• Nick Moraitis says:

    End the use of Greece letters to identify such fraternities, nothing Greek about and it and disgrace to anyone who is Greek by blood.

  • Drummer 59 says:

    Ban alcohol from all campuses where children under 21yr.old attend.

  • Dustin Kroyer says:

    Long overdue ban that should be nation wide.


    The demons they serve and the homosexual acts they all agree to perform on each other is nothing new , but its end is here …time to get destroyed 😈

  • JHT THORN says:

    I am a 1974 graduate of Ohio University. I am a member of Delta Tau Delta. I support this decision. Fraternal organizations main focus must be to nurture new members to make better men not incalcate cable t.v. and jackass movie culture at expense of life and health.

  • Theme Park Sounds says:

    Wait another year or so

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