Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 – Episode 5

Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 - Episode 5

do you know Jonah I was in the Olympics between 1912 and 1948 I find that hard to believe very strange however let's hope we've got a gold medalist here today it's a bit tragic that'd be a new shouting your time starts now is what constitutes the opening ceremony where are the multicolored body stockings anyway welcome to Sky Arts portray artist of the year arriving to compete in today's heat at the Wallace Collection are five professional artists Fanfan duck Lizette Bingaman's Sarah hope leave feather and Richard Kitson I've never painted in a significant huge stately manner slash gallery before I'm usually in a little room in Barnsley paint in a way so it's slightly intimidating also here to test their skills of for amateur artists Georgia Palumbo Liam dawn Jonathan Stockley and Koren Pierre I've been feeling nauseas for weeks but you know what it's not a firing squad for a chance to gain a place in the semi-final these nine gifted artists have just four hours to complete a portrait of a celebrity sitter I don't know how this is gonna be but we didn't invite you here just to coast we like to set your challenge from the Challenger but it's our three opinionated judges that they all need to win over we do want a bit of color don't we all to be in the running for a phenomenal prize a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint award-winning Hollywood actress Kim Cattrall which will be part of the permanent collection of the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool so who can rise above the rest to win a place in the semi-final this is what you do don't have another job yeah it's just art it's really fun a life you lead well you know I'm sure your life so excited he's actually my to earn their place in today's heat the art is submitted a digital copy of a self-portrait but the actual piece is now adorned the gallery wall this moment when you see them on the wall it's a bit like when you've been through a dating site and you finally meet them in a bath that's exactly how it feels shall we I think when we look through the window of the barn not actually going when we see them or showing so we actually meet I definitely meet this one I think the quality of the painting is fantastic it feels very much like a real glimpse of someone but you feel like you really know them so it's a great first date I love the hooded fur which really sort of buries her in the painting but also acts as a way to kind of frame her beautifully I think it's a really clever device is this in pencil I'm just wondering myself the red here is the paper and it's the ground and you see it coming through the whole picture it's very sophisticated in a really clever way it's clever to see the profile you get that tension in the neck you don't sense this sort of focus from the eyes you're sensing it from that tension in the turn of the head this vortex caught our attention I thought it was an interesting device well maybe it makes the head look that much better I do like the head as well but they're never gonna be able to do something quite like this on the day so we need to make sure that that head is as good as we think it is without all the other noise because otherwise we're gonna be a bit letdown we thought this was a beautiful reflective self-portrait that draws you in in its simplicity of the stare but actually it's a very sophisticated layering on a paint with these beautiful highlights we love this that's brilliant li painted there's a story first and that's what can be really exciting about portraiture I think we've all agreed she's a spy is it Second World War oh right but obviously having a dangerous liaison with the German officer this bags just out of sight yes for me the caption should be what happens on to us stays on it's phenomenally observed and that reduced palette II that cool light is absolutely believable it's a very beautiful piece of drawing the face is quite nice the eyes are rather good I've got a real sense of him recognizing you know I'm looking forward to meeting him so the artists can capture themselves but how will they fare painting the portrait of a surprise celebrity sitter artist your sitter today is an actor who started in Hollywood working with people like Dudley Moore Robert De Niro she's also the Countess of Grantham in Downton Abbey and she fronts our own band please welcome Elizabeth McGovern recognized worldwide as the Edwardian matriarch Lady Cora Elizabeth McGovern founded blues folk band Sadie in the hotheads ten years ago glad it's a soft chair that's good yeah have you ever done this before I have done it before but I wasn't very good at it I'm so sorry to say my butt cheeks are famously impatient that's the one thing I hadn't read in your not many female actors can claim to have played some of the meteor Shakespearean roles including one of the opposite sex but today's set a can she's mastered everything from the lead in Shakespeare's Richard ii to harry potter's auntie please welcome fiona shaw with two Olivier Awards to her name Fiona Shaw is celebrated as one of the greatest theatre actors in her generation when she's not on stage or screen she's busy directing operas now how are you going to occupy your thoughts I think I will do enjoy the rest and I'm going to enjoy watching the intention of the people doing it so I'm going to enjoy that and of course the public comes to enjoy it so your people watch yes I will enjoy that that's going to be entertaining isn't it I can just watch the people watching me watching them watching me artists your city that I want two gold medals at the Rio Paralympics the amazing thing is they were in two different events today she's having a rest from the track and the velodrome to come here for you please welcome cadena Cox just two years after being diagnosed with multiple cirrhosis cadena Cox became a gold medal winner at the Rio 2016 Paralympics before winning another gold at a world para athletics championship so this is the very opposite of your life sitting still for four hours this is actually quite exciting I don't think I've ever been able to have this much time to sit down so normally trade in or I'm running from different locations so it's gonna be quite common and peaceful yeah but I'm just wondering if you're gonna be one of these cities whose desperate to go and do something athletic I probably will be a twitcher I'm gonna apologize early be like bitching to me I mean I don't want three paintings that are just gonna be a blur stands up here okay so can Kadena help you out in any way bearing in mind she's gonna move all day anyway apologies just trying to find a fixed point somewhere so I need your comfortable you be fine you can't spell in a position like that I'll be good where do you want to look there that's pretty good for me just say you're comfortable is the main thing I would like to see a little bit of face not an entire profile I'm quite happy with profiles thank you yep that's fine with me this is great actually I have a sense that the tensions rising so let's get on with the challenge you have four hours to create your portraits good luck and your time starts now beautiful you live there to cope with the pressure of producing a painting in such a short time many artists rely on time-saving techniques to get a head start just as gridding is often used to get the outline of a sitter quickly onto canvas another accepted method is to use tracing paper so I started by tracing a photograph and then holding a bit of tracing paper up onto the canvas and going over the marks I made to get a basic image on the canvas professional artist leaf feather has twice been shortlisted for the BP award and has a painting in the National Portrait Gallery's collection she wanted to portray a brutally honest and unpaused self-portrait using her typical palette of muted tones you've got quite a big board here yeah this lovely yellow Washington yeah if I miss bits of paint it won't matter there won't be bright white yeah yeah so how much will the yellow background come into play will you ignore it completely were you live in 400 sounds the same I don't want to have a formula I just want to I just do it does it mean it could be different every time then yeah this is a fundamental stage if you feel you've got a nice sketch that gives you confidence and then the rest is well good luck a former art teacher Koren Pierre taught herself to paint with oils when she was nine years old since retiring four years ago she paints for pleasure and created her submission in two hours what are you looking for from asset sale about something that you feel attracted to and that doesn't have to be an attractive person if something in them holds something in you and you want to capture it somehow spotted that in a little absent lately we're off to a flying start I'm really really happy with the sister I know her and her skin tone their hair just suits perfectly hopefully I can get a quick sketch and then it will all flow giorgia Palumbo is an amateur artist studying fine art at Kingston University when she's not painting the hobbies include boxing and performing aerial acrobatics her submission is only her second self-portrait and was completed the night before the competition closed now I can't we've got to have a woman-to-woman talk about your self-portrait it's very startling for one reason at first I wasn't gonna put my bra in but then I I kind of liked that it was kind of tasteful in a way but like not too showy and I just wanted to get every little detail wasn't gonna airbrush myself that's terrific and and about Fiona how do you feel about her amazing profile I loved it I loved her I loved the little bits of like copper and hair and the skin is really nice he had the blue everything is working but how an artist interprets the backdrop is entirely their prerogative I've picked a red background that could be a mistake Reds quite a dangerous color to use but I like there to be another color underneath so that that color comes through professional artist and part-time teacher Sarah Hope decided to bring art to the forefront of her life after her mother fell ill seven years ago she chose to portray herself at an angle to show her vulnerability but he's holding hyacinths to indicate optimism the grain of the paper remains though the red comes through so you're always mixing with the red in the back I am you kind of mixing my colors on here one layer of one color over the night yes yeah it's layers not sections no there's I'm just put I might put a bit of great I see a gray shadow I put great I think well that's a bit gray it needs a bit more of pink in there sort of building up gradually can you overdo it can you kill the red by overlaying yeah yeah I can't another concert thank you for us an hour has passed and it's the sitters who are feeling it the important of me asleep just wake me up feel my eyes I am absolutely starving but the artists are focusing on the job at hand and telling myself do not put down a piece of paint until you know it will improve it we've done a really big head could paint it smaller but it seems to be going okay I'm just trying to get detail interface everything could go wrong at this stage it could be crap for the last hour on nine heat artists have been capturing the faces of Elizabeth McGovern cadena Cox and they're no longer hungry Fiona Shaw by a to Brussels which are now floating around my teeth maybe just put it across on the fish crumb crumb in the corner – yeah – going on it's so attractive this stage can be a bit loose because I'm going to move it around later so if something's a bit out it doesn't really matter it's gonna be plenty of layers over this amateur artist Liam dawn is in his final year at Leeds College of Art and works part-time as a chef at weekends he painted his self-portrait three years ago and it took him eight months to complete due to the slow drying layers of translucent oil glazes so do you paint a lot of live sitters no never you've never done it no give me it is quite weird normally I'd work alone with music busting up music blasting out basically the music can kind of inform the mood of what I'm doing so if I'm doing something really precise it's obviously not going to be blast out heavy metal or anything like that so what do you go Mozart for the fine detail basically like that it's a bit twisting idea but aspects it makes absolute sense the composition and framing of a portrait is essential to help create visual impact so size is everything I've gone too small I should have gone a little bit bigger but I didn't want to suffer due to bigger poetry so I want to try and get as much of a heron as possible Richard Kitson is a six form art teacher and the blues folk musician who only paints from life when producing portraits his motivation for his submission was to capture himself as an artist at work and he used two mirrors to avoid a direct gaze how important is it for you to have a relationship with your sister you were kind of sit still stay quiet or would you like to know a bit about them but in four hours you know as much as possible cadena you just said talk to it you like you would you like talking but you know if they talk to me they can get my personality in then that can come across in the painting good so we could have a little gossip corner keep still though you can adapt it's yeah so that way we'll have a good chat I think I can tell what I'm saying you know from bounds Lisa when you paint someone you want to kind of see what you like about them what you see in them because every time they make a little movement and it enhances their personality you can put it in originally from Holland Lisette Bingaman's is a professional artist and teacher who works from her studio in South London for her self-portrait she decided on a direct gaze in order to reflect her straightforward personality I would Africanized Elizabeth from what you've already swallowed skids are you from an artistic family no I'm not actually my father's a doctor we had a bit of a role reversal our family normally you've got father who you know says oh please be a doctor come on we got it yeah well he was like no please be nice still become a doctor that's great so this is what you do you don't have another job yep it's just art it's really fun my life you believe well you know I'm sure your life so exciting it is actually my Kate I've got a feeling that the neon on this set behind us is not going to figure in the paintings I think you're right Joan the neon is is the same pink that her bands Lego is in but you know it doesn't necessarily lend itself that easily to detailed tender portraits what is interesting is whether they're painting this very distinguished actress are they painting someone who has a band I think she wants them to paint both because she is both and I really like the dual personality she's got the refined nature of Downton and then the cool rock this is definitely her as Elizabeth that we're seeing today love being in this atmosphere of creation and hearing them talk about the process in watching the process the artists are so serene and so passionate about what they do did she use to work in a dayglo upholstery right oh yeah they looked like that and that leather Chesterfield there is a symbol of a jasmine flower and her mum's called jasmine and it's her favorite how could I possibly know that on my own what do you think about Kadena as a sitter well she's a top athlete even her body is finely tuned for action exactly my idea that she's gonna sit still for four hours I feel for her yeah it's like trying to keep a cat on a dinner tonight I've always wanted someone to draw a portrait of me once yeah it comes out and now I've got three being drawn which is amazing can't complain I think what's so important about this particular set is how its simplified everything down so Fiona's enormous resources are available but I think with her it's something about the entire body she's an actor and when you have such a strong physicality and presence you don't need anything else you know when you're acting you're organizing your mind to make the audience's mind follow your mind it's quite different to being looked at you don't feel you're being looked at in the theatre whether it's oil acrylic or pencil every medium has its own appealing characteristics I love using pastels you're using your fingers to blend here in complete contact with the dawn itself love getting the finger started amateur artist Jonathan Stockley from Lancashire is an architectural model maker his submission was his first ever self-portrait and took him 12 hours to complete you've done a lot already you've got the eyes in and that's great as the eyes are so important to me the eyes have to be first to be able to be eyes right there's no point going any further okay I'm actually working with the eyes looking out at you from from your page is rather heartwarming isn't it this is very steely blue yeah look at her fantastic sitter duck when you saw Fiona did you decide that you were going to work with this canvas industry quarterman or had you already decided this morning it only were when she came here I love her figure and she looks strong so I want to spread that okay so her figure told you what proportions to use originally from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam professional artist Pham van doc has been living in Dublin for the last seven years he incorporated hand gestures in his self-portrait to symbolize the balance of life yin and yang one of the things that we really loved about your self-portrait was all the dynamism and the movement that was in it are we gonna see that in your painting I hope I have enough time to do that really how are you going to do that legs flapping I can feel that he wants to make my sense from him see no numeri still and also like it Gao I fit into this tie so it's perfect for you yeah so she's a purple sister the artists have just over two hours of the challenge remaining I'm a little bit stuck I don't really know what exactly it is I'm trying to do at this stage of the painting I've got to either add more to this or refine what I've got I'm having a battle here I'm not panicking yet but I will certainly start panicking if I don't feel I'm getting a physical likeness at the moment it's all a bit all over the place it needs definite refining still a way to go Elizabeth McGovern cadena Cox and Fiona Shaw have been sitting for two hours old leg doesn't matter our nine heat artists are all vying for one place in the semi-final and at the halfway point there's a mix of detailed images and loosely painted canvases one of the things that strikes me today is that how many different stages many of them are yeah we're used to having people doing sketches that look fantastic in the middle of the day and then tip today I feel it's more the other way around that people are putting together rather messy starts but actually slowly they're coming together it is that here Elizabeth's section put down this base coat and Elizabeth is there in monochrome but we do want a bit of color don't we what about career because she is loud and clear who brings one of the artists I think who did start in a rather messy way and it didn't look like her there were loads of colours loaded on but I feel it slowly tightening up in a good way it started very dark and she's grumpy delighted Elizabeth is very pale there's very little leeway to get it right so it could look shocked if she's not careful enough Sara is conspicuously red will it be different in Sara's way of working is just about time and getting it done it's a layering process that takes much longer I think she has practiced to be able to deliver something within four hours but it's one of those things like if one little thing goes wrong we'll lose quite a lot now what about cadena great section I think they're all doing fantastically well they've all got a great blankness I'm very happy with Liam's I liked the sparseness of the paint that's on there at the moment it's very much her a very soft her I think it's a very beautiful night this right we're still some time to go but do you have favorite size of it I don't allow myself any favorites at this stage so much I'm in court out a few times I was very interested to see where my brain would go given a whole day of idleness and the interesting answer is it goes nowhere I wonder what they've captured do you come over more intelligent or less intelligence than you are I'd be interested judge what their view of that is or whether the features of my face carry that information I'm quite intrigued to see how the artist catching my eyes my eyes and think that as a child that I didn't really like but as I've grown older I've like probably my favorite feature on my face so I'd like them to look good one of the most difficult elements when creating a successful portrait is imitating an accurate skin colour I was really concerned that I couldn't do white skin possibly because homies de painting myself I'm fairly happy with it basically what I've learned is that I can do a black face and then lighten it up I've never painted black skin before so I don't really know what I'm doing basically is it not looking at tone and color I guess so yeah but I hadn't practice doing it before so what we didn't invite you here just to coast we'd like to set your challenge for any challenge you when they artists discovered who they were painting today they all said we've never painted a black person before so we've gotten their completely changed the palette we had they will have experience painting portraits of Europeans that there are blues and greens in the skin now cadenas Jamaican roots give her this fantastic skin tone their blues and greens and that as well yeah it's just happening on a different tonal level so they might not have done it before but they have the tools if they're not sort of scared of what to trust in what their eye is seeing only 30 minutes of the challenge remain I'm starting to get her skin tone I need to like bring it all together now and add some shadows because I've only got one I think I may be bitten off a bit more than I could chew with the red if I can not the red back in the time that I've got hopefully it's gonna be okay it's a little bit flat at the moment so I'd like it to somehow feel more free dee you've finished yeah I just felt there's nothing more I could do that would add to it I really admire your doing that because now you can only sit and fret yeah I guess I can there's only a few minutes left for our nine artists to complete air portraits of Kadena Elizabeth McGovern and Fiona Shaw and at this stage it's not always the face in the portrait that needs work this red background it's a bit overpowering I cut down this border then the red hopefully won't be quite so strong I've got a lot more to do nothing's finished here I'm gonna do a quick background so she's not like a floating head I'm not playing see the background hope that's okay artists you have just five minutes left I would like to go back over the eyes we bet thank the need to be a bit more to them we're running out of time so I'm gonna do some swirly bits and hope for the best as long as I don't make a slip of the brush I can finish it artists your time is up please put down your brushes and step away from your easels [Applause] all of our citizen glimpsing their portraits and now they're about to face three images of themselves Elizabeth you've done a lovely job today great posture I thought I think like a fabulous it was laughing gazelle sitting there next time you guys can use a photograph well I particularly enjoyed this part of the show the usual response I find is Wow but we're always looking for original contribution field artists will you please turn your easels shall we take a closer look okay this is a beautiful painting I really love the controlled use of color she's got your cheekbones which is which is everything I mean yeah well of course I was sucking them man I love the black and white that contrasts and the skin tones are really beautiful oh god that's just amazing tits or a hint of sadness in those oh I think there is I think it's incredible its richest neck yeah it really is it's really really tough it's just a complete instinctive thing but I'd like that one please Colerain whoa oh my goodness oh my goodness they're absolutely fantastic I looked like a queen of a very small country brilliant hair brilliant lightness it's very heroic isn't it it's rather grand well done that's why you wanted me to cross my legs back I can see why now amazing brushstrokes it's not so obviously a likeness but it is because the expression is very good this is a magnificent piece of work a breathtaking likeness I think wonderful many many thanks for the reasons of ambiguity I'm going to take this painting Oh amazing good we have a closer look yeah yeah I like it you kind of put the detail in my hair in my talk yeah I gave you a bit of a challenge yeah my eyebrows look amazing you look really at home with yourself yeah I feel like I look quite calm which isn't very you have captured cadena mashina [Laughter] I quite like all of them can't get gold silver and bronze gold silver and bronze in rear I think I'm gonna go with this one okay left alone in the gallery the judges have the opportunity to get up close and really scrutinize the finished portrait I think there's a very beautiful piece of painting that eyes are so lovely it's not your conventional beautifully romantic portrait but I think there's something very arresting about it when Lee started this morning she didn't really have a plan and then the patches of color stop is okay this is getting somewhat and I think it's a very beautiful conclusion to a different day I think she looks really sweet here she's really relaxed she's maybe a little bit sighs and I think what he's done which is great is treat the set well she's very naturalistic but he hasn't made that jarring with this yellow background she managed to catch a really nice expression on here in his face and I really like the red and the way in which she creates for Matt these lovely shapes this is one of those artworks it if you just shrunk everything down by say 30% I think it would be a better painting the drawing that she started with was very good in capturing Fiona's lightness and as she painted things started going wrong and the lightness under seems to slip away he's given us a very lively vibrant painting the likeness isn't good enough and I don't know whether or not he'll ever get great like misses because I just don't think he really worries about it too much it started in a sort of a mess I just she's never gonna find it but it did the opposite of what pictures normally do it did get better and better and better throughout the afternoon and it's got sort of grit and I lifeline it's just fantastic I wish it was a bit bit more of a likeness because I'm really happy first sort of Downton Abbey to go really dark but zombie yeah Downton Abbey is brilliant the problem here is the eyes he's brought the tone up so light it just looks very strange I found it quite romantic and enchanting I think she came to quite an elegant solution about color which was to just allow the eye to come alive a bit more and put a bit richer color tone in the background in the hair now they must decide their top three artists I'm seeing a very nice selection here I'm seeing a nice selection with this one in front of that one it's got more energy and vivacity to it oh this is tricky one after some deliberation that judges have come to an agreement on their shortlisted three and the first of those artists is Lisette Bingham on [Applause] and the third and final artist on the short list is Koren Pierre sympathies to those who didn't make it your all extremely good brilliant I'm not too upset I'm happy with what I did if I'd messed it up then I'd be disappointed but I know okay with only one place in the semi-final available the judges weigh up each shortlisted artists finished portrait along with their submission again in one of your fabulous short lists there's some beautiful paintings let's talk about Liam I like what Liam did today more than I liked his submission actually he is very good at capturing a likeness and we loved the braids we liked the background we liked how he made the whole thing sit together he was the only artist who put down his brush and said I have finished within half-an-hour of the end you can see that there's a loose miss and a lightness of touch that he's brought him I think he's kept a sense of aliveness and vivacity and I love the way the lights falling into the hair he called something of her soul is it I loved her submission I thought it was really full of a narrative she's obviously a classically trained artist and it feels like she's on the beginning of a journey to do something really interesting she's got such skill okay she had Elizabeth in profile that was quite difficult but she's got it she and you can see in bits of it that just found four minute so Corinne it's beautiful it's obviously use the word beauty I don't think it is beautiful and that's why I like it the paint is put on quiet clumsily and yet there's something about Elizabeth's and turnig Matic look I think it's a fantastic combination it was not working at the beginning and to see how to slowly pull it all together to construct a study at the same time as being finished I think there's a lot of good about it is it gonna be one of these days when you feel you know the winner it is yeah okay in that case I should be home for the washer Liam Lizette Koren you're each very talented but there can only be one winner the decision has been made yes the artists the judges would like to go through to the semi-final is kourin pier [Applause] I'm feeling stunned numb obviously I'm a bit disappointed but I did the best I could do and it's been a fantastic day fantastic experience I think corns work is really good and she's also such a sweet lady so I really am happy it was her in the end [Applause] corns peace today had great energy the four hours she spent working were a revelation and how one can make art and she found a lightness within that swirling mess of her paint and that's what made us so exciting to watch I don't think I even took my work seriously and what it makes me feel is that you should start taking this seriously you can't put a value on that to find out about next year's competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the year TV you


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