Pyrography Art Christmas Snowman wood burning time lapse art

Pyrography Art Christmas Snowman wood burning time lapse art

Hi. Welcome to Pyrography Made Easy. I’m Brenda. This episode will feature the Winter Snowman artwork I did the first in my Christmas Postcard series I hope that you enjoy it and thank you for watching Well I hope you enjoyed the video The snowman was burned onto a inexpensive piece of wood that I bought at a local craft store. Took me 2 and 3/4 hours to burn it I use a Colwood Super Pro II. My website Pyrography Made Easy Has all kinds of tutorials, blogs, and free patterns so feel free to go check it out Well thank you again for watching and please subscribe.


  • Judi Namhie says:

    Really cute!

  • Ryn Shell: Artist, Novelist & Vlogger says:

    Wonderful light and shade work in this snowman, Brenda. I love the capture of personality into tho work as well, that's another artistic skill you have achieved—mood. You are a master of the hot tip. LOL. The best I've watched.

  • Caricature says:

    One happy snowman. You have captured the mood of the festive season. I love the variations of tone in the background timber.

  • Paint with Pastels says:

    Ho, ho, ho. 🙂 You give me hope. Here you are, two years ago with only three videos up, same as me now, and WOW, look at you now, such a polished YouTuber and still creating the best pyrography. 🙂

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