NOCH Modellbau: Perfekt-Set Straße (Art. Nr. 60817)

NOCH Modellbau: Perfekt-Set Straße (Art. Nr. 60817)

With the NOCH Perfect Sets you have the most important products for the start of a model landscaping topic. In this video we would like to introduce the Perfect Set Road. This set contains a few products to create your individual street. The Starter Set Street Markings for creating lines and markings on the road. A Road Construction Structure Paint for a brilliant asphalt look. and a Road Construction Paint Roller to apply the color and structure of the road. To apply these products we prepared a pre-formed little street base diorama. Before flocking and grassing it is important to start with the streets. First we fill in some of the grey color into a container. We begin to color the street with a brush at the edges and deepenings. The subsequent coating of the asphalt road should be made wet-on-wet. We apply the color with the Road Construction Paint Roller on the whole street. After distributing the color it is important not to press the roller too heavily on the road because of air bubbles. In this way we apply a first layer. The more absorbing the material, the faster you have to work. With a plastic bag we protect the painter against drying. Depending on the underground a second layer is needed to cover the ground. The result is a fine structured street with a surface similar to asphalt. For the next step we use the Starter Set Street Markings. We cut out the markings of the H0 scale templates we would like to use. We fit in the template for the pedestrian crossing. Afterwards we paint the crossing with the white pen. The next step is creating the markings on the street. With the help of the curved ruler it is possible to make a marking in line with the curve. Therefore we adapt the ruler to the road. With a pencil we can mark the lines in advance, afterwards we mark these in white with the street marking pen. Next up, we prepare the templates for the signs and arrows. Our street is now nearly completed. The only things missing are the small details…


  • Luca Schmid says:

    Wie ist das denn mit einem Car System, sieht man denn nicht den Fahrdraht?

  • ModellBahnJunior says:

    Gibt es ein perfekt Set zum Thema Bahnhof?

  • Tino X says:

    Wie groß ist dieses Diorama?

  • Phil Newman says:

    Some really useful and interesting items in this video, i like it a lot!

  • Lion Decka says:

    Nun, von den NOCH Artikeln muss ich erst einmal überzeugt werden. Auch die Ausführung im Video ist sehr dilettantisch. Die Farbwalze viel zu groß, dann dieser weiße Bleistift… das Kurvenlineal ist brauchbar.
    Für höhere Ansprüche benutzt man die Schablonen zum Airbrushen oder für den Edding. Vor Beginn der Arbeiten sollte man das Holz mit einem Primer "absperren", damit es durch die Farbe nicht quillt und später wieder schwindet. Eine Mini Farbrolle gibt es extra für den Modellbau, und so weiter und so fort.
    Hier ist wohl eher der Kaufpreis ausschlaggebend.

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