Present Time – The Thing About…Art & Artists – Moon & Jeon

Present Time - The Thing About...Art & Artists - Moon & Jeon

our news from the oil project is an open offer where everyone can have a live into our current situation not only in art but also in science social and education and carry Alex discussion of them which starts from the gallery but we expand our site to the real world we wanted to find when it is art beginning wait a minute it will science yes we down to the nature so we want you to look back to the that point of view so such as no now the da Vinci you cannot give you some some answer about our combined in technology or digitally so actually we're not interested in it so we just want they want to try to find the solution or the possibility of the art Simon ago co2 cam curtain liberica Jocasta we love the scientific way to rethink about our present time frankly speaking we not interested in future we are interested in present time because she is a mirror with a present so we follow the future time one day I asked you to the wonderful objector in tandem so she created objector so we asked what is the meaning of a heart state so he said if religion is give us answer about our limitless artists question after mating waited for lots of people we learn a lot from the dam so we believe in the heart again

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