Wanske says:

    Klasse Idee, das Set. Ideal für kleine Gewässer und den Umgang mit den Produkt zu üben. Noch, Naturnah wie immer.

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