Pilates Performer: Intermediate Workout

Pilates Performer: Intermediate Workout

as you know Pilates is a progressive system of exercise in the basic workout you learned what feels like your alphabet and I don't see curve in the lower back the upper back is completely straight and now with the straight back if we other words but we pull pull up feel the energy coming out of the tops of the headbands straight and Bend and then add twist on the side of the body use the powerhouse keep the back very stretch sign next exercise a semicircle remove our slide all the way down to the end of the platform as possible head rested down now you're going to make a semicircle with your body breathe in as you straighten your body push the cat point lower the body down and lift and lift it's in the opposite direction feel the stretch in the quad and control and now for the leg work do leg circle legless trip Samantha degrees all circles up and down five in each direction don't make them to use the powerhouse relax the neck and shoulders and breathe now for the knees stretch series take the legs out it against the shoulder pads arms are on the bar back to that and really hollow in through your powerhouse run and under shoulders again just a lower body exercise in as you push the panel went out as you pull it in great for the knees great the gods and again always for the powerhouse and not art it and stretch your back in the opposite direction again just the lower body moves and now knees off you're going to lift your knees off the platform and work the lower body again bend the knees and pull in push out and in really squeeze the belly and now for the cooldown part of the carpus precise pelvic tilt lie down on the platform head on the headrest feet are can position heels on the bar lift your tailbone off the bar just one hand width and keep it there use your powerhouse to straighten your legs keeping your bottom in the same place bend the knees do this ten times for the final exercise running this is really to cool you down straighten your legs lower one heel as the other knee bends and then repeat on the other side do this 20 or so times relax the neck and shoulders squeeze the belly congratulations you're now an intermediate Pilates student who feel you're really ready you can attempt the final challenge with the advanced workout

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