Painting Tips and Tricks, and My Studio, Pt 1

Painting Tips and Tricks, and My Studio, Pt 1

Painting With Yovette, Tips & Tricks, and My Studio. Pt 1 Oh Hi, This is Yovette again at My Magic
Brushes, and today be really fun to do something a little
different, and so what I want to do is share some tips and tricks with you, and
my studio, and we’ll just have some fun today. So first thing I want to say to
you is about watching me, because I am a left-hander. And so some of you
right-handers might have a bit of difficulty trying to comprehend what I’m
really doing. So when I was going through my training, a teacher’s training, all my
teachers were right-handed I had a horrible time trying to figure out what
on earth they were trying to do, especially with using a knife. So anyway
at home one day I was sitting on the bed and I was watching the Bob Ross, and I
just happened to have a mirror in my hand. I had my back to the TV, and just
like now my computer is behind me, and so I had the mirror in my hand,
yeah, and I was looking, I just happened to see the TV, and lo and behold, what
they’re, well, let me flip this here, what is in the TV, I actually saw it reverse
The image, and so Bob Ross became a left-hander and therefore I was able to
watch him and learn what he was really doing. And so that’s a little tip that I
just thought was wonderful I wanted to share with you. Well I thought it would
be kind of fun for you to see my actual studio. This is where I do my painting, it
is in a garage, but I absolutely love it here. And gosh, my husband built me this
fantastic light, and it has warm and cool colors, and it’s just right above the
easel, so it’s absolutely perfect for painting. I just, it really works out well.
Now this is my oil painting station, and as you can see I use an ironing board.
That is the most handy thing that was ever invented for painting, because if
you stand and paint it’s perfect. It just, you can raise it to the height you need.
And then I also have the table with supplies on it, a computer, you know all
those necessary things. And this is my acrylic stations, still in the garage but,
I love it. I love working here because I’ve got good light. I also have a table
here where I do the framing, and all the supplies here. This is called a stylus,
and it has, I don’t know if you can see it or not because it’s pretty small. It
has a little teeny tip here, a little rounded point, and on the other end it’s
a little bit larger point. And this is great for tracing if you’re a person who
likes to trace. What these little points, these rounded ends do, is they prevent
you from, from leaving marks all over your paper that you’re trying to trace
from, and so it leaves your paper a lot cleaner, and it also prevents it from
scratching so bad. So for this one I’d use a small tip, and you just go ahead
and trace. Now I don’t have any tracing paper with me, but if I did I would just
go ahead and trace this onto my canvas, and then I would just go ahead and paint
my bird. And it works really great! It’s just called a stylist so you can get this
at the art store. Now this little gadget here is called a wipe out tool. This is
the handiest little thing, because if you make a boo-boo, you can just simply on
your canvas, now this is just a palette but you can do this on your canvas. All
you do is just wipe it out. And it works absolutely fantastic! That’s on one
end, it’s a pointed, it’s a pointed end. The other end is also pointed but it’s a
different kind of a point. It works really great if you say, you wanted to
write your name. You finished your painting, you don’t feel good about maybe
trying to do this with paint, so you can use this little wipe out tool to do your
name. To sign your canvas, and that works really good. This is one of the neatest gadgets. It’s
called a tube ringer, and you can use this, I love it for my paint tubes
because when it gets down, you know, you got a, got a lot of paint squished
all over, well you just put this into your tube wringer, and clamp it, because
I’m a left-hander I’ll do it upside down, and you just start squeezing, and it
pushes all that paint up to the tip. And so, it’s a good, you’ll never lose
paint this way. I use this on my toothpaste tubes, I use it on any kind of
a tube that I have, lotions, everything. And then I just fold it up, and just put
my Clippy back on it, and it keeps everything nice and together, and I
really really really like that! Another thing I love to do is printing labels
onto my tubes of paint. And what I did, as you can see, I can just put the label on
with a sticky tape, you know, like they do for letters on labels. And I just have a
clip, and I put the title on the paint, and then as I use the paint, as it goes
down, it gets smaller. I just fold it and then put the clip on it, and that works
really great. If you should happen to have a whole bunch of paint left over
after you’re finished doing your picture, just, I’ll tell you what, just take all
that paint, mix it together and put it in a pile. Don’t throw it away. Use it for
practice. You can take a brush, and you can, you can practice with a brush
or a knife, but just say you want to do a tree, just you know, basic evergreen tree.
Just use your brush and practice on your palette. Don’t throw your bru, don’t, excuse me,
don’t throw your paint away. It’s always good for something it seems like.
Well, let’s say I just have a brush and this brush is loaded with paint. What I
don’t want to do is just dip it into my thinner, and then start cleaning it,
because it’s going to make your thinner just totally dirty. So with this brush,
it’s got a lot of paint on it, one of the easiest ways to get it cleaned, partially
cleaned, is just lay it flat on your palate,
take your, take your knife, a small knife or a large knife, whatever you have, and
just scrape it. Just scrape like so. You will be amazed at how much paint will
come out of that brush before you actually clean it. So try that little
trick, that works wonderful. Now once, excuse me, once you have cleaned your brush with
thinner, and you have it fairly clean so there’s just very little coming off, take ah,
this is just plain baby oil, and I love this for cleaning. It just picks up any
last little particles that may be in your brush, and so this also prevents the
paint from drying in your brush which is really great. And can you see this little
container, this is just one of the things I get at the grocery store for, you know,
at the deli where you get potato salad and stuff like that. And then you can buy
these little screens at art supply stores. they are, they’re great! Anyway
dip in the baby oil, and just make sure that you wipe the brush really well. You
want to get almost all the oil out if you can. And then you just lay it, or hang
it, hang it upside down, and you’re good to go.
Another handy hint is never lay your brushes down to dry. Always, always, hang
them. You don’t want that paint, you don’t want any paint to dry up in the furrow.
So this works really great. It’s just little clips that I got at Fred Meyer,
and attach it to a paper clip, and hang it on my easel. And this works really
great. And well, this is dawn dishwashing detergent. I’m sure probably all of you
have heard of this. Maybe not in foreign countries but
in the US, and if you get paint, this is just a plain t-shirt fabric. If you
should get paint, which happens every once in a while, you get paint on your
fabric, well I’ll tell you what, all you do, let me wipe this brush a little bit,
dip into Dawn dishwashing detergent with a brush, or your finger, or whatever you
have, and just put your dishwashing soap on the paint, just like that,
just put it on. And then, roll that shirt up, just roll it up, throw it in the
laundry, leave it sit overnight, and then it is absolutely good to go. Just throw
it in the washing machine and it’ll come out really clean. And you may have to do
it twice if it’s a, if it’s a really strong color. Sometimes I will use my oil
brushes with acrylic, and I know they say never never never do this. But I do it
all the time. If I want to use it, this brush has oil in it right now. If I want
to use it for acrylic, I’m just going to take, and just clean it, I’m going to
clean it with soap, the Dawn dishwashing soap. Put it under running water, just
make sure you clean it really well, put it under running water, and then it’ll
just come out squeaky clean, and then you can use it for acrylic. When you’re
through painting with acrylic, you do the same thing, into Dawn dish soap,
dishwasher soap, and then wash it out again. And you will be amazed at how
wonderful that works for using your brushes back and forth. Well I have a
question. How many of you have ever had a paint brush where you got a lot of paint
in it and then you forgot about it, and the paint totally dried in
there and became hard as a rock? And then everybody says, well throw that brush
away it’s no good anymore! Well, I have a secret that I have used for years. The secret is, well, it
doesn’t have to be this brand, but any kind of oven cleaner, any kind of oven
cleaner. Now what you do, and you have to be very safe with this because this is
toxic. But put your paintbrush in a baggie. Now this is a brush that has
paint dried on it. Take your spray, spray the bottom of the bag, and being careful
not to breathe it, and if you need wear rubber gloves, just work that, that oven
cleaner into your bristles. Only do this for a couple of minutes. I don’t know, can
you see this? I hope so. Anyway just work it a little bit, you’ll see that the
paint is coming out, and the foam will start to get kind of a dirty color. Okay
squeeze, take it out of your thinner, set it aside, I’ve got a bigger one here, this
is a, this is a, actually an oval brush. It’s not really that bad, but I’m going
to go ahead and clean it for you anyway just so you can see how it’s done. Again
I want to put some spray in the bottom, like I said don’t breathe it, and just
start working the brush. You’ll see it’ll just get dirtier and dirtier, all that
hard dried paint will come out. I guarantee it. You just have to work it,
just work it, and tell you if you feel that it’s gotten soft, or that you don’t
see any more of the colored water, excuse me, the colored foam coming off. So
work it up into this Farrow area here. Now this one was not bad. I’m just doing
this strictly for demo purposes. Okay now when you get that done, again squeeze,
I’m doing that with the plastic bag. Squeeze the excess out, put it on a paper
towel, and I’ll be right back. Okay, I’m back again. What I, all I did was I went
in the bathroom and I took these brushes, I ran them under warm water until I got
all that slimy feel off from the foam, or, which reminds me, I when I said that take
that out of the bag, I take that out of the thinner, I meant take it out of the
baggie. Anyway, then after I rinsed it, I just took, put soap in the brushes, and I
just lather them up really good. I just want to make sure all that oven cleaner
is off. And I did that with both brushes. Just clean them really well, lots of soap
and water, and then take them back in the bathroom or the kitchen whatever, and run
them under water again until there is no soap left. So then you have beautifully
clean brushes. I’m not going to do it now, but I’m just telling you what the steps
to take. So the next step is to lay your brush on a paper towel, because when
you’re finished with this, these bristles, when you kind of dried it out a little
bit, they’re going to be every which way. So you just want to groom your brush,
kind of smooth it out with no soap in it, and take your paper towel, and fold it
over a couple times, and then feel, where the tips of the brush is. You don’t want
to hurt those tips, so you fold in front of where the tips are, and you just make
a nice little package like this, and then you just set it down to dry and just
leave it dry overnight. Next day, the brush will be like new again. If this
small brush is all the same way, and it’s all the bristles are all going every
which way, do the same thing with those. Just wrap it and
little package. Anyway that is my best-kept secret! All my students know
that of course, but well, I guess now the world does too! Anyway, be sure and do
this, if you have paint as dried, try it out. Well I hope you learned some
things today that you can use in your studio, and be sure and share with me if
you did, if it was helpful. You know it helps me to make videos when I know that
you like them, I know I’ve got some, a lot of you Bob Ross subscribers now who are
corresponding with me, And, and I just love it. It makes it so much nicer. So
anyway, have a great day, and I’ll see you next month. Bye bye


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