Organizing ALL Of My ART SUPPLIES + Art Room Tour!

Organizing ALL Of My ART SUPPLIES + Art Room Tour!

– Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. As you might know, I moved to
a new place over one year ago, and I wanted to use my
bedroom also for my art room, because I wanted to keep my living room more as a relaxing zone for me, so I can always then go back and forth and then go to bed and sleep. And after a few months, I realized that I feel less
and less inspired and motivated to create art, and the art
room that I created for myself, I just felt like I moved more
and more into my living room because it was so much brighter there, it was, like the sun, like the light, the whole light was
warmer than in my bedroom, and I just felt so much happier
being in my living room. And because my art room
was also my bedroom, I was constantly surrounded
by all my workspace, all my art supplies, everything, and everything was just in one place. And from the moment I woke up to the moment where I got to
bed, I was surrounded by work. So at some point, I just felt
so stressed and even anxious to be inside the room, and I felt anxious
thinking about that room. And as you can see, at the
end, everything looks so messy, and I just couldn’t even be bothered to organize it properly again. So I was like, okay, it’s about time. So that’s why I decided to
move all my art supplies, all my workspace area
things, into the living room, so I can finally set everything up, make it look more put together, and turn my bedroom into
a really peaceful room where I can relax and
sleep and just zone out. The first thing I noticed was that I had way too much watercolor paper. I collected just too much,
and it got out of control. So I had to fix that. Time to place all of my
paper somewhere else. I also collected a ton of new watercolors and other art supplies over the year that I also had no space for anymore. So I thought that drawers
could a great solution for them now after I moved
the paper somewhere else. And luckily, the area next to
the window in my living room had enough space for all ALEX
drawers that I got from IKEA a while ago, so I decided
to clean and move them into my living room,
right next to the window. My Monstera plant that you
guys named Bobby also grew up and needed a lot more space. He’s a grown-up now, so
there’s so much of him. So I think he isn’t now only elevated now, but also has a lot more room around him next to the sunlight. My room kind of turns
into a forest, I think. Then, I already have this
bookshelf in the living room that I got from IKEA as well, but years ago, it was
standing next to the couch, but all it did was collecting a few books, decor, and dust, so I decided
I will move it to the side and place a desk inside the corner that I had in my bedroom already. I do that so elegantly. It actually fits perfectly here, and I think that here
I will have enough room to sit at the desk to
be completely focused. When I just moved, I couldn’t
get enough of sunlight and light, because my other
apartment was a little shoebox in a basement, basically,
so for the first year in the new apartment, all I did was I was just sitting at the desk, it was facing outside, and
staring outside the window. I think I won’t ever stop doing that, especially in the living room. It’s so nice to do that, but
when it’s dark or gloomy, I can just sit here in the
corner and focus on my stuff. And if you see in my Art
Supplies Declutter video that I did last year when I just moved in, if you haven’t, I will have
a link in the description box down below so you can check it out later, but basically, I decided
to declutter everything and organize everything by categories. So again, I wanted to put
everything into categories or organize everything into
topics that made sense to me. So I had a ton of watercolor
papers and canvases, so for me, it made sense to
put them all into one place or at least close to each other. The bookshelf that I
had in the living room turned out to be the perfect size actually for all my paper collection. And I think it’s coming along very well. Now my watercolor paint collection is a little bit out of control as well, but I really like testing
out different brands and sharing my thoughts
on them with you guys, but I kind of ran out of space, and I still need all of them. Because I wanted to test them out, and you can see the damage. It’s just so much. I have the cheap watercolors that I just, I don’t even know what to do with that, and the more high-quality
ones that I need to organize, and I will do that and
put them into the drawers. Since I put my watercolor
paper onto the other shelf, I now have plenty of
space in the ALEX drawer. So what I did, I placed
all my higher-quality watercolor sets into my top drawers and placed them all next to
each other as best as I could. For me, it’s really
important to have everything that I own accessible and well
organized as best as I can, because this way I know
exactly where everything is. I can easily take it out
whenever I need something without digging myself through deep boxes and finding, not finding anything. And the best part is you give every item their own personal home, so you know exactly where to put it back to keep everything tidy and organized. The other issue was my
acrylic paint collection. I used to have them in
the basket in the corner, but it was too heavy, messy, and more difficult to get
anything out at the end. So what I decided to be is
make it more accessible again by arranging them inside my bookshelf. Now since there was a lot
space next to the shelf and above the desk, I decided
I would move my pegboard also to this area and also
add an additional pegboard because there was just way
too much space, and I thought, I will just add a new smaller
version of the pegboard, why not? Here I thought I will add all my brushes, most used pens, and
other stationary stuff, and above it, I can hang up a shelf and my place my art-related books on top so I can easily grab any book that I need and I get to see exactly what I was. That was really frustrating because hanging up stuff on the wall is so tiring, and I always make so many mistakes, not only when I measure out things, but later I discovered I got
the wrong holder thingies for the shelf, so I had to go back to IKEA to get the right ones. No. Why? And as you can see, the pegboards, even though they are the same kind, they had different colors. The new one was a little bit
darker, but to me, it was okay. I think it’s a good divider
between both of them. And you can really see once everything is up on the pegboard. Sometimes when it comes to decorating or arranging things in my
apartment, I tend to think that I want to make everything
look perfect immediately. But I told myself this time I will arrange and decorate
things the way I like it for now and if I discover that
something would function or look better, I could
always adjust it later. All right, now it took me about three days to move all the stuff to the living room and to decorate and to
organize everything. My bedroom, it’s still a
mess, but we’ll fix it later. But now I can finally walk you through all of the drawers, all of
the shelves, everything, to show you guys exactly
how I organized my stuff. So I hope this will give you
some ideas and inspiration how you could also
organize your art supplies to make your life a lot easier. So in my outer left ALEX drawers, inside my top two drawers, I have my higher-quality watercolor sets, so I could easily take
everything out that I need and I can see exactly what I have. In the third drawer, I have
my new oil paints and tools. I divided them into regular
and water-mixable oil paints so nothing gets mixed up, and then I have compartments
for different brushes and palette knives. And these boxes are also
by the way from IKEA. They’re life-changing. In the drawer below is a
little bit more random tools. Here I have colored paper, a fixative for charcoal
and pencil drawings, and my acrylics paints, favorite palette, and a transfer paper that
I wanted to test out. And below this drawer, I have more tools, such as my paper-cutting
thing, mixing palettes, and some other tools you
would need for drawing. And in the lowest drawer, I
still have my other paints for things like porcelain,
some older acrylic paint, inks, charcoal pencils, and pastels. Here I basically have
every other art medium that I don’t use that often. Now in my second ALEX
drawer next to this unit, I have my craft supplies
and other miscellaneous. In the first drawer, I
have everything organized that has something to do
with tape and threads, so I know exactly where it is. In the drawer below, I have my
old jewelry-making supplies, decorative beads, and sand, wires, just everything that
kind of made sense for me to put into one category. In the third drawer, I have
all my different glues. From hot-glue guns, super
glues, to regular liquid glue, you can find everything here. Below this collection, we have
all my soap-making supplies. I haven’t made soaps in such a
long time but I still like it so in case I want to make
more soap in the future, I already have everything here. In the drawer below, I
have my clay supplies, from the clay itself to
the tools you would need, like roller pins, cookie
cutters, and things like that. I have everything here. And in the last drawer,
I have all of my molds that I can use for resins,
soap making, and other stuff. Now in the last drawer unit,
I have all my other supplies that I don’t have much of it but kind of use from time of time. In the top drawer, I have anything that has
to do with felt and wool ’cause I still want to try
out making art with felt. And then in the next drawer, I have some additional colored pencils and pens that I only use when
I need them for a project. I still have others next to my desk area, so in case I need more colors, I can just go here and grab it. In the drawer below, I
have all my art supplies that I ordered from India to test out. Then we have Perler beads and all of the other tools for them. I haven’t used them in a
while, but maybe one day, I’ll still find this medium
really fun to play around with. The next drawer is
still a little bit messy but here I have all my other random tools from Bic tape, plastic
gloves, to X-ACTO knives, and whiteboard cleaner. Then I have a full drawer
of different fabrics and another more random drawer
that I still need to tidy up. And in my last drawer, I
have containers and cups that I might need for some projects. Now let’s move on to the desk area and to one of my favorite shelves now. And that’s where I store
all my other art supplies. On the top shelf, I have
now my acrylic pour mediums and some additional acrylic
paint for future gouache. On the shelf below, I have
different spray paints that I use sometimes, so it’s in the back. And in the front, I have acrylic
paints from Royal Talens. This way I can see exactly
what I have in what colors. And on the shelf below, I have
my Schmincke acrylic paint and other brands such as
Nevskaya Palitra and Mozart, and all my acrylic paint mediums such as the wood retarder,
varnishes, and also Gesso. Here I also have all of
my bottles upside-down because lots of them are almost empty. So this way, it will be easier
for me to use them up later. On the third shelf, I have all of my watercolor
mediums and other paints. Here I actually used a lipstick container to hold all of my watercolor
tubes by Schmincke. I have some dot cards. I still need to test out
my porcelain palettes, since I completely switched to porcelain, because I feel that they are
just the best to work with when you are at home. Some watercolor mediums,
such as my masking fluids, paste, watercolor ground, pens, what other sprays for watercolors. I think this way it’s easier
to find everything that I need more quickly, and I know
exactly where to put everything back once I’m done painting. The last three shelves are all dedicated for watercolor paper, sketchbooks,
and different canvases. My other watercolor pads and papers here, I divided by brands and
filled the rest of the space with my different canvases. My Hahnemuhle paper is now
divided into their weights from light to heavy. And there’s spiral-bound sketchbooks and other paper samples. Now next to that shelf, on
the left, I have a mirror to make the room look a little bit bigger, and in front of it, I have
my old container on wheels that I also got from IKEA. Here are some of my other acrylic paint that I use more often, also by the brand called Schmincke. And below that, I have my
different gouache paint and some of my inks that I had but couldn’t find space
for in my other drawer. So for now, it’s right here. And in the basket below,
I have everything that is too big, such as more watercolor paper and this dot card set
from Gold Class Mission that I still need to try out. Let’s move on to the desk area and now to the drawers
underneath the desk. Here I use these sabatas that
I got in TJ Maxx or TK Maxx. I think they are actually for the kitchen but they work perfectly here as well. Here, I also organized
everything into categories, felt pens, color pencils,
and regular pencils, plus a sharpener so I
don’t have to look for them anywhere else. In the drawer below, we
have more pens, markers, and some of my brush pens and
my notebooks for my to-dos. In the next drawer, I have
more of my stationary things and tools that I use on a regular basis, such as envelopes, sticky
notes, tape, rulers, and things like that. To me, it still looks a little bit messy, but at least it’s
organized by one category and easy to find. And then we have the tech section. Here I have my hard drives, power banks, and anything else that has to
do with storage and batteries. And in the lowest drawer, we have all of my small
cables that were super messy. And now I also organize
them in theses little boxes that I got from IKEA. Usually everything was a cable salad, but now everything is neatly organized. Now above the desk, we now have two, what’s wrong with me? I mean, two pegboards where I
organize all my other stuff. Now on the left side on the
pegboard, it had a darker color. I arranged some writing
and stationary items, such as my felt pens,
markers, and ball pens, so I can easily grab and use them. Here I also used these little containers that you get in IKEA. I also have some clips and small punchers that I put inside these glass jars. They’re made for spices, I think. And I placed them all onto the small shelf made for this pegboard as well. And on the right side
on the bigger pegboard that I already had, I have more watercolor supplies. I have some of my washing tapes that I arranged on these longer hooks. Since I didn’t like the container solution for all my brushes that
I had in my other room, I wanted to change it now here. So I used the cardboard
that this pegboard container was packed in, and I made
these little dividers so I can divide my different
brushes by their series so it’s easier to find everything. Next to it, I have my most
used watercolor palettes, some aqua brushes for now. We have more tape, printer
paper for simple sketches, or actually for printing out stuff. Last but not least, I placed all of my liquid
Ecoline watercolors into this cute shelf. And above the pegboard,
I now have a bookshelf for all of my art-related books. From how to paint something,
color-mixing recipes, to how to be creative,
I have everything here. I sometimes grab them to
read up on some things, so it’s good to have them
close to my work area. Here I tried to organize
them by topic and size, so for now, I will keep it this way. I also finally got a desk
lamp, also from IKEA. I think it fits perfectly with its design. And when it’s dark and I
need to work on something, I can just do it here without making myself completely blind. And I’ve also got these
cubes that I kept seeing other artists have. For now, I store my Posca
pens and some fineliners by Staedtler and Faber-Castell. With the additional pegboard,
all my pens have space now, so the box is a little bit empty for now. But it’s not like I will
never fill up anyway. I personally don’t like it
when things look too cluttered, so I think the way I organized everything is a great solution for now. Some of the art supplies
are neatly put away into drawers, while some
art supplies are displayed on the shelves and also
easy to find, easy to grab, and also to tidy up back
again into the shelf where it belongs. I also really like the simple
color palette in this room. I have lots of greens,
whites, and wood tones. It makes the room so much
more airy and happier and bright, and I personally
feel already so much happier. I still have some bits and
pieces that I need to organize and find a place for, but
for now, I’m super happy how everything turned out, how everything looks put together, and I can’t wait to make
more art in this room. By the way, let me know in the comments if you would like to see
more videos like that where we organize, where
we tidy up together, where we get our lives
back on track together, because I love watching those videos, and let me know if you do too. If you missed my Art
Supplies Declutter video, you can check it out right here. I walk you through all the steps, so I really hope this will help you to declutter your art supplies and make it super functional for you guys. Thank you guys so much for watching. Have a wonderful day, and I
will see you in the next video. Bye!


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    Appart from that ,thank you for being the first one ever ..who gets to the point , and is very ctreative and CUTE !

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    Mariah Elizabeth: Hold my squishy

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