Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 – Episode 1

Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 - Episode 1

hello and welcome to the epicenter of the portrait painting world where nine hopefuls are preparing their easels for the first heat of our competition now according to the Tate Gallery which knows about these things a portrait should represent a likeness the personality and possibly the mood of the sitter do you think we should tell the judges you can't tell them anything welcome to a brand new series of Sky Arts portrait artists of the year over the next 10 weeks some of britain and ireland most accomplished artists will be put through their paces i'd love to get the texture of the leather in the texture of the jacket I love those brass buttons they'll have just four hours to capture the good looks grace and glamour of a stellar cast of citizen I've got a gift of a face I mean it's ridiculous you can look now it looks like a younger Derrick I'm glad to say it does I just wish they'd turn one of them and it was peter kupaza but beneath the artists cool calm exterior starting to shake a little bit is a steadfast drive to claim a life-changing prize a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint celebrated actress Kim Cattrall for the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool did you have what formal art training I did a shoe design degree shoe design yeah it got your foot in the door it's painting in front of a crowd I feel like I'm in a zoo what counts is the view of our judges head of collections at Sauer house Kate Bryan independent curator and chair of Liverpool Biennale 2018 Kathleen Soriano an award-winning artist Teich and sheer umber you can try painting without pain yeah that's exactly it suffering for their art and a place at the semi-final who has the grit to endure their toughest test yet I'm nervous about this because I just don't know what you're going to do so I can't say I completely know of today's nine artists putting their creativity to the test six of them are amateur Hetty Lawler Paul Berryman a land speed Beth Lee Kelly Frank and Charlie Parker I am looking forward to it I'm not as nervous as I thought I would so I'm quite excited actually and joining them are three professional artists Judith henna ham Kieran Ingram and Charlotte Baines I'm very curious to know who I'm going to be painting and I'm feeling quite bright at the moment I hope it will last for the day as these artists prepare for a new portrait the judges take a closer look at those they entered with well here they are these are the self-portraits that one their artists the way into the competition so your judgments on this well this is beautiful little precious self-portrait it's also strangely old-fashioned it's the colors and they possibly the haircuts I still have sort of the curtains are so 60s it's got a lovely feel to it you see why it appeals to me I think this is fantastic because it's got these great geometric shapes sitting there making their own statement and of weird composition everything leads to the head actually there are these strange faces that women pull when we put our makeup on and that is definitely one of them yes that's one of them isn't it what I find quite interesting is he's using that device that a lot of the Renaissance artists and Caravaggio used of the light coming from one side so he's translated that painting technique into drawing now here's a narrative and a half spot the artist it's really rare for us to be presented with so many faces in one of the self-portrait submissions but it's one of those paintings that really rewards further looking because he's been quite clever about what's in focus and what's not we'd remember this artist from last year yeah and we were really impressed with the development and change she's a quirky artist anyway so I think she's continued that quirk but with a slightly more focused and serious approach yeah she's sort of showing us one of the greatest difficulties of painting which is eyes behind glasses and I think she's really pulled it off this is a difficult piece of drawing it's got a very strange sort of 40s 50s spy thriller feel – it's quite Hitchcock isn't it very very it's got such a strong atmosphere it's a very clever composition the proportions in the foreshortening are a little bit off but it's fun and it's still a really good portrait face absolutely stunning I mean I think all three of us when this came on the screen we just lost for words I'm surprised that it could be that effective in this scale because it's almost about the size of a photograph but it does so much more than a photograph does are we gonna meet a 16 year old girl today is this what we have painted a stranger will mean getting familiar with an entirely new set of features but some celebrities faces can seem almost more familiar to us than our own artists your sitter today is a truly brilliant actor but odd from a man of my age is the first sitter on the show whose picture is on my bedroom wall his acting roles range from Hamlet to broadchurch to me it always be the 10th doctor he's the brilliant David Tennant a prolific TV and theatre actor since leaving drama school as if it wasn't exciting enough to star as Casanova he then became a household name as the time-traveling Doctor Who welcome thank you very much how would you like to be portrayed do you think I quite fancy being a bit of a castle you know one I denim up Jen and you'll put it on your wall at home well wait and see what it looks like I'm not committing myself to anything ahead of time artists your sitter today sold over 5 million albums worldwide and earned himself a Brit Award before the age of 21 please welcome James Morrison having achieved worldwide success with his debut single you give me something James has gone on to be one of the UK's most successful male solo artists let's talk about your life in times I want to know about busking busking in poor thin corner yeah I mean dance call me when I was about 12 and I've already stopped playing guitar and busking was just a way for me to get confident really so it's the only occasion previous to this where you've just sat I have in your own head I mean I did art art at school so I did a few sit-ins but not this long every now and again someone bursts onto the scene of course is a major sensation this woman did it by writing acting in and producing her own TV show please welcome Michaela Cole having started a career performing poetry at open mic nights Michaela went on to write her comedy debut chewing gum which earned her a BAFTA for Best Female comedy performance is a new experience for you first time what are you anticipating I'm just excited to see a different interpretations of of an image I've been looking at since I was born so yeah it's not exciting okay there what would you like from Michaela reclining is quite nice I like reclining so I've just gotta make sure my friends don't fall out my mum made this dress it's a beauty yes mums go yeah I'm pretty comfortable as a few guys are happy yeah yeah that's fine just the angle of your head that perhaps if there was something rather than being too relaxed I need you're not yeah artists hopefully you are ready to rock you have four hours to create your portraits good luck everyone your time starts now whether it's sketching or straight on with paint there's no right or wrong way to start a portrait and when faced with a four hour time limit technology can help speed up the process at the moment I'm just messing around with a possible compositions I've taken some photos and I've got two different formats of panel to paint on either this would be a tall or a wide panel and then I'll go to square one so I basically have to make a decision and then I'll start drawing professional artist kieran Ingram took four hours to complete his self-portrait having had classical training in Florence he's now developing his own style I think would be interesting trying to kind of transfer my approach to such a contemporary setting I quite like painting yellow actually so I'm looking forward to aspect of it and I think the whole color composition works really well with a dress so it's a really nice choice I'm just making a tone charcoal ground which gives you some value to work with straight away you've already got charcoal down and you start the drawing from the middle rather than from pure white paper so to make the lights you erase you go in that direction and to make the darks you add more charcoal when you go in that direction amateur artist Paul Berryman took just two and a half hours to create his submission having established his own bike accessories business he's now on a quest to rediscover the simple joy of drawing albeit with not so simple tools I think you've got a little bowl filled with rice here this is a charcoal pounced bag Holbein used to use town space oh yeah that's pouncing is basically tracing it so they'd have the tracing paper of their portrait they place it on and then you'd use the pants back tomorrow little holes but you're using it to mash up the charcoal yeah because if I pick up a pencil I'm really tight and this is a release for me you've got the shape of the head right because a very deep head it's a start it's not gonna stay smoky and ethereal it's just a way of getting us something you know I don't know things quite hard to add that sort of stuff at the end patty you're right in the zone there's little up David there but you have got that penetrating stare once you get the drawing in more colored pencils will be used and then blocking in a bit with acrylic acrylic probably coming near the end ok Tommy are you happy you got him as a sitter yeah very happy why 17 year old Hetty Lola is studying for a levels in County Mayo in Ireland and painted a self portrait in two days but with her submission it's harder than usual for our judges to assess the likeness your submission is really really special but we were worried that we were gonna have a very very young girl with us today yeah the picture of me there is when I was like eight or nine I kind of liked I was younger a bit better they don't realize it's you so much what's yeah less self-consciousness that's one step removed yeah well I'm sure David won't mind if you want to do him so about 10 years younger all the sitter's always ask for that no matter their age or experience few artists are immune to competition nerves but some seem better equipped to deal with them than others Charlie do you seem very calm and relaxed some artists I speak to at this stage you know in particular gibbering rent yeah it's natural in this situation to be anxious you know I think it's about just a tree shirting that and accepting it really because I can't be panicking for four hours did that now you know so I'll just let it happen amateur artist Charlie Parker is a part-time cognitive behavioral therapist from Durham his self-portrait took 35 hours to complete as if today weren't enough of a challenge for Charlie there's something else he has to think about your collarbone is that correct impartial ear colorblind know what effect does that have on an artist how problems are green if I use green out of the tube it just tips it too far but I've still mix it only using you know kind of yellows and blues but I don't use green out of the tube well not as far as you know got green hair just really allowed to tell just do that I'll take your cue from that the artists are already one are into therefore our challenge there's a lot more pressure it's a lot more exposed than I usually be I usually wouldn't have a lot of people like around me but I do this so it's new it's Google everyone seems a lot calmer than I'd expect they're possibly all were pretending to become like I am I think I'm on track at the moment I'm not entirely certain this is just bits of charcoal on a piece of paper but if I can create something and I hope I can that when you just look at that portrait you feel something then it's got that extra level and that's the thing I'm going to try and strive for today our artists have been painting sitters david tennant Michaela Cole and James Morrison for just one hour but already some are picking up on aspects of their character that others may not have noticed to me there was a sense of blue coming from my lovely sitter and I wanted to convey that I think you can manipulate the work as you wish and put your stamp on it that way so the background appears red and I've made it blue professional artist and teacher Charlotte Baines took two weeks to create her self-portrait she painted Indira Varma for portrait artists of the year 2017 so while others are new to this experience Charlotte is sort of seen it all before I heard that you don't your eyes tested before the competition and I thought I wonder if that was part of your any chances Wow try to get those from the opticians no no no no things try them fishing goggle they are they just bring things forward if I just want to see like an eyelash or something I can yeah they look great we knew incredible detail these pictures of my bedroom more than I've never noticed that mole this is the first time I painted from happiness that are in front of me it's definitely harder because you can't see all the details and that's why I decided to use both the sitter and the public as well amateur artist Beth Lee studies fine art and creative writing at Lancaster University and completed her self-portrait in 10 ours where many arrive with the trappings of an entire studio she has a more resourceful approach Beth you don't have a palette but you're using your very big canvas is that gonna be incorporated Lee don't you sweep it over and I keep it on I think it's quite interesting to have proof of like my process and leave it a bit unfinished in a way but we didn't see that in your submission and no submissions much tighter on the head I'm nervous about this because I feel really safe and secure with the self-portrait and now I just don't know what you're going to do so I can't say I completely know while some artists are comfortable with their own style others feel their work is a constant evolution I've got a bit stuck with this style at the moment I hope for it to be a bit more expressive she has quite an angular face which is really good hopefully I'll free up later on amateur artist Kelly Frank took four days to create her self-portrait after graduating in architecture she decided to pursue art instead and now volunteers at the Whitechapel Gallery and paints in her spare time you have got this drawing pretty spot-on and you didn't grid up I didn't grid up so how did you work out all your proportions I use straight lines like try and simplify her face and once you get those simplified lines you can start readjusting hearing one thing to the other so you're using kind of sights eyes or just yeah I'm looking at her conveying it and then it has to want to put the key markers yeah the chin yeah the nose and mouth okay great it's quite nice to watch how each artist looks at you they're looking at me but not looking at me I can't explain it it's like they're looking at just the relationship between parts of your face I don't know what it looks like from the outside looking in but I really love this background I know it's really intense but I really really like it well it's a vivid set and it's a vivid personality yeah is it almost too much she's an incredible present I actually get the whole thing worked really well now this yellow is it just straight out what comes out of a tube and goes straight on the canvas I would say it's a very dangerous business to just start putting that yellow in unblended blended with what well blended with the color palette that you're using but the yellow must be affecting her skin tones yeah absolutely lit reflects onto everybody I mean if you're feeling at all grumpy today Joe and you can just step into there and you'll suddenly be lit up not that Joan baked on ever gets tile was have fun trying to interpret the symbolism of these settings for the sitters one of the write that today is that David Tennant is Lucifer's representative on earth it's a rather overpowering but he's got the face to do it he's got quite a saturnine face it's narrow he's got these dark brooding eyes it's very magnetic and it works about background hmm I'm trying to be as still as possible you don't want to impose anything maybe 3,000 people are painting you in Brazil they have very specific ways of working I wanted to be relatively neutral they can be quite fidgety so just trying to kind of keep calm James is a very relaxed sitter I think he's very relaxing for the artists he might look relaxed but actually I think he's taken quite a difficult position with one foot on top of the other which he says is comfortable but I'd be surprised after four hours that it's still comfortable and because of all the staring you can see the stress underneath his eyes of focusing intently beginning to play I was just trying to keep my eyes aligned so that I don't look just like you know he's staring into the distance my nose is severely bent and my ears are like little elfin ears so yeah I'm probably not going to look great but hopefully they'll suss it out make me look bad I find ears a challenge and James has very nice ears but I'm finding which are present for some reason it's the structure of the ear itself is kind of confusing I work in as professional artists Judith inna Han lives in County Kildare and a self-portrait – just one hour to create she never works from photographs and enjoys exploring how light hits the face something she's trying to do today I need to bring out the tonal thing properly I need to make it work and I'm wondering whether I'll be able to we're changing lives and with a time constraint and it's it's a little difficult there's enough to contend with just painting the head but opting to include more of the figure presents its own challenges we were saying how delighted you were that somebody's decided to do the whole pose but where you're standing it's quite a bit of foreshortening is there to get and I can see it's working I did your problems getting that really an amateur artist a land speed is a technical coordinator in a London architecture firm it took 20 hours to paint his self-portrait which combines sketches of his daily commute a scene that rarely features a bright yellow backdrop talk us through what you're thinking about but too much it would just dominate the whole painting and you've gone greeny yellow as well as the screen and shadows in the shadows and there is reflective yellow in the treads yeah so that's something to do we talk about timing is your timing good okay relax okay it's good I think it's a beautiful painting our artists have just over two hours to complete their portraits I'm not shaking anymore but still kind of nervous anxious I feel like I'm gonna do what I've got to do is quite a lot but to do the hair I've got to do the background we're gonna do the tunic and then tweak the face I'm gonna try and get it done in time hopefully try and find things that I can kind of focus on to give a sense of dimension into the painting I reckon just go for it means get stuck in James Morrison Michaela Cole and David Tennant have been positively statuesque for over two hours but how well are the artists capturing that on canvas so esteemed judges it's roughly the halfway mark and I thought we'd ever look to see what's occurring so what about Alan I liked the energy I mean the energy is coming across but at the moment it's sort of it's not been contained I suppose if I worried about anything it's that now the colors going on I'm worried that we're gonna lose her so James Morrison he's being painted by Judith actually all three of them in that section of court and very well yeah but what Judith has done she's caught the essence of him it looks like him but it was this little feels like you what about Charlie I'm slightly disappointed in the composition the artist is sitting right along to the model they've got incredible foreshortening your drawing skills when you're drawing up the figure can be quite good at it so um Charlotte I like Charlotte's exuberance I don't think there's much of a lightness there at the moment but the last time we saw her work she pulled that all together foot and fairly late on in the day what about hectic he's a very accomplished drawing in the classical manner I think she's clearly brilliant there's no question but she's copying what's in her phone it's always like chasing I think there's an organic nest of this copying there is copy beautiful usually I dream of having your jobs because I just think you know that the the prestige the power of today I certainly at this halfway stage it's gonna be a tough one yeah I don't quite know why I'm here because the notion of being painted it rankles with me I feel like it's a sort of terrible indulgence I guess my kind of puritanical Scottish presbyterian upbringing is expecting to have three paintings that will portray me as some kind of Hobgoblin and that will be right in proper I don't expect to be flattered by any of it this feels like it has like nothing to do with me because it's more about the artists I'm just looking forward to seeing the end product I almost wish I could see the process but I don't a ruinous way I don't want to look into the end I can't wait that's the only thing getting me through all the hours is watching their faces concentrate and stuff it takes me back to when I used to draw this for hours can seem like it's a long time but when you draw it it's not very long because there's so many little things to channel the lights moving around as well she's just gonna make it more difficult but I'm finding difficult now is the lights completely change so it's kind of a night has change and so you're doing the background precisely because you're scared to touch the face because of the light yeah okay the face is complete isn't it you don't want to try and update no but there are little flecks and suggestions of light that I could have picked out if the light was the same the priorities would be to build up on us but I'm kind of swamped as well as an artist instinctive flare it's the conscious refinements that make these portraits their own I think it's important even though you want to be expressive with your brushwork you also want the intent behind each brush stroke I think it makes quite a big difference as a result the texture of the actual surface of the canvas becomes a lot more interesting I think a lot more varied and complex which is nice I'd like to choose certain elements of the face to go into detail with so maybe an eye or nose I find lips very hard I also make them too small don't get the colors right and hopefully I'll just go through it I understand that you find teeth difficult yeah I don't like teeth like if you make the lines Latisse too dark it makes a person look kind of evil you don't actually say teeth that often unemployed no no the last thing cavalier is hurt laughing he's just sort of going yeah you can't see Tennant's tapes here all right now I imagine they're immaculate there are only 30 minutes remaining there's a tendency to want to some really homed in on the detail trying to make it work as a whole as well within the timeframe we'll see if it works I'm into the sort of tinkerer time now really and this is the dangerous bit it's quite a lot of energy in it at the moment and if I go too deep with it that's going to disappear the big white space is definitely a worry at the minute I don't mind there being white space but I feel like those may be too much there's a lot to do so yeah definitely kind of cute I've decided to add more blue there's a few other things about his eye in this area that need to change as well these last minute decisions could bring it together ah it could slip the other way so we'll find out in about 20 minutes michaela Cole James Morrison and David Tennant have been silently holding court for nearly four hours well there's pressure not to disappoint them in the last moments the artists are doing all they can to live up to their own expectations I want to do the best I can I know when it's finished when I've got to a certain stage but I haven't got to that stage oh gosh I need to add a bit more blue and just to sort of Electrify it a bit yeah because there's a lot of things I want to tweak but it's also good to know when to stop artists your time is up please put down your tools and step away from your portrait you get to see how they shape up on canvas after four hours our cities are about to find out and they get to choose their favorite portrait to keep David as we all know time is relative it is yes how were those 4 hours it was a bit of a sort of time warp you go to quite a Zen place but you still there is a hint of breathing for example no no I went very method you did yeah it's like you were thinking rigor mortis yes yes artists will you please turn your easels Wow they are amazing they're so different I just wish they'd turn one of them and it was Peter Coppola I look quite tough in this one a little bit James Dean look quite butch it's beautiful yeah look at all those colors amazing look white sulky I've got very peachy lips though I like that Wow look at that you're obviously allowed you to say what stays is gonna be yeah we have an author limit yeah yeah we can't go billboard right now oh so beautiful and inspired we're gonna go with this one it's they're all really good it's just mad to see all the different versions that's really good it's all about capturing some sort of an essence and I think she's got that she's definitely got my nose right you recognize that look in your eye yeah I was trying to smile slightly but obviously four hours goes by yeah inside I was smiling I think the likeness is pretty good on my own that's what one of my favorite bits all that working that that's really cool it's really difficult because they're all really good in their own way I think I'm gonna go with that one I love how compact is so like it's quite intense yeah nice way it's incredible I love this I love that the boots cmeg are yeah it's got great attitude as well as to me the energy of him yes I can see it all oh I love the lines yes right geometry yeah yeah that's peaceful what would you like to take home my instinct says this one behind closed doors the judges compare notes before reducing the nine artists to a shortlist of three this is a little jewel she's found something of David today I agree with you she's quite good at creating something which is kind of like nostalgic or romantic or slightly sentimental even though she's such a realist my big concern is that so it was an exercise and proficient copying and that's what I'm just trying to work through my head I think this head is rather lovely in a contemporary painter way she went overboard the first time and this time she's found a way of keeping it in check I think for me there wasn't enough tension though there's something good about it but I wanted it to be more dramatic it's very light and slight yeah it works for what it is I would have liked a bit more I think he looks a bit like a 1950's footballer from Lazio or something or other carrying a leather football on him so I'm thinking 500 years earlier in Italy there are like misses and their likenesses and this one I just sort of emotionally had a charge she's at it I think this tiny bit of paint in here that's completely mess with that jawline that was so perfect before and I think it's slightly thrown his head out she's consistent I do like the chalkiness of it she was brilliant to watch at work Kelly boy I just think she didn't think carefully enough by her choices there's a realism and a reality to the head and the face and then there's neck comes from nowhere perfect yellow who's got the yellow spot on you could see the way he went about constructing it that he really knows what he's doing although I do kind of think that the black behind there is is too harsh against her face he's really presented us with this absolutely fabulous tank girl the attitude and the character and the story of her as a sister is there I've got a real problem with this painting that I can't read it I don't know what's in front behind what solid was arm what's dress but all credit to him you know we've got a full-length yeah rearranging the portraits helps the judges narrow down their favorites to a shortlist of three I really liked that I mean oh that one I really don't know thank you for me it's between those two I thought we're gonna be problems though because the standard was really high but regardless at the standard they have chosen their final three the first of those artists is Charlotte Baines the second artist is Hetty Lola and the third and final artist on the short list is Judith Anna her our sympathy with the rest of you but you did find work Fantasticks been a great day thanks for I'm feeling a little bit disappointed that you know I didn't progress further but that's fine because I think the main thing that I wanted to do is just produce something that I was happy with and I think that was the case before the judges decide it will claim the first place in the semi-final they take into account the work created today and the self-portraits well judges here's a surprise not one single painting of Michaela it was very close I really liked Alan's painting of Michaela we wrestled with that for quite a while actually sometimes you can look at something for the first time and go wow and then you come back to it or you leave a bit of time or you look at it a little bit harder and then slowly it sort of falls or it rises so I think that could also have an influence so should we look at Charlotte's first of all there was something of David that she caught that was one of the poignant and there was an aspect of him that I could sort of feel but in see and she caught that I find the body problematic but I think a lot of what you've said I would agree with and I think that noise is just really really clever she's caught a mood and and the little tiny bits of color that you see in blocks across just really lifts it now we come to Hetty I was wondering whether she was gonna be able to capture the lyricism that she had in her self-portrait and I think it has captured a certain lyricism today so she's not only technically proficient but there's a kind of beautiful feeling underpinning it all I'm not mad on the drips I think it's problematic but this is something to be really delighted about that we're all here today and that someone just rocked up and did this can I say I think the drips it's a die for yeah so Judith she's a great storyteller she can really conjure a narrative the submission is so dark and brooding and today so luminous and it's so exciting to know that she can do such different things with light so also the direction of the gaze gives it a marvelously pensive quality there's something very gentle and romantic about it that appeals to me well I mean they are six beautiful paintings you've got a hard task Charlotte Hetty Judith congratulations to each of you for reaching the shortlist however it's the law of the universe that if there's a prize there can only be one winner yes and the artist that judges have chosen to go through to the semi-final is Hattie Lola I think winning portrait is really really beautiful it's she did a fantastic job she's very good artist so well done I think she's a very worthy winner she's got fantastic promise and today she did some excellent work I loved her portrait and absolutely thrilled for them we were blown away by her submission because an emotional content as well as been technically inventive and she did that again today that is Brady rare when these two things come together it's just unbeatable I wasn't expecting anything out of this really that's amazing to draw someone go home I'm very happy with what I achieved it's great to find out about next year's competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the year TV


  • gloobnord says:

    I've really enjoyed watching all the different genres of these sky arts series, but I find the judges to be some of the most conservative, unadventurous and obvious critics. Must be so frustrating for some of the artists to have to take second chair to someone with no original ideas and a lifeless brush. Oh well, such is the art "scene". The mediocre rise to the top because they don't threaten anyone with ideas. And Art Lover, thanks for posting these! Much appreciated!!

  • Lisa Durber says:

    Thank you for posting this. I missed the 2018 series as we moved house, just as the series started. So excited to be able to watch it here .

  • Fluffle says:

    If you live in the UK, the 2019 heat started yesterday and is available on C4!

  • Kell says:

    At the start of this series the judges seemed more sympathetic to the problems that each artist had to deal with painting live, but now they have become used to it I get a sense that they have higher expectations of what artists can produce and criticise them for using technology. In series one they were all shocked that they used it, but realised that it's what artists do and have done for centuries! But they seem to have taken against it almost but then when you look at the problems with the light that the purist artists experience it's no wonder some use technology . That is your shot to win the competition, you try and reduce the amount of things that can go wrong as painting is hard enough! Go Hetty x

  • Roger Bayzand says:

    Yippee, a really worth winner! Yes she may have used a phone photo to work from but so have many in past series, she drew the portrait without using a grid which shows real skill. Thank you Art Lover for bring us a new series it is really the highlight of the day.

  • Zara Milton says:

    "It's an exercise in proficient copying" ? Literally all the other artist used photos while they were painting. That line is the only line out of all these episodes that rubs me the wrong way. Painting a painting (a portrait at that) is so much more then copying, it takes true talent to get the likeness across; I'm so happy she won the heat.

  • Christopher Huffman says:

    Although I'm not averse to the artists using their cameras somewhat (perhaps to help them frame the subject, work out composition, etc.), I would like them all to be limited in relying on it and actually paint or draw from the living sitter in front of them. That is the true test of skill. Gareth, the previous portrait artist of the year, was of that caliber–simply superb.

  • Troy Palmer says:

    Love this program, I find it so inspiring!!

  • Brenda Willems says:

    Thanks for this! Love the winner!

  • Leo Laurus says:

    Help me I’m addicted to this show

  • Paul Canpoli says:

    The winner was very sweet but did she do much more than help her phone make a portrait?

  • trainergirl says:

    Though she did a good likeness, she might as well have taken the photo and gone home and worked on the portrait there. Didn't take advantage of actually being with a sitter. It's all very well copying and tracing – do both in my art: I paint from photos that I like and I do often trace stuff. No shame in tracing either. But then I put my own spin on it and it doesn't come out exactly the same as the photo.

  • Kamran Moharramzadeh says:

    I like the Concept and i saw all episodes but form 2013 until now are all things same.
    Same Jury. Same Music a little bit changed but not enough.Same Dialogues.Same Narrations.Same directing (each shot 2-3 second).
    Same Hosts.All the same for 5 Years. there is no more jury in england?

  • Joe Panapa says:

    Yay a new series!!! Thank you Art Lover. Love the Portrait Series! So happy for this young winner. Loved her paintings. Still my favourite winner is Christian Hook. Good luck Hetti (Having lived in Ireland for a while Im guessing that is not how you spell her name. My apologies in advance)

  • Rick Croucher says:

    I was quite happy with the choice this hour. I still think the judges are a bit off on many of their comments but that's "modern" criticism I guess. Thank you again for another wonderful hour of enjoyment.

  • Sonia says:

    What is the point of a seater if people are going to do the portrait from a photograph? Art is not getting the best likeness, there must be something more.

  • tucsoncarol says:

    Seeing there was a new season caused me to click the link over and over 'til it was active and once again I am smiling. What will I do when I'm caught up? Noooooo!

  • Bluebuthappy182 says:

    Is it just me or is the level of painting getting better year on year.

  • Jason Hawkins says:


  • Mee Gee says:

    I got excited when the notice for this popped up in my email. It was already a good day, and this has just made it so much better. Thank you!!!

  • L Benson says:

    The winner needs to move beyond reproducing photographs. Last year’s winner was a true artist and blew me away

  • jim is i says:

    wow! that was an awful start to the series. worthy winner though

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