PAINTING MY DOG! | Mystery Art Box | January Art Snacks Unboxing | Acrylic Fluid Paint

PAINTING MY DOG!  | Mystery Art Box | January Art Snacks Unboxing | Acrylic Fluid Paint

hello everybody! we have the first
subscription art box of the new year – that’s something I like about ArtSnacks is they are very consistent with their dates – all right let’s open up and see
what’s inside ♪ okay I see a little mini baby sketchbook
– so I think this is a little sample of cold pressed Stonehenge heavy aqua
paper – oh look at the texture! it’s got a bit of a gritty-I mean it’s cold press,
it’s kind of what you expect and they’re very thick, that’s one sheet of paper –
how many would you say are in here? one, two, three, four, five sheets of paper – got a little lifesaver candy – ooh two bottles of GOLDEN fluid acrylic paints,
we have one in ‘burnt umber light’ and one in ‘titan buff’ – literally looks like the
colors of my dog, might have to do something with that – and then the
literature we have the menu which lists all the different supplies we also have
the ArtSnack’s sticker for January 2019 well it kind of looks like sprinkles,
little pastel sprinkles – a little pamphlet about brushes woo are we
gonna have some premium brushes in here? guess I should open up the final little
package – all right, that’s not what I was expecting,hehe looks like a zebra – there it is up close, I just like the way it goes
from a thick line to a thin line – this is the Stabilo Sensor fine point – it’s a
very well designed pen – it looks like a spaceship and then the other thing in
there was the Premium Two Original Gold Kingart Number Two Round Brush – here you
can see it – I think, I don’t know how well this [camera] focuses on anything that is everything in the box for January of all the subscription boxes
I’ve been subscribed to Artsnacks is definitely the one that comes with like
the least amount of supplies now this mini sketchbook it reminds me
of a lot of Minnie Small if you don’t know who she was I’ll have a link in the
description you can check out her channel but she did this adorable series of drawing little tiny houses (well like they were normal sized houses
but she drew them tiny) – in a little sketchbook like that and that’s what
that makes me think of but since we have these two colors which are the color of
my Doggie who’s also here – I think we should try and draw my doggy this is one of the
first times I ever seen Artsnacks include paper which is awesome – so I guess
what I should do is try on this first page instead of just watching out
everything because it’s just acrylic and a pen, I
kind of just want to go ahead and try and draw my dog for the first one I’m
gonna try and do it really simple and cartoony so it’s kind of like testing
the art supplies but we also get to make something at the same time so I’m gonna
try and draw a cutesy version [*talking to dog* actually you’re always cute, do you want to come here and see? I’ll
show it to you when I’m done. okay?] [*to dog* we’re gonna draw you]
how should I draw my little schmooper? I don’t usually draw this small let’s just
start with the head then maybe alright so he has a head and there’s this long
neck that goes into his body and he has his
little pointy nose and little tiny eyeballs with a big fluffy mullet and
then this time I had the hair on his ears cut really short
kind of like that – he has huge eyebrows, I don’t know where he got those from and his nose – he
looks kinda angry – last time he went to the groomers he got this cute little
blue bandana with snowmen on it and I have not taken it off (well I mean I’ve
taken it off a couple times but he wears it all the time…. obviously) okay I’m not
sure he got his ears right he’s laying down right now and I can’t make out the ears – [*to dog* oh you’re coming over here?] so it looks like they swing outwards more not that close to the face okay there we have a little under sketch
now with acrylics it’s going to cover over everything that we have there so
there’s no real point in putting in line art until later we can use that for some
details maybe – I’m gonna start the dark color because he’s mostly
this ‘burnt umber’ color – I’m gonna squeeze some on to a palette (and by palette, I mean
this piece of paper) this is really runny stuff, it’s called fluid acrylic
maybe I should read up on this maybe it’s not what I think it is “produced
from light fast pigments instead of dyes they have the same strength of Golden
heavy body acrylics, but with the thin consistency similar to a heavy cream” I
would agree with that this looks delicious, anyone want some chocolate?
that looks like chocolate to me – oh that looks delicious too, white chocolate and
milk chocolate so he’s got like a white muzzle so we’re
gonna use the cream color for that- he has white eyebrows – spread that upwards oh my gosh
that actually kind of looks like his hair, its looking a little Chewbacca here I’m gonna mix these colors a bit – grab some of the darker and put that over top I’m just trying to get some dimension so
it’s not one flat color I think’s funny about my dog is every time he gets a
haircut he looks like a completely different dog, even when I ask for
the same haircut he comes out looking like a different dog so if this
doesn’t look like the last time I’ve shown you him that’s probably why – I’m
gonna go in with some of the white chocolate some of that down he also has
some gray hairs in his ears I have to color his whole body in this color he’s
kind of a white dog actually he’s pretty much a white dog but I like this
color – it’s a little off-white, its cute – time to institute the glob and blend
technique – should fill us into the edge of the page? I think its so funny when (i mean maybe this isn’t funny for someone who knows what they’re doing) but
whenever get a paintbrush in an art subscription box there’s always like
some kind of verbage that talks about how this is like one of the greatest
brushes, you know? and then I use it and I’m like ‘hmm, it’s just a brush to me’ maybe
someone who knows a bit more about paint brushes would be like ‘wow look at the
way it like bends and flows with every touch or the way it carries the paint’
but to me I’m just like glob and ‘phttt’, glob and ‘phtt’ it works as a paint transferring device –
okay I need to reshape the face a little I just got a peak at what he looks
like, he’s looking at me, I need to take advantage of this [*talking to doggorooni* look at me! look at me. hey do you not want to be immortalized in this light fast fluid acrylic ink? I promise I’ll draw you eyes
later if you let me see your face.] I missed up the muzzle I think, his
face doesn’t look like it sticks out enough maybe I need to move the nose
over here? I can get a really cool fur texture with acrylic that I’m loving
he actually has some really curly hairs right here – all right this is not going
too shabby it actually kinda looks like him it’s putting me in a good mood! okay
moving the nose over actually really helped, he looks less like a Maltese and
more like a Poodle now – I know I have some more of these and I think I even
have this exact same color and I know have like a green and red but I can’t
find it I could only find my Golden open slow-drying acrylics which are annoying because, they are slow drying but I do have a blue, I can color his bandanna with this shade – I can shade that
back one – oh gosh it’s really starting to look like him oh my gosh okay just keep
playing with it I guess – acrylics I think is one of those mediums I like to do on
a smaller scale I tried to do a larger scale acrylic painting I think right
after I did that one where the girl was like falling with the leaves and it just
didn’t work out (which is why you never saw it) hehe I mean like look how tiny this thing is [*talking to dog* I can’t wait to show you. you’re gonna be so impressed. you’re gonna be like ‘wow I
could never draw something like that cuz I’m a dog’ right?] I just looked
back down at him and I realized his bandanna is way darker than this so I need a fix that –
I’m loving the like the super painterly look of this – just globs that sort
of make you think of something without actually physically looking exactly the
way it should ooh! that little line helped a lot! I’m like
struggling to get something to look right and then I just do one glob and
then like ‘whow’ that’s it! magnifique! – I feel like art subscription
boxes aren’t really meant to limit you they’re meant to inspire- so if I’m
inspired to use different art supplies I don’t see that as a failure – just draw a bunch of
little snowmans and by snowman’s I mean ‘blobs ‘ – hopefully I can fix the eyes with
the pen cuz his eyes are a lot darker than his fur – whoo adding the white is
helping him to look a little older like the doggie that he is – I gotta be careful just
like one glob can fix it one glob can also mess it up this is 600 GSM paper
it’s basically like a chunk of cardboard so it’s holding up real well – I love it! I
think I need to just wait for it to dry and then take a look at it from there I
love this section I think that looks really good – so we’re back everything’s dry
except for the slow drying acrylic obviously but I want to test and see if
this works on top of the acrylic that is dry – I don’t know if it’s visibly working –
have some nostrils yeah not super visible, a little bit of a
disappointment with this – but I can use it to sign although this turned out cute
and it looks like him sometimes it doesn’t look like him right now
because he’s a lot thinner than this right now, his hair it’s and quite as
‘girthy’ so-so I want to try again and I’ve got five sheets here so I think
could be fun to give it another go maybe if I turn his head I’ll be able to show
the longness of his snout and that might help make him look different – this kind of
like curls off to the side like that – a little bit – and he has his nose -something
like that? does that look weird? sometimes you just need to play around with it and look for
the right lines those look like pig ears {*to dog* no offense] alright let’s give that a go, start adding the acrylic – what did I start with last time? the
dark color – lets do that again that seemed to work – need to add some more
‘chocolate syrup’ – there we go the eyebrows you can mix it a little
I love his spots because they’re just so random and it’s like someone definitely
didn’t put any thought or planning into this they just sort of ‘are’ hehe – that’s what I
like about him – lets try and get a little mid tone here mixing them kind of want to try
something different with the eyes this time try to make them a little more
obvious because in the last one you couldn’t really see the eyes they
blended in a little too much I wasn’t a fan of that – maybe shows his knee here -maybe
lighten that up a bit – he’s looking very regal in this one – acrylics really
suit his like furry curly hair if you just sort of like swish your brush
around and it becomes fluffy! – actually I need to shade a bit under this lip –
maybe like that – I can actually got the lighter color and pull down onto that
just a smidge oh yeah that worked really well – my experimentation has been
rewarded! – now I’ve lightened up around his face so now I think I can go in with
the dark brown just add his eyeball and it’ll look like an eyeball! hey? hey? I’m
liking this one – it’s looking a little more like him right now –
[*to dog* with your haircut!] hmm..? not sure how to do this…cuz it’s kind of the same color as his snout right now I
mean I could just lighten up all this and then make the ear the dark bit if I
lighten up like around here and darken this up a bit more, is that a little bit more
obvious? – so there, its a little bit more puppy version and now what he looks like
right now with this lean haircut – my dog is so funny, whenever he comes back
from a haircut he just sort of struts around – I can’t get over how regal he
looks in this one – I’m gonna try and use the brown and get closer to [the bandanna] cuz I
really like the edge that I’ve got alright the other thing it’s missing is
the snowman’s I just actually looked closer at his bandanna and the snowman’s
actually kind of like go kind of crazy so more like that
now I wonder if I can clean up that mistake with a clean brush – just had to
go over that with some white maybe – there it’s like it almost never happened -I’m liking
that one I think I went turned out really cute that one actually looks more
like him than the last one oh I didn’t add any of the white to make him look
older all that gray hairs you know – I’m liking this one a lot – I think this one turned out really good! I’m gonna sign this one right now luckily the pages don’t quite
touch, so when I have it open so I can actually work on the next one while that
one’s still drying hehe aren’t I clever? alright let’s work
on this guy – I want something that includes his fluffy tail – i’ll have to
draw him a bit smaller – maybe something like that – the cool thing about this is I
don’t really have to put a whole lot of time into the sketch it’s more important
it’s getting like the acrylic tones right and you can’t really work towards
those with a pencil – it’s more accurate the way his Bandanna usually looks,
which is all crazy and flat – looking good adding in the color – starting with the mullet, some
mid tone more is here right now if he’s looking that way Oh a
spot will be on this side – and his other spot will be there and where’s your leg spot? looks like they’re
on this leg I angled you right for your spots, man. haha I guess
I know you pretty well – and this spot actually covers his butt so he gets a
brown little tail like this but then the end of it is white and fluffy so you
grab that ah I just love him he’s like so perfect I don’t know if I’ve talked about him much,
but we had adopted him when he was like 2 so we don’t really know a whole lot
about his past except that he was a puppy mill dog and he got returned and
so he has abandonment issues oh he’s staring at me – he’s like: “don’t talk about me, mum” now this color actually mixed in a lot with the brown so it’s not like a
solid light color which I’m kind of liking because then I can add highlights
to it and just from experience I’ve kind of enjoyed starting darker and adding
lighter tones on top just worked with my workflow now this back leg I want to
color in darker so I’m going to add some Brown – color that in that legs a little super far
forward actually, probably should be on this side, do I like that better? Yeah, I do like that better. Is there a way to pick up acrylic? picking up all the rest
of it – water – lift – and I can go over that with white afterwards – I do need to
lighten the leg because his leg is not brown it’s just darker white – again in the
background and then we could actually take the straight ‘Titan buff’ and lighten
up the front legs and that might help with the background to foreground ratio
here lighten up his little toes and paint over that hopefully hide my mistake yeah boy
– add some more texture to his mullet I guess it isn’t a mullet because I had his
ear [hair] cut a little shorter this time eventually it’ll be a mullet hehe – oh I didn’t
add his eyebrow need the Titan buff for that I’m just trying to add more texture by
adding some more Brown even though it’s like the white section of him I want you
to come see like that curliness that I think we did really well with that last
one so I want to add some more of that texture – okay
that’s working it’s working a bit more what I think I really like about
acrylics is it gives it that like rough concept-y feel and I’ve always loved
going through like movie art books and looking at the concept art and that’s
what this reminds me of obviously to a much smaller scale but I really love
that texture that’s what it’s really making me think of that – add some more
texture to the legs because they have curly hair on them too – we can add- oh I’m out of the
milk chocolate (and when I say milk chocolate I mean ‘burnt umber light’) – it
looks so much like chocolate syrup add his eyeball – bloop, bloop, bloop! – I’m gonna leave it
white around there even though he doesn’t have whit around his eyeball maybe it’ll make it more obvious and also looks kind of creepy so I’m not
sure we’ll see – okay I made his nose a little too long let’s see if I can fix
that with some white Acrylic – ah yeah! looks a lot better! fixedy fixedy! – okay now
we just need to add his bandanna! — not too shabby!
I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was enjoying myself with this one – I think I
need to pull a spot back now that I’m looking at it – don’t want to make it look
a little more like my wittle baby here we go I think we’re done with this one I
kind of want to move on and do another one hehehe – this is too much fun
I really like starting new ones I like that I drew him standing up with his
tiny little legs – okay let’s do another one, let’s do another one! – what should I do for this one?
I really enjoyed drawing the legs so I kind of wanna stick with that theme but
I’m not entirely sure-oh! oh! he has this trick where he’ll sit up on his back legs – he can also dance or stand up on his other legs – see he always pushes his little
belly [chest] out – I forgot his neck and probably make him look up a bit –
mullet, eye, nose, fluffy tail, does that layout fit on the page? I guess it get fits and I just need to
figure out where all the body parts go head, nose sticks out like that, little puffed
up belly and his arms I think come out from here go up and then like that oh
this is working this working okay now where do his back legs go? – He’s sleeping how can you sleep? I’m drawing you! I’m just going to have to go from memory
I think the legs are too long – they look funky since he’s sleeping and I don’t want to
bother him I’ll see if I can look at a reference – okay it looks like
actually that does look like what he does okay so your legs come out of your
butt right and then there’s a bit of a rounded shape like that and then he sits
on the long section like that then you just have to draw another one -that’s
the best I’ve done so far references kids! I’m liking where this is
headed this is looking cute okay let’s try let’s start adding in the
acrylic with the dark again – alright, go back to the dark- I forgot to leave space for the
eyebrow but I’ll figure it out, I’m not gonna forget those they’re so freaking cute! – okay so this side of him actually doesn’t really have any spots actually
this leg might be all brown if I remember correctly I could be completely
messing this up can’t really see from here – perfect! now
clean the brush a bit, now we’re gonna add a ton of this everywhere
and I’m okay if I mix in with some of the darker brown because I kind of want
to add all that texture anyway so if it does it on its own thats a plus side to me –
so trying to do all my shading right now because then I can add the plane Titan
buff on top and get the texture that I want – I think that’s what’s been working
out so far a little bit darker for the back leg
there’s contrast between those two – not looking too bad – I’m actually blocking out his snout a little more – yeah it looks better too – [*to dog* oh you are up and about!] so this leg isn’t brown I see him moving, – cover over that a bit work on this ear here – shading to this
end since it’s so separated from the rest of him – add texture to the mullet, (I’m just gonna keep referring to it as the mullet) now I just want to add
some texture to the fur there’s a little bit there but I want more! what’s the
point in having a dog if you don’t draw him right? forgot to color in and eye – alright, now I just want a color in the
bandanna – try to keep to that shape that I made I really like that shape add a little blue for shading to add a
little hue change – I did that in the last one and I really liked it so see if I can do
that again oh I love that once I had like the blue and the shading I feel
like it just adds so much more ‘something’ can’t say a ‘life’ because he definitely
doesn’t have blue in his fur but it looks cool! – shade that a little bit more
his paws will show better by adding in the blue it’s like a shading color instead
of just the brown which is also a fur color, I think it adds some more depth to it –
instead of it just looking like he has dark fur in the dark places – I’m having a really
hard time with this paw making it obvious that it’s a separate piece and
not just part of his belly – actually if I was smart – I’d
just shade its whole belly again and then draw in that leg – let’s
see if I’m smart paint the whole belly again like that! – so now he has no leg just a
three legged dog and then we darken up this leg like that now that I have
that I should (I think)let me get some whole new paint for this, make sure it’s
perfectly clean, and just draw in this leg – hmm not sure that actually changed
anything looks the same – well I thought it would work it was worth a shot I
think I’ll have to practice kind of hard to do that when you know without
line art and this is all supposed to be like the same color- that’ll just have to do –
still feels weird writing ‘2019’ eventually I’ll get used to it – I’m
really liking it with the using the blue to shade hmm I think that looks really
really cool alright let’s move on to the last one and I think I want to do for
the last one it’s just a redraw the first one but with my new knowledge or
if I end up with something else I’ll draw something else *hehe I’ll just sketch and see what happens -do I want to be all creative like this? I’ve never
seen a dog do that in my life what if he’s just sitting all normal like!
actually he always sits with like one leg up like that when he wants something should move everything off to the left so I can fit his tail –
I really wanna draw the fluffy tail it’s like so cute you know? just move it all
over just a smidge – here we go, I think that fits a little better! figure out where
his eye goes and eyebrow and I think we can start coloring it all right there’s the
sketch now I want to do-what I learned from the last one block down all the
colors a little bit darker than you want them and then you can add you know
highlights so where did I put my paintbrush? okay but first I think I should add some blue
to- actually let’s start with the brown like we’ve
been doing – it’s been working so far! and his nose! – now this leg has a big brown streak down the
side of it which will make the whole leg look Brown in this picture but it’s not – and the tail –
I think that’s it for brown-oh! ears! alright next we add in the Titan buff alright now we can add some with a blue
mixed with the Titan buff for shading purposes, I’ll be pretty heavy with it at the
beginning here and blend it out – soften it up – now we can start adding texture
into everything – I think we have a pretty good base layer down not sure I said
anything in a while but I’m just doing that same thing I’ve done with all the
other ones I basically just play with it until I hope it looks good actually ran
out of the milk chocolate or ‘burnt umber lite’ – there’s certain things you
want to do when the layers are still wet and then there’s like other things you
want to do once they’re dry because like once they’ve dry they don’t really
reactivate so if you want to be able to mix them you have to do that all when
it’s wet – while that stuff’s still wet we can get
those ‘swirlies’ – right now it’s not looking too great but I think it’s just because of
his pattern it’s making it really confusing – let’s add his other leg back
there, maybe, does that make it more confusing? ehh I think
that helped a little! oh I forgot the eyebrow didn’t I say I
wouldn’t well I didn’t, I almost did – just want to lighten up this foot here like that add in his eyeball – Boop! – it looks silly I still haven’t figure out how to do the eye
ball correctly and then lastly is bandanna – okay! and I probably should add
some little snowman’s for texture nothing in these drawings is very exact so
you just have to kind of just make it hint at it it’s very impressionist – his
mullet is way too big and I’m not loving it – I’m gonna just shrink it by going
over it with white – yeah that looks better! I feel like the ears are what I have the most trouble
with – I’m just not entirely sure how to go about that – kinda that same scenario I had with
the last one and that foot that came out front – ooh is that the last page? let me double
check yeah that was the last one – should we do a little trip down memory lane here? ready? so we got the little sketchbook I drew this guy
which honestly looks just like my dog when he has very fluffy hair but it
wasn’t really what I was going for I wanted to draw more the way he looks
right now so then I tried again and I got this sort of regal looking a little
mr. pooper and it honestly looks very very close to the way he looks right now
except his necks is a little too long in this picture , so I try it again I wanted
to draw like a full body so we got this little guy I really love how skinny the
legs look because when I try to draw him with like a pencil and a paper some
reason his legs always end up a lot wider than they are in real life and I
think this is the first time I’ve really captured it and I just I really like
that and the way the brown spot goes down his leg Ahh! it just looks like him! and
then here I decided to draw him doing one of his tricks we had a lot of
trouble with this leg but I think in the end that doesn’t look as bad as I
remember it so pretty happy with that and like the using the pink for the
sketch actually makes it look kind of look like his tongue is hanging out a
little bit and then lastly the one we just finished this guy right here
honestly probably one of the worst I don’t love that one, but we made a bunch and I
like oh I like them all as a set, they are so cute it’s like little doggy
trading cards and they’re my doggy! *kiss* which one is your favorite? We got ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ ‘D’ or ‘E?’ I think my favorite is this guy I really like-I really like this one
a lot anyway this was the January ArtSnacks box – it came with these two
acrylic paints, this paintbrush, this pen, and this little pack of amazing paper, I
might have to look into buying some of this this is – the
Stonehenge aqua cold press – I’ve been looking for some better watercolor paper
and I’d be interested to try this with watercolor that’s really freaking
fantastical – although I don’t know if I need 600 GSM… that might be overkill hehe – but
I really like the paper oh and I also came with that candy and the sticker and
this thing anyway, I want to thank you guys for watching if you’re interested in getting
your own Artsnacks subscription I’ll have a link in the description where you
can check that out and see if it’s something that will work out for you.
this box was sent to me for free by ArtSnacks to try and share with you so
thank you ArtSnacks for that – I really like the way it looks from far away –
thank you guys for watching! I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a
delicious evening full of waffles! ♪ ♪ bye! ♪ ♪ do you have a doggie, if so what breed?


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