Pokémon Revenge – Pikachu vs Charizard – Pokémon Animation Parody – GAME SHENANIGANS

Pokémon Revenge – Pikachu vs Charizard – Pokémon Animation Parody  – GAME SHENANIGANS

Pikachu vs Charizard *Charizard growls* Go Ash! Uhmmm, Ash? Go Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!? Pikachu that’s my grandmother! I can’t fight my… Grandma use cane throw! I don’t plan on losing sonny! Pikachu! Please don’t make me! Oh, because I was given a choice not to fight my relatives? Use tackle! I’m sorry grandma! *Ash’s grandma screams in pain*. Go Gary! I don’t want to die! *Gary screams.* I didn’t tell you to use Incinerate. You want to live up to your name as well, “Ash”? You’re the best human on my farm, don’t let me down! Go, Professor Oak! Whoaaaa! Oak! Oak! Professor!? What have they done to you? This is what being trapped in a pokeball for six months with nothing but rare candy to eat does to a man! Oak, use Mega Punch! Huh!? OAAAAAK! Pika? Come on Ash, don’t give up! I believe in you just like you always believed in me until the end! Even when I was beaten half to death. You really believe in me Pikachu? I really do! Alright! *Pikachu laughing mischievously*. Ash, use Slap! Huh. Huh? Use Fury Attack! Oh! Oak! OOOOAK! *Ash screams.* Help! Pikachu! Later on… I want him fixed by tomorrow! All doctors to the Emergency Room! Pikachu vs Charizard The end! Director, Producer, Writer and Editor: Mike Bettencourt Special thanks to Sara Illustrator and Animator: Youn Pikachu: Elsie Lovelock and Michelle Harris Charizard: Duffy Weber Ash Ketchum: SpookyBuddy Ash’s Grandma, Gary Oak, Prof.Oak: Duffy Weber Pichu: Michelle Harris, Raichu: Elsie Lovelock Music: Epidemic Sound Any likenesses or actual names of movies or celebrities are used in a ficticious and parodic manner. Thanks for watching!


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