Professional Artist Colors a CHILDRENS Coloring Book?…. Again | BATMAN |

Professional Artist Colors a CHILDRENS Coloring Book?.... Again | BATMAN |

hey what's going on YouTube ADC heart attack here and welcome back to our brand-new drawing video and in today's video I'm gonna be doing a follow-up video to my first artist colors a coloring book type video you guys seem to love that videos so much and it was so much demand for a follow up video so firstly this is the coloring book yeah it's a nice coloring book the paper was fantastic I loved this coloring book it was good it featured everyone's favorite superhero Goku and yeah I am i I complimented the paper I said the paper was fantastic and we managed to color this now I will frog on screen as well a kind of high definition quality version of the image that we did and a lot of people requested that I showed you the back of this you wanted to see what happens well I didn't look until yeah after I read the comments and this happened as you can see it's pretty destroyed I had plans to color the entire thing in but that's gone or I guess you could say I've kind of cheated and already colored in this page yes oh no this is scrapped we ugh we are going to be doing something cool today we're going to be doing someone that a lot of people have been saying is their favorite superhero and I have to agree he's a pretty cool hero today we are gonna be doing Robin that's right we're gonna be coloring in Robin not choking come on it's Batman we are gonna be coloring in Batman I went to the local store again and I picked up this glorious curio coloring book and not sponsored and if it's only 2 euros once again bargain sales so I guess someone said to me this is actually pretty expensive for a coloring book I don't know I don't buy coloring books I am an adult I'm this big and so I'm fat but I'd be 6 in 5 master but yeah so I haven't had a look through this and I was a cheeky glance though just head there we're gonna flick for it and see what we find I'm assuming Batman but didn't never know we're gonna have a look find a perfect image and if we do find a perfect image well then we're gonna color that perfect image you know we find any means we like but it's lacking in details I feel I would personally add but I don't want to discredit the artists who created this because obviously they are talented people these came from the comic books so every page in this are from the comic books and I don't want its credit the artists in any way shape or form but there are sometimes a few things that I would like to add or like to see now I'll try to add those with either a pen or with the coloring pens themselves but that being said we are gonna flick through this right now and see what we find so here we have it this is the Batman coloring book by Carl Rio or is it the coloring coloring book by Batman who knows one of life's many mysteries today I'm going to be flicking through this right now and let's see if we can find anything cool now I haven't looked through this as I say and we are gonna do this together and sharing the experience and hopefully find something pretty cool to draw so it's the Batman um right well actually quite equipment right at the back we've got it's a pretty small so I'm not gonna really work with something this small but we do have Batman and the Joker probably voiced by Mark Hamill cuz he is like the best Joker comment down below your favorite joke about Mark Hamill wheeze so let's continue on with freaking furnace time when we find a perfect image we're gonna stop we're gonna assess it we're gonna color it let's do this okay so here we I decided on this one I think this one looks pretty cool is quite dynamic pose it looks good there's no text on the screen this is the problem that I had with most of these pages there was so many texts going on I kind of wanted one without the ticks it was quite distracting so yeah we're gonna go with this one and for the most part it looks quite complete actually there isn't anything immediately that I would say I need to add we might as we go but for now this looks pretty good so I can't would get started calling this and I hope you do enjoy the videos so without further ado let's get started with coloring Batman okay so let's get on with colouring Batman now I gotta say right off the bat coloring with darker tones is definitely plan towards my strengths this is something that I love to do I love coloring with dark tones and I was a little coloring with blue so that's what we're gonna be using for the cowl the cape the boots the hands their arms arms things like that so I think this is gonna be a good drawing I think you might like this now the pity of using darker colors here is that if there's any areas you struggle with or any areas that you think maybe there's a little too good you can always get away with adding some really nice deep shadows into it and it's a really cool way of sort of giving this up a little bit more confidence with doing our work knowing that you have that safety net when doing this so I definitely suggest practicing and still enough we're using characters that have a high contrast high shadows high darkness high whatever this is that I'm trying to explain and yeah it's just a great way to learn okay we got us up here because I just realized something a little bit weird we're coloring in this guy right here and yeah it's it's it's already been done huh brilliant well I'm gonna continue because I have done too much work right here to stop so let's get on with this and I guess at the end we can compare brilliant the style I went for here I actually took from doing the first video that we did the Superman one and I just sort of took what I learned doing that into this because obviously the paper is quite cheap it isn't great paper by any means it's not amazing in it it's not special at all so I have to adapt and had to learn to try to use this paper and I guess I was a point of this video so I felt much more confident going into this I knew what I wanted to do I knew how to do it and I think it works pretty well going right into it and knowing what I wanted to do immediately and how to do it so that was pretty cool there wasn't actually anything during this video that I felt I needed to add to the character all of the lines were pretty good everything that they had put into it looked pretty good that wasn't an area too I thought maybe I could have more so I didn't actually do any extra lines I figured you know what I'll put the fine liner down and I'll just do this strictly coloring I won't add anything to this I'll leave it as it is I'll respect the artists and what they've done and seeing as I made the mistake of actually doing the cover image which I didn't even realize I figured you know what we'll just take the task on we'll do this my way and at the end we will compare exactly what it looks like my coloring style versus the cover coloring style I didn't realize this is gonna turn into a versus video but that's where we are now I decided during this to add the harness that we attempted in the last drawing I know a lot of people had different mixed opinions about the highlights that I used with that last one now I'm gonna say this because this paper is just I'm not used to using this it's really difficult to use this paper is so difficult to go from using my regular paper to using this my regular paper for the record is bristol board that's what I tend to use mostly or sketch paper which is quite high quality but yeah this is obviously not really good paper so using the highlight here it didn't really work too well so with this drawing however I kind of knew what I was doing and when I went into it I think the highlights came out pretty good and I think by the end of this you are really gonna like it so with all that being said I think I'm gonna sign off right now and let you enjoy the rest of this video and I'll catch you at the end what we can review the process and review the entire drawing and I gotta say I think you're gonna like it because I really like it alright so enjoy it and I'll see you then ladies and gentlemen thank you for sticking around to the end here is the completed drawing I am super super happy with the results here I think this came out pretty good I think it came out better than the Superman wanna Hoover up on screen for a comparison right here just so we can sort of see what you know we're dealing with did I improve I think I did the paper quality again I mean this paper is pretty good let's have a cheeky look on the other side and I'll show some HD images in a moment a couple photos different angles fancy stuff like that but let's have a look on the other side which we didn't do in a last video and see what the damage is hey would you know it's not too bad actually oh we can't really make out what's going on on this page and I only got a little bit of bleeding here I did actually forget to put the paper back down before but the big issue was I didn't realize that this is the front cover so I kind of just drew the front cover ha ha ha I could have just use that as a reference the entire time nevermind so over up on screen a few images now and you guys could check them out what do you think about destroying did you like the result in the end I did I think it came out pretty cool super happy bit I really enjoyed doing this series I loved the response you gave in my first video hopefully this video does just as good if not doesn't matter I'm gonna keep doing this but I'd love to know who would you like to see in the future would you like to see me do some Marvel characters maybe some anime type stuff for manga type stuff I'm open to your suggestions I would love to hear them in the comments down below so please let me know and also let me know your favorite superhero and do you think that Batman is a better superhero than Superman I don't know so in summary here is a side-by-side of the front cover and my version of it now there are a little bit different and I wish I had known from the very start because I probably would he use the cover as a reference for this material I guess it's just one of those things it's quite a nice turn of events but hey here it is what do you think guys I'd love to see your comments down below please do leave them because I'd love to interact with you and I will try to respond to as many as I can I'm a DC auto tech I hope that you have enjoyed this video today again just all that stuff I said before I'll see you next video take care have a great day bye bye


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