Pyrography Fine Art Davy’s Dragon wood burning time lapse Dragon Art

Pyrography Fine Art Davy’s Dragon wood burning time lapse Dragon Art

Hi. Welcome to Pyrography Made Easy. I’m Brenda. Today I’m going to share with you my
Davy’s Dragon artwork. Davy’s dragon is based on a drawing by the very talented Davy of Davy JY Art with a Pen. Now if you’re not familiar with Davy’s channel, you need to change that. He creates these amazing ink drawings that they start out as random squiggly looking lines and it really just looks like somebody’s scribbling on the paper, but when he’s done, this drawing emerges that’s full of texture in detail and I just love watching his videos. So with Davy’s permission I rendered one of his drawings into pyrography. Now before I share this with you I want to point out that this is not a competition of who could do it better or worse. I just wanted to show that two artists with the same subject are still going to produce things that look differently. So that is the purpose. Well that and to have a lot of fun. so and I also want to mention if I were to create the artwork again it would still look a little different In fact it did because I had to create it again but I’ll talk about that at the end of the video. Well I hope you enjoy watching this. I hope you enjoyed the video. Dino King, thank you for letting me use your drawing I hope you like what I did with it. I really had a lot of fun creating the artwork. Now I mentioned at the beginning of the video that I had to create the artwork
twice. The reason is that I acci… I meant to say that gremlins deleted all the video for the first one. By the time I realized what happened it was too late to recover the deleted files so I had to start over. Here is a comparison of the first and second creation of the artwork. There aren’t hugely differences in them but there are some differences. If I were to burn it again there would be more differences that’s just the nature of the game. Well thank you again for watching my video and I will see you next week.


  • 3mgii says:

    Nice video! Keep it up!

  • Малюнки по дереву says:

    Класно 👍 сподіваюсь тоже так буду випалювати

  • Dixit Koteshwar says:

    This is awesome.. no words to explain to your artworks.. well done 👍

  • Draw with Jonny says:

    Wow this is fantastic Brenda😁👌👍👍👍

  • The Art Academy says:

    Awesome dragon 🐉 art

  • Ryn Shell: Artist, Novelist & Vlogger says:

    We have real dragons in Australia. 😉 I had to throw that in. 🙂 Your dragon artwork is great.

  • Wendy Arthur says:

    Incredible burning!! I do LOVE dragons :). As a novice learning pyrography I would love to see how you add the texture in real time. I noticed you changed pens a couple of times and would love to hear what differences they made and why you changed them. Thanks for sharing! I love your videos and look forward to the next one. I have learned a lot from them!

  • sanatsal imge says:

    What a perfect idea!! Davy's works are incredible and a great pleasure watching Davy’s Dragon being burned onto a piece of basswood
    Very well result. You rock, dear Brenda :)❤🌹

  • Pyrography Pete says:

    Good stuff Brenda, again 😊 I don't think I've seen you use so many different tips to burn as you appeared to have used on this piece.

  • Joe Black says:

    Fantastic piece of art brenda

  • Karen Dotson says:

    Love the different textures.Nice to have a variety. Good pyrogrphy of a dragon.

  • FredCruguer0_0 says:

    Hi, congratulations. U have bealtiful Works… this wood is pine?

  • Violet Connie Art says:

    Incredible Brenda!! You did a fantastic job of recreating Davys work! His drawing fascinates me too, starts with small scribbles and straight in with pen! Super impressive 🙌🙂

  • Luke Hanlon Art says:

    Amazing dragon Brenda! I love this idea of drawing the same subject in your own styles! And I also love the crown 👑😂
    also there is nothing worse than losing footage and having to do it again, I feel your pain 😑

  • draw easy channel says:

    Both of you are great artists ,,,excellent work ..Loved the brilliant texture in this work ,,big thumbs up

  • pawan nath art says:

    Wow,that's looking so amazing.😱😍

  • pawan nath art says:

    Wow,that's looking so amazing.😱😍

  • The Looming Morrow says:

    Hi Brenda,
    I kept smiling throughout this video: it is so nice to see you recreating Davy's dragon in a different media 🙂 It turned absolutely fantastic: the skin texture, the horns, and best of all- the eyes 🙂 Isn't it a nice word play: you burned the dragon that had burned King's Landing (well, may be not so nice :D)

  • Tienn Arts says:


  • HappyAngel Drawings says:

    artwork by hand won't ever look exactly the same, both of the dragons you did look just Amazing!!!! Incredible work you doing Brenda ^^ this was a great collaboration, I enjoyed watching your awesome work ^^

  • Dennis C. Nolasco says:

    Wow, fantastic dragon Brenda! And I will need to check out Davy's channel as well.

  • DAVY. J.Y. Art with a pen. says:

    Well, what can i say, when i saw your new video in my notifications i immediately watched it ! ( two times now )
    I was so surprised at what i was watching Brenda. Thank you so much for the very kind words and shoutout , your introduction was fantastic Brenda : )
    When i started watching the video i was surprised at what i was seeing. You have done an amazing job at recreating one of my Dragon designs, your shading skills are second to none, very skillful indeed . The scale work was fantastic and the eye looked stunning. Those horns looked so amazing, they looked so real.. and i was shocked to hear you had to recreate the dragon a second time , thats a lot of work.. The final artwork is wonderful , i love it 🙂
    When i watched you at the end of the video, i must say i burst out laughing at what i noticed 🙂
    I will not mention what i noticed but i think you know what 🙂 ( Q O P )
    Once again Brenda, thank you so much , i have really enjoyed watching your tremendous art video and you have made my day 🙂

  • Richy Coelho says:

    Hi Brenda. Amazing artwork, as usual. I'll make sure to check Davi's channel. Creating something like this with all the details from scratch is absolutely incredible. You have to take care of those gremlins 😁. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Ist mir Wunst says:

    Your version of Davy's dragon looks very good

  • Dena Tollefson says:

    Oh my goodness Brenda what a fantastic pyrography interpretation of Davy's Dragon!! I totally agree with you that his squiggling pen and ink lines which coalesce to a final very 3D creature are always a pleasure to watch on video. I love your version of his artwork. You are right, each artist's version will be their own- even on a repeat try! Thank you Brenda for this great video! I am used to the scary music Davy pairs with his drawings- your husband's jazz is more upbeat hehehe. Cute crown! So beautiful.

  • David Denton Art says:

    I think you're right Brenda, It's not a competition, it's more a melding of yours and Davy's art. Pyrography definitely suits his dragon designs and you've done a great job of rendering it 🙂

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