NPC Crunchyroll writer says Fire Force fans hurt wahmen!

NPC Crunchyroll writer says Fire Force fans hurt wahmen!

pathetic Earthlings who can save you now image DX that's my buddy Tom mahat sent me this thread and I found it very interesting because it's somebody that works at IGN and crunchyroll as a writer openly calling fans of the show fire force not directly so she says if you like the show that's fine you're not a misogynist but if you praise the show you are you can't make this stuff up take a look at this so before we get started with this story if you want to support the channel check out my teespring store you'll find a link in the description you'll find search such as this one a soy a story okay so I had never heard of this fire force show before this post so I might have to check it out apparently it's on crunchyroll so maybe I'll just sail the high seas to find it huh because it's quite funny that crunchyroll has this show and they are openly okay with somebody who writes for their platform trashing on their customers that I always found ridiculously funny so it's funny they'll say we're this person this person shot in here she's she's just a contractual employee we only pay her to write our articles and it's like well rights for crunchyroll in IGN that seems to reppin your brand right there so apparently you do endorse everything she says I find that contractual thing the weakest argument just like Vic said in that video I broke down before they don't seem to realize or they do realize and don't care that people don't see contractual freelancer they see this person repping the brand and that's all people see that's what really annoys people so look at this trash am it amazing how people will simplify historical drama about overcoming cynical violence and the importance of atonement its favor of a show that condemns women for wanting to be as competent as men but makes it a recurring gag because it's animated and looks cool liking fire force does not make your misogynist but maybe praising it for being a good show and choosing to ignore its sexist undercurrent and feather aesthetics and a medium well women are already framed as difficult to deal with or pathetic makes you misogynistic and uh so I love doing that voice because I see them as very pompous people looking down on their ivory tally they're really fake people to be honest the fakest of fake they're like walking bags of human elements that's it it's really disturbing that this person works at crunchyroll and like I said before this person says it's ok if you like the show but if you praise it as a good show well you're a misogynist of course you are of course you are how do you get so worked up over a shounen jump cartoon about fire fighting how does that fire you up goes onto a big rant about how we know women have been fighting for certain rights and stuff and it's like dude it's just an anime and I always found it funny that you know people in America or the West in general are always the moral foundation of everything those are the always the ones that know where the moral where the moral go goalposts should be heads up women heads up women already have to fight tooth and nail for comforts and men have in the workplace so maybe turning that into a gag and demeaning them isn't the best message to send to a young generation where we want to uplift and reward women for being ambitious well you don't get to decide what Japan does with their stuff you live in America and unfortunately the Japanese can do whatever they want they can write whatever they want they can they can animate whatever they want and there's nothing you can do now this can get hundreds of tweet retweets and likes it won't really matter this is what I love about Japanese animation manga is see if this was an American show you know you would have whatever studio come down this person would be sitting on their poop bucket because they don't have a throne and I doubt the bathroom works they don't know how to fix that and pay to somebody to maintain it so they have a poop bucket and it's mid made into a makeshift throne where they sit on it and literally this big businessman in a very nice suit will come bend down and kiss the open-toed worn down 30 year old tennis shoe that was passed down from two generations of family while this person sits on a poop bucket they will kiss that foot so that they stop tweeting this is what always blows my mind that these that these pathetic broke people can just sit there and just rile people up and that's why I love when they complain about Japanese animation because there's literally there's nothing that they can do about it and that great great satisfaction about that so the final one I see a people when the takes that appears for the season aren't going to be wow we need to have a conversation about shodhan series that put down women as simple humor but hey this is BL genres bad and boy or female audience driven shows bad in general so yes the genre is for boys shown in jump I believe means a young man I always find it funny when people come in it's like it's okay that something isn't for you that's what I'll never understand about these people it's okay that is not for you you don't have to watch it because isn't that the argument that you always make about stuff people complain about well it's not for you this isn't for you but since you work at crunchyroll and IGN I fully expect an article to come out saying that the series is terrible but the great thing about it is that they're just gonna sit there and laugh at you where they you know they laugh and then the subtitle will say laughs and money because they don't care what you have to say over there they're all about business they're all about business so I love this because a normal person comes in and says showed you manga anime isn't esses 10 how does this work both are two sides of a coin who are tropes and cliches are the very essence of it which is absolutely true all shown and jump pretty much like series have certain cliches they all follow and share these shows are primarily works of fiction with the purpose of entertainment ethics and education are the family's responsibility I a hundred percent agree but then this person comes in noting functions in a social vacuum this is precisely why as consumers we need to be aware of what we are consuming hence what I literally said in these three tweets and then another normal person comes in and we do know we don't need you to lecture us on what we should and shouldn't enjoy especially on a social platform I didn't say liking it makes you misogynist is what I expect you to say until but maybe praising it so in other words you're not misogynistic but bite me and then oh what a surprise they got blocked and then we get this person come oh oh this is the from the first episode it's not awful but suck it up services right away kicks uppity likes territory for me these people man amazing how people will simplify a historical drama about overcoming cynical violence and the importance of atonement in favor the show that condemns women for won't seem to be as competent as men if they make it a recurring gag because it's well animated and it looks cool I do love that every comment on here is clap back pretty much saying you know this is why I haven't bothered renewing my crunchyroll subscription you people are insane I quit as well makes me sick supporting want to be gatekeepers like that with my money I don't know why they hire them it's like a vegan in McDonald's telling you enjoy the burger only if you don't ignore the undercurrent of you causing climate change in animal abuse so everyone in here is as as giving her clap back but I find this funny what would you it's a crunchy roll just yeah I don't get it you know what are you doing you know these people are so miserable could you imagine like some anime hang out you know like remember if so if you're in college there's probably an anime like group fan club you can hang out with could you imagine like a group of anime fans and friends that get together and uh they're like sitting there did you watch the latest episode of firehose I enjoyed it quite in dubiously but it was quite a sexist offensive for my tastes what about you Jyoti did you currently see the shows fun or did you also see it for the Miss sexist misogynistic ISM phobes that it presented on a glorious level like these people just they don't know how to have fun I don't get it it's like they will go to a theme park and they would see a rollercoaster and they would say well I believe that the rollercoasters racest because a black man built it or something like get you people just have fun these people are all gonna die young because they're stressed and mad and angry all the time you don't live a long life like that so they're literally going to like be all stressed out and have hernias and ulcers at like 32 because they're so mad about everything so crunchyroll Queen your house up why are you employing people that say that the people that like your anime that you show on your platform or ISM phobes for liking it that's kind of ironic and I don't understand that so anyway like subscribe hit that notification bell make sure you still subscribe share the video if you enjoy it that's pretty much how things work now because YouTube is not sharing people's content anymore unless you're a Thorat ativ content so you know how that works and check out the T Springs store check out my twitch my patreon particular my twitch cuz I'm trying to build that platform up and I'll see you guys on the next one peace


  • YellowFlash 2 says:

    Join the discord!

  • James Hall says:

    I wish these idiots would shut up contrary to what their dumbass leader says not everything is sexiest I am the son of a firefighter my dad has thirty years experience as a volunteer firefighter and had a woman that was part of his squad the entire team considered her a sister in arms and treated her as such when I told him about this show he said it sounded awesome that is the first time my dad has ever said that about anime

  • Revan Tobias says:

    But… but.., Fire Force ep 2 has the woman fire fighter beating the 2 male fire fighters who are higher generations then her. She literally shows that just because you have greater firepower, doesnt mean you will win…

    Was it because she was sexy? Or kind of stupid?

  • Alorance says:

    Crunchyroll drama marketing their own shows? Who could have seen that coming?

  • Jethro Nombreda says:

    Stfu npc get a life

  • Ironear Vuvuzela says:

    No one should be rewarded for "being ambitious", ambition is just a mindset. You can be ambitious and incompetent. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was 5, can't get much more ambitious than that. Do I get to bitch that I wasn't rewarded for my ambition with a free trip to the moon?

  • Ajax Rao says:

    On episode 2, the girl with 2nd generation pyrokinetic beat the shit out 2 boy who are 3rd generation pyrokinetic rookies. Dafaq is their logic?

  • Jeremy merkt says:

    When you infinitely expand the definitions of your buzz words to be all encompassing solely for the sake of virtue signaling. I hope one of the females that this guy is trying to impress by this gives him a pity fuck, and soon. Though the chances are he's still going loose out to the chads despite his best white knighting efforts.

  • Just Racoon says:

    I wonder who hired this guy. His writing is messy.

  • Andreas Nicklasson says:

    I guess I have to watch it now.

  • Ashley Felts says:

    I absolutely love the show and I'm a woman and not once did I find it sexist. Actually just the opposite. People will look for whatever they want.

  • BMCM mcm says:

    By the way the show is fucking great and he has good strong characters , included female ones,that are not fucking marry sues

  • BMCM mcm says:

    Woman go make me a fucking sandwich

  • RedxDragon 82 says:

    Ok how stupid you must be to work for a streaming service that shows anime with fan service and they hated. Get the f out here you stupid b1tch

  • chucheeness says:

    More hoity toity impressions please.

  • Qinyuan Huang says:

    Never heard of Fire Force but I'ma check it out right now just to make the SJW faggots cry. 💪

  • Dark Pyrokinesis says:

    Dam NPC this is why we can't have nice thing. Every time there's something good in our lives they take it so they can ruined it.

  • Rene O says:

    What isn't sexist these days honestly.. but guess what, the more these ivory tower types scream "Thats sexist, Thats toxic blablabla" The less those words mean anything.. So I will strive to be the most "ist and ism" type person i can be and just enjoy my life and that will result in me being a great and well liked guy.. lets all sing the I am a Pirate shanty and sail the high seas my mateys Cruncyroll will never get me booty.

  • Jorgevy says:

    YF, just one correction, it's a Weekly Shounen Magazine manga, not Shounen Jump!

  • Nero Biblios says:

    Maki is literally the definition of a strong female character. The only difference is she's hot. Therefore NPC's find her disrespectful cuz she looks better than they will ever be.

  • Samuel Swanzy Baffoe says:

    Is it just me or have the attacks on anime shows increased in recent year? Looks like nothing in nerd culture is safe from the infestation of these "fans".

  • Lawin Colt says:

    anime girls > real whale…I mean wahmen :v

  • Maddog3060 says:

    The Social Justice Weasels have become an interesting barometer for telling whether an anime is good or not; if they hate it, it must be doing something right.

  • Sowel 44 says:

    Honestly was going to overlook this one. The whole fire fighters thing seemed a little to silly for me.
    Now i think i will give it a chance.

  • Sli me says:

    I love Fire force awesome Story And i love Maki <3
    btw Fire force have awesome Story i love the World because it's unique that Hollywood Don't have anymore no wonder people starting to love anime i mean people who don't watch anime starting to watch anime because they really Give you what you want
    example Goblin Slayer They give you a Goblin Fucking Slayer.

  • Commissar Purity says:



  • Aaron Mayhem says:

    Damn youtube. An add every 2 minutes.

  • Pearll says:

    Go fuck yourself, npc of trash, since nobody want it!
    (I'm a women, and I enjoy seeing cute and cool girls doing badass things.)

  • Commissar Purity says:

    Well alrighty then.

    Crunchyroll ain't gonna get my money.


  • freakindamnshiki says:

    Yes new anime to see before they break it

  • Chilling on the mic says:

    I hope you get paid well for all the fucking ads they put on these videos.

  • sunrizete5 says:

    How is this show sexist that's like saying brokeback mountain is homophobic

  • multilad816 says:

    3:29 It's nitpicking and someone probably pointed out by now. but Fire Force is not published by Shueshia (publisher of Weekly Shonen Jump). It's published by Kodansha (Weekly Shonen Magazine).

  • Punpun says:

    Also, the Ron Soye shirt is amazing looking lmao

  • Punpun says:

    I love Fire Force, and I'm a woman. The author also wrote Soul Eater and its way more fan-service-y , but since it came out back in 2009-ish, that was before SJW politics was around to cry about it.

  • Tzeentch says:

    Fire Force really? is this a joke? (Inhales) BOI!!

  • Juan Camilo Espinosa Rojas says:

    I just started watching this anime and i love it there is even a sexy fit girl and they say its sexist?! >:( there is another anime i am watching about a girl that goes to the gym to get a fit sexy body… I bet there is going to be some people saying "THIS IS DISCRIMINATON TO NON FIT FAT PEOPLE THAT HATE TO WORKOUT" those activists remind me of my parents always trying to find a negative thing about dbz… SJW say they are the future but they are the more mind closed humans alive… idk what is worse my english or their way of thinking. =.=

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