Q Sheds Some Light On the NYC Mystery Blackout … Coincidence?

Q Sheds Some Light On the NYC Mystery Blackout ... Coincidence?

hey everybody its Bernie with truth on our TV YouTube channel welcome everyone welcome to the sunday night podcast right this is truth in our TV and this is the Sunday night big picture podcast for anyone new to this my name is Bernie and we cover here on this channel every Sunday night Monday morning by the time you're watching this or later we cover the big picture we explain ever to everyone what is happening we took take a look at everything from the lens of the cue drops which we're gonna see big time tonight is the real news and if you follow mainstream media you are being taught repeatedly brainwash told that the cue news is a deranged conspiracy cult but we're gonna see tonight that the people that are telling you that they are the ones coming to the cue drops dying fake trying to figure out what it what's happening and we're laughing at them but on the bigger scale my friends we are watching the systematic destruction of the old guard here on this channel we've been narrating the rebirth of America for for over two years now right and tonight is no different we're gonna start off by taking a look at the big picture my friends for anyone new to this I'm not gonna get in too much into the cue nun thing because the the birth of it check out the homepage of this channel there's a nice little three-and-a-half minute summary for that there's also a playlist on the home channel for the Sunday night podcast you can listen to a lot of those for everyone else we know that we are in the middle of a storm we know that President Trump came out of the gate on October 5th 2017 and he told everyone this is the calm before the storm nobody wanted to listen they tried to play stupid president what do you mean and he told them right to their face you will find out three weeks later the real news starts happening Trump's back channel this underground the right start on a four channel later hn q Team Q level clearance anonymous characters q anon starts dropping telling you bombshell after bombshell what happening in what was going to happen Q told us this was a global war this was for keeps no no going back q told this is a battle between good and evil told us gave us a lot of the blueprint of what was happening that and told us back then that if people understood what was really happening they would not be able to even sleep at night a lot of time has passed the mainstream media has driven themselves crazy trying to stop the real news q and on and they Britain thousands of articles back in 2017 and later 2018 q told us that we were watching a movie started showing us who the bad guys were one clue after another bombshell after bombshell to the point where it could never not be true while sprinkling the sprinkling and disinformation to trick the enemy because all along the queue drops is not neat Q is not talking to us directly for the most part q is talking to the enemy for the most part and occasionally will drop clues so that we are ahead of everyone and we know what's happening we're gonna see that again tonight and there it is is the military intelligence operation look it up and for everyone else now here we are in 2019 july 2019 we know that the left they failed at the trump russia collusion hoax we know that that was a coup d'état attempt and we know that that is being blown wide open and many many people will go down we know that there are as we speak there are over one hundred and three thousand sealed indictments we know that nothing can stop what is coming we know that the left has tried everything this year started and right away they went to work trying all these different investigations and asking you know making people testify all these inquiries and opening up one investigation after another trying to get the Trump taxes all of that has failed and we know that we've gotten to the point now where they lost full control of what they're trying to do the left has become fully radicalized we have these radicals running around saying whatever they feel like saying and we know that now in 2019 they here in July they have opened up a brand new hoax then they are doubling and tripling down on this week they are stooping down to a new low a new form of desperation and a new level of lies to where it equates to full-on crimes against our Constitution and that is they are pushing this border concentration-camp hoax with no evidence required they sent the stupid kid from New York she lied right away everybody was coming out saying she lied they proved her lying in like a billion videos and now they're sticking to that that was the plan all along and they're tripling down on this one everybody all these Hollywood demons working for the deep state all of them sounding the same and they're brainwashing people this weekend on the streets of our country rallying in the streets claiming that kids are being treated like a concentration camp when it was Hussein who set records of deportation and it was Hussein who put them in cages and we are the ones fixing the problem and of course we all know that all of this is happening on the heels of Mohammed Howard more than six months of these demons claiming that nothing was happening at the borders so they needed something the Russia collusion that went away they needed something new and they've got it they're playing into this and now that the range left has nowhere to go we're gonna seek again tonight they are painting themselves into a very dark corner that they are never going to be able to get out of this is gonna make the Trump Russia collusion seem like a walk in the park that is what's happening on the deranged left then you have on the right the Patriots are trolling the enemy with cue or not coming out of the gate this week all full fledge saying I'm back full time cute trolling the enemy with all this b-2 bomber clues making them change and panic and change you know man maybe Muller mother's not gonna you know he's not gonna testify now all this stuff is happening cuz they're panicking we're gonna see tonight that they are reading the queue drops more carefully than you and I guys that is how afraid they are of the queue drops they are reading it carefully and they are making counter moves just like you said moves and counter moves it's so bad now that QR nun read to everyone and this is where we are tonight when Q posted the other day a reminder to the demons of the deep state that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its power in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness that is what is happening tell your friends that if you want to know what's going on read the Declaration of Independence that is where we are while they're talking about racism and everybody's a Nazi and everybody is a white supremacist somehow tell them you know what shut your mouth and read the Declaration of Independence because that is what explains what the Patriots are doing let these people know that that is why we are seeing public high-profile arrests to go along with the mass arrests that have been happening for two years now all these pedophiles and human trafficking arrests that are all happening but now it's public figures nothing they can do to stop what is coming let them know nobody walks away from this there is a punishment that is coming that is the only way to understand who Trump is and why President Trump is surrounded by generals and the military and why this kuna and military intelligence operation why we are always right we are always giving you the news before it actually happens and you have the left losing their minds that is the in a nutshell the big picture and before we get into news items and all that these are the facts that everyone needs to know right now the Democrats are making as I already said irreversible moves right now that they are never gonna be able to backtrack from factually speaking we have the cue drops being fulfilled stuff that Coonan was telling us back in 2017 and 2018 all of it is coming to light now it's all happening back then cue was telling us future proves past and anyone that's willing to do the research you're gonna get it that's why people who don't want to get it you know they're either lazy or stupid that's all it is move on don't even bother with these people and we also know that right now we are headed to a biblical level ending this biblical proportion ending that for the left there's nothing they can do to avoid this unless they walk away now while they have a chance and the other big concept I want to share tonight on this big picture podcast is and I said this many times that qsn we are watching the systematic destruction of the old guard and people should know it's happening in slow motion and there is a reason for that and that is so that people can consume what is happening consciously for public consumption that is why it is moving slow also because qsr said many times they have to clean out you know the the cleaning crews active yeah we got to clean out all these corrupt people from our government there it is and with that said we have cue drops that we're gonna cover in a minute once we get done with some headlines and we have Trump tweeting a bunch of things tonight but for the sake of time we'll just kind of scan around and see President Trump is here talking about right here ninety four percent approval rating and he's saying think what it would be without the three year witch-hunt and fake news media in partnership with the Democrats that there goes your big picture right there they are working with the Democrats but I want to show people that Trump is retweeting this bombshell presentation all of these retweets right here all have to do with the same thing and that is this bombshell video right here by Brandon struck up he strikes again and what he's saying is the one-year anniversary of when he walked away so he puts out this video which is even more bombshell than the one that he put out last year and it's all over the Trump Twitter account so let's listen in to Brandon Straka a year later when Trump won the election I was confused and outraged how could half the country support someone so unfit so and sound is so morally objectionable in January of 2017 I bitterly proclaimed on social media I would never be able to understand how anyone could vote for a man who stood before a cheering crowd and mocked a reporter's disability and that's when somebody sent me this they said senator Cruz what do you think of waterboarding I don't want to talk about it you know he didn't he didn't want to talk about water buddy doing a comical imitation of somebody getting flustered after being called out for being dishonest and mocking someone's disability is a very important distinction to intentionally mislead the public into believing something terrible and sinister took place something that strikes a blow straight into the heart of what we consider to be common civility and the basic standards of decency is reprehensible to purposely invoke racism homophobia bigotry and falsely assigned these emotionally charged accusations to people in situations where they do not belong simply to control your thinking is criminal and it turns out they do it all the time the media is keenly aware of a simple premise if they can control how you feel they can control how you think Time magazine put out an issue with a little girl on the cover who appeared to be separated from her mother in an effort to take advantage of your kind hearts and your desire to protect children except this girl was never separated from her mother Donald Trump was asked a question about ms-13 gang members ms-13 a gang whose motto is great control killed – which he called them animals the entire media then removed the question and the context to report that Donald Trump called all immigrants animals they lied to you about Donald Trump they lied about Brett Kavanaugh they lied about children and cages health they even lied about walk away they were wrong about the election outcome they were wrong about the Covington kids they were wrong about justice mullets and yes oh yes they were wrong about Russian collusion right there Brandon Straka destroying the left and in particular everyone should pay attention to when he said they can control how you feel they can control how you think Brandon Straka sounding like you a nun that is exactly with Q a nun has set has posted many times that is the agenda of the left to control how you feel so that they can then control what you think and how you think and everything that's how they can control you keyword control and you want to know what it's like when some the end result of the control that the mainstream media has on you let's play this video right here with David David Harris jr. talking to someone who is completely controlled emotionally and listen to the shocking things that this person is gonna say right there you heard this Orwellian language that is coming out of her mouth yeah I'm afraid of that hunt and we should pay attention to fear and not logic yeah she's like the cueing on drops in Reverse unbelievable talking about emotions are real and yeah and she equates mainstream Media as knowledge and you can't you know you have to listen to the mainstream media otherwise where am I gonna get my knowledge from yeah it's unbelievable right there there it is don't trust knowledge because yeah once you break away from the mainstream media you are living in darkness somehow but that is powerful stuff that everyone should see I wanted people to see that and then with that said think about all that we have some headlines we're gonna brush through ice launches low-key raids targeting migrant families there it is they're announcing this the mainstream media's writing an article about this for what it's worth the mainstream media is saying here of a small number of a coordinated federal raids targeted undocumented migrant parent pattern yeah notice how they look carefully call them undocumented migrants parent parents look you know it sounds so official and then it goes on and their children took place over the weekend the beginning of president Trump's plan to swiftly enforce deportation orders against thousands of recently arrived migrants who are not eligible to remain in the cap they're illegal cut the nonsense they're carefully choosing these words they're not ell yeah they are illegal and you are an accomplice in this crime miss katlyn dickerson anyway we have this other headline ice acting director rips sanctuary city mayors for helping illegal aliens avoid arrest yeah that is what they are they're here illegally there is a rule of law still they're in place mainstream media and social media there's a real tangible rule of law that is in place and if you break the law if you rob a bank or you steal from somebody or commit a DUI or even jaywalk all of those are illegal that is the proper title how do we hear this stuff about one document yeah whatever yeah of course they're undocumented because they're here illegally everyone that's a league here in legalese on document and then you know really I just want to show people how he's talking about how these mayor's are helping and the only reason I'm throwing this out is because this is a red flag that everyone should be worried about and it says here the entire public is safer when law enforcement works together this this basically acting ice director Matthew Albert's is saying and he is saying down here it's incredulous that it's okay for these law enforcement agencies in these jurisdictions to enforce the laws that they're sworn to uphold but when we come in to do our enforcement that were sworn to uphold all all the sudden it's a problem yeah and this if this continues ladies and gentlemen this could turn into martial law think about that tonight there's no other way I mean we're gonna wait and see let's see if that continues to happen and then we have the big news from yesterday Manhattan Upper West Side suffer widespread blackouts what are the odds of that we're gonna explore this a little more cute is bringing this up tonight this whole Upper West Side of New York blacked out on the anniversary and I who was born and raised in New York sure remember the anniversary of the 1977 blackout in New York what are the odds of that yeah right on schedule what is it 42 years later and what are the odds of this we're gonna come back to this let's go to some other stories Nunez expects Muller's hearing to be delayed further quote he may not show up yeah that is another reminder that the enemy is reading the cue drops 100% and the fear of God was instilled inside of them with all these drops from last week you throwing them b2 b2 this b2 that July 17th the anniversary b2 Baumer it's happening oh my god there they are like chickens the real chickens changed trying to run away and now we have Devon Nunez says I think Muller would be crazy to testify yeah I don't think it's wise for him to testify but saying that I want him to testify says Nunez yeah and he goes on you already saw this week it's it got postponed it was supposed to be us B Wednesday and now it's kicked – a week from Wednesday my guess is it could slip again or not happen at all yeah he says we'll see and we'll be prepared yeah yeah we're gonna see because the deep state we've got him on the run we are in control and then we have this attacker on Tacoma ice Detention Center identified as anarchists and anti-fascists yeah right there people this story of this person who was gunned down the police fatally shot a man who was attacking an immigration detention center and took home a Washington on Saturday morning the authority the authorities said the man who was armed with a rifle was throwing unspecified incendiary devices at the Northwest detention center according to a police statement the man identified by officials on Saturday afternoon as Willem van Bronson 69 anyway he says he had the statement says the one car was fully engulfed in flames and it says here quote he was also trying to ignite a big propane tank but he was not successful and everyone should know about this story because like it says here we have the letting of crazed this guy turned out to be antifa this crazed anti-fat heiress who attempted to bomb I Center and was shot dead left an audio manifesto encourages comrades to arm themselves and the only reason I'm throwing this out and here people is that is because this is somebody that belongs to the truth and art TV category arbitrarily right we call it here on the channel Group D right there you against the world while you lost and this is the anarchists and I have so much to say about this that I hope to put this all in a book in the future because this is a big big topic yeah and it says this Vance Martin had a history of attacking police and he leads this manifesto talking about there's wrong and there's right it's time to take action against the forces of evil all I'm gonna say is I guarantee you people years ago this demon here who's now a member of an Tifa watched a video probably around 2008 a video called zeitgeist and that was the end of that he may have been doing it before this but a lot more on this maybe I'll cover this in a live podcast and I will be writing about this but this is a big topic on how the deep state took over the first the 9/11 truth movement and then a lot more and they created these demons that hated the government and they never looked back and today there is your end result right there my friends big big topic maybe we'll come back to that some of the time and then we have this act of war protesters lower US flag raised Mexican flag in Colorado if you could believe this but if you are following this channel and you know the war that win this for keeps they will never be in power again that is why we are seeing these warlike skirmishes and yes my friends it's happening in this country I just wanted to throw that headline out there and then we have this Makran echoes Trump if you could believe this announces new French military space force really this is a Power Move by the deep state that all I'm saying is we called it first stupid and maybe will blow your ships right out of space we run space nice try to give the deep safe a little space in the you know out there in space we are gonna run space for us the United States of America then there's not gonna be any room for anybody else nice try see what you think about that and the deep state realizes now oh my god the Patriots are one step ahead of us we bet a certain ounce thing that we're gonna create a space force also right there and with that set my friends we're gonna cross on over to the Q news coz together with the news that we just covered in the trunk tweets this we hear we are now the news and we have a lot of new cue drops tonight we left off here and July at 12 and today Q is showing us a video it is an aerial shot of Epstein Island and you can see that for yourself these people are sick hunters become the hunted yeah and this aerial shot this drone aerial shot of the island q is implying here is was arranged by the Patriots that's what I got out of this drop here doesn't say that anywhere but that's what I'm speculating that they arranged this thorough view of the island you can see some things not enough that I thought I should include it in this podcast because you just want you to see that the hunters are being hunted and then we have a couple of links in this next drop q is educating us on a little background behind what's happening in the Epstein case so this one here is an article inside the Victoria Secrets pipeline to Jeffrey Epstein and this woman tells her story on an encounter she had with Epstein and she ran off and you know this is a woman that was in the house this house with this mansion with Epstein and that's his basically his main helper and that's what it is with cused way of showing you this article of introducing us to this woman right here this Gish Laine Maxwell thank you says this Kish Laine Maxwell file of the family UK u.s. one and two umbrella surveillance leapfrog one through four points of contact open source find number 4q is spreading this out so that the Anton's can do homework and trying to figure out who these points of contact this link here Q shows you her picture right there so that you know just to help the Anton's it's showing you yeah looking at 2014 e TM children's benefit gala yeah what are the odds of that since Q was talking about a children organization thank you as there it is right there this New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children there it is Q is basically putting out information again so the anions can get to work and because it is open source information see what you come up with and then we have here how do you eliminate a liability where is Epstein being held and we know that Epstein is being held in New York he is being held at the Manhattan Correction Center it is believer in lower Manhattan and Q says reconcile do you believe in coincidences power power outage as in right full people connected panic queue giving us a hint to the story that we covered here I also came across many people of course anton's figured it out late on Friday that this wheels up is a private jet company that Q was referring us to not just wheels up right and the N ons jumped all over this so I looked this up and it turns out that this company is right there on the west side 42nd Street what are the odds of that and we know s Q is pointing us to where is Epstein being held and the last I checked in several articles they're saying that he's in lower Manhattan and at the Manhattan or the Metropolitan Corrections Center right next to the a federal facility see what you think what is happening one SKU pointing us and Q obviously is pointing to us to the fact that the power failure is no coincidence there are several implications here of course one of them being that has Epstein has he been moved as a result of what could be an assassination attempt or maybe they were planning to eliminate him you know there's a lot being said here so we don't you know it's hard to say but suffice to say we can we know that something is happening here that Q wants us to take a look at and whatever is happening is not a coincidence right see what you think and powerful people connect it panic a lot is there for you to explore and see go beyond what I'm getting you know what I'm throwing out Q says the Great Awakening and then there's your image one of the Rothschilds right there and there she is right there Deana is digging this up that Rothschild on the left and you have this Gish Lane Maxwell on the right and there this q1 us to see that relationship perhaps this is the conclusion of the clue the fourth connection cue saying and thank you says coincidence those mentioned in the past are now coming into the light think Lindy roughed out think Gloria Vanderbilt think Epstein think dot dot yeah we have celebrities being arrested by the feds now we talked about that last week and there you go ladies and gentleman's click on these for the you know for the snake instead of showing you the aerial video which you know we have these tunnels right there and there's some other images that are show you the tunnels in the island a little better like this one here q wants us to see that take a look at this nice little tunnel right there mr. Epstein what are you doing sir and take a look at this other tunnel entry right there darkness to light and there it is an anon is saying this is what I'm interested in and all that and the queue is saying this is not another four-year election think about what Q was saying ladies and gentlemen drain the swamp does not simply refer to removal of those corrupt in DC God wins everyone we're coming for everyone nobody walks away from this that includes all of the events from the Hussein years then Q says fake news attacks only validate the missed the message old guard threatened think size and scope of continual mainstream media attacks Godfather three yeah these attacks that go on thousands and thousands of articles non-stop think of what Q was saying and then Q wrapping up tonight a week to remember that could be the real deal or Q trolling the enemy it doesn't matter it has the same effect at this point because the enemy is at the door and how before we close before we get into the final drop take a look at just how close the enemy is at the door today k– a look at this person who is commenting in the queue drops he is desperate yeah travis from where washington post he is trying look at what says here you must either answer me or link to my Twitter this is an official request from a member of the press thank you laugh out loud travis and here's another one right to their this is all recent in the last 24 hours today travis from washington post i would like to conduct an interview with the queue anon for the washington post laugh out loud the washington post AWS big data initiative on white supremacy somehow are you available today for some questions thank you and then here's another drop by this idiot from washington post Travis may I conduct an interview with the Kuna for The Washington Post AWS big data initiative of white violence and religious cults yeah and here's one response by one of the anions right here yeah let's take a look at this and on responding to this idiot we are the news now so know basically go away Travis right there watching the queue drops begging for attention and I'm always saying I'm this right on this channel that people that don't understand cue they over exaggerate they think that cue none is their personal little pen pal and we see tonight where Travis from the Washington Post he somehow thinks that cue is his personal little pen pal laugh out loud Travis hey put a wrap on it Travis go away stupid idiot hey mr. Travis why don't you report this let your stupid demon workmates know that we are now the news that is why stupid Travis look at this Travis right here this is for you mr. Travis drop 3435 tonight smaller and brackets federal charges coming watch the news these people are stupid as are all these stupid idiots at Washington Post who thinks they could send Travis to the queue drops on a Chen to think that we are gonna come to you yeah that is why they are coming to us because we are now the news and we are the only ones that are declaring tonight on this 14th day of July July 15th by the time you're watching this that Smollett will be charged federally no one in the mainstream media is talking about this cuz they don't know this yet but we are the news do you understand this mr. Travis there you go ladies and gentlemen right there they are desperate watching the cue drops and they think they are so stupid to think that we are gonna come to them and we're going to interview them because they are members of the media somehow that is what delusion is all about my friends on this Sunday night thank you for joining me for this big picture podcast see what you think take a look at all the links in the description box my friends on all the different ways that you can support and keep this channel going in the face of regular D monetization and regular shadow banning on the part of YouTube you know how this works my friends thanks to all the patrons of this channel thank you may God bless you all for helping keeping this channel going and thank you for everyone that supports this channel bytes are purchasing some of the wonderful t-shirts that I have available and even the music that is available see what you think my friends share this message with some of that you know send it to your family members say you know what listen to this podcast don't give up listen to Bernie and listen to what he's saying try to understand that the left is no more the old Democrats they're gone they don't exist we are watching a radical left that is in a irreversible road to destruction they know it we know it everybody knows it that's why Trump is gonna win in 2020 and they will never be in power again as he was saying ask you said tonight this was not just a four-year election it's over for these people and these friends of yours and family members if they get it and they joined this channel and channels like these they too will be part of history think about that thank you for joining me tonight Bernie withdrew sundry TV YouTube channel and truce on our TV calm thank you for watching


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