• siori sati says:


  • Atreus21 says:

    Man, that ending sounds hard as hell.

  • Meowsers Inc says:

    ahh the good ol' days are back!

  • Shayla Holloway says:

    How interesting! Great job! My new favorite Joplin!

  • musical genie says:

    Could be a video game meme music

  • Bryan Rabie says:

    Thanks,…Ragtime is my favourite "piano" genre.

  • Александр Лазарев says:


  • Fuck Google says:

    That was a truly epic ragtime…

  • Manh Phung says:

    You are the best

  • talkcommonsense says:

    The perfect tempo! I love this rendition… excellence…

  • cristyn lane says:

    I listen to your songs by Joplin over and over, you are by far my favorite, especially your two renditions of my favorite song, Solace.

  • Luke Hey says:

    Love it

  • Luke Hey says:

    My favorite piano channel

  • Sammy Weber says:

    Direct descendant from Scott Joplin

  • Luke Hey says:


  • Luke Hey says:

    What song is this

  • Sammy Weber says:

    I have been successfully learning it for 2 years! Never gets old!!!

  • SecondTNT says:

    Was to fast

  • ruby T says:

    you absolutely smash those last two sections out of the park. raw power.

  • Cindy Klenk says:

    Mr. Joplin's rags require substantial practice due to the syncopation. I found that you really have to get the left hand down well prior to the right – again, due to the syncopation. You really need a metronome when you are working on it too, to keep the timing accurate. It can get away from you

  • Joel Biger says:

    Absolutely stunning !

  • Ruben Flores says:

    I love your channel could you make a tutorial on the Appasionata 3rd movement by Beethoven? Thanks.

  • タイムロードのやべーやつ says:


  • Daniel Messias says:


  • Polly McBride says:

    I love his music and how you play it…excellent timing/tempo/clean/precise/heartfelt. He was an amazing genius and you do him and his creative works justice. Thank you.

  • Hammerklavier_Milan says:

    Great great interpretation. I've tried to play it, but I cannot play the trio with the same clearness. Please check out my version! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Nqm8Ru29Xw

  • Jermy George says:

    very impressive

  • Maurilio Magistroni says:

    fabulous left hand!

  • Robert Glass says:

    Fantastic !!!!

  • Dan Campeau says:

    I prefer listing to this over the retail recordings. The sound coming from a big room is very clear.

  • Charles Randall says:

    You are my favorite person on all of You Tube and this performance of Original Rags by Scott Joplin is amazing.

  • Yi Chen says:

    how may i find the sheet?

  • 007GWR says:

    If you used a scientific approach nailing down the timing and tempo of all of Bachs pieces why do you have an older version and a newer one for his music? Bach is by far my fav musician of all time. No one else can compare to the sheer breadth and the volume of the body of work that he churned out in his lifetime. I play violin although i dont nearly have the skills yet to play many of his pieces but it is what i aspire to. I have heard his music played in many different tempos depending on the era when it was recorded and the musicians playing. There is a wide range of tempos for all his violin music as welll out there. Seems like so many artists just rush at full speed through some of his pieces to showcase their playing skills rather than any other reason. Im not knocking you so please dont take it that way. Thank you for the awesome music videos you post. 300yrs later and his music still lives and sounds incredible with his distinctive sound. BACH ROCKS

  • -Traînée- says:

    Woahh a huge chill went down my neck.

  • Chris ryan says:

    I had nothing real to comment but it's so good I had to say something.

  • Monique Johnson says:

    Do you have an actual class people can join?

  • Jason Kaiser says:

    Mr. Hall, Your genius is a tremendous asset to the world. I really appreciate your beautiful playing. I have really benefitted from your "slow" series of tutorials-especially "Kitten on The Keys". If you release another gem into the wild, I would like to request "Eyes On Me" from the Final Fantasy soundtrack. It's just beautiful and I'd love to to learn how to play it. Thank you !!!

  • THICC OOF says:

    Since this channel has been inactive since 2009 I will use it and link etc comment on my latest video about it and I will remove the video and reupload without the music

  • THICC OOF says:

    Can I use this in my videos, as I upload directly from ps4 I cannot link you but at the beginning of the video and in the description I will credit you (I just do not believe i cannot link the url,but I will try.)

  • Espresso Buzz says:

    Dear Sir, please stop playing this abominable "music". Your talents are wasted on these new compositions. Please return to playing Bach, Schubert or Mozart, for the sake of your reputation and standing in our society. These modern "rags" are often played in the most disreputable establishments, surrounded by debauchery which would be unimaginable to our congregation. I ask this of you in the year of our Lord, ##17.

  • Espresso Buzz says:

    Thank you. I took piano lessons for a few years, and Scott Joplin was my favorite thing to play.

  • Danial Brown says:

    I love all of your shit and you!
    much love from texas

  • PianowithKeelin says:

    Do you use the pedal when playing ragtime? I'm just beginning to experiment with ragtime and am transitioning from Classical to Ragtime music which are two wayyyy different genres of music so I'm confused.

  • Piano Inceseneti says:

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  • Roxanne Marchuk says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music for this piece ? I looked on Cory's website but I couldn't find it!!:(

  • latengocomoburro says:

    Nintendo music.

  • Samuel Asamoah Boateng says:

    Please whats the title of this one

  • EPC1948 Rh says:

    not an expert but Scott Joplin is quoted as saying "do not play fast. it is.never right to play ragtime fast…" supposed to be slow march time? I guess its all down to interpretation.

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