Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 – Episode 2

Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 - Episode 2

hello and welcome to the art competition that's a heavy mix of paint canvas famous faces and heated debates about whether a portrait should actually look like the sitter and of the pristine portraits behind me on the wall here one of them is actually torn to shreds which is how the artist wants it you see started with ripped jeans and now it's on the gallery wore for the want of a nail the shoe was lost welcome to Sky Arts portrait artist of the year in the heart of London at the Wallace Collection is another chance for nine artists to paint three celebrity sitters arriving today a for amateur artists Ashley kitchen Liz Ellingham Troy Edwards and Andrew Kelly I did so much prep for this that I actually sprained my arm and had to stop about a week ago so I'm actually hungry to do it they are joined by five professional artists Philip Mackey Michelle a puku Taylor Daniel Yeomans Leanne Mullen and Danielle Vaughan I want somebody with an interesting face lots of lines maybe a beard and no teeth buzzing I don't want to do teeth because I think I could spend a week on teeth to claim a place in the semi-final our artists will sketch even rib and paint portraits of three striking sitters I think he's got a really nice bone structure and in just four hours create a portrait worthy enough to catch the eyes of our three judges I did know how when I do the background until you got your credit card oh yeah this year's prize is a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint award-winning Hollywood actress Kim Cattrall for the Walker Art Gallery in her hometown of Liverpool but which of today's artists will make it through to the semi-final did you have what formal art training I did a shoe design degree shoe design yeah it got your foot in the door it's before the challenge begins the judges dissect in detail the self-portraits that secured our artists their places here today here we are again at the wall of wonder let's deepen and see what some of the artists have submitted clearly a young person is playing around with their phone with all the different apps that you can put on top of your face fine if I just saw the artist and she has caught an incredible likeness I think it's really really arresting very painting I really like the suggestion of glasses and I can see I'm like that sort of delicacy that suggests that they're there now I should give some backstory on this the artist had a mastectomy and she's carrying her own breast and it's a striking image because of that and despite it being full of narrative it's still a good portrait and it's incredibly arresting that look and the open mouth beautiful I love the fact that he's got to the very core of what a self-portrait newsman as painter and manor sitter yeah the two self-portraits are tremendous renditions of skin an older face the jowls going down the neck I mean it is fantastic I love this you love collards they do it's like a fabulous magic trick just props IT magazines were in a static and then they became that I think the backgrounds really interesting I'm really curious to see them work today I think we were attracted to this because it's quite brave to submit something so slight there's very very little on the page but I think as a consequence it's really attractive it's just like he's just a sort of appeared for a split second and then he might disappear like a puff of smoke it's a beautiful juicy bit of paint I look at the paints of the face there I mean he's certainly a maestro but I quite like the sense of tentativeness in his face I mean I know it's about looking but it also looks slightly nervous slightly worried I love the eyes of this self-portrait they kind of go straight through you because she's really looking at herself and the way that they're exaggerated in the glasses I didn't even notice the face I'm so taken with the roll neck the great big jumper we just thought this was such a beautiful bit of delicate painting almost talking back to a Vermeer in its stillness it's got this incredible stillness turn it feels very intimate and it's a different look there's almost a candle beneath her that's lighting the scene it feels very otherworldly and it may well feel of the worldly for our artists as they find out which famous faces they'll be painting in today's challenge artists your sitter today is a fabulous comedian writer actor also a brilliant artist in his own right Andy likes cake he is the fabulous Noel Fielding best known for the cult comedy series The Mighty Boosh Noel's colorful career has seen him publish an art book exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery and most recently present the new series of the Great British Bake Off hello lovely to see you oh this is I'm not excited I've got a gift of a face I mean it's ridiculous there's a lot of shapes in my face so you've painted a lot of portraits I have you're like painting faces I painted Bryan Ferry once and he looked at my dad as well it was really freaking me out so it's sort of trying to draw him but not make him look like my dad but still making me look good looking I got any bit of her tears how did it turn out I ended up doing nearly a whole exhibition just on Bryan Ferry nothing he was a bit freaked out I would have gone to that public art I hope it'll be an artistic experience from the other side of the easiest will change I think that's probably an arts are sitting isn't there I'd only give you a vacant stare so I will concentrate we first knew him as an exuberant presenter of children's television programs but since then he's created an award-winning career as a maker of gritty television documentaries please welcome the enormous ly talented Reggie Yates as an actor Reggie first made his mark at the age of 8 in the sitcom desmos and has gone on to become a DJ and a presenter of hard-hitting documentaries on everything from teen gangs to prison life yet another string in your bow which is sitting still for four hours I'm not entirely sure if I will be able to sit still for four hours I sorry in advance so what's your expectation of the day well first of all I've got a very strange large set of ears so hopefully you won't make that a feature in the painting but beyond the size of my flappers I'm interested to see how you see me artists your sitar today is a very very successful model she's modeled for Dolce and Gabbana for Ralph Lauren for Vogue in a career that has spanned some 70 years so please welcome the amazing Daphne self the world's oldest working professional model Daphne is modeled for photography greats such as Mario Testino David Bailey and ranking and has appeared as an extra in over 400 films including sliding doors and the James Bond movies you must have seen a million images of yourself do you sort of look at yourself now objectively as if it's almost another person yes especially when they turn up unexpectedly yeah does it happen a lot oh yes I saw a picture of myself in America the other day and they're a completely different name and I said well that's me I hope you've notified your legal representative yeah what would you like from Daphne if you could have anything in the way of a pose or whatever I'm flexible just stillness as the key hands are always good in a painting yeah but I've got long spindly fingers don't say nude please I think you've got the toughest job because I think I've got quite easy profile you feeling good bored stuck I've got a strange nose this okay artists your for our challenge is about to begin good luck everyone your time starts now you don't mind if I get in quite close fit in I'm gonna take a show of your eyes yes okay cool today some of the artists are starting by meticulously focusing on the features whilst others have gone straight for the background Ashley this is some green color isn't it yeah and you slap that on immediately you using the green yes does a green reflect on his features on the left side of his first I can see it creeping in that's something to worry about a bit further down the line 25 year old Ashley kitchen is an amateur artist and the youngest in today's heat after studying painting and printmaking at Glasgow School of Art she now paints whenever she can but also works part-time in a cocktail bar your self-portrait is really cheeky it's rather like your personality why did you do that with the ears and the nose and so what you say I'm a bit of a circus for the culture is this the filters and the snapshot you're a quite an unusual Peter aren't you I work a lot with with our parents and I like being a little bit cheeky and mixing it up with contemporary things okay good luck thank you are you looking at null as well as your tablet I am because of his complexion he's over you know what I'm getting from him he's alright I like that I think my auras present yeah professional artist Michelle Opoku Taylor is from London and initially trained as a lawyer before becoming a teacher her self-portrait represents opportunity in the face of a challenge and was painted to show new beginnings after a mastectomy it took 100 hours to paint your mixing quite a lot of black derivative didn't sing you've got to get your black paint out when he appears because obviously is a Gogh you know he dies it's a bit of a presumption I never used ivory black or matte black but I'm now having to take you out of your comfort zone with my Gothic head the challenge of capturing nose personality is something one artist is rather enjoying no I mean just to look at him it's lovely big a lowly hate cheekbones quite a fantastic nose Paul it's a privilege to be painting another artist you have that karamja you know that bones come on I'm very fortunate Phillip Mackie became a professional portrait artist of the life as a heraldic artist designing coats of arms for the council in Donegal in Ireland his self-portrait is painted in gouache an opaque watercolor and was created especially for the competition we're constantly wondering where likeness comes from is it getting everything anatomically correct or is it getting a sense of the person for me it would be you know initially anatomically yeah everything has to be in proportion of it if it's out of sync you probably leaves the likeness look look okay yeah where everything has to be joining them come on and go with it you know you're losing your regular back you look good today and resurrect on something I don't seem right oh you can just keep at it sitting still is an art in itself and one that Daphne seems to have perfected she's amazing absolutely amazing she's really elegant she's got a lovely regal sense to her but at the moment I'm just looking at light and dark and formed is that shape brightest that perform light does everything start to kind of fit together like a jigsaw Leanne Mullen is a professional artist from Dundalk in Ireland where she started painting five years ago after a career in sculpting and teaching her self-portrait is an honest look at herself which she hopes portrays the quiet strength she feels at this stage in her life she's got a beautiful head yes she really is and now but from the front are you at a disadvantage yeah but she also has these beautiful eyes it's just lovely light on her face as well they're lovely triangular license stretching across the cheekbones so and this lovely shadow and just the upper part of her cheekbones where she's those beautiful deep side eyes so you're right in there the artists have nearly reached the 1/r mark I'm not used to painting that much double fingers cause it will look like him within the time and just check-in where does this eye liner with the corner of his mouth what's our angles and eights I think he's got a really nice bone structure I'm gonna make sure I get it it's a critical stage of the moment because I'm trying to match the basic tones now so light and dark and mid tones it could go good it could go awful competing for a place in the semi-final online artists are in their second hour of painting no fielding Reggie Yates and Daphne self most of the artists are using either paint or pencil but for one the essential component is glue when you turn up like this and you don't know who the sitter is gonna be how do you know what to bring this far as magazines and things technically you should be able to create a portrait from just one magazine really really so you'll actually look at Knowles nose and go right until you find the right Danielle Vaughan became a professional artist two years ago after spending 17 years homeschooling her four children in Leicester she works in mixed media and created her self-portrait in a home studio from magazines such as Elle and Vogue if I wanted to be a mixed-media stroke collage East did you have like formal art training I did a shoe design degree shoe design yep I really thought of that as the way it got your foot in the door your first thoughts about that wonderful face in front of you love character not of definition structure on the cheekbones specifically you get a lot of shadow and light and that's what I'm looking for you can really build something around that another eyes harder because a further back anyway no does hopefully will work in my favor who could get more definition yeah South London at Roy Edwards is an amateur artist who likes to collaborate with musicians and graphic artists he spent just four hours on his submission which he drew especially for the competition from an old photograph a friend took of him you were sort of taking readings as it were and they're sort of them starting with dots and they were in your submission as well tell me what they are I line it up with dots house off from the corner of one eye down to it meets the cheekbone versus right mister corner the notes and I just kind of work my way out like a spiral how do you know when you can start putting the lines is does something happened is it the dots overcome accumulate and you can see a form there or yeah you start to get a pin moment that you could have or dots on it does it feel right and then you put one little mark and then everything makes sense that's where the lightness comes from for you from that the mouth and the eyes in a sense yeah kind of the t-section what definitely dies for the visitors at the Wallace Collection today it's not just the artwork but he's proving of interest well um I think when I look in the mirror everything's really becomes abstract it's upside down doesn't make any sense so you tend to see big shapes and big angles and if they're wrong they jump out professional artist Daniel Yeomans planes portraits from a converted cowshed in his family home in Wales he trained in the traditional method in Florence and painted his self-portrait from life creating an image in which the painter becomes the painted – Daniel you're actually doing the three quarterman what made you decide to go for that as well as her face we're also a body and how we sit and that tells you quite a lot about the sitter and it gives you a mood within the painting I thought try and add in the hands and there's a lovely echo between the position of his hand and the line of that sure you've struck out being here on the side would you think yeah I think I've lucked out there what do you think I know as a sitter generally I think he is what you might call digiti but can I suggest you the back view of three tablets is probably licensed a bit you know I think when you don't necessarily see the artist staring at you the entire time you think well maybe I can kind of get away with moving a bit particularly with all of them the way that they're working as well as they're quite in their own world conjuring their own magic and I think we're not always looking for people to be sort of slavish ly like the traditional standing backwards standing forward sort of jousting in an old master way if they ordered that would be kind of ludicrously repetitive I can't believe they're resist the urge to just play to the crowd that's it giving you grief Zipp grief you and I are standing against a very green section yeah it's a really bold acidic strong color which is great in many ways because it defines Reggie so perfectly but in other ways I think it's a bit of a shock is it required of the artists that they include the particular colour that's put on this set or could they avoid it the trouble with inventing a background is you have to imagine what the effect is on the skin tone because it's not the reality that's actually in front of you what will be interesting those to see where his vanity sinks or if he has any value see when he comes to look at the final certainly deserves to have some vanity as I'm concerned in color theory Green is quite positive Carlos positive colour I can live with it for those reasons would you have this shade in your house definitely not while some people will say oh I like old people because she got lots of lines and that to work with beautiful people are so difficult and we forget that the two can actually be entwined one and the same person to get that without getting too into the wrinkles that the beauty shines through he's a bit of a tricky thing to do but she is a challenge but boring to Lori what a fabulous challenges now this is very interesting because you have the profile sleep I've got a wee bit of our eye there yes it's nice isn't it the photograph here she's slightly smiling because she like is a model fantastic she hasn't moved an inch Liz Ellingham is an amateur artist from Glasgow after retiring from a career as a graphic design teacher she rediscovered her love of portraiture and decided to paint a submission from an old photograph of herself now Liz your self-portrait yes it doesn't look like you look today explain to me it was a photograph taken in the roundabout 1972 something like that really that's it it's a terrific picture and of course it's a very good one from which to do it so portrait was it a color photograph no so you took a black-and-white photograph and did that lovely self full shape I've been a bit cautious putting on very loose watery acrylic ones just to avoid making irreversible mistakes once I start slapping the paint on something else takes also and that's a bit that's quite enjoyable cuz you forget where you are london-based amateur artist Andrew Kelly spends his week days as a government lawyer and paint in his flat at the weekends he likes his portraits to verge on the abstract and painted his submission light in the evening in his bathroom looking into the mirror in trying to get this likeness of rejig yeah I can see bits Pippa there at the moment there's a bit oh yes where do you think looking at him the secret actually lies he's gonna race a tranquil yet strong expression yeah I'm trying to him try to get the expression rate the pin itself is gonna help I like to work constructively towards the end of a painting and just see what happens I also like to leave a little space for chaos accident again the artists are nearly halfway through therefore our challenge you've done a brilliant job of the earrings they're brilliant vestibules for light yeah not the color of the dress in them you've got the color of the set in them so you're not gonna work them too much more no I'm going to leave that kind of loose no it's a bit glam dress-up so I'm saving that to go over there somewhere I'm not sure whether we'd go with this sort of thing but that's I'm running that one pass myself it's a completely organic process it's just as I come across pieces that I think will go with that I'm fighting with you a little bit I just I just can't say yeah yeah I'm wondering whether it's time to patch it and start over but I'm not sure if I've got the balls to do it at this point halfway through our painting challenge no fielding Reggie Yates and Daphne self are being creatively scrutinized by our nine artists and the judges are in turn examining them what about the paintings of Reggie I think most of them are doing really well you know Daniels got a fine likeness Ashley said she was struggling earlier on with the green I think she's doing a really good job how what looks incredibly simple almost naive but it's much more sophisticated what about the paintings of know Michelle she just put the paint and she'd do it very well and now she's under put the features in it's almost there well Danielle's really captured that goth victimรญs I think with that dark black massive hair well the portraits of Daphne I think leanza fantastic job is such a great composition she's tackled the face in this frontal way and none of it has escaped her she's got all of it try on the other side we were hoping you'd stay as reduced as his submission and he's got everything right and he's caught us it's just wonderful but I'm scared because I there's still a lot of time in both Lee Anne and Troy could have too much time I think we all have this moment don't win the later afternoon in which we feel that are going to do too much yeah and it's not just the judges who are concerned for one artist an important decision has been made you see rumors go around this play I mean it's a circular room so rumors just go around like this someone said to me Oh Ashley's gonna start again I don't think it's which is like this but I didn't have the guts to do it what if this is anything that would make me thinking oh god I need to start again it's sparkling it's happening it's time for a well-earned break and the photo opportunity well I suppose in fact whereas doing that I'm used to doing stand-up in big venues so I'm used to having people face me when I'm talking but maybe not it's the kind of you know the concentration you do sort of feel like what what's happening was so much place people keep looking at me and then looking at the work and then getting like they're cheating okay I'm just doing what I was taught to do which is to sit still I mean if I'm painting somebody I don't want them moving about all the time unless you're doing quick sketches of different movements you know that's different I've been on both ends of the pencil if you might say so I know what's what really the minute that paintbrushes come out and you know the one eye opens it feels as I'm being studied to be on set as it were and literally be saying nothing it's strange but really nice I'm being asked to sit still and sharp which is it's just like being at Mom's house quite a few of the artists seem to be struggling with one key thing the lightness I can see where I'm going wrong she's got a bigger forehead you've chosen quite a harsh profile and you've gone on with a lot of hair yeah I'd really like to give him rainbow hair really he's encouraging you you want to rainbow hair those words magics of my ears I feel like I've lost the drawing quality in their painting she is a remarkably beautiful woman and I need to bring that kind of softness back into her face there are only 30 minutes remaining when you started you had a real plan and now there's a bit of panic is this is this part of your plan as well well it was the plan to do the background but I didn't know how I was going to do it until you credit card oh yeah the palette I've got now is a bit fierce it's got a lot of colours on it and the danger is that it all just goes very badly wrong at the last minute we're into the final stages of our artists for our challenge painting null fielding Reggie Yates and Daphne self the precious precious time how are you going to spend it I'm not going to do anything stupid it's just as important to not do as it is to do the clock is ticking I'm just sort of looking for the final bits that I think will shout out at me that need to be added artists there are five minutes to go oh we're nearly there we're doing it there well I'd like another at least two weeks on it artists your time is up put down your equipment and stand back from your easels after four hours of sitting still the time has come for Reggie Daphne and no to see their finished portraits and choose one to take home with them now I'm very excited I just love the way you will work so differently you a little bit agitated all seeing at one point you had paper in your mouth like a goat eating grass and then you're quite childlike paint and you get peeping round I don't think we've ever had a complete summary of the artist it was lovely artists will you please turn your easels Wow Wow got there amazing beautiful I love all the colors I love this pink coming through here quite sort of alive it's an interesting choice doing it in landscape yeah was that so you could get the whole of the nose this is so intricate and delicate I love the eyes on this one I like the the sideways look yeah it's like you're going somewhere in your mind if you know where me yeah this is similar to what I've done in the past that's a bit more mixed media you know it's got lots going on to get all of these into the skin it's just amazing this is horrible for me because I absolutely would love to have all three of them I think I'm gonna go for this one artists will you turn around your easels peace oh well I just can't believe how different they all long it's gorgeous there's a little bit of a smile there but at the same time it's quite stoic but just sitting there you know lots of different expressions ya come across your face and they were each seeking out a different one I think there's some really beautiful detail in there you've managed to capture something that I see in the mirror thoughts that I have that I don't really share on camera and I can sort of see that that's a very nice compliment yeah I just see the most angry version of me in this painting but I love it it's so interesting because look this blue here is pink it's so rich in opportunities to find things out I'm gonna go for the painting that I think will represent me for years to come and I think that it's respect very interesting I like that I think it's me I don't seem to have any wrinkles in that one you could be onto a winner earless that's lovely work she's got my earrings the earrings that the focus has your regal air we're sure yes yes yes I agree don't fight it that's lovely pencil drawing got great hairdo they're better than I have it no more I do you want a little bit of improvement here and there oh yes it's all for that over there I like this one oh cuz it got my earrings with the painting challenge over the judges are left alone to examine today's portraits I like the composition I thought it looked kind of quite exciting right from the start I know she was very interested in creating a sense of the aura and I like that slightly side woods look it's almost as if he's gazing into that space there's definitely something there I was really pleased to see them Phil really took it to the next level in the afternoon because by lunch time it was a bit insipid and then suddenly he really worked on the hair and the clothing and even the background I just feel like any portrait needs to have moments of kaya and moments of detail and the face is so masterful that it's just too busy and the if she'd have just kept all those delicious black tones together for me it would have been more successful she definitely captured something the eyes are beautiful it looks as if it's just simple slabs of color yeah but actually when you fit in there it's much more subtle it's much more gentle than that this is such a powerful piece of painting but it doesn't really make sense and I thought it made sense when you had this kind of powerful stroke early on a day when it was just drawing my goodness the drawing on this was absolutely perfect and then the paint went on and somehow something's happened in the jaw I think that's a problem here when the artist is aiming for such realism I love the way she started with that sculptural drawing was almost like there was a three-dimensional head of Daphne inside the canvas that you could pull out and very closely observe so you get the arch of the eye you know socket and the eyes aren't quite symmetrical and all these things are very well observed it was better when it was simpler I felt early on and I almost wish he'd done another one or a few so that then he could have picked the best one the way that she's brought all the color palette together is really elegant these Reds and these Grey's look brilliant together there is a likeness there I don't think it's the best likeness of what she has got is that intensity of the gaze but the judges can only choose three to make it to the shortlist this one is it's just singing more and more at me I like the atmosphere it's a something romantic and filming going on my preference would be these three personally the judges have decided and the first of those artists is Michele Opoku Tyler and the second is Ashley kitchen and the third and final artist to be shortlisted is Liane Mullen doesn't mean that we don't appreciate the work you've done we've enjoyed it enormously and thank you for being with us yeah one more practice I think is required I think I could have done a little bit better today so bit more work we'll see I think we've had a few conversations about why people don't smile in portraits and here are two happy portraits so why does it work for Ashley I think she has this lightness of touch sometimes when you labor an expression it becomes really force so the spontaneity of the smile gets lost in hours of work whereas she does put down a very small amount of paint and tend to kind of leave it and just let it hover I think it's also because she's younger you know she's not interested in what the rules are which is why this has got such a strong contemporary feel to it so I'm totally an I think it's caught right in between where if she'd give enough enough time it would have had the clarity and resolve nosov her self-portrait you could seize the starts of it when she's painting daphne she's finding these clues and Daphne's face to her character and I think it's very well built I like the lower quarter vest I love the red dress and the fact that it's not finished think that's really plaintively what about michelle –the i really liked the way she split up the cameras and put knowles head in the middle of this sort of wide horizontal composition know is sort of floating around and there and he looks like an adventurer but it also has a vulnerability i think it caught something about him rather well she was after his aura and actually i think she did get something yeah in that she caught no just moving you just catch the moment in which he looked Ashley LeeAnn Michelle congratulations to all of you for making this short list but two of you can't go any further there's only one winner yes and the judges have selected that artist and the artists going through to the semi-final is LeAnn Malin I can't believe it I'm really in shock and thrilled delighted and what a variety you know what a wonderful day just an amazing job of destiny and I think she'll do great in the semi final so girl-power beautiful stunning yeah she did really well very happy for her today Leanne really sort of one through she's got this experience and a quality to her work she understands painting and sculpture with the other two finalists huge potential we'll certainly want to watch other going forward but not just yet right now I have to go off and fly home then I'll be painting like a wild woman until the next date it's amazing I can't believe it it's shocking to find out about next year's competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the year TV


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  • Robin Gagan says:

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