• Loretta H says:

    I love these videos so much. It's a nice way to virtually visit the Smokies that I love & miss so much until I can visit again. TFS

  • Kevin Patterson says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing it. I had the opportunity to visit this site with my family in early April 2012. It was a great experience going through the village museum. The visitor center is very well done in keeping the history of the Smokies alive. Looking forward to my next visit of the Smoky Mountain National Park.

  • MacDonald Outdoors says:

    My family lives just down the road from the museum and has since the 1830's. Prior to that we lived more to the north. When the center was created, officials came to our farm and wanted my grandfather's smoke house. He wouldn't let them have it because we were using it! (It was very old)  As a boy, my grandfather took me into the museum and showed me farm tools and woodworking tools that he had donated. Great memories!

  • Masud Hassan says:

    love it

  • R Todd Rothrauff says:

    I visited the center to check out the Mountain Farm Museum in the fall of 2015. Great place !

  • Jill Sansing says:

    I'm from the mountains of NC but live/work in DC. When I miss the mountains.. I look at these videos and they help until I can get home again. Great work!

  • Janet Sides says:

    We are going there for vacation this year! I can't wait. We were there about 10 years ago. We have our youngest daughter the choice of N.C. Or Ocean City,MD. She chose N.C.

  • Joseph Saetveit says:


  • ________________ says:

    Narrative By These Females Is Totally Unauthenthic And Basically Sickening! Don't Waste Your Time!
    Go To Harrahs Since This Is The Only "DRAW" To Cherokee! Terrible Loss Of Natural History! Cherokee
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  • Joe Momma says:

    It just never gets old!

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