Photoshop Map Art Chicago Downtown Part 2 Wood Inlay Style

Photoshop Map Art Chicago Downtown  Part 2 Wood Inlay Style

Hello, this is Jeff at Magical Fruit Tuts
This tutorial is part two of a two part Photoshop tutorial
In this tutorial you will stylize a map of Downtown Chicago using the Wood Inlay style. In Photoshop Map Art Chicago Downtown Part
1 we used the modified cut-map style In part 2, you will stylize the map using
the Wood Inlay style First you need to prepare the wood textures
I used 3 wood textures in this tutorial – A Bamboo, Clipboard, and Light Brown Wood texture. Links to them are in the description area. You need to open each in Photoshop, then change
them to the same size and resolution as your Chicago Downtown map
In this case 4000 by 4000 pixels at 300 pixels per inch. Here’s how I set up the lite brown texture
I went to the link provided Chose the download icon and and downloaded
the original size, which is the largest renamed it Light Brown Wood and saved it in
the project area You should open it in Photoshop
Choose the crop tool at a Square 1 to 1 setting Adjust as desired
When satisfied click the Big Checkmark to accept
Unlock the Background Layer Choose Shift Control I for the image size
dialog Change the resolution to 300 pixels per inch
Change to width to 4000 pixels Change to the hand tool
Save the image in your project file as SquareWoodLightBrown.jpg Close the image
Follow the same procedures for the Bamboo and Clipboard Textures
You should end up with these 3 square jpeg files in your project area Start with start with the basic Chicago Downtown
basemap you created in Part 1. You should have saved it as Part2Begin.psd
Move to the streets layer Control click the Text BG layer
With white set as the background color Press Control Delete to fill the bottom area
with white De-Select Next to substitute different wood grains for
all the parts of the image Move to the City Layer
Place Embed the SquareClipboard texture Move to the Business Layer
Place Embed the SquarewoodLightBrown texture Clip it to the Business layer
Hold Down Alt or Option while dragging the SquarewoodLightBrown texture above the Lake
Layer Let go of the mouse
Make its blend mode Linear Burn Clip it to the Lake Layer
Hold Down Alt or Option while dragging the Squarewood copy2 texture above the River Layer
Let go of the mouse Clip it to the River Layer Move to the Streets layer
Place Embed the SquareBamboo texture Clip it to the streets layer
Select the Streets layer Add a levels adjustment layer
Input levels at 40, 1.99, and 208 click the clip-to icon to clip it Next to make the city text
Move to the top layer Press T to Open the Text Tool
choose the centered text option I used Tahoma Bold font at 75 points,Strong
Enter the City Text below the city Click the big checkmark to accept
Double Click the text thumbnail open the character panel
If you dont have one choose Window, Character from the menu
Hover over the tracking VA symbol and drag left or right to adjust to your liking,
I used 50 for this text Press the big checkmark to accept To center the text
select the move tool control click the Text bg thumbnail to select
bar area Click align vertical centers to align the
text vertically within the bar and Click align Horizontal centers to align
it horizontally deselect
choose the hand tool Move to the The SquarewoodLtBrown layer above
the Business Layer Hold down Alt and drag it above the text layer
then let go of the mouse Press Control Alt plus G to toggle the clipping
mask Move to the text layer
Add a bevel and emboss layer style. Use a down direction and a small size to simulate
an inlay use settings of Style:Inner Bevel, Technique:Smooth,
Depth: 64%, Direction:Down, Size: 2 pixels, Angle: 30 Degrees, and Altitude:
30 degrees We will use the same Bevel style for all the
main layers Right click and choose copy layer style
Select the Streets layer Now hold down control and select the River,
Lake, Business, and City Layers Right click and choose Paste Layer styles. We need to clean up the mouth of the river
area add a layer mask to the river layer
use a black brush and zoom in to paint over the problem area by mouth of the chicago river
as demonstrated Press control or command plus Zero to fit
the image to the screen The image seems a little too yellowish
We will use the Camera Raw filter to fix this and adjust some other settings
Select the top layer Press Shift Control Alt plus E to make a snapshot
of the image Right Click and choose Create Smart Object
Choose Filter Camera Raw Make these changes:
Temprature -13, Tint -3, Whites -3, Clarity +17, Virbrance +6
Then choose the Tone Curve icon and change the Lights to +4
Press OK to finish This concludes the tutorial, Hope you’ve liked
it Coming Soon Huntington Beach California Color
Modified Black and White Style

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