RawNé Hour – Teen Turn Up Featured Artists 2019-07-06

RawNé Hour - Teen Turn Up Featured Artists 2019-07-06

I meant room hang with me panda remix how about that I live in my best life oh okay so how did you guys get started in the music so I'm gonna go and get started with that so we'll go around the table so Mary um how did you get started doing music woah are you every time when I'll come from home for school oh my god would be like in the living room just rappy and I'll be like Hello interrupt ooh and then one day ice my dad can i rap and you say yeah so yeah that's how it started uh-huh and how about you I just liked music and then I'll sit on my bed after school and I'll dish right I'll listen to reason right really where did you get that concept to do that like who who showed you to do something like that low blow strip yeah Louie Bluth shoots max mark lost oh okay how to do that no yet some would like he he made me like wanna do that made you want to do that okay cuz you saw what he was doing with it okay so shout out losers okay kit um I started right because um I I started I heard this kid I heard these kids started rapping and then my dad started and that made me we're really on the right and then I got in laughing and I made up this name this good game and I started rapping and I started feeling more so and that's how I made all those songs nice so the skirt gay right and you got a you got one of your people here from your skirt game right yeah who you got with you mini flex mini flex yeah so it's gonna be on stage with you yeah he's gonna be on shadow Minnie flex yes are you guys gonna be having anybody on stage with you oh no gonna bring anybody my mom will be watching me well no I shouldn't go on stage well there will be no adults on stage I mean I was like wait but other than that you guys gonna be performing all your own it's gonna be all your light your shine all right you know sometimes sometimes times the adults can come with us and then they might take the shine you know not saying that your parents would hey I'm just saying that sometimes that focus won't be on you the focus will be on the adult but we want to focus on you guys right uh-huh so you guys are ready to rock this stage yep you got your ID to turn this up in it already no but I am gonna blow the stage and you're ready to get that we're gonna have lights we're gonna have fog you can have strobe lights you guys gonna have a good little setup so you guys come out you're gonna be doing eight you're doing four songs right keflex no yeah for some four songs how many songs you're gonna do like I think – three – three songs okay and miR for four okay so we got a line of Mohammed and Deshawn you know he's out there but I'm just gonna call him in here real quick dashan how many songs do buh-buh gonna do he's into mixture okay so we've been do four songs and it seems my five so you guys gonna be out there all the people out there are gonna be there with you you also have a boxer that's gonna be coming out he's a pro boxer he's a teenager as well and you know what yeah you said that on a flyer on Instagram yep and he's gonna be having his mat on this one not that what if on the new so there's gonna be a teenage pro boxer that he's never shot I know I never saw the new you well then it's your parents that they see I went on a post you know I just pressed on that oh wait that and I saw it yeah and I want to give a big shout out to them and say thank you because they're gonna be on stage with you guys not during your set but they're gonna be there and they're sponsoring to make sure that you guys are having a great show so um what what age were you when you started marriage with your music all right eight or nine and you think ten or eleven and you five or six okay so with you guys are starting out what what was it like when you guys started to really get into like the groove of like you know making your music and then your fans started to come and you started seeing people like really like what you're doing how did that how did that make you that feels so good cuz I was getting all that love I was getting high five pictures and everything and how much you think Roseville oh no do you share it with anybody yeah my friends at school when they say the yard duties and stuff and what they say they just put my really got reason all the time on the speakers oh okay so kind of everybody knows you in the school yeah no that's your music they give you they give you dabs I give you accolades you know they come shake your hand yeah yeah and and how's that make you feel yeah I really think y'all should how about you mirror it's a little bit nervous about the same time like uh yeah like excited it's exciting huh yeah I never feel at a point when when everybody kind of like goes away dude does it ever like make you feel like oh man where they at no it feels like they don't want to hear my music but they turn into haters oh do you think that's turned into haters sometimes they can though right because he are you nigga see are you thinking drop a thumbs down oh really so how do you guys handle that how do you deal with that well it is you face me I got like three dislikes but I don't even know this but I got like 84 like I got a lot of lights I got a lot of lights I don't know how much I got a lot of likes no matter if I got this likes as long as I got more likes and dislikes I'm cool that makes sense right so you guys aren't faded you're not jaded by these cats ooh out here no hatin on you guys haters make me work hard so now you guys are getting ready to have your own show are you feeling about this show I'm feeling I'm feeling excited enough in a blood to stage I saw I feel like what I'm gonna turn it up turn it up turn up turn it up to party Oh turn it up turn it up see you guys gonna be bringing out any merchandise merchandise tables I don't know yeah I do I got sure I got actually my mom really steady we got shirt yes we lost hoodie sweaters assurance and parents okay well um we want to go ahead and check out the Teen Center in just a little bit I hope to see you guys really doing your thing and having a lot of fun where are you hoping to be with your rapping and having your music out where are you hoping to be in like three years well I want to be at the top at the top and what not the not for a big house I want to match him okay with the Congress okay I'm gonna count on the hills that's it I just want I want a Lamborghini they don't matter and imagine when a big old pool win and water slides right would I feel like I'll be in like three years I'm really famous oh no a lot of money hey I might I might do it I might give me a private jet private boat in a row I buy my mom a house I might induce kids and the one thing I want you guys to know I think is really important for you guys one of the reasons why the team turn up allows you guys to come in and understand that it's not just for you guys to only have fun but it's also for you to understand that this is a business it's your business this is your business so as you guys go on and you talk about having the Lamborghinis and the Corvettes and the big mansions you guys know how I got to know how to like see what that looks like in the books that you know where your dollars are at who's managing your money if you ain't man down It Yourself you need an accountant that you can trust right because you and your dollars that you're making without seeing anybody taking what you're making a mean education yeah yeah and good grace to again oh they're everything you make it to college and get a college degree who's not going to college we're all going to college yes it's very important to go to college absolutely right about that because education will free your mind and how you make more money in the time if you just go home and start play beat um fortnight it's gonna rot in your brain I just go home and play for it I don't care okay it's for tonight night you do whatever you need I just didn't play the game and it's not summer you gotta go to school and do what you need and then go home and play the game yeah the only time I play the game is on Saturday yeah Saturday okay you guys are getting your grades you guys are focusing in school and you guys are being rewarded with the whore tonight right yeah I got A's and B's same A's and B's yeah that's dope y'all want a and B students that's super dope because there's a lot of people go out there and they just want to play play play but not putting in the hard work and then and then they get a grades back and they don't get nothing for your birthday that's really tough that's how it's really sad Wade the smartest kid would just start getting bad grades and then like though like the kids I guess the bad grades just goes all the way up and just starts getting good grades I just said and the stupid one you can't be slow right I gonna say I'm smarter than you and then the next day you you see your grade or no as you doing do you think they have anybody in their life that's telling them and helping them along to stay on track no if they don't that's parents if they're doing about hearing their prayers disappoint oh here you go yeah they got a grand no for the whole summer are you are you guys happy and does it make you happy to know that your parents stay with you to help you keep on track oh yeah man yeah yeah so it makes me feel safe it makes me feel safe and that's great it makes me feel safe safe safe safe because you think about this a lot of people out there they got that don't got parents or they got parents that don't care right yeah struggling day nigga kids get beggars and their parents don't care they just thing that occurs I'm gonna give more bad grades not beating off your kids but when they get bad grades that's difficult for them and when they get in college and go be difficult you're right when they get in college it will be difficult because they're cuz you're not gonna know what they got they're not gonna know how to read or do you guys think that y'all are some of the top students in your class yes yes yeah smartest students in your class you actually get that yeah the four out the forth and you guys I don't father do you help other people who are in your class who are struggling yeah you help these kids cuz maybe maybe Marilyn impacted yeah if you're not gonna play a tissue why would you wanna help you yeah what's the point of helping if you're not gonna pitch it to the teacher what you're gonna pay attention to me for the only time they pay attention is if they want to copy you if they wanna pay attention they go ahead to um if they wanted period to time I help them but one of these kids don't they don't do they work they don't do they work yeah and then when they copy the Summoner doubles people at every copy it's copied knowing your name – I know my god he do that he dirty lady then he a copy of paper if we sit by him and then he will have his name on your paper they'd be like why you got his paper how does that make you feel when somebody copies your work are you like slay people at all and my teacher said dad don't pitch our name on the paper so you don't have to do it exercise people just doing purpose no better name like see like you snitching on yourself telling them that you copy right they named them you have two favorite mirror though like that's real done just as your hair how do you think that translates now they copying you you know if there's copying you in school but now they're watching you guys are you guys are excelling in school you're getting good grades you're a and B students you know you're doing your thing and you're rocking the stage how do you think that makes you feel am i possible yeah so when you guys are out there and you are you are at the top of your game you know you given it your all you're giving it your all in school you're being a good you're being a good student child unit to the teacher but it being a good child to your parents a bad teacher teachers pay yeah I teach vet some people like to quiet down when you get good grades yes you guys are doing really well in school you're doing really well in home you were making sure that you guys are doing your part and playing your part so that you guys have a good household how do you think that's gonna translate for you guys when you're out there on the stage and all these kids are out there filling your energy and what kind of messages you're gonna bring to them hey you just ate earth oh yeah gig let it roll have fun but just good go and get I guess what you guys stay flexing all right well we're gonna have a book exchange out there as well so we're encouraging everybody to bring their books that they don't want any more unused books books they want to trade out and get new books or just give away the books or you can get other books for other people so there's gonna be a book exchange for good summer reading because it is the summertime everybody is chilling and sometimes you stay at home bored and sometimes you don't want to be in TV all the time sometimes people do like to read so they're gonna have that there so there's gonna be a books that people can get you guys gonna have your your t-shirts your sweatshirts your CDs stayed in whatever it is you guys are bring in bringing yourselves is there anything you guys want to say before we head out we're gonna get on over to the Teen Center and check that out just so you know go follow my Instagram my me original underscores nothing and fallen for my is a girl keflex 1×11 let's go yeah one of your songs all right so um I saw the banker bill our YouTube s case no YouTube they'll bring a bill SoundCloud flex our flex part it's not cloud me rich my youth who was mirrors late mostly everything on my team user flex hard cuz I saw it on Facebook or Instagram and go follow borrow there you go uh go from your roadblocks I'm you're rich oh hi bro black roblox Dookie also gogo friend Bo for diet yog beer and go for tonight okay young mirror I go I go young mirror underscore a underscore to you capital G Oh 18 everything is capital for goes you got sherry grace popping in she says never give up boys chase your dreams bad thank you for the support we just want to give everybody a little bit of love and let you guys me shame and and check them out and see what they're about there's their great young girls they're coming up they're good look they're doing you know they're doing well and they're they're being good at their parents so you guys come out here for them give them a lot of love there they're not only working on their education but they're working on an early career in the craft so for any of you guys want to come out it's a free show that means you don't have to pay it again y'all can come out and groups bring your cousin's bring your sisters bring your brothers and just come out have some fun there's gonna be a mocktail bar for you guys to enjoy the experience you guys can get some of their some of their merchandise you guys gonna have so you guys can rock and represent me original whoa go down to my mom blood man girl bill merchandise we got shirts hoodies in Paris all right you guys we don't have we don't have a show but y'all are tuning in to Ronnie our with Ronnie and this is the voice of San Joaquin and Stockton you got me rich looks good you got a little bankroll bill what up and you got kept flat have a great great day that's our Saturday I hope y'all gang game piece each wow yeah

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