Ola Gjeilo – DCINY Composer in Residence

Ola Gjeilo - DCINY Composer in Residence

hi I'm Elena and I'm really excited to be DCI and wise newest composing residents so our first collaboration is going to be next year on June 4th at Lincoln Center we can do a program of my some of my music for choir string quartet and piano and I'll be at the piano myself during rehearsal and during the performance itself the focal point of the program will be to my pieces called dark night of the soul and Lunas night of the soil which are independent pieces but they also belong they can be performed together as a whole we at DCI and Y thrilled give you the opportunity to come to New York to be on stage and rehearsal with Olli gala one of today's most prominent voices in the choral world so the text for document soul is st. John of the Cross a pretty famous poem called dark night of the soul it's just very inspiring to me because it's very it's a very passionate poem and very spiritual so as a prelude we're going to do another piece of mind called the ground which is a very melodic sort of romantic piece that is adapted from my sunrise mass for choir and string orchestra that's a DC NY I did a couple months ago with Jamie Mathers conducting here in New York at Carnegie Hall as conductor I've been drawn to OHS music since my first hearing of it many years ago with those music 'it's his voice his language his style and I have such great respect for him as an artist the review of auditions begins now I would love to see you next gen 2017 on stage at Lincoln Center

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