NY Young Performers Committee Presents – Let's Make a Deal: "Mock" Negotiations Workshop

NY Young Performers Committee Presents - Let's Make a Deal: "Mock" Negotiations Workshop

for the last 20 years the young performers committee has been sponsoring these types of programs in order to be able to inform parents and children about the business of show is this today we're having a broken in two parts young performers seminar where we take the young performers themselves and put them through mock negotiations so they learn how to advocate for themselves and they learn what goes into contract negotiations and the business side of you into work and then we separate their parents out and talk to them about more of the sort of nuts-and-bolts side of the business and where the Union can come into contact and help them be advocates for their kids so we're all me I'm sure we just going to be a time we come together and say okay well this is like the contract that we made this before okay if you work three days you get your box of raisins your standard salary and a Clementine okay all right because it seems like some people died call me some people like I like drama and do some other people singing dance how about we do a romantic drama comedy let us sing India's aunt same time so is there anything else you want to know about your work debt give any other questions that you want to find out that's like usually the stunt double could be playing the role of a principal that's what has regular the series regular is getting a cherry candy cane or from snacks right right they get to chosen my core difference here and their pay and expose how about the students the young performers you have had an amazing night knowledge we would I ever would've expected already know about the contract and their own ideas to bring it forward and really see each other's agreement to feel part of the media's all has been really phenomenal apart maybe there's like a crazy person I'm in such a great time I really enjoyed working with the kids it was so fun I was laughing so much because they're just they're talented today's been amazing the only problem we're going to have is that there's so much creativity and so much collaboration and cooperation that we're going to have overflowing this coming out of this room but I think the performance at the end we're going to put together is going to be great the other seat at the middle school right I'm gonna get to you right up her goodies to you we did a lot we work out together and was really keen for me to sing then we came together and put this together in this an hour resolve and oscillate what you can do it I had really wanted a table so informative and Lana Cleary is not wonderful they help you out they always have events for you but it's been really cool like seeing exactly how far the Union like expands over what I do and like just how much I've protected at all those questions that we all want to ask you could just ask them and get an honest answer the truth which is nice I feel a lot more comfortable because now I know that it made beer for us and our market because I can give up front end I have a question about anything it's trust us that will not be afraid to call it's so critical that's what they are there for so anytime you ever followed all the Union

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