Pyrography Art Pika wood burning time lapse

Pyrography Art Pika  wood burning time lapse

Hi. Welcome to Pyrography Made Easy. I’m Brenda. In this episode I’m going to share with you the pika artwork that I did. I hope that you enjoy watching it. Well I hope you enjoyed the video. The artwork was burned on poplar, and it took me 14 1/2 hours to do it. My website: Pyrography Made Easy has a written blog about this artwork and it also has some tutorials and patterns and all kinds of stuff devoted to pyrography. Well thank you again for watching my video and I will see you next week.


  • Ryn Shell: Artist, Novelist & Vlogger says:

    Pika. I've never heard of them.Similar to a Western Australian Quokka, to look at it. It is amazing what countries have in common. Love the work. Fabulous fur.
    Oh, you are a wizz with that tool. 🙂 Hey, you are painterly with this. 🙂

  • pawan nath art says:

    Wow, one of my favorite 😍❤🙏👌
    So beautiful.

  • Fernando Ochoa says:

    Hola Brenda…siempre bello tu trabajo.Saludos

  • Diego San Roman says:

    Hermoso trabajo
    Que pirograbador usas y me recomendas ??

  • 3mgii says:

    Wow! Really impressive! Keep it up!

  • Dena Tollefson says:

    Oh Brenda your Pika is spectacular!!! I adore pikas- all the cuteness of rabbits, otters, guinea pigs and hamsters all rolled into one. Beautifully done, Brenda! I love all the textures you achieved in his fur coat and the rocks

  • Barb B says:

    Your Pika is beautiful. Been thoroughly enjoying your videos and tutorials!

  • Karen Dotson says:

    I love those textures. The Pika looks so lifelike. I could reach out and pet it. It really stands out from the rocks. Love it Brenda

  • Draw with Jonny says:

    This is fantastic Brenda 😁👌👍

  • Pyrography Pete says:

    This is a really nice work of burning Brenda – and I think it's one of the best. I loved watching how the time-lapse really highlighted the way you work around the board and to see the critter take shape and the detail added layer by layer. Stunning. You make it look too easy 🙂

  • HappyAngel Drawings says:

    Pikas are so cute!!! But I focus more on your work, I mean so much detail, there is so much effort in it, and it truly looks so beautiful Brenda, your work is so unique, words are missing to praise your work as it deserves but know that I truly always enjoy so much watching your videos ^^ have a beautiful day lovely ^^

  • Levent Hasekioglu says:

    Lütfen yaşlı insan yüzü yaparmısınız

  • Mgt Jones says:

    Very good video from a new subscriber and new to pyrography from the UK 👍

  • DAVY. J.Y. Art with a pen. says:

    Hey Brenda ! Well, i did not know what a Pika was until i saw this, your new video. For a moment i thought you were creating a Pikachu , from Pokemon, but i realized that in fact a Pika is a very real animal. I think you have outdone yourself here Brenda, this artwork creation is one of your best in my opinion. The work you put into creating the fur is astounding and the i loved the background on this. You say it took you 14 hours to complete this, you can certainly tell because you have put a lot of work/effort into this Pyrography masterpiece. Big like from me : ) Best wishes to you Brenda Q O P !

  • Amy's Arty Corner says:

    Hi Brenda, as always what a wonderful and beautifully detailed piece! I love your animal pieces so much and I find I connect to them the most – probably because I am an animal lover and wildlife artist myself 😊👍🏻💕💜🌸

  • Tommy O says:

    Another great piece of art Brenda

  • Dixit Koteshwar says:

    Another awesome art work. Looks very realistic and the detailing was fantastic 👏 it was the real piece of art. Keep it up 👍

  • Малюнки по дереву says:

    The picture is very cool👍. And the new video style is unusual for the channel

  • draw easy channel says:

    wow excellent artwork ..really impressive

  • Mehndi by payal Vasoya says:


  • chrissycanvasart says:

    Awe Brenda so adorable, didn't know about these pika critters 😁, we don't have them here, look like hamsters 😘this was fantastic to watch, thanks Brenda always appreciated your videos 👍🐻👌👏💕

  • Dennis C. Nolasco says:

    Oh I didn’t know there was an actual animal called pika . I guess that’s where pikachu got its name 😅

  • Ist mir Wunst says:

    This Pika looks so nice. Great work Brenda

  • Caricature says:

    This was excellent, Brenda. 🙂

  • My Art and Music says:

    Wow absolutely fantastic work big thumbs up my friend 👍👍👍👏👏👏

  • ozzie says:

    Wow Brenda that is just awesome you really do have unreal talent, great job

  • Viktor Pyrography says:

    What an interesting little animal eventually turned out! 🙂

  • DRAW2NIGHT says:

    Hi, Brenda,
    big enjoy to watch how you build your picture! Fantastic the details of different textures! Cute and realistic Pika the final result!

  • The Looming Morrow says:

    Hi Brenda,

    Your Pika turned out so fluffy and lovely, I feel as if I could stroke it fur right on the screen 😀 immensely adorable artwork 🙂

  • sanatsal imge says:

    An extraordinary artwork, dear Brenda :)🌹

  • Tejaa Artists says:

    Really , you are so talented artists ..

  • Levent Hasekioglu says:

    Hepsi birbirinden güzel bütün videolarınızı kaydediyorum selamlar

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