Prototype Artist Shaylen Maxwell Defamed by Scammer Haley Williams, Using Doctored Photos

Prototype Artist Shaylen Maxwell Defamed by Scammer Haley Williams, Using Doctored Photos

all right guys um this is just gonna be a video breakdown of the issue that's still basically ongoing with this client of mine Haley from Haley as newborn nursery I have addressed this on my Facebook page in my Instagram but now it's basically the point where I have to share this unfortunately on my YouTube and my facebook business page as well so I truly apologize for the most part I am going to be just repeating the same information I've already shared on those platforms so if you've had enough of this like I have I've had so I've just I'm over it just skip right over this unfortunately I do have to share this information as it's crossed into something that's basically a legal matter it's predicated on lives and there's harassment happening for me my business as well as many of my existing clients as well so just to kind of back up as I mentioned guys I Michigan's share the actual Instagram story that I have that has come to my attention that she has basically been passing off a doll that I shipped home to her as a doll that she's now fixed and painted herself basically after claiming that it was mostly unpainted she posted lots of false doctorate images of my work along with outrageous allegations that the doll was basically nearly unpainted she posted this basically on all the reborn doll groups and then over Instagram basically exposing this information to basically tens of thousands of people only to then turn around a few hours later and reveal the exact all that I sent her home perfectly painted in the exact same condition that I sent it to her except now claiming that she basically repainted the doll with 20 layers of paint which somehow used to make she use to basically recreate the exact toll that I sent her so here's what she said she said she worked on it for nine hours she was able to salvage the doll she gave it creases blue undertones yellow undertones to yellow washes to red washes blue model red model orange model four to six blush layers varnish gloss and also related it and then she had a traumatic birth so I want to share basically the screenshots of her importantly newly painted baby and show how this is actually identical to the one that I sent her home I take a hundreds and hundreds of photographs of my dolls in all sorts of different lighting conditions with lots of different mediums I'm like one of the biggest stressors are basically photographing every aspect of the doll before you send your baby home I teach it in my class I teach it with my students so I'm going to show you those pictures right now there really isn't a single difference besides the fact that she removed the black faux ear and nose depth and this is a hyperrealism technique and request that she could have easily made at any point during her order her request was basically for it look-alike of Sailor Rose you guys can check that out on my reborn sweet page slash reborn sweet and she basically that doll also had felt at the faux nostrils and ear canal it's a technique I've been doing now for over a year it is also something not unique to me I just want to show you guys this is Alexa calvo's newest baby that she just did she's obviously using the exact same technique this is a technique that has been widely sought after as well by my students they also want to do it anyway to basically claimed that she did anything besides and remove that is basically ridiculous since the doll is basically an exact clone of my baby and I included the screenshots that have been taken from this different defamation video that she's claiming on YouTube that says I'm the scammer and I wanted to lay them out right next to pictures from my doll from the exact photoshoot to show how they are identical the only difference basically as one is taken with a video so it's a still from a video the others taken with my Canon 2ti and my portrait lens and this is again why I encourage all artists to take tons of photos of their work and never edit their pictures so this is the picture here and this is still taken from her video after she quote/unquote repainted it she says she added blue in the creases of the eyes again identical she says she darkened the eyelids again identical she says she I forget what she said she did some sort of like yellow and orange model or something like that on the face again patently false when you look at the pictures next to each other she also claims that she warmed her up on her body again the doll is an exact match for my exact photographs the only difference is it's a video and mine is a picture and then she claims I had I sent a doll home with that had no creases on its legs that had no painting on its legs they had no blushing on its feet or anything like that again this is from her video and this is a picture from literally my photo album of the doll that I sent home they are identical again this is from her video and this is my photo I've also talked about the fact that you don't like if you're adding that many layers you're gonna see it over top of your painted hair especially on a fine color hair like my baby with her eyebrows being like a dark blond color a dark blond color on the top of the hair again you would see those differences like basically extremely it would it would be obvious the paint had been laid on top of it not to mention the fact that you can't do that many layers in 9 hours and then do it over varnishing and revarnished as she says too as well so again the pictures are just obvious I mean this is it's blurring her because it's a still of a video but that's the only difference then again she says she did a lot of coloring to the hand again the hand is identical to the hand that I've shown in my photos my photo shoot and on her video the feet she says she did a lot to the feet again the feet are an exact match to the feet from my photos so basically she's claiming she did 20 layers of paint on her any experience reborn artist basically knows this that this is factually inaccurate and campaign over the heresy just especially with the softball okay she also if she hadn't actually painted over those areas to keep the hair color the same then the rest of the doll it basically would show like it would look like a helmet on the head based on the picture she shared I'm not going to share those pictures because they are absolutely disgraceful and horrific and I don't to recognize my own baby in them that should say a lot you know as an artist who spent two months painting the doll meticulously for her you know not only was it devastating to hear that the doll wasn't liked or that something was wrong with it it was also you know extremely shocking to see my doll like that and and I I legitimately at certain points believe that she had stripped the doll which again just devastated me to think that two months of my time according to this baby was just gone but based on the fact that she unveiled the doll that's not true and the doll is perfect and not the gray white washed out colors that she's done where she's tampering with it I'm gonna talk about lighting in this as well because I think it's super important for reborn artists as well as collectors to really know the signs of when when an image has been altered and basically you don't take pictures against a black background with flash unless you want to actually wash out a dull as well as use photo technology to basically alter it and or and I've heard this from a few people because she has scammed other artists similarly I have all of this information up in three different posts on Facebook so if you guys want to check it out it's on my facebook profile slash ale and Maxwell in those posts it's notorious she's basically talked about being notorious for doing this with specific artists especially going after some prolific artists like myself who are sort of lot more well-known and then doing the same basically modus operandi and it was suggested by a few of the people who are who knew about this and have experienced this in the past with her that she uses basically blank limbs to show so it's even possible she was showing blank limbs in that case again I didn't recognize my own work that should say a lot and then basically she is I will show that later as well on record as saying that she's now she now has another Evelyn that she's selling so it's very possible she showed pictures of that she was in the beginning stages of painting so anyway just again just to reiterate what I just said basically you can't paint hair over those areas and if there were if there was there would be evidence of this and there isn't because they're identical as I already said two full months to paint so again just one more picture this is the doll in her video and again this is this is the baby from the photo shoot so again they are a literal identical match and as I said she's now passing this off as basically her own artwork that she did 20 she's not okay people have said to me oh she's not actually passing it off as their own more artwork okay you still said you did 20 layers of art or basically 20 layers of paint on my doll so yeah you kind of are passing it off as though the reason why you are showing her off now is because you actually did all that painting when that's obviously an utter lie I've included basically pictures or my own artwork as it looks as well as her art so you can kind of compare that there's no way that if she had added those layers she could have gotten it to look like the pictures of the baby that I sent home again she has no box opening she always fills a box opening with her dolls you know there's no reason why she wouldn't have that photographic evidence she's choosing not to show it to be biased to present this as though she were you know legitimately scammed when obviously this is a bogus lie and I wanted to show you that both of these photos actually are taken in the same on the same prop Hallie's prop in the same room with the same lighting and again she says she managed this task basically during nine hours when she was basically doing like 15 to 20 different Facebook group posts where she was responding to everybody basically trying to to destroy my my artistry and my integrity so again there is no way she could possibly reduce it and produce this baby precisely in every detail and not have dolt altered the doll in some substantial way if she had done all those layers so again and not had those pictures of the two dolls look identical oh yes it's just physiologically impossible and again this is again the doll she says she now fixed and loves and this is her actual artwork and this is mine so again she couldn't have added any specific layers 20 layers or not to change the doll again this is the doll that she received that she opened the only difference basically in any of her photographs is the faux black depth from the nose in the ears which she removed and this technique as I said is widely loved by my clients I've been doing it for over a year that's over 60 babies and I even teach this technique in my read or reborn doll course and all my students end up doing it too because they love it as well you know when you look at the two they there's just there's really I'm speechless I'm speechless I'm horrified I I'm aghast that something like this could even take place basically this is the lowest and most unethical thing that's basically and sociopathic actually representation of an artists work that I've encountered in my six-year career again I said she didn't share it box opening videos photos of the doll and natural light because she knew that if she did this she would basically be revealing the doll that she's showing as her own and furthermore she's actually gone out of her way and this is why I've had to take protections like contacting my legal team and involving them because she's basically proceeded to bolster this position by harassing and bullying myself many of my happy clients have reached out to me to say that they were trying she was trying to shame them if they didn't agree with her or using fear tactics I want to show you a screenshot from somebody who sent this to me she said she mean the words that were spread she was basically she said Haley was very convincing saying that she was weak if she didn't with the public with these claws that don't exist and she just reached out to me because she wanted to make it better and I've heard this now from at least a handful more people since and she this this client of mine I kept her identity private because she's basically scared of hailey she basically said she's posted or true feelings about my artwork which is undeniably gorgeous and she's very deeply short sorry and cherishes it all for me and I won't share the pictures that she has that she took unedited for my own camera I will tell you that those pictures are in my testimonial album along with her original testimonial as well but you know this is this is the this is what is at work so yeah she's stolen my clients his pictures for their tools not use them with a permission I also want to add to claim that she didn't have a malicious agenda is patently false because she took those doctored photos of my doll and the fake narrative and basically within the span of minutes have reposted it to every single Facebook group she could find including many that had tens of thousands of members she also claimed that she did she did this and had to basically do this because I wouldn't offer her a refund I want to show you guys the screenshot so again I'm gonna show she literally says in the first email to me I'm not going to ask for a refund or to return her because she was a custom so I responded to her then she also said I don't want a refund or for you to help me sell her so again to then go on to claim that she had to post what she did because of the fact that she wasn't offered a refund he's only false and then it was done in such a basically predatory and orchestrated manner additionally other things she's lied about I mean these things are just they're all I already have references so many times this is the PayPal invoice that I sent her I do all my math on the one page so again her custom all the price was 9:57 she paid a deposit on my reborn sweet shop and that was 249 so that was deducted 947 minus 239 and that was what she paid before so again the kit and the cost of the body that she supplied again I deducted that so again it was another $99.99 that's the price of the sculpt on Macpherson's website and then I charged her or belly plate painting and then the import fees that I was charged when I received this call so the total the custom doll price was 947 and she already paid that toward the balance she got a discount of $100 off so the whole price was actually 847 plus 50 plus 34 and that was the total that she paid and this was what she paid at the end when the doll was finished and ready to head home and she had approved everything so again another one of her lies to claim that this doll cost her $1,300 again patently false she received a custom doll so I mean she's on record for lying how many times she's now using harassment tools bullying tactics to basically get people to side with her if they even are she's stolen my clients as pictures of their dolls and use them without their permission people who have 10 to 20 dolls for me Haley has from what she claims to verify purchaser clients of mine out of my 400 happy clients in the past six years making reborn dolls the two verified ones are the ones that I can actually verify and they're siding with her unfortunately for personal reasons that are unrelated to my doll artistry despite what they might now claim I have their original testimonials of how they love my dolls so any other suggestions of the kind or basically again more doctored doctored reviews or fabrications that she can't substan with any proof or it's basically a doll that has been sold many times over and thus basically I have no way of verifying or even proving that this person owns the doll or what happened to it before it arrived home if it's in a fix in it's like 5th 8th 10th house or whatnot or what was done to the doll before that and not to mention and she backtracked immediately after you know everyone called her out for the fact that the images that she was sharing were doctored and she didn't have a box opening or real pictures of the doll to show in natural light she went and removed all of the actual Facebook post that she had posted to then change her story and then distributed it now via a new narrative on YouTube now claiming that basically what she was claiming and the original reason for why she was calling me out were different so again she is notoriously changing her story and her facts so they are congruent with her position but even if hailey you know does have two and possibly even more than that which I can't verify and I wouldn't stand behind even if she had to say ten that she says she has that still makes out of the 400 babies I've done that still makes a 95 percent 5 out of 5 happy customer rating for over 400 babies which is a huge accomplishment and that's just a fact so any insistent that somehow you know two people who she claims that are standing alongside her you know that that should be the reason why her her testimonial her review with me as being a scammer should stand is also patently absurd and again just another lie and attempt to basically pivot and change the subject again that she has lied the fact that this is the doll that she received and she did doctor those images because that's what she's doing she just wants to pivot again to another angle so that she can continue to leave this defamatory and disgusting video up so again here's a screenshot from my Etsy shop with my hundred and eighty-two five-star verified purchaser reviews and this is just one of the many selling platforms that I do business on like Etsy eBay Shopify and then I also have my testimonial album now with almost 400 pictures of babies that I've sent home as well there is a testimonial album that's now bookmarked on my Facebook page again that's Facebook me born sweet and again basically as I said her false allegations basically have zero credibility peace on this I have issued as I said my public statement on my Facebook page I'm providing it here now because basically still in the face of this evidence she's continuing to post her false allegations she's been doing it on my business page dozens of times I'm getting it literally every day on videos on my Instagram on my facebook profile on my Facebook page it's too much it's it's too much for for somebody to take especially considering the fact that I you know you are reborn and reborn is my life and it is the thing that I love doing the most the whole world so and I know that I have changed so many lives with my dolls so it is extremely upsetting in the face of this um and because it's escalated to this point I basically have no choice but to pursue a person is person legally for defamation and slander misrepresentation harassment and fraud so she is being served a cease and desist she's obviously not done anything with this information continues to leave this this video up so I am sharing it here on YouTube and I'm sharing it on my Facebook page as well and yes she'll be facing serious legal repercussions considering the fact that the evidence is right there so again this is my up again fiestar's I hate to do this because I don't I don't participate in drama I've never done it never wanted any part of it but I'm sick I'm sick over this it's it's absolutely horrifying to me and on behalf of every other artist who I respect and know and love I'm horrified to think that something like this could happen to them to you especially when you take a look at the portfolio behind behind it where you you can literally go onto my facebook page and see videos of me holding my babies you can see hundreds of pictures I am somebody who as I said goes out of my way to share so many pictures of my work in every little aspect and it's horrifying to think that it could happen to me when I'm actually so transparent with my work and my photographs and my videos and prolific with it when you actually compare it to like the other artists out there who only show little sections of the dolls when they're selling a doll or don't take as big the inventory of their images or work with their clients sharing as many photographs and videos and like 360s of the head spinning around after I painted it or done the routing at such I mean it's horrifying to think that if it happens to me it could easily happen to somebody else so you know I don't want to I don't want to say this but honestly I would be extremely cautious Hayley Williams really will you know stop at nothing to pathologically lie and attack a fellow artist and will then pass work off as her own or collaboration after defaming that person all over the Internet and it's really infallible to me that any person could behave like this let alone somebody I worked with for two months and you know oh we had such a great working relationship with it's it's really disturbing so I am gonna go on to share a little bit more after this but I did want to say you know to everybody who has contacted me and reached out you know extra thanks to you guys who sent me information privately or publicly your support and love it always means the world to me but the photographic evidence is right there and basically in the face of these screenshots the fact that she can claim that she touched the doll at all it's patently absurd she provided that proof in those videos and now furthermore with her Instagram posts of her loving the doll and I literally just pulled those pictures straight out you know to share so I wanted to show you now despite the fact that she's leaving this up that you know I scammed her that she's enjoying the doll she's taking it out in public where it's even fooling others into thinking it's a real baby because it's actually that realistic and all the while she's still publicly stating you know I scammed her yet here she is on Instagram saying she's obsessed with her and she loves her so much so again here's the picture of her doll coming to the beach with her again loved her did it she says thank you I'm obsessed with her – gorgeous thank you again another picture of her she's absolutely perfect I agree she's so gorgeous thank you I love her so much just doesn't add up you guys I mean if somebody claims that they were scammed legitimately why does the doll look exactly like the doll that was pictured and sent home to her the only difference is that they're taken in different lighting with obviously a phone camera as opposed to a camera camera um again she even kind of outs the fact that she was just expecting the baby to have more color and that's not what she got so again it's identical to the one that I photographed so what actually happened here was she scammed no she was not could you make the argument then that she was dissatisfied with an aspect of the doll of course you can and that's a legitimate thing that does happen or is a very subjective thing um she states she you know it just wasn't what she was expecting it still obviously doesn't explain why she loves it so much now despite that it looks exactly as it was when it was pictured nor that she's taking it out and it's obsessed with her in love with her but okay let's say it's true you know she was disappointed and this wasn't what she wanted that doesn't make me a scammer and you know what not everyone loves everyone else's style as a collector we all gravitate to things that we want and not everyone does whenever each other style so you know just the same the fact that she's now enjoying this exact same doll that I sent her home without any fixes besides you know removing my depth technique which it actually appears it's the only thing she was legitimately upset about and one that you know obviously she could have vocalized at any point during the hundreds of exchanged pictures that we had as well as the fact that it's part of every portfolio I've ever made and that the technique isn't unusual but anyway if that had been a problem it would have been dealt with in any of those ways in all the hundreds of pictures she saw the baby while I was working with her in those two months at any point when she looked at the pictures of the doll she asked for which was a clone of the other two all that she wanted again I honored every single request she made including requesting not to have any eyelashes because she didn't like mohair I even asked her that several times to confirm that she indeed didn't want that and she said she didn't so again it wasn't as though I didn't meet her demands and requests in every aspect possible furthermore so she's taking this baby out you know it's fooling others into thinking it's a real baby just wanted to show you that he or she is walking around a mall again this is the exact doll that I literally just showed you know in my pictures and look at all the photographs it's exactly identical and she's walking around a mall with it and it's fooling people because it's that realistic so yeah she knows it's so realistic she knows it or she wouldn't be traipsing it basically around everywhere and she claims that she bought a doll that she basically hated and that I'm the scammer and five minutes later it's the most perfect baby in her collection she's obsessed with it you know stuff just doesn't add up I'm here says did you get anything reaction she looks so real yes oh she was so amazed that it again just a few more photographs of her enjoying my beautiful baby this isn't the reaction if somebody was disappointed with the work that they got it the opposite actually and again they look identical to the baby photographed and sent home so today sayers who again want to believe that Haley didn't talk to her pictures I wants to show you the picture of the close-up that she attached to show that the doll came unpainted to her homes horrible so again this is one of the pictures that she had posted publicly that she shared publicly to show what I did with the doll again my depth marks my black depth that I use doesn't look anything like this it's anybody who actually wants to reproduce it here's a little tip you use Mars black and you use it the reborn it's the authentic reborn Mars black paint and you use it just the way you would use the dark eyebrow brown shade that they have you literally don't even have to water it down you just do a little tab inside the nose at the greatest depth and it creates a beautiful effect again it's a difficult one to do you want to make sure your holes are even and clean and you know all dark so they look like an open hole basically exactly as shown on Alexis baby here that's what I do as well I actually didn't even realize that Alexa does this technique until actually somebody sent me this photograph anyway so that is again this is even these are doctored it doesn't even look like my baby but anyway um so I want to share with you now the pictures that she shared with a quote-unquote friend and that there were time stamps and now she told me if she shared this with me so she said I want to make sure you need the truth cuz I felt bad slipping into this Roma can imagine how difficult it is for you I know you're collecting your evidence to sort so I don't want to add to your stress but I thought this helped so when we were talking about the shading which she said she used acetone not just scraping at the crud so again another lie that she no changed her story for she also sent a photo of her doll before she claimed to repaint over it all she shared this via PM didn't bother to wash the color out here she must not have even thought about how it wasn't the same one as the ones that she was posting Pugsley so this is proof of how your work was when it arrived her regardless of whether or not she ever added washes or not the photos are even time-stamped as you can see the photo was taken at 3 p.m. and then another photo at 3:40 so there's no way she could have added color washes in 40 minutes and you can see from the photo the beautiful job Evelyn was painted and also compared to with the photos publicly that were likely washed out the two photos of the same same camera the same day presumably even the same lighting and these are the photos that she shared with her privately so I asked her for timestamps so here it is this is her private message to her the first one with the nose and then she said that's okay I'm gonna fix it BAM fixed and look at the doll it's again identical to the one that she is carrying around she claims she did all these layers on again the proof is right here I did not share this one publicly I felt like you know what there was more than enough evidence out there already that it was not necessary to share just sent it down along to my lawyer so but anyway I'm gonna add it into the YouTube because frankly it's very very hard to receive as many threatening horrific emails comments posts of it messages as I've been receiving since this whole thing it's it's it's very hard it's like people think you're not a human being or something anyway here's a picture again this is the one she sent again it doesn't look like the one that she blew out and then this is after she kicks it and again baby is exactly it's the one that I shared and sent her home yeah this is what she's sharing with the public she's claiming she did not alter any of the photographs at all basically guys it is really really really not okay at all for anybody to make outrageous claims and get away with it okay it is what she herself claims you know in the video that she made and her post that she made that I can't get away with scamming her quote-unquote but she got exactly what she ordered for me as I've now shown and she knows it and she's enjoying the baby now despite leaving it up and claiming that she was scammed by me and this just isn't okay as an artist we all strive to put out the very best work that we are capable of I wouldn't be in business today if that wasn't how I operate it with each and every single one of my babies and I strive to outdo each of my babies that I do I am constantly growing as an artist and becoming an even more realistic with my artistry and it is my commitment that I've always made and one that I've you know been striving to do now for six years with over 400 babies to my name I've never not shown every single angle of my babies in close-ups taking hundreds of pictures shared video updates as I work and not try to match my clients as brief every single time that I send a doll home I have reborn now as I said six years if I were in the habit of putting out shoddy work I wouldn't be in business any longer and I teach reporting in addition to this so literally hundreds of students around the world have seen me paint every layer of my dolls and they can attest to the fact that my work is basically identical to the photographs as they are in the videos so I just want to go through basically a good test to actually do to determine when you're buying a doll whether or not adult has been altered in any way so what you should always be doing is looking at the props so if you're ever in doubt if something looks sort of off you want to ask the you can always like don't feel feel bad about asking that's their jobs as you know as an artist it's their job to to tell them tell you like where the props are from and that sort of thing so you can always ask where they bought their clothing so you can compare to the images and the clothing that's available for sale elsewhere so if the items that are true to color are showing up true to color on the pictures then that shows that nothing was altered and that the props they haven't been altered so therefore the actual picture hasn't been altered so I do this when I buy my babies as a collector myself if a prop looks washed out then probably that artist is filtering their pictures and turning down their saturation if they're excessively bright then they're turning it up and then there will always be natural deviations depending on lighting but I'm gonna get to that in a second I just wanted to show you this is literally a picture of exactly where I bought my props from and I just thought it was you know kind of important to show this how they're literally an exact color match so again this same color same color same color same color same color so and of course I shoot with the exact same additional props every time I shoot my pictures so I always use this faux wood let that faux wood background when I'm showing the layout so you can you know compare that as well as to whether or not my you know color consistency is right again that's how you can kind of tell this again I just want to show you here's a picture of her she's posing with this little unicorn prop that I bought as well as this onesie again these are right from the website where I purchased them again this is from Etsy a little heart set so again the colors are consistent that the same so just building off of this I want to thank one of my students Stephanie Sharpe for making this amazing photo demonstration as well just show you again there will be natural deviations depending on the lighting and camera that's used that is why I always insist on taking with your cell phone taking pictures with like I do a video twirl up the head 360 degrees with my cell phone when the head is finished for instance and then you know box packing videos that sort of thing which I'm going to be adding to my channel as well just as that extra protection for for for my buyers as well as myself so I wanted to show you guys she made this it's um really amazing again what the difference of using a DSLR camera inside no flash inside with flash phone camera no flash with flash direct sunlight outside in the shade direct sunlight in the shadows again outside in shadows outside no flash and outside no flash and again this is the phone camera versus DSLR camera so again there is a huge deviation and difference between what I doll can look like depending on the camera depending on the lighting so that is also you know important to know as a buyer I think as well and again as I said guys this is not an issue of me being a scammer quite the opposite this is someone who is using social media to slander to misrepresent and defame my artistry on this doll that I made her and you know when you look at this you know the evidence is right there so that is all I'm going to say in the matter this stuff has been forwarded to my attorney where it will be dealt with it's very unfortunate that everything was handled this way I wasn't even able to defend myself in so many different channels because I was removed from the group or she posted it in groups where I was not even present and continue to do so so again her her video of my doll and a photo of my doll and again just one more her video my photo her video my photo and here she is enjoying the doll at the beach again she's in bright sunshine lots of details are showing up again this is a night shot looks like my lamplight going to watch fireworks with her sweet baby so that's all I'm gonna say about it okay guys so I apologize again for making this video and having to share it publicly like this but you know that information is publicly available on those other channels but it was important to share it here so to all my fellow artists who have been watching this protect yourself guys make sure you're taking tons of photographs of your babies and be mindful of of situations like this happening because it can so thank you to everybody who has reached out to me again as I said I really appreciate your support and everybody who sent me information as well as everybody who's gotten in contact about this scammer and her previous attempts as well okay guys bye and thanks for watching


  • Shaylen Maxwell says:

    4:02 Her pictures of the doll she 'fixed' next to pictures taken straight out of the doll's photo album – IDENTICAL.

    12:47 BULLYING, shaming, and threatening my past clients to agree with her.

    15:02 Where she specifically states TWICE she didn't want a refund in her only correspondence with me once the doll arrived home. Then claimed she had no choice but to defame me because I refused to give her a refund.

    15:32 Lied about the cost of the doll. Was $847 + $50 ($897 paid to me) NOT $1300 as claimed. Also not a prototype.

    17:00 Stolen my clients' pictures and doctored false neg reviews to bolster her story. I can only verify 2 of the 'reviews' she claims. I have 400+ sales, 95%+ 5/5 star rating over a 6 yr career.

    24:56 Haley's IG pictures where she is "obsessed with her", "loves her so much" and takes her everywhere with her and in awe of her realism.

    30:02 Proof of her doctoring images of the doll and time stamped screenshots of how the doll ACTUALLY looked without filters. Pictures Haley privately sent friends on IG. She removed the faux nose marks only.

    34:24 As a collector/buyer how to ACTUALLY tell if someone has altered the pictures to avoid being LEGITIMATELY scammed by an artist.

    38:35 Photo/light theory. How lighting and cameras change the look of a doll.

    40:07 More comparison pictures of her 'fixed' doll next to my doll's photoshoot. Again, identical. This is someone using social media to destroy an established artist's reputation using doctored images and lies to garner attention for herself and her business.

  • D.Marie Mantuano says:

    I definitely have a non bias opinion because I don’t know either of you.
    Am I the only one who realizes the dolls are going to look different in person? You can see a pic of a human and then meet said person and low and behold little things look different!! Of course the seller of the doll will prop it up to look it’s best that’s just marketing as far as I’m concerned. A photo of something is going to look slightly different in person, right or wrong?

    Also you should know I just watched another video of hers and she’s showing how the binky does NOT stay- I guess the magnet isn’t sticking? Also she said the magnetic hair bow never worked so she threw it out. For 900$ I wouldn’t be throwing anything out hahah that bow would be the most expensive bow I owned 😂😂😂.

    I think it’s sad tho that two grown woman couldn’t come to a resolution between the two of them. Splattering it all over social media is so tacky . I get it’s now a point of self defense but as some point someone has to rise above.

    Look I’m not trying to sound HARSH- but this is a DOLL not a actual BABY. So involving lawyers and so on is absurd. She was clearly pissy about something, I mean the woman was crying – you clearly poured a ton of work into the doll so feelings are hurt. I honestly hope this works out. Defaming someone’s character when this is your bread and butter- OUCH!!

    Hoping you both come out of this happy and content.

  • Simone Bell says:

    I believe you. From the outset, her story made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

  • K Lepley says:

    I actually found you BECAUSE of her video in one of my groups! Sadly unless you actually reborn you can't pick up on the false statements she makes in her video. Reborning myself I knew as soon as she stated she "fixed" the baby in such a short time that her video was a lie. There's no way she could have added as many layers as she claimed in the amount of time she says she had her. That baby would have chalked out or shined like the top of the Chrysler Building! I think every artist would agree. So sorry this is happening to you!

  • Arline Soule says:

    Your work is Gorgeous I've went back and watched some of your other videos on YouTube and your babies are all very Gorgeous . she sounds like she's jealous of your babies . she's sick .💖💗💕💞🤗😍😘👶🍼👣👁👁👍👍👍👍👍

  • Michelle Quinley says:

    I don't know you yet. I just recently entered your giveaway and began following you on Instagram and subscribed to your channel. I came across Haley's video because when I typed in your name there it is. What I noticed first and foremost was why didn't she show the baby right out of the box? I mean, why didn't she record the box opening like Everyone else? The excessive crying was .. ugh I had to forward through it because I didn't see what she was claiming. I'm new in the community but smart enough to know that you video the box opening for reasons such as this AND because it's supposed to be a special moment. There's no way she stacked all those costs in 8/9 hours. Wouldn't her baby be tacky and overly coated? Sounds to me like she just wants her money back. Keep your head up Shay. You are amazing!! I absolutely love your work!!! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway. I'm hoping hoping Hoping I win!!!

  • Yulia Reborns says:

    I share. Easy to see she is lying. Be strong and sorry for this. ♥♥♥

  • Barbies and Lps says:


  • Tammy’s reborn romper room says:

    You do amazing work Omgosh I am just starting out but feel so scared now. Your work is amazing keep up the beautiful work!🥰

  • Bbtbug says:

    I don't know either of you and have no business experience with either of you, but I will say… You have a damn good case and I'm glad you're taking legal action. Your baby is beautiful. I can't imagine the heartache of seeing your beautiful baby and hard work out in public with this liar, who is relishing in the compliments of YOUR work. So disgusting.

  • gliderlover says:

    One thing I have always wondered is if the doll was under painted and such, and she was not happy, why did she paint over it so fast? If I was unhappy with someone’s work, placing it on social media, now this may be a legal issue, always keep the work in the original condition as proof. Now it is supposingly altered, where is the proof? Especially for everyone and experts to analyze? There was only pictures of parts of the doll in poor lighting and dark conditions.

  • april love says:

    So basically all 19 people that sent her messages are liars to those pictures are not identical they're close but not identical you being an artist why would you make this video anyways why would you stoop down if it's not true

  • Tana Vogel says:

    Shaylen, Im so sorry, I wish I could do something to help. Ive shared your video to a few groups and am trying to get the word out there a bit. The support she will garner will eventually outgrow her “talent” and see the truth.

  • ThatJohanna says:

    I am new to the reborn community and mainly am a grandma to my 9 year olds babies. I do manage her Instagram and post on two Facebook groups. I saw Haley's video a few days ago and was pulled in by her tears but upon reflection and inspecting the images her story just doesn't add up. I don't know why she's attacking you and Kelli Maple for that matter but it's despicable really and not what I'd expect from an adult. Seems to me she is using this mishap to increase her own sales, what a shame you have to go through this. Well in any case you've gained a follower because I respect your argument based off of facts and not tattoood tears.

  • temuriellkohnke says:

    I have to say the pictures do look the same. Thats a compelling case, and ive never heard of your work before this so I'm an impartial third party.

  • temuriellkohnke says:

    Its true she didnt show a box opening… Strange situation.

  • Amanda Kornbau says:

    Shaylen, I am so sorry that you are going through this! It's really sad that 1 person can destroy so much that you worked for. The damage and heartache that Haley is causing you and to your business is so horrible. I've been a member of your course for a while and I love it! I've learned a lot of great information and I am still learning more! This is defiantly an eye opener to reborn artist. It seems really scary how 1 customer can create such a hateful, vile destruction. I hope everything works out for you. Best of luck and I'll be praying for you!

  • Misty Its me says:

    Is she asking for her money back?


    I love your work! ❤🥰 it does not add up at all!

  • Laura Keller says:

    Sorry to hear this is still going on. As someone who has your work and loves it, I think this is beyond pitiful. From the very beginning the lack of box opening was a huge tell. And for a minute I was almost drawn into her nonsense, ugh. Your babies are beautiful ❤️

  • BabyFace Reborns says:

    Okay hello sister!!! You know what I think she wants to do. I think she wants to pass ur work as her work. I believe she will one day use this doll to claim she did this work. She will probably make ads and videos of this doll to get more business. I saw her work an it isn’t great, I mean it’s okay …. but to see the doll you sold her and to see her work of her dolls on Facebook ….. her work doesn’t look the same as urs. I did feel bad for her… but I totally see ur point and beLive you. She was crying so I felt bad for her. She mention black spots in the ears and nostrils. It’s like writing a book, and removing the authors name, the title, the characters, but keeping the storyline word for word, then republishing as their work. I don’t beLive in people who paint on top of other artists baby dolls. It’s mean and it’s cruel. If people don’t like the doll sell it. That’s what I think should of happened with her. I just today sold a Birdie . I thought about adding paint to her but thought it’s mean to paint over someone’s work. And also I had the problem about the hair that the hair would look lighter around the hair line. So I sold it instead. I just got into the reborn painting ….. and I also thought that the hair would look lighter and odd if u paint other people’s art work, if the doll has painted hair. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out and I’ve been painting for a few months now. If she is doing this to you, it’s cruel and evil and she should be sued for copywrite. Anyways, I felt bad for her because I have to admit she looked believable when she cried.. When she said it was you, I couldn’t believe it.

  • Hayley Waggoner says:

    I used to follow her on Instagram but I unfollowed her due to her just being so damn rude about people’s work and you can tell she doesn’t ever tell the truth about anything.

  • Lianne Graymar says:

    She is an amazing artist and this whole situation is heart breaking. Any artist would know it is IMPOSSIBLE to repaint that many layers in a day let alone while launching a smear campaign on social media. We stand united and know your work is stunning. We love everything you do not only for your clients but your students. xo

  • Lauren says:

    It’s horrible that you had to deal with someone like that. The amount of layers that you put into your babies (I know because I purchased your course) it’s pretty sad that someone had to create this mess because of the black dots in the nose and ears that she didn’t care for! You are such a good person… the giveaways that you do, the amount of information that you share with your students. It’s sickening that someone can slander someone’s name like that!!

  • lulajuice says:

    The fact she has done this makes me sick.

  • Susan Lehane says:

    This is horrific that she has done this. I truly believe that you are a very gifted reborn artist. This person is being shown to be a nasty vindictive person. Wish you all the best, I think your work is amazing! Please don't let these lies upset you take her to court and delighted that you are sharing this information. Thinking of you. These horrible accusations against you are only making us realise that she needs to be outed!!!

  • RebornHuggles says:

    Your work is beautiful ! I was wonder why she didnt didn't do a box opening. She could not have done 20 layers in only 9 hours. I am so sorry this has happened to you.

  • rclja west says:

    This lady haley or whatever her name is seems like a fucking joke I accidentally ran across her video of her crying hysterically over this doll & everyone is sending her all these messages & I'm sorry it just looks like bullshit to me . She looks like shes a liar so any ways I thought I would look you up. And I just dont believe what this woman is claiming I mean clearly shes lying and you have everything that proves she a liar .
    So idk if this has been resolved but hopefully she wont get away with this type of crap.

  • Mika Flanigan says:

    You’re work is phenomenal. A dream artist for sure I will definitely be buying a baby from you in the future. I’m glad you posted this video so it wasn’t so one sided. And you explained it so well and pointed out all and every flaw in her story that most may not have noticed. Like I saw someone else say why would they keep asking you to do prototypes if your work was not good or realistic. I can’t believe how people are today. You’re work is beautiful ❤️

  • Candy m says:

    Having watched Haley Williams YouTube video and her posts on Instagram I am 100% positive she is tells lies.
    Her photos alone are prof. Definitely the phones she uses to compare This work of art with a new one by a different artist. When comparing two or more things with in photo or video you want and need to have the background, lighting, f stops, etc I could go on. If you can not get the exact you get as close as possible. Being as these photos were taken at the same place it would have been easy to do. This was not done.
    In truth Haley Williams telling lies.

  • Wibble Wobble says:

    I can't fathom the level of 1) stupidity in people who believe this pathological liar and 2) evilness in her and everyone goating her behind the scenes to do this to another human. What the fuck is wrong with these women?! What is missing from their lives that they feel the need to set an agenda like this and publicly destroy another woman's life? They're missing a humanity chip in their evil robot brains man. We all know the truth, your dolls are amazing and always have been. I mean, if your work was good enough for LAURA LEE EAGLES to ask you to do repeated protos and then take them to a fucking doll show publicly, it must mean something! Obviously your work is amazing. I hope this blows over for you soon, you don't deserve any of this. xo

  • Cynthia Dolson says:

    I am sorry you had to go this far using your channel, but I'm glad you are speaking up…Every time you put up new pictures I am all over it looking at them and in awww…I just watched you vid of Frida you posted and I want one, just hope when pre order starts I get one before they are sold out… you did a fantastic job… as all of your work I have seen… chin up…it will get better… focus on your beautiful family…

  • Allie Nunez says:

    I support you completely and even about the video that was out about you venting your frustration about people who wanted to get lessons from you for free. Anyone who is upset about this obviously doesn't understand and has never had to do the type of work involving making these babies just ignore them and keep doing what you're doing. I hope this lady gets the karma that she deserves for all the drama she has started

  • Silicone Baby Kitty & Friends says:

    This is horrible, but rest easy, it’s obvious that you are telling the truth. Sooo many things don’t add up with her story, but the two biggest I will never believe are 1.) ain’t no way she put multiple layers of blue and such mottling on top and it looks just like yours and 2.) ain’t no way in Hades there’s no box opening from a $1000 custom from an amazing artist. Sorry! Not buying it!!! ❤️ sorry you’re going through this!!!

  • TheLittleSpook says:

    I’m so very sorry this is happening to you. I’ve always thought things seemed very suspicious on her part. Why didn’t she make a box opening video? Why didn’t she do a video of herself “fixing” the doll? I took a screenshot of her post with the unpainted limbs and then changed the lighting to match the carpet and chair she photographed on and it’s very clear that there’s mottling on the legs and a rosy pink on the feet, even with my fast phone edit so you definitely didn’t send “unpainted limbs” like she claimed. Again, I’m so sorry you have to deal with this situation. I’m just glad that you’re standing up for yourself so other artists can be cautious of her behaviour

  • Lanna_ Rebornmum says:

    Honestly upset that this is still going on. wishing this would just end for you!

  • MommyCassReborns says:

    wow I had no idea. this is so confusing. the pictures you show are beautiful…and hers side by side as "afters" look the same. TBH when I saw her pics I thought "what the heck it's not really even painted" but then in your pics truely the baby looks amazing.

  • Sweet Angel's Nursery says:

    sounds like she wants to be the only one to make money selling her dolls and ruining other ppls reputation i am 100 percent on your side . she wants everyone not to buy from you . harley jealous of you.

  • Cat Nip says:

    Shaylen, you are an amazing artist, absolutely amazing!! And a fantastic teacher. So sorry you are going through this nightmare. Much love to you.

  • Jessica Wooton says:

    Did you ever address the video recording of you and your husband making fun of the people who attended your free reborning master class?

  • Dorothy Blue says:

    Shaylen would only be asked to do so many prototypes unless she is a top-notch quality artist. With so many extensively documented gorgeous reborns and happy customers, it's obvious that she would never send a less than quality reborn to a customer. It is a shame that you have had to take time from your business and family to deal with this stressful, ridiculous situation. One look at this artist's work will tell anyone that your work is always above and beyond amazing!

  • Amanda Curtis says:

    I support the truth in this matter- not the drama! Shaylen I pray that you can get your health back and this ends soon! ❤️

  • Celtic Baby Nursery says:

    I'm so sorry this happened to you , I think it's a court case , she should be out of the dolly world with this kind of behavior, you don't deserve this at all , sad to see that you had to proove your beautiful work ,sending lots of hugs xx

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