• Anne Elliot says:

    What an excellent explanation! Now just need to find where such equipment can be purchased for so little money!

  • FATIMA AZA says:

    good work…

  • justme says:

    You have very poor knowledge of photography.. yet you teach how to photograph art and items of historical value. You confuse flash with harsh light. You don't take into account white balance, color space profiles, image sharpness, lenses, depth of field… and so many more.
    Your level in photography is below amateur. Yet you teach how to photograph items of great importance. This is so sad video… your arrogance and ignorance are unbelievable….

  • Ayman Hussein says:

    Very good, Thanks a lot.

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    If you want to photograph an item from above wouldn't it just be easier to put it on the floor, or at least a lower table? Then I see these guys who get out ladders…

  • muskavik says:

    Thank you, this was very enlightening.

  • Jiří Růžička says:

    This video is an insult to a fair photographic craft. It shows how products should not be photographed. Not for professional use.

  • Victor Hausen says:

    I work for a public museum where we don't have a professional photograph and we also don't have money in order to pay for a photography professional. We need photos of about 20 objects due tomorrow, so that will be of great use. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge.

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