Photo Backdrop Cloth Out of a Bed Sheet ✂️ DIY PROJECT | SEWING REPORT

Photo Backdrop Cloth Out of a Bed Sheet ✂️ DIY PROJECT | SEWING REPORT

yes I did get a new backdrop welcome to
the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing
crafts and DIY projects in in this video I’m going to tell you all about my DIY
photo backdrop that was super cheap a lot cheaper than your traditional
backdrops that you can get on Amazon or there’s other photography websites so
this is a bit of a DIY project and yes it did involve the sewing machine over
the years behind the scenes here at the sewing report there have been a number
of changes I’ve changed what camera I use I’ve changed my lights I’ve changed
the backdrop countless times I have personally moved way more times than I
would like to and this latest change I really wanted to use this photo backdrop
stand I bought a while ago I actually sprung
for the more expensive one because it had a smaller footprint there are a lot
of photo backup stands that have like that tripod light stand kind of set up
but I wanted something with a smaller footprint that was easy to set up and
very portable and also pretty sturdy I found a great kit again it was a little
pricier than the others but I felt like it was worth it
but what I’ve been looking at cloth backdrops I don’t really like the vinyl
ones because I think they have more wrinkles and you you’re gonna have a
harder time getting those out I usually like to go for a cloth so I do have a
like fake brick wall backdrop but it’s not big enough for this space and you
would definitely see where it ends at the bottom but when I look at backdrops
that are the size I need like 8 by 8 or 8 by 10 they are really pricey we’re
talking like 80 to 150 sometimes $200 depending on the design the company in
the material I wanted to spend a lot less than that but still get a fairly
large backdrop so I turn to a king sized sheet so I looked around on Amazon and I
found one that had pretty good ratings this is polyester so on the plus side it
won’t really wrinkle although what I was trying to steam out some of the wrinkles
with my iron and kind of scorched it and I got some polyester bits um
so that was not great but since I have a sewing machine depending on how large
that hem was I was kind of hoping it would be big enough to easily slip
through the rod of the backdrop stand but this one was like just too tight
because my rods have some little screw things on it like plastic pieces not
getting real technical here it was too small because I first I tried to like
seam rip the ends and I was like this would be cool and then I wouldn’t have
to do any sewing not the case what I ended up doing was taking that hem and
folding it over three and a half inches I used my clover like hot press rule
whatever it’s called and then I pinned every you know footer so then I sewed
sort of a new rod pocket and it fit perfectly and it just hits the floor
like a little bit so I slid it over the rod kind of tried to figure out how I
needed to get it and I put the backdrop stand like this far high up as it can go
I believe mine is an 8 by 10 so for not a lot of money and you can check the
most recent prices down at Amazon but I got this sheet I forgot what brand it is
but that comes in several different colors and if you’re wondering you know
Jen why did you pick purple your logo is pink I realize most of the sewing report
stuff is pink but I wanted a different color to stand out a little bit so that
you know it doesn’t get like that washed out green screen effect you know where
everything is pink you know this is not a like pepto-bismol ad so I picked this
color purple because again it was one of the options that was available and I
also didn’t want a color that was the same color is something I wear a lot
like I wear a lot of pink I wear some dark purples and I wear blue but I don’t
wear this color purple like pretty much ever so I thought it was a pretty safe
choice plus I can’t do black because my hair is black so it would look like I
have like no hair in the videos so I mean we could try that I don’t know if
it would be the greatest thing if I had a different color hair a black backdrop
would have been really cool and I do like
black plus this backdrop is now in front of a window so you might get some kind
of funky lighting going on in the back but I thought it would kind of add to
the interest depending on what was happening it would give it a different
look in some of the videos so short story made long that is why I have a new
backdrop and I’m really proud of my little DIY it didn’t take too long it
definitely took under an hour and I did stick it in the dryer with like a wet
hand towel just to try to get some of the wrinkles out but I do need to clean
my iron now because it did get parts of the sheet on to it so I’m a little bit
sad we’ll see how that turns out but I do have a really good iron cleaner
anyways I just wanted to share this little behind-the-scenes story with you
and just share you know why I decided to change the backdrop but I’m always
trying to up my production level I love camera gear I love learning new things
and if you are interested and you know if you’re a maker and you want to
potentially start a YouTube channel I have a few videos on one of my other
channels just about doing all that and I also will link below in the description
box all of the gear I use for YouTube filming so I hope you did maybe find
this interesting I don’t know but let me know what you
think below in the comments and if you are a photographer if you do a lot of
photography for sewing or quilting let me know maybe some of your favorite
hacks or tips down below I’m Jennifer Moore with the Sewing Report I’ll see
you guys again in the next video you


  • Sewing Report says:

    Question of the day – if you're a YouTuber or photographer what are some of your favorite hacks or tips for setting up a studio?

  • Polly Maxwell says:

    I like the new backdrop and the color.

  • Miss Matti says:

    Thank you for sharing! I got 2 second hand sheets from value village for backdrop but do not own a stand yet. But I thought it would be the least expensive way to find a good background for some product shoots I am planning to do and your video reminds me to sort all of that out.

    I am planning also to do a set up similar to With Wendy with some paper lanterns and a little camera attachment for birds eye view. I think that can be a pretty inexpensive way to create more light and also have something to attach the camera to for those shots.

  • mspatti says:

    Yep, you have all of that expensive camera gear, and suddenly think the back drop is not worth the asking price. It of course was too expensive when you have the means to make it inexpensively. I like the purple, I like the way it is stretched tight on the frame. Looks good with your coloring. Good choice.

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