Today we went deep into the woods to shoot some products for a leather goods bran, I’ve already shot some flatlays and now we need to do some “in-use” shots and that’s where Nick comes in, he is gonna be my model for today … and it’s cold as b***s, so let’s start with some coffee Welcome to Noisefilm alrighty, yeah cheers this is my absolute favorite way to have coffee on the go Aeropress coffee made in the trunk of your car – insane great investment from your side well you brought some products leather goods, leather wallets leather sleeves for a computer and stuff like that and I have brought some bluetooth earphones which I got from a company in return for some shots so i am going to need you to do some shots of me with the earphones let’s do it
and of course we’ve brought some props for the shoot i have brought some stuff including a stanley knife… well not a stanley.. you brought a knife
yeah a small eeeehh A POCKET KNIFE and some other stuff I brought my passport
me too
it’s so in right now… and then we are ready to leave the country too, if needed. it’s good to keep in mind that if you have a buddy you constantly go on shoots with you are able to use each other as models but I think it’s about time we find some spots and set up some scenarios well this forest is giant, so let’s drink up maybe take a few shots here and then go deeper in to the woods i have been here before and it’s only going to get better from here cool
let’s get to it cheers I love being out in the nature I really do, but there is something else to share i have started to bring another camera with me
– Yeah and so are you
– i am and it’s… it’s not anything new maybe new because we haven’t been doing it for a while.. but yeah
– film i have literally forgotten how easy it is to carry a p&s camera in the pocket so i will start carry one with me everywhere I’ve carried mine for a while now
I haven’t uploaded any of the recent shots I think I have developed one film with shots from different jobs, where I have been able to sneek in a few shots with the models. What did you bring my Yashica T4, which I got from my girlfriends grandma who had it lying around I brought an Olympus and it is actually the the first edition of the MJU series which isn’t as hyped as the second which I have also owned, but sold since I had too many point and shoots but the only real difference between the two is the MJU ii stops down to 2.8 while the MJU only stops down to 3.5 just like the Yashica T4 3.5 carl Zeiss glass and when it is point and shoot, it really doesn’t matter it’s all about just getting the shot it’s just to go with the hipster vibe what is super neat with bringing a p&s camera is that we can quickly and easily snap a few BTS shots when we are otherwise too busy shooting client work and not so much shooting for the gram then it’s cool to bring a camera like this
pull it out, snap. back to business Recommendations for cheap p&s cameras something easy to find maybe please drop som recommendations in the comment the Yashica T4 is not a cheap camera MJU i is cheaper than the MJU ii but I also have a Canon primo 5 at home which for example Jonas Risvig shoots a lot it goes for like 5$ and it does a good job so there isn’t really a big difference you are paying for the hype most of the time.. and there is that’s broke now
– NOOO yea luckily a P&S doesn’t break that easy that wasn’t intended
easy to put in the pocket if you know how to apparently
– yea if you know how we are going that way there is loads to shoot let’s do it, go deep in the woods way deeper, I haven’t been here before well me neither we have quite a few shots in front of us you saw a spot up there
– yeah with some leafs in some cool colors, lets go there alright
you brought a lot of accessories leather wallets and stuff and now we are just jamming, using the environment and the colors behind us to accomplish the colors of the leather maybe do some shots on the ground and some of the wallets going up from a wallet exactly
– again like Paw said in the beginning of the video you want to deliver some shots for the client so they can show their customers how their product works in use instead of just showing only how it looks so that’s what’s going on now and at the same time we are trying to shoot som film and film an episode for you guys and finding the right spots and driving around in the forest
I feel overwhelmed and we are running out of daylight, one hour to go so everything has to go a bit fast from here we are getting to work so you have to settle for some b-roll of the proces okay i have this photo in mind with you i want you to stand here and work on your laptop in the woods as you would… and I will put some props around the laptop since the sleeve and the MacBook is black it needs some colors I got some props to make it pop you are selling a story here
– I am selling a story of a man who has a laptop he is probably a type that works from everywhere and he needs a solid protection sleeve for his laptop
– exactly and this brand is based around motorcycles as well so it was important to me that the shots has some of that rawness to it but that’s about it for both Paw and I it’s all about going that extra mile for the client to show that we actually put some time and effort into the brands dna setting up a scenario, telling a story through the products and a photo we haven’t name dropped the Brandans here and there is a simple explanation for that we don’t want it to seem like we are sponsored from these brands for us this is just a job we figured would be fun to let you in on plus we are having a good time documenting some of our work and to show you that we do different things sooo working quickly here there is not a whole lot of light now very little my ISO is set at 1250 to make it work maybe it looks like there is light enough but when you are shooting products you want the shutter a bit quick and the aperture not too wide open you can’t really shoot at 1.4 for example, then part of the products probably would be out of focus 2.8 and and higher f stops is what I usually work with but this here is a flatly so it should work out yea, it’s too dark
– way too dark time flies we can’t shoot no longer
it’s 4 pm in 10 minutes it’ll be pitch black so that’s is going to be it for this video, in a few minutes we can’t see what we are doing that won’t work
– did you get what you needed? I did, well you know… no.. I did good job modelling Thanks
and did you get your shots yeah I got what I needed I could use some more but..
– that’s how it is and i got i git 12 shits left on the film i have shot 16 shots
– and i 14 Like and subscribe if you are still enjoying our videos we are hoping
– Noisefilm outta here, c’ya next time


  • Torkild Enstad Hausken says:

    Veldig kult å se dere jobbe med dette ute i felt. Jeg tror dere har helt rett i at man viser kunden at man har gjort en ekstra innsats ved å dra ut til locations for å ta produktfoto.

    I tillegg vil jeg berømme dere for produksjonsverdien på disse videoene. Den er virkelig top notch. Det er en fryd å se videoer som er så omhyggelig redigert.

  • noisefilm says:

    Can you recommend any p&s cameras that is still cheap and worth shooting?✌🏻

  • johan lind says:

    Hva faen sker der for fokus?
    Godt at se i har den analoge med i lommen

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