Painting the Boat – Part 11 – Adding Some Color

Painting the Boat – Part 11 – Adding Some Color

hi my name is Doug Jackson behind me a
sailing vessel seeker she’s the boat the internet built and I have a book to
share with you it’s one of my favorites it’s a children’s book okay the big
orange Splott mr. pink water wrote this and it’s all about mr. plum beam and he
painted his house like this okay now you can see why I like him I like a little
color you know we’re born in the hospitals
with sterile white walls we move into college dorms with sterile white
eggshell white walls we move in a the first slew of apartments I’ll in
eggshell white walls I’m tired of that ready to be my own
self that’s what this books about get it try it out best advice I can ever have
and the beautiful thing about it written for fourth graders hey Emily if you can’t see me right I’m
coming right here on this port oh yeah you can’t yeah
nobody’s gonna find me here did you ever think you’d be a movie star
thank ya yeah when I was about four years old
it was prettier than – that was a lot prettier yeah I’m going up that’s your
eyesight you can t see me Sant this is Bernard he’s from he’s from Dallas but
that is it’s definitely a Scottish accent or you got this on over here duck
yeah I’m putting it on heavy I don’t want to come back in a second coat we
got just a little bit of dew fall this morning
that’s the fantastic humidity is finally dropping the humidity is 75% means we
can start earlier that means we could beat the Sun a little bit more well
Bernard back this morning and also joining us this joke from Azores the
only thing we’re changing a little bit today is they’re gonna do a little
sanding up there before with some scotch brite and the reason for that is this
this paint is more than four days old now so we’re taking the blush off of it
and then I’m gonna give them some paint let them go yeah we’ve got Portuguese
Scottish and redneck you got that a marelok – on a little
thin up there so I’m gonna fix that throw some more on down here now when
our sprayers failed us we we roll this and you can see if you don’t get the the
right nap it just Yanks some of the threads right out of it and it doesn’t
go on as thick either so well if you’re gonna roll it you’re probably gonna have
to end up rolling it twice okay we think it’s fair that everybody gets to drive
this machine because otherwise they think that the people who are driving it
are idiots and don’t know how it’s got a joystick but to turn it you push a
button to turn the wheels and you hear them but then they don’t move and then
also they move a whole lot so is it is hard to drive hey there’s a turtle
button on there too you press the turtle you go slow that’s too much there you go you know I
think half the joy of the job isn’t playing with the new equipment yeah I
know you got it don’t hit my boat man so we’re gonna send the blush off all
this number to come back and first I’m ready and it’s not really sanding these
are just scotch-brite pads we picked up from single source and that’s it you
know they take a little bit of the top surface off called the blush and once
you get that off the new paint will stick a lot better it’s kind of like a
waxy film they want gone if the paint’s fresh I think what
happens is the top coat just you know eats right through it you get that
binding between it but since this paints now over its overcoat period which is
four days we got to take that layer off and again it’s one of those things that
you know you do it yourself you can get it done right but do they do it right
for you in the boatyard you know this is worth man if I was
having a boat paint in a boat yard I would stand over from and watch but if
you do that try and be nice to them you can only make enemies out of those guys
next step is to tape off our yellow pipe and then start splashing on some bread
paint here we’re gonna probably take it to the water no way you can do this okay
well I thought maybe you could do it Joe if you want to use tape use tape you
know why is it Tati because it’s I would yeah he’s got the rougher world in there nobody’s gonna notice from 40 feet away Jose one of those high speed guys he’s
gonna build a boat too but I think he’ll do it in half the time most people will
America 450h I build the cool thing about this stuff you can go back and
paint over it as much as you like to worry about they gonna blush off or
anything like that if you got to put a second coat on even a month later it’s
fine oh it’s a good color I like color
I’m tired of seeing white plastic votes and yes we got it from a single source
industrial cutting and it’s a two-component polyurethane so it’s you
know mix it up just like epoxy so it’s our top coat this is the last layer to
go on and stay shiny a pretty UV resistant all that stuff what do you think about the color yeah
so DA’s or Ian’s like bright colors good otherwise I gotta go all the way to like
you know Singapore to find somebody appreciates it
you guys just switch brush and roller is it in the fridge you say provide better
than it’s nothing yeah I’ve seen you Spray is good but you’re gonna think
you’re gonna have to go up behind it with a brush have you yeah I like the
brush so you just like cleaning it up to the roller on the second go we went by
got some lunch and went by Home Depot and got some rollers here this is kind
of cute I’ve never notices they make them with a little ball on the end of it
there so you can do along the edge but turns out brush is fine he’s just a you
spent a contractor for too many years you’re used to people not liking
something and this is not that boat yeah it is hey what’s fine it just doesn’t
completely cover it surprisingly the Steel’s staying in at 118 today so we
can keep painting we got a lot of paint underneath it will clean it up wind got
us I’ll get a rag clean this up with
although the way it’s coming out got another morning and Joe was she
calling the machine is hard at work there dude just as he’s like Teddy
Roosevelt and Bernard is here T taping off for the last of the yellow along
that side over there you getting a discount buying a volume
but more we could have moving those things around a lot okay seal kid came in so we just took it
back apart again dating in in the cups you no leaks it will sacrifice the chicken tonight
pray to the boat God Joe was up there masking off our scupper ports and
Bernard and I are scuffing up the boat making it ready for more paint so we’re
working our way up and Joe’s got most the top of that that’s all scuffed up
now and Joe’s down there working our bow rollers well rinsing it left a little bit of a
film on there so we’re just going to go ahead and pressure wash it off Jill is prepping these rooms for us dr.
rest out here is the rest converter we used we’ll put that on first it needs 24
hours and dry and then we’ll grate coal-tar in here and all you’re going to
do is pressure wash the steel to get the loose rust off and then spray on rust
doctor or even burst on bullet on and give it 24 hours to dry and then we
overcoat that with coal tar will cover or stain this back so we don’t think
then we will think the hydraulic lines because they’re just steel the whole skyline beautiful now you five you asking yourself does he
move that fast all the time the answer is yes this is the morning we’re doing the test
see if this 45212 do coal talk well it started working it takes a long
time like 7-8 minutes to pump it all the way through the hose but we gotten
pulsar at the end now the pressures up looks like it might work you got that gauge on you what is doing this it’s spraying a
couple times pretty good and then it kind of loses energy you can see it goes
into like a fan pattern like on his fingers and that means the pressures too
low so what we’re going to do is we run change the tips to a 5:19 from a 525
it’s a smaller tip and hopefully that will keep the flow down see there’s one good spray
it starts fingering out you see how the mist goes in and out to
a stream that’s locked at pressure there there died you can actually feel it kick
the handle when it dies yeah yeah that’s not any good well that’s all
the tricks we have up our sleeve for this pump it’s just not enough for this
cult are it could be you know a ball in there or could be we put the seals in
not quite right but I don’t think so but it’s doing pretty damn good it’s almost
there you know almost like a star for air I’m gonna set the max air pressure
on this thing so that it’s higher about add 150 psi okay now write a trick so we’ll just
roll it on wait for the tilt kids come in for the big compressor there’s about
a quarter paint 50 feet of 3/8 inch hose you get that back minutes starting to
give me a little thinner now most of the really nasty stuff out so I’m gonna
switch to clean stuff run that till we get to clean through it yeah yeah that’s
almost clear now we’re getting there oh it’s good guys you don’t think so mansions too long okay the texture the
texture is gonna be an issue no the textures not gonna be an issue no
I have a paint will actually settle out of this dirty xylene you know clean
itself up we can pour back off the plane stuff save a lot of it you see it’s
already getting thickened the bottom of that bucket there love water cleanup at lovely we’re
trying to keep the drawing on there for 24 hours and we can paint gray got a
brand new gun saying that’s the other one it’s in xtr five to the five
thousand psi gun seven thousand is the biggest they make and it came with a
filter some of you had mentioned that none of these things suppose that
filters them so I bought some filters and sure enough man just a little bit of
shooting yesterday this filter seems to have done a little
bit of work so we’re gonna make a habit now of taking the gun apart and cleaning
the filter after each use and replacing it if it looks like it’s too jammed up
all right Cole Turner brushing it on it’s one of the messiest jobs there is a
cold sleeve this is probably one of the worst places in the boat is back here on
the rudder to what we do getting that coal tar lay back in there against those
seams and those wells we can roll or spray the rest of it but we’re trying to
make sure we get the the joints and the wells and all those corners well let’s
thank you all having to do once but you got to do it both on you gonna be one of
them you’ve been a preacher yep yeah I have to yeah Wednesday night sermons
imagine that end of a long day that all the cutting is done so now we can spray
it and not worry about getting paint where it shouldn’t go or we could even
roll it and not worry about getting paint we should go we don’t have to do
anything with brush and small rollers and all the other stuff everything this
intricate is painted around and it has two coats on there which is sufficient
to be called done so annouce does the sprayer work for us the rest of it are
do we Roland we will see almost forgotten ahead damn it’s down here that
need to be painted so they’ll be the same scheme and they go up on the tail
the boat there where the tender will be held now what we’re doing is we’re
standing this because it’s over at six hour paint over time by like days now
and so we’re gonna spray on paint say what we’re doing for knocking off the
high spots because it’s on here a little rough and so then I’ll get a little
smoother and it takes off the the gloss finish that this has so the next layer
of paint will bind into it better so if you don’t over coat in the overcoat time
plan on sanding but in our case sanding is actually good to neo it smooth it out
some it’s just what the the rollers leave behind I’m not sure what the
sprayer is going to do I’m sure it won’t be much better but well sand again
before we put our bottom coat on and this is Hugh hood he’s actually a
lawyer and he’s a board member for the sea-chest Foundation which is the 501 C
3 branch of SB seeker we’re gonna at least our boat to the sea chest
foundation for a dollar a month and people like you are going to make sure
that it’s run as corporately as a non-profit so if you want to make a
non-profit donation to SV seeker you can’t do that for there’s a private boat
that you can make a non-profit donation to the sea-chest foundation so we
welcome that desktop there now you ought to know that if you donate to the
sea-chest foundation you’re not notating money that will be used in the
construction of seeker it’s nothing that I even have contact with it goes to the
sea-chest Foundation which is 501 C in the United States that means it’s a
nonprofit organization there’s different tax rolls on it so you can get your
donations ripped off on your taxes if it’s a big donation but anyway and it
also allows us to work better with universities because the university can
do business with a 501c3 the sea-chest Foundation happens to have
in his possession of both they lease to that organization i leased that boat to
them for $1 a month that’s how it works and then the sea-chest foundation takes
those funds and they can use them for buying diesel or a flight for a research
to get out to the boat or something like that equipment that’s needed for
conducting that research it’s not for the construction of seeker it’s for the
research and oceanography and that sort of thing and if the 501c3 dissolves like
they don’t have a folk if i die and they’ll finish it or whatever it happens
the money’s in a 501c3 will go to another 501c3 that operate under the
same type of mission statement so we’ll give the money to you know go to like
Woods Hole or to the Nautilus or somebody
now it’s doing the same kind of work that we want to do so your money cannot
end up someplace where you don’t want it to be so consider it we appreciate it we
have plenty of money right now from what we’re doing to finish the construction
of the boat so we’re looking at starting to build that nest egg for researchers
to come out and work with us thank you the neighbors got tired of seeing that
big orange plot someone said Mr plumb beam we wish you’d get a round of
painting your house okay said Mr phlegm be he got some blue paint he got some
white paint and that night he got busy he painted at night because it was
cooler man I appreciate that when the paint was gone the roof was blue the
walls were white and the big


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    Amazing what a difference a few dozen mills of paint can make. Also love the colors and the book! /s

  • Gary Johnson says:

    If you wet, and then roll the sidewalk, with the roller before you use it, you will remove the loose fibers. If you are going to use oil based paint, dry the roller cover completely. In a hurry, point an air hose at the cover and let it spin.

  • Adrian Tallpoppy says:

    Hi from Australia, good luck with everything.

  • Rigging Doctor says:

    Your boat is really coming along nicely!

  • Flat Strap says:

    You fellas …are Robots ….. Painting Machines !!!! Looks Soooo good !!

  • SouthJerseySound says:

    I have family in Duffus Scotland not far from Dallas.

  • N. P. says:

    I think you should for any case having a watertight bulkhead at the bow, and 2nd using this for triming e.g adding sand. You don't know the center of buoyancy yet, do you?

  • PTYKiller says:

    Doug, you my friend are just a whole different kind of human. In my book, one of the best kinds. Truly inspirational. God Bless!

  • Fanboy 3k says:

    It's getting so close, looks like a ship now instead of just a giant piece of steel.

  • Jason Taylor says:

    how many times did you run the lift over the edge of the tarp hanging off the edge? at least once?

  • Jason Taylor says:

    i should have told you about the tape line trick. Once you put the tape on the edge of the first color paint that color (1st) over the edge of the tape. This seals the edge of the tape so your second color does not seep under and you get a clean, sharp line of the second color.

  • HOMadsen says:

    Love the colors on Seeker ! She looks so amazing ! Great colors Doug. Congrats !

  • Charlie Christianson says:

    don't for get to paint some eyes no that there boat. good luck

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