Omarosa Manigault: I Think Op-Ed Writer Is In Mike Pence’s Office | Hardball | MSNBC

Omarosa Manigault: I Think Op-Ed Writer Is In Mike Pence’s Office | Hardball | MSNBC

right now Susan page Washington bureau chief for the USA Today sure Michael Singleton's a Republican political consultant Omarosa Manigault Newman is of course former White House staffer an author of unhinged a huge bestseller and insiders account of the Trump White House by the way congratulations because you've turned out to be the first whistleblower you were a head of Bob what we're doing ahead of this person by the way who do you think wrote the op-ed I think it's somebody other Pence's office and I suspect it might be Nick Ayers why would somebody write an op-ed piece do they want the 25th amendment to take effect that's an office well they're in the position of benefit if in fact the 25th amendment is enacted and if Trump is removed from office the clues are in the op-ed and which are trees when it sends a word wage falling if he leaves however indicating whether it's by impeachment or by the investigation or if he's not reelect it so you don't believe that by the vice president he denies responsibility for this I actually believe the vice president he denies it but the style of the writing reminds me of minerals and documents and emails that came out of the Vice but do you think you still think it's one of his staffers absolutely Thank You Susan you talked about I just want to get to something really big because you you've got so much simplice you write the top of the poem USA Today the one newspaper read all over the country and you see in you having an analysis piece in today which basically says this president's got a real reckoning coming to him right now I think there is a sense of storm gathering you know just during the past week the McCain funeral the op-ed in The New York Times and the Woodward book together paint a very consistent picture for the president and lays the groundwork for what I think is the big event to come which is the molar report and what robert molars you have any tiny sense on that yet I don't I mean we've we've all believed that he would try not to interfere in the midterm election which means develop that report either relatively soon or months away day after the election sure Michael what do you make of the president using the New York Times and the writer this article and then the airing times of being a traitor I'd ready to go to the country all he said was what does it mean and I don't think the president knows the definition of treason to be quite honest with you because if he does I would ask the president where's the treasonous act where did the treasonous act but what I do think is very telling about this is that it's very obvious that whatever is going on internally within the administration is all because of Donald Trump he's the leader he has set the tone and it's very telling that those individuals who he selected to work with him on behalf of him and the people who voted for him don't trust the president but I do think those individuals need to have enough courage to come out and say who they are because not I'm worried about the price I want to get back to the president here and I want to embrace I wouldn't ask you about this the fact that the president thinks upon a person who doesn't like him as a traitor to the country how's that mentality developed what's that mean to say about Trump he's already had this extreme level of paranoia and I'm telling you this is the state he this is triggering all of his worst fears and it's going to make him go around and hunt down this person in the White House in the agencies and it's not a good precedent do you think something that Susan you think there's a hundred a man hunt or a woman hunt or whatever they're looking for the guy that ate this frozen strawberries er yes I think I think the president is pretty determined to try to to find out who the author is that doesn't mean he'll be be able to because for one thing I don't think you can necessarily believe that just because someone denied they were their author that they were not in fact the author and if you think it's possible we'll find out pretty soon but you think about back to deep throat it took a couple decades before we were certain who deep throat was although they turned out to be a pretty boring guy you know a wasn't somebody as exciting as a White House staffer but this was very much like primary colors when I served in the Clinton administration there was something very similar to this they were trying to figure out who wrote primary colors and they found out by doing a writing analysis so I think you know he told me didn't write it he told everybody didn't write then he wrote anyway it appears that behind the closed doors of the West Wing itself the presence unable to distinguish friend from foe right now according to the Washington Post White House officials are not only disavowing the op ED they're attempting to prove their loyalty to the presidentís in Oval Office Huddle's yesterday nicely Thursday White House chief of staff John Kelly national security adviser John Bolton press there is Sarah Huckabee Sanders and senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner among other aides tried to convince the president that he could trust them and others in his inner circle they argued that the author was probably a lower level employee according to a senior official you're laughing over there but I don't like the unit big-time journalists like you are you out there trying to figure this person is and and you say the president's trying to find out who it is are you guys track by the way new york times reports these tough guys like Michael Schmidt and the rest of them I assume they are keep going I think well I think we would like to know who it is and I I think one other thing I think it is a brilliant move by this White House that we are worrying about who it is and not what this person said but I thought they're trying to change the subject they don't like no Sir Michael they say the president somebody put out a statement yesterday saying don't think about who did it I think it's hard to be Sanders didn't you know like I do think to Susan's point is far more important what's actually written in that article and there's a line in there or the individual rights that they're trying to help the country if you will by making sure the president doesn't commit disastrous acts well I wonder and I would argue that what we've seen so far has been pretty disastrous so if there are other things like whatever President Barack Obama says what you guys in the White House defending us against 10% of this crap when 90% of it's happening thanks to you guys in his first campaign remarks of 2018 former President Barack Obama today warned voters not to take comfort in the sentiments expressed in that Times op-ed here he goes the claim that everything will turn out okay because they're people inside the White House who secretly aren't following the president's orders that is not a check I'm being serious here that's not how our democracy is supposed to work these people are elected they're not accountable they're not doing us a service by actively promoting 90 percent of the crazy stuff that's coming out of this White House and then saying don't worry we're preventing the other 10% number s is that true that the people in the White House feel morally superior because they're keeping Trump from doing a tenth of the damage worse than he is doing well the president throughout ten percent I would have to venture and say that there was more just in the time that I serve damage control absolutely in the time that I served he would have these dangerous impulses and the op-ed said his most dangerous impulses just they were not just ignoring any order the president's giving but when he says let's blow up this country because he doesn't like something that the leader of that country said then of course the staffers are going to push back and they should hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on 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  • Marchon says:

    Omarosca maybe?

  • Charles Martin says:

    Nope now you want to get paid for degrading. No Dear we don't forget .
    Your dismissed ONCE again.

  • You Have Got To Be Kidding Me says:

    This is the worst employee in White House history. She must have been writing this when she first went into the WH to have it finished when she left. I hope this doesn't ruin opportunities for other African Americans. She will go down in history as the most disloyal staff member in American history. I just hate that it is an African American as I am.

  • Michael Timberlake says:

    She looks good

  • Aishwarya Net says:

    Omarosa vs Trump. Don't mess with Omarosa

  • JR EliteMods says:

    Omarosa's misdirection at it's finest. She is Anonymous.

  • Alexander Campbell says:

    Nick Ayers makes sense to me. Read the Op-Ed, and it reads like someone under 40 wrote it. Resistence is a Star Wars term. Lodestar is a sci-fi therm. There are other clues that only a young Higher-Up could have written this. Also Penxe will benefit. Makes sense to me.

  • Bucky Brown says:

    I met her years ago at NBC. We got along, maybe too well. I got the impression she was coming on to me. Needless to say, I exited that scene ASAP. See me at

  • صالح عبدالناصر says:

    Trump 2020 T-shirt

  • bear4us says:

    I cant believe that ppl dont see thru Omarosa. Everything she says about Trump goes right back to her. It takes a manipulative, self important, and actually ignorant individual to do what she doing. It is so obvious she is getting revenge for whatever her reasons are. Of course all of the trendy outfits on every apperance can be soooo influencing.

  • carmakazi84 says:

    Does it not bother anyone that she sneakly records people without their knowledge. Basically treason
    Nobody will ever trust her again.
    Maybe they should air all conversations to the public in order to stop the sneaky stuff, oh forgot we're not supposed to tell the world our business.
    She knew she was out when she tried to parade a huge wedding party through the WH. Then started recording. I use to like her but very treacherous actions

  • Jim Churchill says:

    It's trump ghost writer directed by Trump.

  • Bill Smith says:

    Hey LOOK 🙂 it the Jerry Springer show, Oh wait, it's only MSNBC and Omarosa, hahahaha

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  • Denby L says:

    this woman just wanted to make money off a book. yet Another NOTHING BURGER. LMAO

  • 305MrRob says:

    All these people here look pathetic and desperate. Trump keeps winning and they are furious

  • dawn scott says:

    Omarosa is the op ed writer! Guarantee it. She is an evil shark

  • RJ Dunkeld says:

    Donald thinks it's someone named Ed

  • reynaldo flores says:


  • reynaldo flores says:

    THINKS , everybody not even in politics THINKS they might know….she is just SAYING ANYTHING NOW

  • Mr. Jack M says:

    Mike Pence is just as bad as Trump.

  • Hayden Philbert says:

    Remember if the Russians can hack the election they could do the same to our big businesses and our military.

  • Hayden Philbert says:

    I said that before,his enemies are right next to him🤔

  • Shannah Brown says:

    This is all sounding like a plot from the series Homeland..

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