Plants and Flowers – 2012 Standout Performers: Part 1

Plants and Flowers - 2012 Standout Performers: Part 1

hi my name is Kirsten Segler from the greenery it's about middle of September now and we just finished doing all our trialing of our different stock pots so if you've ever driven by the greenery in the summer and you've noticed all these beautiful blooming pots laid out on the parking lot well these are all our show plants from during the season that we've potted up and laid out in their different categories petunias geraniums basket stuffers etc and then we do trial on them every two weeks giving them a rating mainly on color again the key here is people want annuals that are blooming for most of the season at least and we've now you know finished doing that and just selected a few of the highlighted ones that we thought were unique or new and that really reformed Wow throughout the whole season and that's what's sitting here behind me we're just going to focus in on a few of them and give you some points on them and maybe you'd be interested in them for next season by trialing all the different colors and varieties it allows us to see which one's perform the best in our climate the Okanagan climate which does vary dramatically to many other areas in North America and that's how we determine what varieties we're going to do next year allowing us to bring in some of the new varieties that come out every year it's gonna start here on my left introducing some of these plants this blue start flower over here is actually called blue star Lorenza be with us for quite some time this is a variety done from seed and we filed it out as of our most consistent variety these next four pots in front of me 1 2 3 4 are types of exotic turanians typically people will know regular geraniums the upright zonals and the trailing IVs these aren't as popular and just want to introduce them to you because they should be used more often seeing what color they bring out in the late season as temperatures cool down or fall but some like ours are still there the color in the foliage really intensifies in these exotic techhdarre nians so this variety here called Indian dunes getting of the season you won't quite see such a contrast here but it ain't like I was saying when it does cool down and we saw these nice sunny days you get this beautiful color coming through this is called Catalina typically a well known variety in this family is called Willem Lange Guth it's white and green leaf with a red flower well this is a hot pink variety called Catalina next over here this is Crystal Palace this is our most popular variety nice orange flower to it with a really nice chartreuse and green tea 3 tone green color on the foliage very nice variety for an exotic and then there's a series of exotics that have sort of firecracker like petals flower petals kind of pointy on the end and this series is called fireworks and this particular variety is called fireworks bicolor it's our favorite variety out of the of the series still sticking to the geranium topic these two pots here are types of interspecific trainings these are fairly new on the market this is about the third year they're out one series is called Calliope these have very large leaves large double blossoms so they're a cross between an ivy trailing geranium and an upright zonal geranium that's why they're called interspecific so the Calliope series this is Calliope scarlet fire they have the characteristics the growth habit of a trailing geranium but the leaf structure and flower habit of an upright so you get the larger double blossoms with a nice round and trailing habit so the best traits of both types of plants and over to my left this is also interesting a little more of a single habit to the flower but very heavy blooming habit to them these are the calientes this is Caliente orange this is about the best one in the series and gain full Sun for both they've really been popular in the last couple of years when they came out that's kind of overtaking the the whole geranium market when it comes to hanging baskets okay well if you like white nothing beats alyssum right well this is a type of a listen called the mobile area silver stream so this is a type of a listen done from propagation so a lot stronger and it's in this growth habit you don't notice it sort of seating out as much as the see varieties becoming very popular sold in the basket supper section because it is done for cutting stem cuttings not from seed and they're really skating popularity there are going to be more varieties coming out of the market in this whole family here okay another nice white blooming plant basically looked like this the whole summer these are euphorbia this specifically one is euphorbia white – we do have three or four other varieties this is the most vigorous of the group and makes a nice accent in between other plants and you hear obviously it's on its own but if you put it in the mix planter they kind of just find their way through all the other plants and you get this nice lacy white flowering habit throughout the center of your mix planter I gained full Sun for that one you you


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