• way2muchNFO says:

    RIP Ben
    DaglisH. Music is everything.

  • telbee says:

    The Cebit 90 section is outstanding – I'm gobsmacked!

  • Maurice Laumen says:

    Gee…, this SID-tune starting around 5:00 min. is really very addictive (to me personally ofcourse!) sticking to me all damn bloody day long…

  • Pralka TV says:

    Great demo. Great music. Perfect realization from the begining.

  • Maurice Laumen says:

    High quality demo shit as usual with awesome SID music just like I'm used to whenever I'm running your demos on the 8 bit magical wonder machine we all know as the Commodore 64! The 8 bit demo generation apparently is still going strong and that's just the way we want it it be! Truly inspirational to all of those that are seriously considering to become a coder, because you won't be able to find a better place for just that right here in the demo scene dedicated to Commodore's magical wonder machine …, our everlasting 8 bit friend we'll stay loyal to for the rest of our lives…: THE ONE AND ONLY COMMODORE 64!

  • Mark Knight says:

    Ah, lovely tribute to Ben – how nice of them to do that!

  • 00Skyfox says:

    That's very sad to hear Ben Daglish is gone. He was definitely one of the great ones.

  • DIYDSP says:

    damn! those scrollers!

  • BikeNutt1970 says:

    Cream of the earth indeed… I thought I was gonna hear a tracker mux but, no, chip aswell… The possibilities are endless. Think of all the Amiga classics with a C64 twist. I really hope we hear more of these. Oh, and the demo was super slick and technically great too. Great work all round!!!!!

  • Virgin Utopia says:

    It is the best C64 demo I have ever seen!

  • tubeMonger says:

    Amazing. What can't C64 do?

  • Rolf Venz says:

    Awesome Stuff and ive never seen a Haunebu Saucer in a C64 Demo ever. (2:45) Keep up the good work. Awesome music btw. Impressive what this old breadbox is able to do.

  • Wayne Dalton says:

    Rest in Peace Den Daglish

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