Norman's Rare Guitars – Guitar of the Day: 1985 Fender Performer

Norman's Rare Guitars - Guitar of the Day: 1985 Fender Performer

hey everybody mark agnesi here in the backroom of Norman's rare guitars welcome back another episode of guitar of the day first off I know some of you have been missing it I have my jacket back I had an incident trying to pull out a case I got snagged on a zipper had Diggs split open it it was a nightmare look right it's back I got it back from the shop it's fully functional oils changed thank you doctor blue jeans Sherman Oaks you're my dog dude Oh Lexi its weird-ass Wednesday you guys seen the like where that's Wednesday I'm starting to enjoy it myself I've got something so incredible to show you today most of you probably never seen one of these this is actually the first one of these I've had in my in my tenure here at Norman's rare guitars so for weird ass Wednesday come back check this thing out this is from 1985 this is a Fender performer how rad is that the answer it's so rad they only made it for one year this one people could not handle the radness of this guitar oh so look at this thing this from 1985 for those younger kids out there let's talk about 1985 what was happening in 1985 Lexie hair was big and head stalks were pointy I was born and boo-boo was born so uh you know this is right when the CBS ownership of fender we're starting to come to an end and they were transitioning into you know the Fender Musical Instruments corporation that they are today hair bands were big man Fender wanted a piece of the marketplace so they came out with this thing this was made in Japan a lot of the metal guitars that they did went to Japanese production you have the performer you have the prodigy you have the katana which they're actually doing custom shop versions of us I think I saw at the NAMM show is nuts so yeah this is the performer first off let's check out fenders take on the locking tremolo it's kind of like a Caylor but worse if you can even imagine that and then we have these pickups these white encased super high output pickups with the you know coil tap because everybody needs a coil tap master volume acetone 3-way to kind of go through it 24 frets how many fenders do you see with 24 frets pretty rad of course you have the locking part for the tremolo and then you have the cool pointy ass headstock man which is rad so let's talk about parts that are missing here because yeah this thing is a little incomplete we're missing one of the fine tuners for the low E string we're missing the tremolo arm good luck and we're missing one of the set of lockers for the high E in B string that's easy enough to come by this is easy enough to come by the bar is going to be kind of difficult but you know you can stick a different bar in there what color is it mark I don't know it's kind of like a gunmetal blue is that a thing kind of greenish kind of bluish kind of blacks got a little bit of flake in there but yeah man they only made these 85 they were discontinued in 86 there's a couple with 86 serial numbers but it's totally rad it's totally weird it's weird ass Wednesday let's go plug it in shred alright we're out front we have the 1985 made in Japan Fender performer model we got it going through a 4/10 hot rod deville all of the cues at noon just a little bit of reverb I know some of you out there very very interested in the subtle complexities of the clean tone of this guitar unfortunately we're going to play with a lot of gain today let's start up here on the front pickup let's see what this thing to do [Applause] you can you all right going to the mental position combination of the two pickups together see what thank you me I and lastly let's go down to the back pick up in the bridge see what this thing can do all by itself Oh and [Applause] ha ah Oh you oh yeah weird ass Wednesday man I'm starting to dig this day this thing's from 1985 it's so rad they only made it for one year underperformer gunmetal blue candy apple gray I don't know it's some kind of cool color with some metallic flake in there we've got spenders locking tremolo system 24 frets they're super high output pickups and of course no metal guitar is complete without a pointy head stock hey follow me on instagram at mark technique follow the story at Norman's rare guitars and check this neuroses guitars out online at Norman's rare guitars calm we will see you guys tomorrow for another episode of guitar today we'll see you then peace


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