OSPREYS at the Nest | Bird Photography | Nikon Z7 + 500mm f/5.6E PF VR

OSPREYS at the Nest | Bird Photography | Nikon Z7 + 500mm f/5.6E PF VR

that’s as good a moment as you could
possibly capture videoing ospreys hi folks
I’m out trying to photograph ospreys today on my way up north to see the
mountain hares a couple of weeks ago I stopped off near this location to set my
wildlife camera in the woods which I’m actually going to fetch tomorrow so with
any luck we might have something interesting on there but on the way
there I was driving down a small road and I noticed an osprey nest really
quite close to the road and there was an osprey sat on it so I thought I’d come
back to see if I could get some photographs I’m actually sitting only
about a hundred meters away from the nest so Ihave to keep my voice down and keep
my movements to a minimum and I’ve got the gloves on and I’ve got some of this
kind of scrim over my camera to try and sort of break up the shapes and make me
less visible when I’m sitting here I mean amongst some small scrubby trees
as well so I’m generally quite well concealed and I made my way here while
the adult birds were away fishing somewhere I waited for a little while
until they left so that I’d be able to come here without causing any
disturbance and yeah I’m also when I’m not talking to camera or actually
photographing I’m also wearing the midgie net because partly it reduces the shape
again and also because there are a hell of a lot of midges here
I’m well smidged up and they’re not really biting me but they’re still
landing on me and it’s really annoying but anyway I’m gonna sit here quietly
and I’m gonna see if the ospreys come back and hopefully get some video
footage of them and maybe some pictures I think that’s an adult coming back now
right time to take some pictures oh my goodness that was so awesome that’s as good a moment as you could
possibly capture videoing ospreys exchange of a fish there between one
parent than the other Oh amazing it’s kind of a shame that it took the fish
away to eat it somewhere else I suppose but I guess since the fish was
immediately taken away by the other adult
they’ve got eggs on this nest rather than chicks at this stage still
absolutely incredible yes! right so a lot of the time in my
wildlife photography I’m very opportunistic and I just take a picture
of what happens but in this case I’ve actually got a shot planned that I want to
take and what I want to do is I want to get a picture where there’s the nest
tree and I want to capture that moment as the bird sort of hovers over the nest
before finally landing so I’ve sorted my settings or in advance kind of ready for
that so I’ve got a wide focus area set over the nest
I’ve already pre focused I’m set at 1/800 of a second to freeze the
movement of the bird I’m at a f/5.6 which is wide open for the lens and
then auto ISO with minus 0.3 exposure compensation just to adjust for the fact
that there’s a lot of white on ospreys so with those settings in place I can
just sit and wait and as soon as the bird arrives I just wait for it to
arrive in that focus box press the AF on button on the back of the camera to start
focusing and then fire the shutter and with a bit of luck I’ll get the shot been waiting for a while now
and the bird sat on the nest for a long time and then it flew away
now I’m really just waiting for it to come back so I can try and take my
landing shot I now it’s just landed in the tree a little
way away from the nest and the sun’s about to come out from behind some
clouds so if it flies to the nest now then we’re in business really just
hoping that it flies now while the light’s still good Oh this waiting game’s so
tough I continue to be absolutely blown away
by this 500mm PF lens it’s just so sharp it’s better than anything I’ve used in
the equivalent focal range it’s probably equivalent in sharpness to the 300 2.8
but it’s 500 millimeters and it’s tiny it’s really easy to move around
absolutely incredible theat sequence just now with the osprey landing theyr’e just pin sharp it’s amazing yes it’s a little bit noisy bacause I had to raise the
ISO to have good enough shutter speed for the landing bird get everything crisp
but oh my goodness I’m so impressed with his lens good job to you for it cost shh the sun’s gone down behind the hills now
and the wind has dropped which means as you can probably see the midges are
atrocious so I think I’m gonna call it a day and move on before I’m skeletonized by
the little buggers it’s been absolutely awesome sitting
here watching the osprey most of the time there hasn’t really been very much
happening the osprey is either been away or it’s been sitting on the nest calmly
kind of looking around but they’ve been a few fun moments while it’s flown in
and I think I’ve got some cracking shots I certainly hope I have there are a
couple of good moments sitting here as well at one point I was absolutely
surrounded by baby blue tits as a little family worked its way through these
little shrubs that I’m hiding in amongst and then the ospreys nest at one
point was invaded by a group of siskins that were sitting on the branches around
the nest the osprey looked quite confused yeah I think it’s definitely time to leave
because I can hardly see the osprey in its nest over there for the wall of
midge that’s around me now I put more repellent on but that doesn’t stop them
going up your nose or in your ears or everywhere else so yeah now all I need
to do is sort of retreat back into the shrubs here and then go back up to the
road without disturbing the ospreys so I’ll try and kind of creep away quietly
yeah I hope you’ve enjoyed this short video
absolutely amazing watching the osprey and yeah if you enjoyed it please like
and share and leave a comment yeah if you enjoy the video as I make on YouTube
please consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already and that’ll
encourage me to come out and feed the midges some more and yeah thank you very
much for watching and good bye


  • Kjell Gunnar Klaksvik says:

    Great video, I’ve been waiting for your next video now😊 Nice to see you’re keeping a respectful distance to the nest rather than go to close to get better photos. Good job 😊 The 500 PF is great, I love mine. On my D500 I’m not happy with the performance with the 1,4 TC, but I recently bought a Z6 to compliment my D500, and on my Z6 the lens is so sharp even with the 1,4 TC 😊

  • Jesus Christ says:

    I was waiting for this one!!!👌👌

  • Russell Webb says:

    One leg off a pair of ladies tights does the job for the midges or a repelent if they still make it called Shoo. ( Produced in the west coast highlands of Scotland and works) Well done on fighting off the midges to get the images. Russ.

  • Bobby Lee says:

    Fantastic Geoff been watching you for some time and you just get better and better well done, please keep up the good work 👍👍👍

  • Trond Westby says:

    wow…that looked like an awesome place. Great video and pictures! Well done!

  • Rino Hals says:

    The best twelve minutes I've spent on internet today. Maybe even this week.
    Looking forward for your next video.
    Cheers !

  • Kingfisher61 says:

    The osprey is a fantastic bird to watch, some nice images as always, thanks for sharing Geoff 👍

  • Scotland from the Hills says:

    wow these are some shots geoff well done , i sat scratching all the way through this video with these midgies haha

  • Andys Outdoors Living says:

    Great video geoff, such pleasure to be sitting relaxed and watch them doing their thing! 😊👌🌳

  • Evgeny Gorshkov says:

    Hi, Geoff ! Video is great ! Nice bird ! One of my favorite . I'm from Russia , and more 5 years visit Sweden to Conny Lundstrom to see and take a picture of Osprey and Golden Eagle. Good luck !!!

  • 9 Old Fingers says:

    Amazing find, Great captures, I would find it hard to leave the area, get a mozzy headnet ASAP,

  • Glen Domulevicz says:

    The midges, they look worse than what we have here. The patient waiting is worth both the experience and images. Wings fully spread, beautiful images. Thanks for sharing.

  • Fernando Odelbor says:

    Excellent, from Argentina is awesome

  • Shaun Waring-Jones says:

    Nice on Geoff. Thank for the video, keep it up. Love seeing your wildlife images.

  • Joe Marano says:

    Just watched on my 4k tv (only my favourite channels get this treatment)
    Fantastic images mate and fantastic looking birds! Never seen one before but thanks to yourself now I have 🙂

  • Brian Baquial says:

    Awesome patience and awesome images to boot!

  • Gareth Kelley says:

    I've just come across your YouTube channel Geoff and I have to say I'm hugely impressed, sir! Fantastic ethics towards your wildlife photography and your images are nothing short of awesome.
    Keep up the great work buddy, I'll be catching up on your other videos and looking forward to new ones.

  • virgil tracy says:

    fantastic pictures, just awesome

  • Rob Blight says:

    Well done indeed for the osprey shots! The midge looked brutal – must have been tough to endure lol. Worth it for those awesome landing shots though. We were in the Lake District last month and saw an osprey nest. They had a viewing platform with scopes, but it was just way too distant to get any decent shots.

    Are you definitely finding the 1.4x TC worth it with the 500PF? I no longer have a TC, but I found that although it increased reach decently, it reduced contrast and added CA and was always too much of a mixed bag to really be worth it (but that was on my 200-500).

  • Clément Fagot photographe animalier says:

    • C'est une belle vidéo 🎥😉(Français🇫🇷).
    • It's a beautiful video 🎥😉(English🇬🇧).

  • Nikola Tesla says:

    Very awesome work. Cheers from Chile

  • Robert Glasgow says:

    All the best and Thanks Robert G.

  • Brian Mead says:

    Great stuff Geoff, thank you for sharing. Oh those midges… I just bought a midge net – via your link 😉 – made me itch just watching!

  • Steinar Knai says:

    Very nice video. Too bad about the sound. Very nice images!

  • Jason fraser says:

    My favorite video you have done of my favorite wildlife. Glad you like 500pf as have one on order if I ever get it. Love the bushcraft round nest, spot on. Keep it up, dude.

  • ISO Awe says:

    How fantastic to be able to capture from a hill so you didn’t have to shoot up at them. Nice work

  • Kemaro says:

    Super Osprey images.

  • João Romeiro Hermeto says:

    It was definitely worth the waiting. Beautiful photos!

  • Jeffry Suryono says:

    Hi Geoff, very nice video, and actually the waiting game is one of the best thing in wildlife photography, in my opinion.

    Just wondering, if F mount lenses will lose some image quality if mounted onto Z cameras ?


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