Pixar Pier refurb update + magic moments with Fantasmic performers | Bonus Trip! 01/10/18

Pixar Pier refurb update + magic moments with Fantasmic performers | Bonus Trip! 01/10/18

let's go on fresh-baked we're here at DCA for a little bit of bonus coverage this week a little we're a little light on show so I thought we'd come down here at DCA my understanding is that everything's been boarded up down in the four block down a Paradise Pier and so I actually as it could see behind me it's a little dark back there isn't it look it it's a little dark not a lot going on it's still lit up but I mean a lot of the attractions are closed so we're gonna walk down Paradise Pier and see what's going on with the Florida to protraction sees a few things still open maybe we'll see some stuff going on I don't know we're gonna walk on the pier show you the boarded up stuff they're gonna get some dinner let's go fresh baked we'll start with the back side of paradise Cardinal ferry's pier which is still open you can see here these attractions back here still open chunk of jellyfish and the symphony swings are still going back there Goofy's sky school is still doing bang in business good morning or good but yeah everything everything is still cracking back here but as soon as we cross or pass fairness Gardens here it's gonna get really quiet I think are they gonna let us walk back there we're at the slice em finish swings and we thought we can walk through here but completely boarded up Kelly pretty screaming obviously very very dark I saw people walking through here my understanding is that the carousel both the carousel and Toy Story are still open so maybe we can maybe we can only get there the other side yeah so we have to walk all the way around again do you want to get a pretzel and beer for dinner no we cannot really good night oh no we can't have pretzels and beer for dinner although I've been every time I walk by here like what are we gonna do pretzels and beer again well let's try that again we're gonna make our way through paradise appear proper where there was Fun in the Sun for everyone except not anymore where it's just pixar fun and it could be any kind of weather really Pixar doesn't really have a sunny disposition necessarily Ariel's Grotto is closed it'll be wreath into something Cove bar is closed also will be redeemed as something I am rooting for Harryhausen's Harryhausen's that's the restaurant from Monsters Inc sushi at the sushi restaurant yeah that's all closed up I wonder you know I really like the feeling of the co Fargo I like Bill the old boardwalk you know like mementos that they have up there the blue walls have started all the way up here now my guest says they're putting like Edie demotes house is supposed to be probably right around there somewhere I can guessing Edna mode no way yeah we're gonna truck who she's babysitting Jack Jack and then he's gonna take off and then dash is gonna try to catch them well when you take off here oh this is actually what's happening yeah and then and then Elastigirl will be in the first launch tube I believe so here's our little corridor of sadness they're gonna walk down the corridor sad stuff Toy Story Midway mania and King Triton's carousel are still open now I don't understand why they didn't close the carousel why do you suppose fresh-baked they did not close the carousel I heard something the effect of it's gonna close they're like a month or so and it's gonna be down for something like a year to do what what if they put in a whole new attraction maybe that's why cuz it wouldn't take a gear to reskin the carousel not anything like that the concept art I've never noticing this before I remember noticing the concept art when you look at it really good you don't get a really good view of the carousel in the concept art but what you can't see is a giant Jessie leaning up against the circular structure and it looks like the structure has been closed in like like walls all around it it's a it's it's no longer open it's it's closed now that's the opposite of a carousel carousel should be open I thought that's like a thing right so if they've if it's enclosed maybe it's too close because they're putting in something different no there's nothing no word at all no rumors no nothing but that but you have to at least infer something from that fact that they start making it an obvious carousel in the concept art and the carousel isn't closing the same time as everything else is and then it's gonna be down for like a year if that's all true that tells me they're doing something besides Paris on here's the end basically of the boardwalk or a paradise appearance choice for a Midway may be the same way and it'll be the same no touch-ups no nothing I don't know I maybe I don't know but you can tell that they've had to extend the cube back this way because they've closed off the proper cube back there which means no mr. Potato Head either mr. Potato Head is out of business by the way it also looks like because of this because they've closed everything down there's also no fast pass unless can you pay check the app I'll check the app and see if you can get a fast pass digitally only but the fix the favor fast passes right here are not available well that answers that question we were just trying to see if we can get a fast pass for Toy Story but you can't even get a bet you can't even open how can that be get even open California Adventure what if I wanna get a fast pass for Radiator Springs and Disneyland app what if I want to get a fast pass for permission breakout what if it was a fast pass for mission breakout or whatever all right we'll check all that I guess they answered my question I liz's phone must have I don't know it must have been a like a disconnect the service toy store yeah you can't get a fast pass there's nuclear's no yeah no there's no fast pass availability for this experience right now that could be that it's sold out though right this is set for Isley Riverrun uh-huh although oh it's closed for reefers grizzly River Run is closed can't get one permission breakup because they're sundial ready to spring them sold out but you can get one for Goofy's sky school and Sauron so it's possible that you can't still get one for Toy Story but they are sold out oh and also find a white fresh-baked this gift shop the I think it's called what is it called something treasures what's the treasure something isn't it treasures of the sea I don't know but this gift shop is also closed but if you recall we were in here recently the whole thing was themed after up you know a traditional pier side amusement park so that's not gonna stand anymore it looks like they already take the name down oh no here it is treasures and paradise oh that makes sense treasures and paradise when Anka's were Paradise Pier yeah Charlie's Angels Hey look at that by the way look at those walls down there did we walk Wi-Fi those yeah I think we walked right by this this is they've boarded up they've walled up the whole what is over here the the winery I think no I think it's just closed no yeah they're definitely doing something I don't think it has anything to do that with the Pixar pier so this says we can't come to Disneyland a rare we can't make a rare weeknight night trip to the parks and then not go to Disneyland so we got what we needed at DCA it's a weird experience of their like half the park is busy they don't have this bit it's very strange so we're back here at this isn't proper on Main Street and Town Square then we're gonna look for some dinner I don't know if we've decided that we're gonna do but let's walk down Main Street first but and guys look no tree no Christmas decorations just classic vintage Disneyland popcorn we call it gas lights on the street what they call these things winters gas lamps we're all those and a classic sleeping beauty castle off in the distance there well they made a piquant look so I think we're gonna try to get some dinner here at the Jolly holiday because they have some lovely items here that I haven't tried in a while I think I would try something different something new this time because what I normally get is the grilled cheese and soup let's see what they've got in store for us tonight at the joy holiday this is where Liz and I ate on our first unofficial day we worked we didn't know we were on date at the time but we actually were most people roasted turkey Shibata there's a jolly holiday combo of course enjoy holiday salad which is one of my favorites don't ever ever ever get the grilled vegetable salad it's awful and there's a grilled apple a little dark back there I think that's the roast beef with blue cheese that crumbly blue cheese which is actually quite nice there's your oven roasted turkey sandwich right there brick a prease there's the joy holiday selling us with Liz my favorite thing today in the park there's your jolly holiday coming that's the grilled cheese sandwich mostly bread there cheese the bread ratios not did why a pity delicious so that's the corned beef Reuben which looks great can I happen I have to say I have to confess Liz I'm a little jealous are you let's trade yeah these are definitely two meals for two we're gonna chop this up both ways I think let's take a look inside that what does corned beef look like at Disneyland it looks like that that's gonna go with my belly by the way a little view here not a lot going on here this actually looks a little tame as it or Taylor than here we never sit back here this is a nice I like this it's got a lot of nice like energy to it this fine death sandwich I was swearing I enjoyed it so much that was this amazing you guys that is amazing Wow dinner at the Jolly holiday was an enormous success fresh pig that was a fantastic dinner that sandwich was amazing get get the corned beef Reuben that's a jolly holiday and get the Jolly holidays salad that was cool yeah get the Jolly holidays salad we what we did is that we chopped it up we chopped it up fresh bacon she had like 1/3 of my sandwich and I had like a third of her salad it was fantastic I'm taking a little interlude here at Sleeping Beauty Castle and look at the pinks and the blues and the pretty castle and its traditional look actually well that quite traditional cuz it's still got snow on it see it still got snow remotest pink and blue lovely great Disney now here's something I will show you where we get a glint we're only gonna take a quick look at this because we're gonna show it hopefully more detail on Saturday but they've got the entire hub surrounded by these walls all the way down itself it's you know around the entire hub this is part of the reefer for the tracks I don't know why they had to do I guess because the tracks were right up against the curb you can't really just cover the tracks so you because that's what they're gonna do on Main Street let's walk this thing around a little bit we should this applause are impressive I like that they've made that you know they're using they're nice-looking wallets as far as reefer walls go so it goes all the way around and it goes all the way around the other side too and it goes just a little bit down to our space street and it's mainstream proper what's gonna happen as soon as we're done with this I'll take these walls down I don't know make their way down Main Street we'll be covering more of that on Saturday when I have the crew with me and the evaluable yell at each other about what's corrected what is it as usual but for now what do you want to go to want to get some beignets we're not done eating yet apparently we must get some must get some warm toasty sugary huge Goulet bar so they said hey let's check out why they don't have any okay so she thought we might be able to get a cinnamon roll but that's not gonna happen okay we should we go back until she was dead out for a cinnamon roll just now yeah all right we're gonna go down to the barren wasteland that is whose porn or Twitter crunches this place is dead look at all the empty honey pots or beehives that are going through there it's so quiet back here we gotta we gotta find a snack let's find something good to eat but um well do oh my gosh look at that decorated cookie it's a Tigger you know what I don't know I like just cookies and I do love coffee so you know how sometimes when you go to Costco you're like I'm not gonna get anything or I'm just here to Costco I'm here at Costco so I can get you know 14 pounds of asada and that's like all are you getting get you know and then you go home with a cart full of crap because everything is on sale everything is so cheap everything soup lifts such a good deal that's kind of what just happened oh that wasn't because it was on sale we waited they're not even expecting to get anything really I guess but Liz's got a s'mores Mickey barb never had it before so yeah it's stupid what we get wait let me see there it is train by coming in and the guy so we got goopy sour balls also which are my favorite that list got Goofy's Mickey shaping licorice my favorite she's been getting this far that she was a little kid and I've been getting these for a long time – I love sour balls so we're gonna enjoy our yeah our treats over at a secret path what we're gonna try to do it the secret path guys is spy some monkeys I want to check out some fantastic monkeys on the floats because you can get a pretty good view of them right there okay well we're here at Mont Segur paithan look you can't you can't see those so dark are there who is it I can't even see I feel like a monkey break a leg guys it is the monkeys we can't see them we love you I'm stretching it I'll try to light it up hi guys hope they're pausing are you ready [Applause] he's ready to go okay when they take off let's go run down there trying to see if we yeah okay they're ready and there we go look at look at Oh fire fire Wow yes lucky there they go well the other ones gonna come out that's right that's so cool [Applause] back down time Davey ku dogs there all done those people have a post party beverage maybe a week trees they got do another play oh you think there gentlemen they just finished the amazing pirate scene on the Columbia good job you guys oh look she's there climbing down oh look at that quick trades yeah that goes Wow look at them they are although they are definitely going quick change right there yeah oh there he's still up there yeah they're making sure they're gonna have this your brave souls Wow I'm fine so they dropped everybody off then they go do their quick change I could show this Jack untouched yeah jack is is up there doing his own thing he's still a character to it yeah he is good job jack the joiner compass okay I was like that'll even be kept off what is he does he's on it he's only for show you know physical character only like there is a repeat five years [Applause] it's Wednesday so Wednesday night when you're January let's go yeah let's go this long way through New Orleans square that was fun I really enjoyed that even though we got it you know a lousy seat or whatever we get to see the best part all right that was fun that was fun I'm glad we did this little bonus trip to joy bonus trip yeah right on it was a fun night a little bonus Wednesday night coverage we're gonna follow this massive humanity out to the out to the what are you calling the bus drop-off well there's probably gonna be a huge line there hope you guys enjoy the show tonight we'll see you I guess tomorrow maybe I'm Martin L we're gonna see you Monday that's we're going to see you fresh-baked bye guys love you best friends we could set I don't think I've ever seen you and Mickey holding hands like that what's he doing go back together Disneyland you gotta stop it ken from this all may God listen this police we lost meeting again how come they can't keep track of me and he got stuck again I think many already booked it [Laughter] that many oh look out good night Benny huh he already went in he's already gone in Minnie that yes with Pluto but God 5 min ago there are both phones music yep if she turns around to be she's digging it we've got lots more videos for you to see so grab a churro and check out some of our other videos and have your mind blown by how much fun we're having we truly are the best of Disney baked fresh daily don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and we'll see you next time fresh baked


  • LaDolcevita says:

    I wonder what they do for disability passes for these rides?

  • LaDolcevita says:

    I would never wait that long for that ride. It’s not that great.

  • TheStaceySquad says:

    This whole video was so magical! Especially the end with Mickey, Minnie & Pluto walking out together 🙂 So adorable!

  • Liz Martinez says:

    Im here para su seguridad!! #fbmuffin4life #fbstreet #fbmuffinsince2k14 #freshbakednstuff #NSA #NSA4LIFE

  • Katie McKenna says:

    Where's the "secret path"?

  • Jason Allen says:

    The seasonal wintery top is up on the castle because the original ones are damaged. Hopefully they'll be repaired soon instead of them sticking the 60th ones back up :-Þ

  • Kathleen White says:

    Loved the new perspective of Fantasmic – great final bow from Jack Sparrow! Thanks for giving us that!

  • wenidog says:

    Nice behind the scene Fantasmic!

  • Richard Wilber says:

    So what's up with the parade on main street ,are they doing it at all or is it down too ?

  • José Serrato says:

    David, you are so right. I was one of those kids. A 9 year old kid in 1998 watching this for the very first time and absolutely falling in love. I’ve been to the park only a handful of times and due back in February. I cried the first time I saw it and I cry now watching it on YouTube. I can’t wait to see it in person again. 🤩😭

  • Heidi Sears says:

    You can still get paper fast passes at the kiosks by the Little Mermaid ride. We picked some up the day after you were there, Thursday.

  • Krillinish2 says:

    Toy Story fast pass is supposed to be distributed with World of Color FP for now.

  • Cynthia Marie says:

    Great bonus footage!! Thanks for sharing the magic✨

  • Charles Reinmuth says:

    Paper FastPasses for Midway Mania can be found by the World of Color FastPass distribution, which is now by Ariel's Undersea Adventure. Also, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto holding hands is the best thing ever.

  • The Bwrighter says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if they put in the Toy Story alien ride from DHS into DCA.

  • Jessica Perez says:

    Both items you dismissed immediately are my favorite at the Jolly Holiday!! I love the caprese sandwich! The grilled veggie and whole grain salad is my favorite salad out of all the restaurants at both parks. Their food rocks.

  • XNerdyyodagirlX says:

    Fantasmic is still one of the most magical shows ever created. From any direction you see it!

  • Mitchell Ries says:

    An obvious answer would be because the carousel is one of the more smaller rides and as a result will not require as much time to renovate as California Screamin' or Mickey's Fun Wheel.

  • Heather Fern says:

    I have been on several carousels in which they are in-doors for example the carousel at Santa Monica Pier is In-doors

  • hope says:

    I bet the carousel will turn into one of those UFO rides you see everywhere but skinned as Jessie's lasso

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    Liz your natural hair color is really pretty! And dyeing it is fun too! 🤩

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    Fresh Baked!! I LOVE FRESH BAKED!!

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